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  1. Kdawg82

    S04.E07: All Hail the Queen

    Joao is looking for a quiet, submissive, "classy" and yet slightly insecure woman to beat or at least abuse psychologically- I'm sure of it now. The guy needs to leave reality tv and not come back. Get help. His language indicates he does not respect ANY woman at all. Drinks bring out his true feelings. Brooke dodged a bullet and Sandy needs to buy a clue. She is horrible. The new Stew June is seeming off somehow but remains to be seen. I think she is so pretty though. Probably one of the most attractive stews that's been on the show IMO. If she were normal I'd root for her and Collin. I like her evasiveness with Hannah. In the coming ep it looks like Hannah is nagging her "just tell me the truth!" Hannah, nobody owes you their personal life details or "truth" as it pertains to their life. I can't stand Hannah. Never have and never will.
  2. Kdawg82

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    No real comments here to add that haven't been said yet. Except MAYBE... Naomi has calmed wayyyy down. She must be trying to mature for Metul. OR he's bringing out a better side of her. I still don't like the guy & he is ugly IMHO. That Don guy (Eliza's boyfriend) gives me rapey vibes. He seems so weird. He stares at Cam & Chelsea like he's about to eat them. I don't understand why Craig has such a hard time finding a new girlfriend or companion. He goes out a lot & it's odd he would complain about Austen "leaving him with a bunch of people he didn't know." Doesn't he know how to navigate uncertain social situations by now? I can see he's hung up on Naomi but move ON! She's not the right match for him.
  3. Kdawg82

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Insanely long segment RE: Bethenny & Dennis. She seemed to express slight traces of self awareness with finally admitting they were NOT "engaged" at the time of his passing. Even the photo of Dennis shown on screen was captioned "Bethenny's ex-boyfriend"...yikes! Then her admitting the optics being bad with regard to moving on so quickly. LuAnn will never change. She is who she is and don't expect any "substance" from her. Dorinda DOES need rehab but I think she is a good hostess and wants to be a good friend deep down but any perceived slight and she goes for jugular.
  4. Kdawg82

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    I thought Halloween parties and parties in general are always shown on these reality shows. That's strange not to have shown it, no? And RE "Polished Man": you have to remember there are three types of fake lives these people live- 1) the fake Instagram life 2) the fake reality show life and 3) their real REAL fake lives 🙄
  5. I'm glad to see Aesha is "picky about men." 🙄
  6. Kdawg82

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    No real commentary except Camile may be the devil and Denise Richards was an angel that dumbass Sheen didn't know what he had in her when he had her. In my Miranda Priestly voice: "that's all."
  7. Kdawg82

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    What bothered me about this episode was the way these young "ladies" at the bar threw themselves at the "charmers" all too eagerly. They were actually in competition with one another if you watch it and look at them instead of looking st the guys. The brunette nearest Shep had expressed multiple times that she would definitely be interested in going back to their suite- as a drunken Shep began repeatedly luring the crowd with the lavishness of said suite. The fake storyline of Shep "stealing" all Austen's potential ladies is just ridiculous. While they may prefer Shep, they're a bunch of fame seekers and $ chasers that they would settle for ANY guy on the show. Oh I know, I know, Austen is "poor." I dont buy that he is piss poor- and he is on the show. Anyone with him will GET on the show and therefore get $ too. That's all I have for now. I wish women would hold themselves higher than this. That's my disappointment in it all. I can see everything more clearly now that I'm older bc I would've been those chicks at the bar back then. I can only teach my daughters their worth now. All that said, that hotel suite afterparty looked so tame/lame, I told Mr. Kdawg that high schoolers would probably be able to hang. Hell, even I could hang at my age and I can never hang anymore lol!
  8. Kdawg82

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    Lmao! Off topic but like Conan O'Brien said (paraphrasing here) "I'm on TV. I entertain dozens of people. Well...hundreds watch...dozens are entertained." ON topic: I think Elizabeth's father is mental. Her mother awkwardly stands by smiling. She looks like neither and has bad lip injections. I think Jamie is going to go in for a double whammy on this...hate bang Liz bc there's no way she doesn't irritate him and revenge bang so the father can roll back the tapes at the end and know that his Liz was deflowered for the 1,000th time. Deonna and Greg are adorable and I'm seeing and enjoying her subtle humor. I went from not caring about them at all to rooting for them/liking them. Mr Kdawg says Greg looks 12 yrs old. Fine. Cute. Matt is a "lyricist?" I think he has a shifty player attitude wannabe ghetto fabulous. He is likely trying to promote the car detailing business he's launching w his buddy and I give 2 more episodes until we see a tee shirt with his business splashed across it. Amber doesn't speak as properly as any English teacher I've ever met and she says "like" too much and speaks in a teenage cadence. I think the 8th graders are teaching HER more than vice versa. And quit joking about popping out "Matt V." Matt IV is all but cringing. Iris and Mr Manly (forgot his name) are still the most attractive couple on any TV show anywhere. I hate you! ☺️
  9. I can't wait to get to all the comments on here but phone is almost dead and I'm in bed... Just how- HOW, pray tell, was LuAnn more tolerable than Bethenny this episode? Tinsley may lose an apple bc nobody cares anymore and she's losing Dorinda now😬
  10. I'm right there with ya! No Brooke apologist over here. She was so dimwitted, it was painful. Both those girls were. I say "girls" bc immaturity.
  11. While I've thought of this, it makes it more disturbing to me in the case of Joao bc he cried on command. He just cues up those waterworks like nobody's business. This is what he did to manipulate Brooke, the cast and the audience on last season's reunion. Thank God Brooke is away from him. He's a true sociopath.
  12. Kdawg82

    S09.E02: Something Borrowed, Something New

    Mindy Kaling?
  13. Kdawg82

    Joao: Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

    I can't complain about his behavior thus far *this* season but... If you watched last season's reunion show and what he put Brooke through, and with the whole Casey thing, it was no surprise coming from him that he was engaged in some less than faithful and forthright behavior with his lady that he claimed to "love" so much. THIS SEASON he says the relationship with Brooke ended "because she cheated on me so what can I do?" Hmmm sure. Not believing that. From what I saw at the reunion looks like she left him now he has a platform for his lies by way of a 2nd season on BDM. I don't believe Brooke as a cheater before I'd believe Joao as one. I hope he really has changed but as someone said- I don't see too many spotless leopards out there .
  14. Rewatching season 1 of RHBH now. So many iconic moments of the show happened in this first season. I have not always followed it. Wanted to comment on Kim. Her permanent speech affect is slurring her words. Any time she speaks I can't help but hear her do nothing but slur. Her skin is so dried out and beat up. Alcoholism is no joke.
  15. Kdawg82

    S04.E03: Cannes You Cook?

    I'm with Colin on this one: "I like everyone just fine but they're not really mu kind of people I'd hang out with." TOTALLY! I find them all to be caricatures. I don't think any of them could get a date or a job after this type of behavior. Anastasia is the most "normal" one. But they all fit the gossip thing with Mila and the van ride convo. Aesha is annoying as all hell with her stupid "sense of humor." I've always found over the top sexual and toilet humor to be so un-funny. Give me a witty retort or a clever pun and I'm all about it. I just don't like any of them this year...bleh.