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  1. The way the dock drama was explained to me was that they got anchor drag at the front, causing them to back up Against their dock. They are at this point cut off from dock's power supply but someone forgot to flip on the boat's power supply (which powers the anchor, among other things) & it caused the issue. Then naturally panic to flip generators on bc they need to bring up the anchor & also steer, etc. However I thought the captain trumps the engineer...couldn't Gary steer & Glen go flip the "gennies" on by himself? I do not like Gary. I find no one on this ship attracti
  2. Yeah I agree JoeGo needs to stop bashing "Juicy." He's the father the girls love and adore. I know my kids would knock someone out for talking about their daddy so negatively despite anything I had gone through with him personally (though I love and adore their daddy too lol). Sometimes you have to take the high road and stuff your opinion down. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
  3. Yes! My dad had the laser to break up the stones. And I clearly recall him begging and pleading if I could walk down to the pharmacy for his percocet or whatever pain meds. He was DYING.
  4. I kind of agree Jen's face is over the top. In her young photos I've seen, she was always pretty. But her current look is over the top. The lips are whatever because it seems that's everyone's preference these days but the eyebrows are not good. I definitely don't cosign losing weight by surgery alone. She should've just dieted and exercised. I know she could've done fine with that but she admitted herself she went the "easy" route. I do like Dr. Bill though. He's sweet.
  5. Lol "is there a doctor in the house?!" made me crack up when I read this at like 11:30pm last night. But seriously...David, an OB/gynecologist, seems to intervene in all medical issues RHNJ related. Like ehhh, delivering a baby- delivering a kidney stone = same diff🤷‍♀️? I did like him drawing a diagram on the examining table paper. I feel like he may be a good doctor but never looked him up.
  6. Ok- can I mention WWHL here in a small capacity? When the house husbands were on & it was asked of Dr. Bill "who of all the NJ housewives, in your professional opinion, has the worst 'work' done"‐ he took a drink. Meaning, he was not willing to answer. GIVE.ME.THE.TEA. Who do you all think it is?! I am thinking tossup on Teresa & Jackie.
  7. On the positive...I like Milania now that she's grown up more. She kind of puts a smile on my face. Her deep raspy voice & unique sense of self. I did like how in the end, Teresa listened to her daughter & wore what she picked out. I think it's SO WEIRD how Teresa & Delores (original friends of 30 Years) barely speak or interact in group settings. VERY strange. She hardly says anything even in Delores-centric conversations. Could it be that as friends they speak a ton, off camera? Or, they know how tough the other is that they don't need "backup?" Or do they not want the
  8. Yeah...& I can't help but notice but Teresa doesn't seem AT ALL his "type." Physically, I mean. I can't say anything about other personality traits.
  9. Wtf was this garbage!? I did not watch. Annoying filler ep!
  10. These episodes & cast get stranger & stranger. Sydney is sinking further & further into delusion & desperation. & over who? Gary?! Sorry but Natasha made the most sense & behaved the way I'd expect for this crew. "Nobody worth my body" is RIGHT!
  11. There's literally no difference between "Unmatchables" and "MAFS" except they give one group weddings & the others a date.
  12. Who cares about Delores' relationship with David? Whatever works. People have beliefs of their own about what relationships after divorce or widowing looks like for them. It's personal. Yes, she spoke differently last season and is "fine with things" this season. So freakin what? Can't be that invested in it. But of course the other women will gossip about it because that's their friend/coworker and they a) are literally paid to gossip and b) it's human nature. Can't believe how far I've gone. I like Jen and dislike Marge. I used to really like Marge. If I need cosmetic procedures at
  13. Rewatching this now and the "psychic" came to "read" the "ladies." (Whew I'm exhausted of quotation marks)... this is all I got from the realtor woman....
  14. J.L. Instead of "Jean Luc," maybe change it to "just lounging" or "just lunching." Soon, it may stand for "job loss." So many possibilities. I hope Dani is smarter about protection than it's appearing as. Sad about her guy friend getting killed. 😢 Also though I hate to admit Gary was right about not ever saying "no we can't" to guests. Find a way to serve shots safely or say "yes" in the moment & serve after heeling. Or explain "we'll be right out with it as soon as safe. " I've come to realize Sydney never ever looks the same twice. Every scene, every angle, she's a different perso
  15. This episode brought up some good points. Interesting perspectives from the minds of siblings throughout the course of their lives. I can understand part of that from my own childhood. My sister grew up on the plump side. I was the "skinny/pretty one." I can't help genetics but she grew up resentful of me and trying to bring me down a peg all through our lives. I never saw anything wrong with her until she started acting out on me with everything from tattle taling to making up outright lies to making fun and embarrassing me in front of people. I saw how some people would say things in front
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