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  1. Kim is a bad person. Period. And meatballs...FROZEN....from a BAG....from (probably) WALMART?!?!?! Jesus wept. I am no chef by a long shot but have made my share of homemade meatballs and never would I ever make frozen meatballs. There's a lot I'll make from the freezer but meatballs ain't it. And no, I'm not Italian. Just human. Apologies to anyone who uses frozen meatballs. Nothing personal. I just really don't like Kim. And she seems lazy AF. What does she do or eat or NOT eat to maintain her physique? Ethan- I feel so sorry for him. He deserves to have the life he wants, working on
  2. I mean...there's still always Joao...? Lexi has a very specific distaste for chef Mathew. She definitely trampled her opportunity at redemption amongst the laid back crew. But Mathew is pretty skeevy & rubs Lexi the wrong way. She is horrible in her own right also. I believe not a person on earth could get along well with her.
  3. I feel like it's official Delaney has now spent more social /partying time with the crew than working hours. Lexi meanwhile is seemingly starting to separate from the group even more than ever. I sense a Delaney /Lexi switch-off.
  4. Yes. I also caught Moriah calling Max her "husband." And they're all over each other at all times. Could they have eloped? Is that why the Ethan/Olivia meet was awkward? Just strange how they were raised strict & Moriah is still accepted by her parents while she moved out and appears very physical with Max. Olivia was spot on with her feelings of slight bitterness that Max is accepted and *she* is not. I can relate in some way because I've seen these things happen. Maybe favoritism from parents (overlooking one child's perceived transgressions vs scrutinizing the other child's). L
  5. I felt Bao was making a mountain out of a molehill with the snoring but anyway glad she communicated the hurt feelings. And yes, if you're working out properly & sweating, you need a shower. If I'm *that* tired though, I skip the workout that day. Unless you've been covered in sweat or done something intense or dirty, there are times you could skip the shower. Johnny should just see how it plays out & stop harping on it.
  6. Ummm WHY but WHYYYY do Rinna & Kyle jump up Erika's ass??!! They look like they're faking orgasms over everything that Erika has or does. wtf!? I hope they go down with the ship. That dyson is a stick vacuum. Meant for small clean ups, not for the whole house. I "vacuum" every day if that's called vacuuming. And what does not having sex have to do with cleaning your house? Umm hmmkayyy. She tries to say things to shock but they make no sense. She's so stupid. Did Rinna spawn's boy toy just make a crack about there being a ji** stain on the grandmother's wedding gown??!! Umm t
  7. Loved this episode. I'm loving Gil the more I see of him. He's such an easygoing person which shows his maturity. I liked what he said about politics though I think it would be the exception & extremely rare for two opposing political minds to get along. But when Myrla said "it's not about the self," I hope Gil throws that in her face on every opportunity he gets. She seems very much about the self. Gil is a firefighter which is opposite of "the self." We'll see. I don't think they're hopeless yet. Ryan doesn't want babies. He just thinks it's what gets the ladies going. It's also h
  8. Erika is a glorified prostitute. I used to actually like her. I enjoyed her going up against LVP with pantygate etc. I thought she showed she's taking no crap. But at the end of the day, her colors came out in full HD. That's the thing in life- you can't hide who you are forever.
  9. Black, beady eyed Ryan....take a long walk off a short pier. Crying out loud, it looks like his own family despises him. Brett, sweetheart, RUN.
  10. After the bee attack, did Kyle say "they were swarmEEN & stingEEN. You should've seen the swellEEN." I can't take the way she talks. But I think for me it's symptomatic of her beEEN Kyle-annoyEEN-Richards.
  11. Erika: "I don't have knowledge of lawsuits before they hit press." Me: πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”???
  12. The teacher and education admin (???) wore the most cleavage showing "bridal" gowns that were ever on MAFS pretty much. That's what shocks me. The students & other people who have to respect you are basically seeing you naked, waist up. Unless they plan on making it big in this show & quitting their careers, they should've rethought the dresses. The couples cam shows ruined the franchise because now 1) people do this because they want to become D-list reality personalities & 2) who cares about watching some former cast members' domestic lives post-show? 3) I hardly remember any of
  13. Lexi was physically combative. She was assaulting crew members, at the least violating their personal space & at most, swatting at them. Sandy needed to be made aware of this & then Lexi should've been relieved of her duties. I'm sure others are thinking the same- if this were a man, it would have been zero tolerance. Same applies for Lexi. She also should be taking medications for her disorder which she clearly has (at least bipolar if not more).
  14. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ No. Just no. Reminds me of an old episode of Judge Judy I saw recently. An ex boyfriend wouldn't pay back an ex girlfriend. Judy said "ok so you want me to believe that if you didn't pay her back: 1) it's because it was a "gift," not a loan. 2) she caused you to lose your job, so she owes you the $$ anyway. 3) you were mugged before you could pay her back so no longer owe it. ....so is the Erika Jayne defense. Just covering all the bases in one girls' dinner. Tom fell Off a cliff while possibly cheating on her & misappropriating funds? Ok.
  15. "I'm not ever going to leave my husband." Ummm sweetie- it's not going to be *your* choice. I can't believe Cooper just now decided to track her with his/her cell. The woman has so much time on her hands. She might not be in this situation if she were cooking/cleaning nonstop & didn't have on-call friends & nannies watching kids. Idle hands being the devil's workshop and all. So now She's able to finish her PhD as well & STILL has time for an affair?! Hmkay. Devon being "inspired" by Cooper is so far off. That wouldn't happen at all. I believed his character more when he blackmaile
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