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  1. First...you guys, I think Myrla washed her hair!! Tipsy Myrla FTW! Michela, yikes again! I know Zack cries a lot. He's got a lot of issues but it seems like he's at least attempting to work them out. Michela was the worst possible match for him or anyone. She really seems detached from reality, like a real personality disorder. Johnny continues to reach new heights of assholery. Someone above said he wants to get angry and just warps everything that's said and done to accommodate that--that hits the nail on the head. Bao isn't trying enough, now she's trying too hard...she's not ro
  2. Eh, I'm not so sure. I do agree that he doesn't like any of those criteria either, but his tell was when he told sis that if she was a VS model, he'd do dishes with a smile.
  3. I know when someone insinuates I don't shower enough, calls me a liar and flat out says they don't like me, that really puts me in the mood to flirt and initiate romance! I can't even make the caps big enough--FUUUUUUCK THAT GUY BAO! Although I kinda agree with the poster who said she is playing this for the victim edit. Who is THAT understanding?! Love that greasy old Myrla is a dog person now. Who could NOT love Hype, what a good boy. Zero interest in Jose and Rachel anymore. I shrieked at the closeup of his horrid lips drinking wine. Still waiting for the return of Hurricane
  4. Lord have mercy, I'm liking Gil and Myrla?! That winery date was so perfect; probably producer set up but still--it's exactly the kind of bougie thing Myrla loves, and I thought it was sweet. I like their banter and how they aren't taking themselves too seriously. As a viewer I like his advice and how he doesn't let people get away with shit (like Michela!). As opposed to Johnny and Bao! OMG what a shitshow. She needed to shut up at the dinner, yes. Major TMI. But Johnny's absolute meltdown over her exaggerating about how much she cooks or whatever was way too much. You're missing the poi
  5. He's saying her behavior isn't a mistake, it's who she is. If it were a mistake or having done something wrong, it can be fixed; he's saying it's ingrained in her and cannot be fixed. Yes--my interpretation of this tortured convo was that Zach thinks this is who she is and it will never change, and he was trying SO HARD to avoid saying that "who she is" is "wrong." Whereas Micheala and Viv were saying that it's just a behavior she does and yes it's wrong, but it can be changed. He's not falling for all that. He's just scared to say so😂
  6. I think this is the correct take. We've already seen how good she is at manipulating situations to make herself look good (lying to the other wives, faking it at the housewarming, etc.). I think she did/said a lot worse that what we saw too. I think it would be better for Zach to say this though, instead of trying to be the "nice guy" and holding it in so much that he made himself have a freaking breakdown! Jose is absolutely disgusting and the guys taking him down was A +++++! He's not even a good liar! What a loser. He's so ready to fly off the handle. Repressed anger at not being
  7. My impression is he wanted to be on TV and thought it would fun. Not that he really wanted to be married. He seems like he's just playing along...although with Myrla who could blame him. He's the most attractive to me, very handsome and funny. She hit the jackpot and he got screwed--not literally of course😆
  8. Not with a spouse. Nope. Not ever! Separate checks are the tackiest. In this Great Brunch Debate, my opinion is Myrla should pay if she chose the place.
  9. The guys had a rough week. Ryan, you are an absolute douche. You couldn't say one nice thing? But you're too afraid of hurting her feelings to tell the truth? Fucking coward. It's clear you're dead inside. On the upside I didn't feel like Brett's boobs were as prominent this week, maybe she's following our advice to get fitted! Johnny, WTF. Bao can't win. You will find something to annoyed about if it's the last thing you ever do. He contradicts himself even second. Ask me how I feel. No don't, why do you keep asking how I feel?! I don't know why Bao is so in love with this man baby.
  10. I'm saying that about Ryan 😂 He's looking rough.
  11. My take on Johnny is that he is subconciously recreating his father's rejection over and over. He needs to be in a situation where he's running after the woman. With Bao she's all over him, so it's uncomfortable for him. He doesn't know how to receive approval and love. He's a goddamn mess. Same for Hurricane K. Unbelievable that she just thought some fake tears and eyelash batting would fix it with Zach. He ain't having it. She is so fake. Fake with the other wives, her friends, the experts and her husband. Very scary. WTF, I liked Myrla this week a little bit?! So she can afford he
  12. He is so nasty. What a dick. Ok, so if she wants you to go downtown, maybe she'll shower. If she doesn't shower, maybe you're not all that in that department Johnny, know what I mean? Personally I loved how Bao was like, uh yeah I'm not gonna shower, sorry not sorry. And I'm a shower before bed person all the way! Brett: BRA! Dogs: Yay! Except don't cut your dogs' ears off. I'm sad to say, if Gil has indeed had Hype since six weeks, then he did dock them, or allow it. Myrla: Her apartment was so basic! Her wall of herself was hysterical. She is awful, just awful. Everyone
  13. I am SO excited! I live in San Diego and I cannot WAIT for this shitshow. Single people are crazy here (per my friends that are single and dating rn)!
  14. She's so desperate to appear rich, it's absolutely pathetic. Any real rich person would cringe and laugh at her. Listen, there nothing wrong with liking and having nice things. But there's a time and a place, it doesn't have to be your entire persona.
  15. OMG I just want to take Brett and get her a decent bra fitting! Honey! You can't be letting those things flop around like that. I'm a busty gal myself, I get it--its expensive and exhausting getting the right bra to support the girls, but it's so worth it! Also you NEED a bra top swimsuit. That is all.
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