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  1. ...a reunion...? Now...? Whatever.
  2. Miiiiiles!!!!!! 😭😭 Brett is bad news x1,000,000. No business ever getting married. Someone needs to warn experts before the wedding that he was being himself all night. Woody could be a decent spouse...maybe he just expresses himself a little silly. We'll see. I don't recall all names but the goofy pair could work. I like her glittery makeup. That's a bold choice but glitter makes me happy. Her fiance seems like a super sweet guy. I like how Miles vibed with him. One geniune dude to another.
  3. LMAO!!! Dorit's smile when she bid and "won" the $15,000 item. OmG. She had to plaster that smile on bc she was *that* shocked she wasn't outbid and now she needs to figure out where she's going to get the excess 15k from. LoL! P.K. outside trying to gaslight advise lecture talk to Aaron. Unlopular opinion: Aaron is being made such a big deal out of. I find him calm and unflappable. I envy that unflappable quality. Never did he raise a voice to the women. He said he & Denise wish to be respected in their home- their point was stated- please move on. When the women kept on & on and played the victim role that they're being "mom shamed" he asked simply If they're happy with themselves. He was not combative. He answers things matter of factly "ok. Good for you. That's how you feel. Ok then." He speaks only when spoken to for thr most part. Where is this bully of a man getting involved in their argument bc I don't see it?? And he's not Denise's "weapon." She handles herself very well. He happens to have a new wife that he wishes to spend time with. The other husbands are pretending to have better things to do or have "business" someplace. You KNOW P.K. is home on the couch eating cheeseballs. They likely coordinated It to SEEM like Aaron is the only one by his wife's side to get in "howives" business. Puh-lease! Maybe they're jealous their husbands don't want to even be bothered with them. Usually howives shows are a way for the men to get peace from the wives while they prepare the divorces or take lovers off camera and it fills the howives pockets a little bit as a bonus.
  4. But she's OBSESSED with her KIDS!!!!! She's never been away from them for more than FOUR DAYS!!!! Can't you see how GOOD she is!!?? I hope the stylist or whoever didnt have time for Portia's hair wasn't the same person who was responsible for Kyle's high ponytail (however long *that* "style" took)...ragamuffin. 🙄
  5. Ok- I had to chime in on strippers and steaks- Once I went to shoot billiards w/ some people at a bar that was also a strip club. As I went to the restroom as soon as we arrived, I saw it was shared with the dancers (as in they didn't have a private area anywhere else). I saw this one dancer, half naked, bare feet up on a vanity off to the side and just eating a plain steak off a plate right there in the restroom/break room/"dressing" room. All I could think was "holy crap that looks depressing." Idk- maybe my young mind just saw it that way. Maybe she was happy. I just don't know what it is with strippers and steaks though lol.
  6. Rinna running barefoot down Vyle's driveway, tongue burning, to repeat WHERE Denise & Aaron are off to = The speed I hopped on this forum to say what a *expletive* she is for that.
  7. I agree! Ramona doesn't seem like a "girls' girl" when she is around other pretty women (Elyse is). How does Ramona have "50 close girlfriends"? Are they all worse looking and worse off in life than she is? That said, I still don't think she is the worse one on the show. She's like a nutty mascot that can be explained away. Dorinda is unstable and unlikable.
  8. I love the "neck" puns Ed is forced to read aloud. Loving how he takes it in stride, laughing it off. That's the best I'll say about our friend Big Ed.
  9. Yes I agree with your whole post. And Kiko must be protected at all costs! He's the cutest gentlest guy to grace our Bravo screens in a long time. WWHL had me smitten. I want to wake tomorrow a more calm person...inspired by Kiko. So laid back & sweet.
  10. Dorinda "giving Ramona a chance to be nice" was so idiotic. Everyone knows Sonja is a cheapskate. She can't afford to throw her own bday parties so tacks onto Ramona (or tries to) every year. It's rude and I stand by Ramona. She's footing the bill so no- sorry Sonja! If LuAnn seriously didn't pay Sonja one red cent for her cabaret appearance, that's LOW. Money counts to each one of these women and they are always keeping score. Sonja needs to speak up and get shit in writing when agreeing to these appearances. She's one reason people will show up for the Countess. I wish Tinsley the best. I wish she was more mature and agree Dale did her a disservice by stunting her. She probably got married young to get out from under mommy's thumb which is always sad when that happens. When she went back at Dorinda seemingly mocking her, she was doing a high pitched voice. She needs to learn how to deepen her voice down to Dorinda's level and imitate her drunken slurring insults that make her sound like a bitter hag. Dorinda needs counseling from a licensed psychiatrist- she's gonna need some meds. Didn't mind Leah this episode but she will not have a close stable buddy in Tinsley , which worries me now. Why y'all keep calling Sonja fat?? Those jeans she had with the tag on said 27". Is that fat nowadays??!! Then I'm fu**ing huge. Seriously. She is not "fat" IMO but she needs to get it together and/or retire from RHONY. She doesn't add value anymore and stays on the side of those who invite her places. Boring.
  11. If I somehow celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ as much as Ramona celebrates herself (thanks for the comparison, Dorinda!) & somehow get into heaven, I imagine it would be... Getting kidnapped in the middle of a Wednesday and driven out 15,000 miles from my home and stuffed with sweets. How is that a nightmare for you, Dorinda? Ugh...the 1st world problems on these women🙄
  12. I was glad that someone is finally handing Hannah's a$$ to her. She's always been a real piece of work. Lara is def wrong and too rough around the edges BUT I like to watch these 2 bulls lock horns. Can't help myself.
  13. Yeah I definitely caught that. But then there's the "stay tuned next week for...surprise guest(s) and much more." The usual B.S. Thought maybe in another segment they'd be shown. Maybe Mary would be the "surprise guest." One can hope at least. I don't read social media etc so other than these forums when I have time, I have no idea what goes on with these people once cameras are off.
  14. Next week... Are they planning to show Geoffrey and Varya/Mary? I feel like "why waste our time on their segments if they're not going to follow up on them?"
  15. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Tom: "we've already established I'm an a**hole."
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