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  1. Why is Eddie running the show? Funny, we never heard from the first officer in previous seasons! He's not the captain, he's not the bosun, he's still an insufferable prick, yet he's the STAR. Ugh!
  2. I spent most of the show trying to figure out who that girl was constantly touching Tiffany since I missed the beginning. At first I thought a girlfriend, but then I heard it was her sister's daughter. Very close cousins? Odd, since Tiffany seemed fine with everything and not really in need of much support... Take the $70k and run!
  3. I don't love him still. He's a pompous sawed-off little d***, and I even lost respect for Captain Lee when he kept him on after that. Lee, like Sandy, has her favorites and is very irrational about them.
  4. Right? And I didn't get Lee freaking out when she took a dip off the tender as she was leaving; she was off his boat at that point, it was daylight, she was sober, presumably sharks weren't feeding. Is she not allowed in the water at any time?
  5. He's about two inches and one stumble away from being up a creek (with a strong current) without a paddle.
  6. To be clear, I'm not suggesting Tori was in any way responsible for Sully's death from cancer. Amy, on the other hand, has a history of "watching" to see if Felix improves or not, so I can see something being overlooked by her during her wedding week. Again, it'd be nice if she'd share his diagnosis - it might help others - but apparently she's not going to, for whatever reason. Obviously pets CAN die young suddenly, but I sure wouldn't say it's "common."
  7. I'm a kayaker, and that looks like Class III rapids to me. Z&T, dumb as usual!
  8. More likely Borderline Personality Disorder; bipolar doesn't cycle that quickly... Either that or just drama for ratings? This show has really jumped the shark. The occasional well-placed "**** me" in earlier seasons was funny, but now every other word is bleeped; it's gratuitous. One could almost use this as an argument against women holding positions of power. Just sayin'!
  9. I assumed it was just Amy wielding her eyeliner pencil once again...
  10. Burmese Mountain Dogs, which Sully was, are notorious for "dropping dead" at young ages due to genetic factors; this makes them rather a bad choice for family pets or at least families with young children, since losing a pet is especially traumatic to kids. Z&T display their usual good judgement by promptly replacing Sully with another, Tori had hoped identical, BMD. D'oh! (one can Google this). Amy has previously been negligent when it comes to getting prompt medical attention for an ailing Felix, so it's really no surprise that in the week before her wedding, when she's even more
  11. He didn't just blame her for it. He denied that it even happened in an effort to make her look like a liar or delusional - if not actually insane - and he did it because he feared for his career. That's a qualitative difference from merely "putting it on her." Eddie lacks honestly, integrity, ethics, and character, yet he's become ANOTHER of Captain Lee's favored little pets along with the often vindictive and unprofessional Kate, who is "like a daughter" to him; neither can do any wrong in Lee's eyes. I'm sorry to conclude that he lacks objectivity and good judgement in this area...
  12. Didn't Amy and Chris spend last Thanksgiving alone? Her kids all had other plans with the other sides of their respective families. Seems like this year would be Roloff's turn? They're probably still traumatized from the last one they all shared!
  13. Late to the party, but just watching the Dock-toberfest marathon. Eddie attempted not only to deny, deny, deny, but was also guilty of gaslighting worthy of the movie by the same name (Clinton attempted the same move and would have succeeded if not for that dress, so it's good that Rocky preserved evidence on her phone to prove his guilt and her sanity). Rocky's distress was real, because it messes with your mind to be treated like you're literally crazy when you're telling the truth. Trying to impugn another by making their coworkers believe that she's not just "Crazy Rocky," but i
  14. An hour and a half?!? Could someone please share the highlights (or lowlights, as the case may be)???
  15. Also, they've apparently moved only a short drive away over the state line. It shouldn't impair their interactions.
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