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  1. I'm terrible, but I WANT to know what Jake did in bed that was soooo bad! Came too fast? Couldn't get it up? Micropenis? Diaper fetish? WHAT? I think basically everyone who has had sex before realizes that it can take a few times to sync up with a new partner, especially if you were drunk the first time. So it has to be super bad for Haley to say never again--right? That's it. That's literally the only thing I care about after this snoozefest of a season.
  2. Absolutely. ESPECIALLY pilots of any kind. They tend to come from more well off families and think they are the shit. Erik fits right into my experience of military pilots. Source: married to a Marine that comes from three generations of Marines.
  3. You are not wrong...I think this is the correct read. He is desperate because he doesn't want to get dumped or "fail." Not because he's sooooo in love with her. All he ever talks about is how great and wonderful everything is. Ginny brings up their problems and tries to talk about them but he just gets annoyed she won't go along with the "perfect" charade. Ryan is SUCH a weirdo! God! When Clara says he's everything she wanted in a husband I'm like, huh? Does he ever just like kick back and chill? He's probably terrible in bed too, if he's that uptight. Run! I know you won't though.
  4. Ok I must be an idiot...I see the new ones on Lifetime, but they only go back to epi 13 and I don't want to jump in the middle. Someone helpfully posted the link to shvideo, which has full seasons, but it won't work with my Airplay....grrrr! Is there somewhere else that has whole seasons?
  5. Ginny: I'm starting to suspect that she's fucking with Erik and us...literally no one could have a REAL conversation like the "cats in the bed" convo they had. I think she's so done with him that she's trying to piss him off on camera and make him blow up. I actually hope that's what she's doing, because I hate him. She's no prize but I think she's decent person with some serious issues. Poor sad Clara. Girl, you've swung too far in the opposite direction...I know you had a lot of sex and a lot of heartbreak, but no sex doesn't equal no heartbreak either. Ryan isn't a "nice guy" --he's e
  6. Also, where are you guys watching MAFS Australia in the US? I can't find it on Hulu...
  7. OMG, I could not roll my eyes hard enough at Vincent. My four and eight year olds ride horses FGS. It's not they were going to rope steers or something. It's walking down a beach. He did get on, I'll give him that--but he was a dick about it and Bri spends SO MUCH TIME catering to his special feelings. My husband said he should be thanking his lucky stars a woman like Brianna would even consider staying married to him. IMO she could do much much better.
  8. I think I'm starting to agree with this. Super religious, two pastor parents, so he can NEVER admit it and needs a beard, oops wife because that's what God wants....but can't bring himself to actually have sex with a woman. Also probably a virgin. Poor bastard.
  9. No, no...they will never find anyone without expending any effort whatsoever on improving themselves or making a relationship work.
  10. Rebecca, girl--no. You don't really look better. Just more fake. Zied HAS to tell you that you look sexy. I very much enjoy Yara and Julia and their dynamic. I have gotten to know a good amount of russians and ukrainians and they are quite blunt for the most part. I like this. I could tell Yara was calling Julia out because that's really what she thought, and I don't think Julia was bothered by it. I happen to agree with Julia about all the plastic surgery not being good for your body. Let's face it, Rebecca wasn't working out and eating well and just unable to change her body. Fillers
  11. I find this attitude to be super sexist. All of the men on this show (except Ryan who I'm convinced is a virgin) have probably been with many women...is that an issue for anyone? Does it even come up? No. If Ryan could only be turned on by a virgin then he should have specified that. Rejecting Clara because she's had a normal sex life, but letting her blow him nightly is just....ugh.
  12. He just opened a new restaurant here in San Diego, Ember & Rye. I think he is in the kitchen, at least for now. I haven't been yet, but in my opinion his other place here, Juniper & Ivy, got much much better after he stopped cooking there 🙂 When he was there, he was super standoffish and acted like he was above talking to guests and whatnot. His fast food chicken place next door, The Crack Shack, is OK. I did enjoy some of his more out-there dishes because we don't have a lot of that in SD and he comes up with some fun things, but as a person he grates. The hair last night was
  13. This doesn't surprise me because he's a controlling, smothering asshole. He's the type who would falsely accuse you of cheating so much, that you actually decide to go ahead and do it! I can't understand these grown-ass adults that still believe that because something happened in their previous relationships, that justifies expecting a new partner to cater to their irrational issues. How about you work on yourself, Eric, instead of forbidding your wife to have friendships? That just wouldn't occur to him. VA is a hot mess for sure, but she doesn't deserve that. He will definietly go t
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