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  1. Just now getting around to watching and not done yet but... DAMN!!! Hannah is a bitter hag! Why?!?! Cheer up! Be normal! Act like you at least 40% want to be there! If not then they can find someone else I'm sure. These accents are going to baffle and bewilder me this season unless I get used to them. Good thing I live in a loud house/ watch at night when kids sleep so always use captioning. Still can't believe a boy of around 20 yrs old doesn't know what happens when you don't use a condom🙄 To be continued after I finish watching.
  2. Yes! Was just thinking about how Betty is portrayed and wondered if it's called "Dirty John" keeping with the kind of victimized female scenario. Like are all men in this series going to be the bad one? (Which they are but i mean it's not called "Dirty Joanna").
  3. This story is a bit before my time (I didn't watch the headlines as an 8 yr old). I hadn't heard it before but the names were familiar. I like it so far & feel they did well with the period- fashions, brands (groceries, etc) decor, & cars. I wish "This is Us" would take some tips from this show. I'm in. I have to see how it unfolds. I got the sense of how painful and devastating divorce can really be. I sensed the despair and the knife in the heart Betty must've felt. Those inside jokes you have with your spouse. All of that. Only to be rejected. 😪
  4. Your entire post was right on the money. It's what I would've posted as well. I thought the reunion made Madison look quite immature. Only accentuated by Jenna's "can I talk now?" multiple times. I quite liked Ciara & Paget on the reunion. Byron was useless. Georgia looked bad. Jenna looked like a 60 yr old woman trying to look 50 again (no offense to my 50 + ladies).
  5. Sergei is the type of guy.... One phone call- and nobody would ever find David again. ...I have a feeling.
  6. Lisa is Mama Fratelli from "The Goonies." This is her threatening Usman at the alter w/ a gun, I'm sure. Even the body is the same. Uncanny.
  7. Because I believe she's still drunk 🥴
  8. I still like the way Denise carries herself. She doesn't allow them to bait her and start wailing at them. She's been through a lot. I'm so mad Rinna, a friend of 20 yrs turned her back on her. I was pissed when she showed up late and tired from filming and joined them harpies at the wine tasting and clearly had been sober and they dogged her for being BORING! OF COURSE she's not turnt up like them bc she's been up since 4 filming TWO episodes and shooting photos. Remember when Eileen graced Erika with ONE episode on her soap and she was absolutely DYINGGGGG!!!! I sense the jealousy of Denise's still-relevant existence bugs the sh** out of them. They're a bunch of nobodies. ETA: they're all over paying for their trash bag clothes while Denise unapologetically still rocks the jeans & white tee. She DGAF. Why was Rinna in a Balenciaga black tee or whatever it was when I'm sure her spawn's "fashion brand" has similar with a dumb logo on it. They all hock their fashions but wear all the designer clothing that's available without a care to promote their sh**.
  9. I don't like the narrative of "Denise is a hypocrite." Like ALL their surgeries across every iteration of RH, the 1st season is the plainest of the plain. the true persona, the closest to the face you were born with, etc. THEN after watching yourself, you brush up, revamp wardrobe and get the surgeries to fix perceived "flaws." For instance, Sutton's hair bugs me. It needs toning down and a good trim and blowout. I'm sure if she's back next season, she will have "fixed" it. Also she will have thicker skin possibly. That said, I believe as humans, there are no rules to life as to when you can change. You can start low and become better. There's no shame in trying to make yourself, your family and your life better. Maybe Denise didn't like what she saw of herself last season. Maybe she regretted sharing things so personal. Now she wants to make it different for her family for her own reasons. Surely if she began at the moral high ground and sunk into the sewer it would cause a little stir but they'd all relish in trying to rehabilitate her or some such version of that so they could raise themselves up. Everyone should look at themselves and not Denise. Erika doth protest too much. Let it lie, MOTHER of the year. I used to like you.
  10. Oh! Have mercy on my soul!!! Imagine being a toddler when that porcupine haired bulge-eyed, jean tights gigolo comes at you and he's supposed to be your new step-father??!! Right-on for those of you mentioning his over-usage of the word "actually." My 4 year old recently began saying it a lot and I'm thinking "Ash" the whole time 😫
  11. Very true. I know all the women at one point or other have fought with another...but RE: Dorinda, I feel like if I were her, I'd have stopped drinking full stop after the rude dinner with Bethenny and the relief /charity org crew. She was unhinged and that was super embarrassing on her part. She has passed her low point. All the connections she has from her lifestyle of days gone by, should be severed. Anyone in the political world should distance themselves from her for sure. She's going to have to do more than pet an "emotionally abused" goat or two to come back from this.
  12. Here's the simple fact and what Glen should've stated: If you have free hands to hug or hold hands then both hands aren't busy. That's what it is when you're in this industry. During working hours, both hands are busy and working. Usually both feet too. Your personal time is when you're booked for it whether or not it coincides with your "boyfriend's" time off. Say what you will about their relationship but I think Ciara and Pagett navigated romantic relationship and work relationship pretty well all season.
  13. Heh hey hey! No need to bring Darcey's ex Jesse into this!!! We've heard enough from him to last 2 lifetimes by this point!
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