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  1. For a start Floyd should get rid of the 70's German gay porn star moustache to begin with.......and stop crying every time somebody calls him names........
  2. It is actually a disgrace to let highly intoxicated guests use a jet ski. I am from Dubrovnik, Croatia, and only this year we had about 3 tragic deaths involving jet sky drivers (without a licence, which you must have in Croatian waters if you drive any boat/jet ski). This year the police is really strict on checking rent a boats and jet ski's especially if they are speeding closer then 300m from the coast line (speed limit is only 5 knots). Captain Sandy was very lucky the police did not do a alcohol test on the guests, because they would have been taken to the station until they so
  3. hahaha....I only work 24 years on offshore vessels. That is called WORK, and not lowering a jet sky or covering up a sofa, nor watching half naked ladies swimming around the vessel. (and no alcohol, or day out etc). My family is in the restaurant business, and I can tell you that cooking for 6 people is a piece of cake, especially if the longest charter is only 3-4 days.... Give me a break please....
  4. Continuously snitching on her colleagues. She was simply jealous of Elizabeth because James liked her better. Always sneaking around corridors with her ears wide open in order to spread some rumour shit. Always complaining about the 2 guys on deck, going to Eddy all the time as if she was leading a group of 100 people. And what is her job? Cleaning the deck and railing lowering and picking up the anchor and sometimes carrying some food or luggage to the tender. It is not rocket science. She is turning into a new Malia. If she ever became Bosun, she would be extremely hard to work fo
  5. I see we are at least on the same page. Elizabeth did NOT deserve to get fired. In my eyes, Francesca should be demoted to second stew because she is emotionally not stable enough to be chief stew. The way she talked to Elizabeth over and over again is called bullying and not professional at all. Total bad leadership. If Elizabeth is distracted by James, WHY do you put them together in the pantry? And there is only 6 guests onboard. Should be a piece of cake for so many personnel onboard. A lot of forum comment talk about making beds being a hard job blah blah blah. There
  6. Off course it is the job of the chief stew to MANAGE her personnel. I do not understand this. They are a team of 3 stews+ a cook+ 4 deck hands with most of the time only 6 guests onboard and they still manage to screw up orders. To me, this is the fault of the person who is the manager of the team (chief stew). I could take care of 6-7 guest totally by myself.
  7. I am totally on team Elizabeth. I think Francesca is extremely terrible at her job and false as a person. It is shameful to fire this girl just 2 charters before the endo of the season. If a member of the team is a bit slower or distracted (by James) there are various ways to manage a person like Elizabeth and get her to perform better. Not by publicly talking down on her, continuously blaming her for even the slightest mistake. She was simply HATING Elizabeth from day one and just looking to get rid of her. I supervise people myself and I do not see why a person like Elizabeth
  8. So Elizabeth made TERRIBLE mistakes such as bringing only 2 bottles of champagne to a beach party (instead of 3), or failing to take down some party lights and forgetting to put the vacume cleaner back in the closet? WOW what great mistakes....she deserves to be fired... What about this last episode where the Chief stew screws up a SIMPLE order of 4 mahi mahi? There is only 6 Guests and she screws up a order!!!! What about the chief stew forgetting to bring ketchup to the beach party? I guess that because Elizabeth was not on the beach party she can not be blamed for tha
  9. On the yacht there are 6 guests and 3 stewardesses and 4 deck hands and a cook. so everything dirty is Elizabeths fault? Where is Francesca? Francesca was probably crying in her cabin or moaning and snitching on Elizabeth on the Bridge.... How many pots can a cook use to be needing a stew to clean up? Rachel can lift her unorganised lazy arse too and clean a platter behind her , right?
  10. Exactly, she kept going to cpt Lee who made his first mistake by firing that sweet girl ,purely and only because that false horrible person was moaning to the captain each and every day. Fired her for what?
  11. If I was a multimillionaire renting a yacht I would like to be served by people like Elizabeth for sure. Because SHE IS NICE and relaxed! Francesca, on the other hand has a false attitude. I do not like her appearance not even when she says good morning. Francesca is lucky for being female, because she would have been accused for harassment if she were a male.
  12. A series of screw ups? Come on now? Her only screw up is the fact that Francesca hates her and is bullying her each and every day by talking down on her, What were the screw ups? Bringing not enough champagne to the beach party? That is why there is a speed boat stand by, to get some more right? She left some party light up one time, big deal....... Those are all minor things , and not material for firing somebody. If Francesca had only 10% of the people skills that Eddie has, there would not have been a problem at all. I have never seen Elizabeth cursing or being rude like that
  13. ...and by the way, if Elizabeth is fired for sleeping in the guest cabin (having sex, not sleeping), then why is James not fired as well? ANSWER: Because James's boss is Eddie, who is a far better leader and person then Francesca will ever be. As I said, Elizabeth is far from perfect, but not so terrible that she had to be fired. Rachel, the cook, walked off the boat after telling the Captain to go fck himself, and she is still in the show?
  14. I think Francesca is a horrible chief stew. Over the seasons I have seen MUCH WORSE stewardesses then Elizabeth, and they were not fired. Elizabeth is not perfect, but she is nice and polite and NOT lazy. She slept in the guest cabin....big deal. Others have done so as well and were not fired. This is the first time I do not agree with Cpt Lee. Instead of firing a nice person,he should have given more direction to Francesca who obviously is a bad leader.
  15. You think a woman does never has a urge for sex without strings? come on now? A beautiful boat, beautiful people, beautiful beaches, some alcohol, some sexy music.....and the panties go off..........ALWAYS,...it is nature
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