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  1. Long story short- I went barefoot because I had to get to my car. The reason I took my shoes off they were draining the fire hydrants on base. I had a cut in my toe from wearing the wrong shoes. I got very, very sick. Never again. My thoughts were someone possibly getting ringworm.
  2. It seemed to me last DCC MTT that Victoria chose to hang out with those that had already made the team vs the rookies which she was.
  3. I think it was mentioned 6 - 10 open spots. They seem to be hinting at vet cuts imho.(first year watching unspoiled for now)
  4. If I remember correctly Malena was a good speaker before media day training.
  5. The Winder's requested to follow me on Instagram. I accepted and followed back and then I wondered should I? It seems they don't have a lot of followers and are reaching out.
  6. LisaWl7TR

    S13 E13: Game Day

    I haven't finished reading and liking/commenting on posts....but I have to wonder Judy's reaction and or words to Kelly having them run ahead of the girls into the locker room on meet the team night.
  7. LisaWl7TR

    S13 E13: Game Day

    I am glad she came back and made it, also along with Erin.
  8. LisaWl7TR

    S13 E13: Game Day

    I don't like that Malena quit her job. Imho - I think they kept Malena because they wanted another black girl on the team. Granted Malena would be a good ambassador for the team. I am white if that matters. Was Briana(spelling) the TN Titan? that tried out last year? ETA I really wish that Tina would have modeled and encouraged(she may have tried, idk) VK to going to meet the team.
  9. LisaWl7TR

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    Thoughts...Kitty was not a Tara fan but was a VK fan. Kelly cut Tara before VK...does Kitty possibly have more influence then we know about? Also, I do hope that everything is ok on Kelly's homefront. It just seemed odd that she had to leave for a family emergency just around the time that VK was being showed to be photographed for her cameo.
  10. I also wonder if this frequent sex with Dave (imho, 52 and it seems very often to me lol) has something to do with the gym guy she dated?
  11. Imho - I think the married sex that Amber is having with Dave/David is an attempt to raise that 7.5.out of 10 score. ;)
  12. Victoria should be able to answer the question of her and her mom and the DCC with many words. it seems that is the question she is being asked over and over again.
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