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  1. Your whole post PLUS that plate of chicken wings! The kids being set up for the future went from my mind to Melissa's lips. Isn't Mel a shady little mofo now too? Picking up on Jackie's life tips and trying to apply them. Okay. Jennifer was gaining some favor from me previously but I'm on the other side now. And I love Marge still.
  2. After a plane ride or long car ride, not taking a shower is strange. I wondered if Mindy didn't want to get naked in front of Zach with that open plan bathroom?? Seemed it might be the case. He is a passive aggressive prick with his comments and attitude towards her though. I hope he has his ass handed to him by someone (even just the court of public opinion). Glad Meeka stood up for herself. Ewww! Austin can't close his right eye all the way when trying to go to sleep. But they're cute. I'll root for these two. Taylor's & Brandon (I had to refer to above posts to recall his name) aren't even on my radar. That's all I'll say. Snooze fest.
  3. No one was right tonight WRT Rhylee but the guys are douche-bro's. Rhylee is a hard worker. I think they enjoy stoking the fire and watching her burn up. I wonder how she would fare under Capt. Sandy's command. Prob not well bc Sandy is weird like that but still. I'd vote for a season of them to try it out.
  4. As is her botox fail. Can see those "bunny lines" creeping in at certain expressions. Her friend and sister are fierce though. Good for her having these people in her life.
  5. I see what you mean. I always respected Jackie for her candid attitude and humility. I think what bugged was that WWHL appearance and indicating she's wealthier than Jenn (which with a plastic surgeon spouse, IDK how it's possible) then the buying a ring from her former suitor so she could escape his proposal. Next week though, Jackie looks like she brushes off Jennifer's insults RE: the kid's party so I like that. IDK whose side I'll land on by end of season.
  6. I wonder if Jackie's folks remained married because divorcing would've depleted some of their assets (properties etc). People do that. Also remember they've (at least her dad as far as I recall) have been to prison/ house arrest for tax evasion or something like that. More evidence from our housewives that dishonesty and shady dealings bring on the wealth. Apparently if Jackie's family is so wealthy, the government didn't punish them *too* harshly. I'm not in the camp of "rich people are all evil" but sure is interesting. She also has a mentally disabled brother. It wouldn't be far fetched for them to have received some state aid at some points while raising him. But not so quick to pay their due in taxes. IDK but this whole humble bragging from Jackie kind of grates. She needs to slow her role.
  7. OF COURSE Teresa's daughters prefer their dad over her. DUH! It's Teresa. When Joe said he got her a necklace with her name on it before, she could've said "oh yes but this one is from our girls so it's also special to me." Regardless if she doesn't recall receiving the gift from him. It's just making it an awkward time for the kids. I liked the drag brunch. That seemed fun and the women seemed to have a great time with their moms. Exception of Jen's mom. That's probably how my mother figure would react but I think she would storm out and subsequently sue me and Bravo. Yeah-- Jen's mom was a good sport relatively speaking. Jackie, stop advertising awkward sexual or lack thereof facts about your marriage. Your husband will start getting propositioned by other women.
  8. Tania was so mean to Syngin. She got an unpredictable mood swing on that car ride. My opinion? She wants an alpha Male. Someone to bring home the bacon and she'll provide the sex, basically. But she still wants him to obey her and hand over his paycheck at the end of the week. Can't have it both ways, honey. The Male provider with the gainful employment isn't going to obey you & take your sh**. Nobody is worth that mess. Alien Mike is so level headed, I'm beginning to think he *is* an alien. Never seen someone so calm and collected especially on this show (Scratch that- May-Kuhl is always calm). I hope he moves on and finds someone who will respect him. I was rooting for this couple so I'm not happy about this seeming split. I can't believe Anna is only a year or so older than I am. She looks older than 38. She is a manipulative desperate swine. Her sons deserve better. They beat the horse to death with their segment. Juliana and Sara? I hope it's innocent. But Sara seemed mood altered. Too flighty and bubbly. Maybe she's got the good mood boosters to keep it together. If she's legit though, I like her. Nothing there not to like so far. I liked hearing Juliana's back story. She seems to have lived a whole lifetime already by her age. I hope Michael gets less creepy but I doubt it.
  9. I agree with the fact that there are "How I Met Your Mother" vibes with Kevin only in the vehicle of a dramatic show rather than a comedy. I also agree everyone always looks SO timeless. We need more big hair, bad bangs and perms and gaudy clothing and makeup. At least Jack gets a 70's pornstache every now & then. We need to make the ladies look a bit more trendy for their times. Disappointed in how Rebecca's stuck up mother handled herself. I recall the episode with the lunch when she says to Rebecca that Jack couldn't even impregnate her responsibly. I have a mother similar to Rebecca's and the "live your own life and make it a love story for the ages" aren't words that come out of people like that. Unlike others here, I am still interested in the young Rebecca/Jack and the young big 3. That's intriguing to see played out IMO. I am however over Randall. I've been over him a while now. Young Randall, grown Randall...they're all up Rebecca's bum and I'm over it. But I LOVED and bawled over her recollection of rocking baby Randall and trying to capture details of that in her memory. Why? Because I have done that with my children. The same exact thing. The days are long and the years are short. "You will not get past me" was amazing at the end. My biggest fear- intruders. I hope Beth is packing next to her night stand. But the intruder looked like he was coming at Randall with an old worn out steak knife🙄 Take him out with bare hands, Randall. I believe in you. Or Pearson speech him to death.
  10. It's my cable paying right to have a new episode weekly! I'm going all the way to the president of DirecTV with this!!! I mean, what do they want?! A porno of me and Mr. Kdawg showing what happens when there's nothing on TV?! 🤨
  11. Could these "experts" have picked any worse candidates for this season?! You can tell already that they picked the people who would drum up the most drama rather than who are ready for marriage.
  12. Robert's sister Robin was ok. She was forthright & neutral. However, saying "Robert's not rich... he's not a rapper, an actor or a drug dealer" was unfortunately telling. I mean, he's not rich but he's also not a CEO, electrician or entrepreneur. He's not even an accountant or chef. 😬
  13. RE: the above age shaming topic- seem to recall a limo ride where the OC ladies were all talking about how "far" they are from menopause. I believe it may have been Shannon's 1st season and believe Lizzie Rovsek was still there (loved that gal for not suffering Icki gladly). So it went from period talk to Shannon admitting if she really squeezes hard, she can still get breastmilk out of her nip. Sorry for the TMI. It was on the show. So the OC ladies love their alleged periods as much as any NYC or others as it means they're still young and hot.
  14. Where was Gina's neck? She should get checked for a thyroid imbalance maybe?
  15. Michael's living conditions in Nigeria seem better than AngZilla's overcrowded trailer. I've got nothing against trailers but that's a lot of mess makers running around there and AngZilla's mother included. Elderly do soil themselves and their surroundings quite thoroughly. The kitchen part I noticed in the background was sad and depressing looking.
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