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  1. Yes, for me too Under the Gunn destroyed Tim’s facade of congenial, helpful compassion. I recovered some regard for him over the years since, but always keeping in mind the disillusion of that wretched show. In the early years he seemed tuned in to what the judges valued, but then in the latter seasons of PR, it seemed contestants were better off ignoring him. I loved Heidi at the start of PR, when good judges (Michael Kors primarily) kept her more reined in. She just became so superficial over the past few years, though, and downright unlikable on this show. No more.
  2. This season was a snooze for me. I thought Gary was the best by far, so I’m disappointed in the outcome. I do think, though, that being on the show will be a big help to advance Gary’s career. meanwhile, I’ve come to the end of my regard for Heidi and even Tim. I’m out.
  3. Not always. I got paid on the 1st of the month, so if that fell on Saturday of a long weekend, I had to eke out three more days of food for my kids, gas for the car, etc. The next payday would come in less time, but that doesn’t help when you’re at $0 right now.
  4. Whether or not you get the money early is dependent on the bank. I had direct deposit for years with no early access to funds before the bank was acquired by another company, then suddenly I got paid on Fridays if the 1st was on the weekend. Hallelujah.
  5. Wow, this made me think again about thoughts I’ve had for years regarding these folks. It truly seems that everyone needs to be in support groups that meet a time or two a week at least with someone from Nowzaradan’s staff to inculcate concepts, strategies, menus, etc. So many patients seem so clueless about the risks their weight poses, proper nutrition, how to prepare the 1,200 calorie meals, how to exercise, and so much more. And frequent meetings make you more accountable. Maybe there’s a lot happening we don’t see, but man oh man, these people seem so on their own. We don’t tell dr
  6. Coffee Mate (?) ad - “I’ve had a cup or two….hundred?” Two hundred cups of coffee is supposed to make him an expert? That’s about two months of cups of coffee for me, maybe less. Don’t see how that makes anyone an expert,completely don’t get it. Two hundred cups, you’re a total newbie.
  7. One of the best experiences of my life was hiking out across the lava field below Kilauea to where you could see the living red lava flowing below your feet. (Small holes popped here and there allowing one to see through.) It was inexpressibly beautiful and thrilling.
  8. I actually used to talk to my students about this, especially 7th and 8th graders, who can be truly horrendous to each other. I saw it as part of what they needed to learn over and over again because it is instinctual behavior that needs to be overcome and corrected. I don’t know how much headway I made with them outside my classroom, but they sure knew not to pull that stuff inside it. A different teacher’s student wrote me a note once saying he liked being sent to my room on time out because “everyone is so polite to each other in here.” Kids.
  9. Adults are not above this kind of bullying behavior, by any means. There was a woman of Chinese background on Survivor who was excoriated for her consuming chicken parts that the white participants found revolting, as if it were a character flaw. I was baffled then, and I still am, but there it was for us all to see. And as a former teacher of grades 4-8, I can say with certitude that kids will pick on anything they take into their heads as out of the norm. It sadly seems to be part of the human condition.
  10. I so enjoyed this season (and last), so it’s heartbreaking that it ends up with a really bad asterisk next to the winner’s name. Of the final three, Gabe’s personality was the least appealing to me, although still quite likable, and his food always sounded so good. Shota seemed to have it in the bag, Dawn’s cooking always drew raves - I didn’t really see Gabe as the winner ahead of the finale. Despite the cloud over the end, I still loved the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that prevailed across the episodes, and I think it’s pretty clear that the chefs were among the best ever.
  11. There doesn’t seem to be a readily findable reason, just lots of repeating that radiation can cause the metallic taste. Just a guess, but I imagine it means the taste buds have already been damaged by the radiation, and as such a pretty scary sign when it happens so fast. Radiation and chemo both affect rapidly dividing cells the most, and taste buds fall in that category. Why a metallic taste, though? No clue. I lost my sense of taste for a few months after radiation to my face/neck for Hodgkin disease, but I don’t recall ever tasting metal. One of those things you see but it’s ju
  12. Even factoring in editing, I have noticed the lack of blaming and throwing others under the bus and it is really refreshing. It was notable last season, too. The focus has been on the tasks, not on the personalities, and I love that. I was happy to see Maria win. Hers is almost always something I would want to try, looks delicious, and gets good feedback from tasters. Tongue has never been a favorite of mine since I was tricked into eating some when I was ten, but I’d be willing to give it a try based on the raves from the judges. Shota seems well positioned to win, but I’d give an
  13. In regard to the finger in the door incident: I have a dear friend/ colleague who was arguing with her husband one evening as he was brushing teeth in the bathroom. She was in the doorway with her hand resting on the hinge side of the door jamb. Husband decided to end the argument by slamming the door closed, not realizing where her hand was. Result, tips of the index and middle fingers severed down to the joint just below the fingernail, not reattachable. The surgeon told them it’s a common accident, the cause of most fingertip loss, and a really good reason never to slam a door shut. S
  14. A good friend and her husband went to “snot on a rock” Philip’s restaurant (from the California season) while that season was still airing. He got a pretty rough edit that season. My friend didn’t know anything about him, and said he was completely charming and funny when he came out to talk to diners, and even joked about how bad he looked on the show. And she said the food was really, really good. So it’s worth bearing in mind that reality tv can distort personalities and situations. I didn’t mind Gabriel at all after I realized how mild his transgressions were compared with other seaso
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