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S08.E10: Steamy Vibes

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7 hours ago, Yours Truly said:

The perfect fuck boi if you ask me

I don't disagree w/ you at all. James is certainly likeable enough. I've enjoyed him this season. Really though, I guess I dislike Elizabeth's swooning. She said herself she's got a propensity for "falling in love." She just gravitates towards anyone that vaguely responds to her. "Oh you have dogs!?!? Me too!!!" sort of thing. 

Ashling is adorable and I hope we get to know her more.  She seems more mature & would probably make a good partner for the right guy (not on this boat though...hmmn 😒). 

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On 1/6/2021 at 5:19 AM, malibu said:

I'm pretty sure this was a Rob quote about Francesca.  I love his deadpan delivery.  He's a weirdo but I enjoy his awkwardness and dry sense of humor. He's Canadian so I'm sure he's a nice guy!  Plus, very easy on the eyes!!!

Thank you!! I remember that now. Honestly not too much about Rob is memorable except he is so painfully awkward. Many years from now he will watch that scene in the bar where Francesca gave him some easy openings and he was completely clueless. He didn't drop the ball, he didn't even know he was playing ball. 

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On 1/6/2021 at 10:37 AM, 88Keys said:

Italy was hard hit by the virus very early on.  I don't know if they were locked down in March but I wouldn't be surprised if they were.

They locked down very early. Remember seeing them on their balconies singing together? I found it very touching.

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Don't forget, Elizabeth has messed up two beach picnics by failing to bring enough beverages and other items. The first picnic, she forgot the .... margaritas I think? The deck crew had to return to the beach at least three times. Only once for her second beach picnic. She's improving but requiring even one trip from the tender to fill in your mistake is still not an acceptable performance.                                                                                                                                

She was caught gossiping upstairs with the guys and when Francesca reprimands her she says, "It's not like I was dancing!" No Elizabeth, but it wasn't like you were working either. She made a ton of extra work for Ashling with the sheets. She makes the interior look bad by failing to properly look after the guests. Check on them every 10 minutes does NOT equal 42 minutes. I suppose Francesca should have set her own alarm to go off in 10 minute increments and call Elizabeth to make sure she did the thing she was specifically told to do.
You know, I think Kate would say complaining outside the department makes the department look bad too.

I don't think it's okay to leave up the decorations and expect your coworkers to do it because they managed to notice it. It was Elizabeth's job to notice it and take care of it so morning crew can get to work with morning chores, not finish night crew's work. Remember how Eddie lit into James for failing to finish his night work? Nobody's crying about how he was treated, right?

I have to say I found I was cringing (and enjoying the cringe) when Elizabeth was all giggly and flirty in the morning on deck and especially in the crew mess.

I like James. I find him honest and vulnerable. He's got body issues (crazy, right?) and he can be honest about it. Plus he's smart enough to have waded into the waters of Elizabeth slowly.  Ha ha, I'm picturing him wading into waters and the bottom drops away really fast. He's in deep now!


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On 1/7/2021 at 3:01 AM, Milan said:

Totally do not agree with your opinion.

What is the TERRIBLE mistake Elizabeth has made? Come on now...bringing not enough Champagne bottles to the beach or forgetting to put down one set of party lighting is NOT a BIG deal at all.

The problem would be if Elizabeth was lazy or not behaving nice all the time and this is clearly not the case.

Elizabeth is WORKING and people do make mistakes. Elizabeth is still young and also learning. A Chief stew like Francesca is only talking down on her and NEVER told her anything nice. You have only 8 guests on board and 3 stewardesses, 1 cook and 4 deck hands , what is Francesca talking about? I could do it alone by myself....

For me Elizabeth is one of the kindest and hard working persons I have seen. Her smile and behaviour is genuine and from the heart while Francesca is all staged and false.

Is that you Elizabeth?😂

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On 1/6/2021 at 9:28 PM, Teri313 said:

All I could think was, if James goes in, then what? Is he going to try to wrestle her back onto the boat? Chase her around in the water? That just seemed like a dumb idea that Francesca didn't think out before telling him to do it. Capt was right.

Exactly. I think it was last season on BDM that there was a guest who came on the boat completely strung out on something and never straightened out. They were literally carrying her around, and I couldn't help but wonder why they weren't getting her medical attention. I can't remember exactly, but I think in the end they did. They were on the beach and she was clearly in distress. It made me uncomfortable that her friends were like, oh, that's just Susie, and the crew was kind of appalled/not-my-problem, and production was amused and exploiting it.


That was on Below Deck and the guest was Brandie. She came on the boat drunk or drugged and proceeded to pass out after falling on a couch and twitching and mumbling incoherently. This happened several time and culminated with her going almost comatose on a beach picnic. They finally called for a doctor to try and find out what happened to her. As I recall Captain Lee was extremely kind to her even though she was a huge pain. But she didnt jump in the ocean mainly because she passed out on the deck and couldn't stand up.  She was one crazy chick. 

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On 1/5/2021 at 6:47 PM, chenoa333 said:

Anyone know if Delores is on Instagram or FB? What does she do for a living? I'd love to know how someone so unprofessional and disgusting makes it up the ladder of financial success.


I looked up the now deleted fb post and her friends were bragging that Capt Lee "loved them" I think they stay. 

This has been such a great season I love this show. I hope BD's greatness isn't because RHOC is so awful for me. 

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Elizabeth sucks. Her and James are boring and lame together. Their banter and discussion is so juvenile and pathetic. If Elizabeth doesn’t get the job at this point then that’s on her. 

Izzy sucks. She’s annoying.

The whole cast and season is a fail for me. I’m hate watching lol.



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If I was a guest on the yacht I would like to be served by Elizabeth any time.

You all comment as if these guests were in a boot camp , .....relax, they are on a vacation.

And Elizabeth is the best looking and most sexy of them all, she could knock on my door anytime. Great looks and great personality.

Francesca= false


Ashling= Boring

Elizabeth= Miaooo baby

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6 hours ago, Milan said:

they are on a vacation.

Yes on a vacation and Elizabeth has failed to serve them well  from not checking in on the guests so they have to go looking for her to forgetting things that caused delays in their service.

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6 hours ago, Milan said:

If I was a guest on the yacht I would like to be served by Elizabeth any time.

You all comment as if these guests were in a boot camp , .....relax, they are on a vacation.

And Elizabeth is the best looking and most sexy of them all, she could knock on my door anytime. Great looks and great personality.

If the only requirement is that she be fun to look at while she's serving you, Sierra would be the greatest stew of all time. 

Also, Ash tops Liz any day.

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On 1/5/2021 at 8:21 AM, Lassus said:

I can see the night thing and the drunk thing without any issue, but the shark warning did seem a little weird.  Aren't they generally allowed to swim there anyhow? 

Weren't two (non-drunk and closer to shore, granted) stews in the water at night just the last charter?

Right?  And I didn't get Lee freaking out when she took a dip off the tender as she was leaving; she was off his boat at that point, it was daylight, she was sober, presumably sharks weren't feeding.  Is she not allowed in the water at any time?

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