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Gina Kirschenheiter: East Coast and Proud of It

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So I’ve been thinking about Matt and Gina (I don’t want to be working today) and I think I’m landing on that there was a long term history of abuse in their relationship. I just don’t believe this latest incident that he was charged for is the first time he’s gotten physical with her. I think they had a relationship that was pretty consistently emotionally abusive and would occasionally become physically abusive.

One: Gina has dropped hints. She has talked about being scared to tell him that she’s dating because he gets so upset. And in the episode with her daughters birthday party she said something about how everyone always covered for Matt so he never had consequences. It sounded like there was a history of reckless behavior that everyone in the family explained away.

Two: the entire story of their move to CA  sounds completely emotionally abusive. She moves across the country and then he sets her up with the kids in OC and he moves to LA and she just does it? It sounds like she was used to smoothing the path for Matt and making sure he didn’t get upset. I also remember in her 1st season her talking about how much better their relationship was now that they were living separately. Looking back I wonder if that was because she didn’t have to live everyday worried about his temper.

Three: Gina’s asshole behavior last season just screams out abusive relationship. The way she expected everyone to be as consumed with the minutia of her personal drama, they way she attacked Emily but cozied up to friends with equally shitty boundaries in their relationship, and also the way that now she’s finally really getting out she’s a much better person. Looking back at last season Gina acted so much like a friend of mine when she was leaving a really abusive relationship. She’s one of the best people I know but for about a year she was selfish, dramatic, mean, chose messy terrible new friends over lifelong friends with stable lives. Just in general an asshole. I didn’t get it until I started reading about abuse dynamics and realized she was acting out, isolating herself in social groups where everyones relationship was just as shitty, and projecting anger at the people most likely to be around in a year. Now she’s back to her normal amazing self, but she acted so much like Gina I’m surprised I didn’t see it with Gina last season.


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What Gina went through was terrible.  Reading those words "Your Mom is going to die tonight" makes me sick.  Because she couldn't go into details on the show, it was even worse than what I imagined it to be (all abuse is bad, but knowing he uttered those words is scary as hell.) 

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I am so proud of and impressed with Gina. She has my deep admiration of how she handled the whole thing. I have no doubt that her bravery will help other women gain some courage in their situations.

I was in an abusive marriage and I was lucky to get out alive. This was in 1991, so no Internet or voices out there to help in my situation. I was blessed and got help. I was also financially independent and we had no children. I know of at least 5 people I helped either directly or indirectly, so I know Gina will have a huge impact. I’ve been happily married to a wonderful man for almost 26 years, so my life is blessed. 

I really didn’t like Gina as a housewife her first year, but she’s become my favorite on RHOC. Jennifer on RHONJ is the same.


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5 hours ago, Baltimore Betty said:

Her unfortunate custom made outfit on Project Runway was just so bad, I doubt we will see her wearing it on the reunion...what was her designer thinking?  I almost felt sorry for her.

I do not like Gina. Period. But I too felt bad that her PR designer made a hideous "reunion dress" for her.


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6 hours ago, RoseAllDay said:

What the hell. Looks like Harpo Marx. These ads are all over Reddit.


When I was wondering what happened to her skincare line. Ad for a close out sale? I'm kidding.

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6 hours ago, Kiss my mutt said:

Though Tamra acted horrified that Ryan would say that, she was probably pretty pumped. She sure likes repeating it!

That "someone," who told her could have been her ego that told her, how many people could have been in that poorly attended gym that Ryan would interact with?

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On 7/13/2023 at 6:45 AM, Baltimore Betty said:

That "someone," who told her could have been her ego that told her, how many people could have been in that poorly attended gym that Ryan would interact with?

Heather Amin who is (or was) close friends with Ryan told her. She was mentioned already on the show a couple of times, and she is the one Ryan sent the dick pick by supposedly mistake.

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