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  1. Yeah, it's really gotten to the level of Beyond Ridiculous at this point. All of the actual OGs' kids are too old to be involved in this mess; Mackenzie's story is just depressing; and Cheyenne was never a teen mom and her kids aren't even in the same age range as the OGs. If they wanted to bring in a random "teen mom," why didn't they get someone around the same age as Amber/Cate/Maci who had a kid as a teen? They could have found someone who ended up getting some type of education and career (to contrast with the OGs). That would have been somewhat interesting and still in keeping with the o
  2. I think Amber is envious of the image that Gary and Kristina have as functional, even good, parents, adults, and community members. She would love it if people saw her as that type of person rather than a nasty, lazy, crazy drug addict. However, I don't believe for one second that when she sees IG posts of Kristina taking Leah to the dentist, or even making cupcakes or something, she thinks, "I wish I could do that stuff with Leah. Even going to a dr.'s appointment would be an opportunity to spend time with her and I want her to know she can count on me to take care of her." She's enraged beca
  3. That's the best I've seen Cate looking in years.
  4. I wonder what the official protocols are around what questions and follow-up questions the hosts are allowed to ask. I thought Bar's "I don't understand the basis for these questions?" was OTT ridiculous and I wish they would have responded, "They're based on police reports that you were arrested and have felony charges pending. Is that information correct?" It was also ridiculous for Ashley to try characterize them as finally having their shit together and Bar's lawbreaking being 3 years ago when he has felony charges pending. His nearly resolved DUI charges are funny compared to that. A
  5. Was she even selling timeshares? My understanding was that she had some kind of admin support job at a timeshare company. Either way, kudos to her for having a job, but I think people who sell timeshares have greater income potential and at least the possibility of building an "upper-middle class career," even without a lot of education or work experience.
  6. I don't 100% believe that Kail was/is harvesting her eggs, but, before the PCOS story, she was telling a story that her doctor had told her she was infertile and would need to do IVF, etc. to get pregnant after Lincoln. She claimed that Lux was, therefore, a "miracle baby," but I feel like she dropped the miracle baby stuff with Creed (or maybe I just missed it). Based on that story, I think maybe she was claiming to be harvesting her eggs a while ago (at least before the PCOS story). If there's any truth to the egg harvesting, I would guess that it's rooted in Kail's personal pathology of see
  7. Kail's almost total focus on the weight gain aspect of her alleged PCOS further convinced me that it's all bull. Out of all the potential symptoms, that's the only one she claims to have and her primary concern isn't the health ramifications, but how hurtful it is for people online to criticize her for being fat. Drew and Nessa tried to throw her a lifeline with the questions about the potential fertility issues and she was like, "Yeah, that too. But I started harvesting my eggs before I found out I had PCOS..." I think she landed on this as an excuse for her weight gain that she could use to
  8. I think Briana feels like her brand is "Badass single mom who does it all on her own and isn't shy about calling out her trifling baby daddies," so she tries to have these "epic" moments where she imagines all the single mom supporters out there are going, "Yeah, you tell him, Bri! He's a bum just like my dad/baby daddy!" Even if it makes no sense. So, this time, she started off with Devoin tearfully thanking him for loving Stella, then was ripping into him moments later. I think it's largely a performance for her that she thinks is what her "fans" want to see. I thought Devoin was right to le
  9. Kail and Javi are trash.
  10. As I recall from the episode where Ashley talked about it, it was supposedly because the house was newly constructed and "most people don't want to rent out a brand new house." Except that that makes no sense. I would assume that the real reason is that they have a bad credit score/rental history and/or because they were planning to have film crews coming in and out.
  11. I was actually impressed by how Leah managed to spin a cyst into a 3-4 episode "OMG, what if I have cancer?!" storyline (after being told in like the first episode that it wasn't a tumor and wasn't cancerous), but yeah. Completely ridiculous. I can't blame her for fucking with MTV to get the check, but she shouldn't have involved the kids. All of this, but I feel like it's not even really about Briana wanting Stella to have a relationship with her sperm donor; it's about Briana wanting a storyline for her reality show. Disgusting. Stella has very clearly stated that she doesn't like Lu
  12. Yeah, this too. Brianna constantly talks about what a deadbeat Luis is and negatively compares him to even Devoin in front of Stella, then she turns around and is all, "Why don't you want to see your dad, Stella? You have to be nice to him; he's your dad!" Brianna has pretty explicitly had sex with Luis in order to incentivize him to spend time with his daughter (to no avail), yet she still essentially gaslights Stella about him. "Your dad is meeting us at the park!... Psych!" "Your dad is coming over to spend an hour with you while I run errands! Why aren't you happy and excited?! Stop being
  13. And I'm SO TIRED of Kail trying to make her "chaos" seem cute. Yes, a household with four young kids is probably going to be rambunctious/noisy/messy, but "chaos" isn't cute. Especially when the primary chaos isn't the kids being hyper, but Baby Daddy #3-4 being dragged away by police after some kind of dust-up (again) with the World's Best Boy Mom. Or the World's Best Boy Mom having (another) falling out with one of her friends/childcare providers. Or WBBM having (another) falling out with one of her baby daddies. Or WBBM just having a meltdown for no particular reason. Untreated mental
  14. Yeah, this was like the Toddler Abuse Episode. It seems that Kloie is expected to entertain (and, I guess, potty train) herself all the time so her parents can focus on their work (or "work" in Sean's case) and themselves. They never seem to play with her or even engage her in positive conversations. It's all, "Stop that! Stop! Why are you doing that?! You're going to your room!" while she's like, being a toddler. Then the whole, "She's making us look like bad parents when, really, she's a demon child!" It's heartbreaking. And Brianna sees her toddler having an uncharacteristic meltdown o
  15. Not to be a jerk, but I don't necessarily believe that Kail has PCOS (or has been "officially" diagnosed with it). I can maybe believe that she had some kind of symptoms and her doctor/the internet told her that it could be PCOS and she just ran with it. I think she likes having an excuse for her weight gain that "shuts up" the haters and/or makes them look like assholes for criticizing her. She's also into this narrative of her fertility being in question (despite the ample evidence to the contrary). She claimed that Lux was a miracle baby after she had been told that she'd need to do IVF, et
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