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  1. I'm also getting the impression that these creatures are just "killing machines" let loose on Earth, not the ones who actually built the ships that brought them here. There are "others" behind them. Were they sent here deliberately to wipe us out, or did "someone" just shoot them randomly into space to get rid of them, and they landed here by sheer bad luck?? Also, if they wanted to get the message out that you needed to get to the middle of a body of water, why didn't they broadcast it in a clear broadcast, instead of in an old song? Were they afraid that "they" were listening? Will
  2. I certainly hope some other network picks this show up! To Whom should we write?? Also, I suppose there could be novels to carry the story forward, but I'd rather watch it. Again, if Fringe is anything to go by, this show has a lot of startling twists ahead, and I'd like to see them.
  3. Yayyy! Walter has shown up! (Did anyone actually call this character by a name? If so I didn't hear it.) I've been thinking for several episodes now that Walter should be showing up somewhere to help figure out what is going on - and here he is! This show sure has been twisty; but then, so was Fringe - never saw at the beginning where it was going to go at the end. Been wondering for a while if the alien ship had actually been heading to Earth to contact us and give us some of it's technology (along with instructions on how to use it.). Probably none of it has been functioning proper
  4. This is supposed to be in the middle of the Napoleonic Wars; how is Colin going on a tour of Europe in the middle of all this???
  5. I'm not too clear on this topic, but isn't marrying under false pretenses (no intention of fathering children, no matter what the vows say) grounds for annulment? I couldn't see the names on the jars Marina was choosing to make her "potion"; does anyone know what she took? Was she trying to kill herself or induce a miscarriage?
  6. Were the characters multracial in the books, or is this just a quirk of TV casting? The speech given by Lady Darnley(sp?) to the Duke in episode 4 was so profound.
  7. For those who don't have Amazon Prime and don't want to pay for just one show (which I strongly agree with), check with Amazon to see if they have a free trial period, or any type of trial period, during which you can binge the final episodes and then cut off your membership. Or just wait until they're on History or on discs.
  8. I was disappointed that the native people were depicted with faces fully covered with white paint; was that to disguise "Caucasian" features because they didn't get any First Nations actors? Loved Ubbe's almost balletic movement as he shifted his body to shield his wife and child from expected attack at the end. Only two episodes left; how can they end this up without everyone dying? Trying to link this timeline to The Last Kingdom: is this where Alfred goes into the swamp and burns the cakes?
  9. So next season is to be the last. They still have book 8 to go through, and a lot happened there (wow! was my reaction), but I can see how that can be condensed in some way. Book 9, which was supposed to come out last year seems to have been delayed to this, will, as I understand it, cover the final question, i.e., what happened to whoever or whatever built the protomolecule and the ring gates. I can only hope that the authors and the showrunners have gotten together so that the show can conclude with approximately the same ending as the book series. Here's hoping. Anyone have any info on this
  10. Tyro49

    S04.E10: War

    I know this show is not always accurate, but why would they depict Charles as yelling at Diana over her "stunts" and visits in New York when her itinerary was all planned out beforehand and well known to the royal officials who had approved it?
  11. I thought Gunhild was going to kill herself in Bjorn's tomb, dressed in white and brandishing a knife.
  12. How can next season be the last when the final book in the series hasn't come out yet??? (It's supposed to be sometime this year.) (This is NOT Game of Thrones - we need to see the ultimate ending.) Also, only one more season to cover all the remaining books? No way!
  13. I'm not sure Eden could read Nick's pile of letters; she was raised in the cult, even before Gilead was established. Or at most, she only learned how to print and how to read that, not cursive. I remember when I was small and looked at something my older brother had written in cursive it only looked like scribbles to me.
  14. They've broken June, at least for the moment. Luke's ex was stalking them, and glaring at their baby. Where is she in the new Gilead, or is she even alive? (Or is she Hannah's adoptive mom??)
  15. I couldn't make out the sign on the beach where the first asteroid hit; what language was that?
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