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  1. It's the JJ Abrams “mystery box" brand of storytelling. Supposedly, the idea or anticipation of what might happen is more important than what actually happens. So a writer can just keep introducing more weirdness instead of resolving anything. It's a nice way of saying that, if a writer is out of ideas and can't complete a successful storyline, just keep the audience guessing for several seasons before they get bored and quit. At least you get a paycheck.
  2. Are we supposed to believe they hooked up or had some crazy time in Split? Because I definitely don't.
  3. They had a ton of weird things to get an audience hooked and keep them guessing, but never explained them or had a payoff. It didn't work for me. I couldn't believe this was the last episode of the season. Next season could either be great or horrible depending on whether or not some of these major plot points are resolved.
  4. She's probably a lot nicer to older men with money looking for an arrangement.
  5. I would have told Lexi her dad died just to get away from her.
  6. Wonder what Lexi is doing to support her condo. It's not yachting...at least not the legal kind.
  7. The first ep is already available for download if you know where to look - commercial free.
  8. That's how it was for Kai since it was his prison but wasn't Bonnie about to commit suicide and everyone was concerned because it was assumed to be permanent? Originally, I thought everything reset every day and only your memories of the past remained intact. If you died, you came back. If you burned down the town, it was restored, etc. Yet Bonnie was able to drive across the country and back in the one day of the world so I guess, like most of the VD universe, the rules are whatever the plot calls for and subject to change.
  9. This season seems cheap. I know Covid restricted the number of people but even the sets look different and the writing is substantially worse. Scenes and reactions are drawn out and it feels like it's mostly filler. It makes the pacing even slower. And a few of the actors have aged to where they can't convincingly play teenagers.
  10. Last season of BD was 20-30 miles from harbor to anchorage. The ones I charted were 22 and 24 but it would vary depending on the route taken. BDM was shorter, around 10-15.
  11. Eddie said that canceling the final 2 charters cost him $5K. Their tips are usually ~$1500. Does that mean they get a $1000 base salary per charter? The number seemed high to me.
  12. It means she's almost exclusively attracted to awful guys. I instantly turn on the bad-ish boy persona and look forward to a few weeks of great sex before I dump her. Don't try to fight or fix a girl, give her what she's looking for (often not what she says she's looking for) and enjoy yourself.
  13. Read dating profiles. It's all delusion. There are broke, jobless, nearly homeless dudes calling themselves "entrepreneurs" and women in their 40s talking about wanting children "some day".
  14. They've shown her without makeup several times now, she's got nothing to be conceited about. Maybe it was a different story when she was 22 and she's carrying the attitude later in life. In any case, she clearly thinks she can do better - yet she hasn't been able to so far and it's not going to get easier for her as the years tick by. Jake's a odd dude though. The way he bows his head when he talks is strange. He needs to hang out with a different crowd maybe. Some people who will teach him some social skills. Is Virginia lying about her age? She looks rough for a 26
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