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Nice inspirational commercial, jackasses. I'd love to go out and vote.

Instead, I'm hoping that maybe theoretically I get my mail-in ballot in time. And that it gets counted.

4 minutes ago, Straycat80 said:

This is The Walking Dead: Teen Angst. These two girls don’t look like they’re sisters. 

Yeah, they're different enough that I assume they're half-sisters at most. Possibly one or both adopted.

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9671 people in one area. That large of a community would be hard to feed, keep the Empties away, not have people die and become Empties. Would like to know how they did it. Show more of their past, of how they started.

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To be honest, I'm not hating this as much as I expected. It's certainly better than the other spinoff. 

Shit, it's as good as half the episodes of the main show.

It does not, however, have the advantage of me already being hooked in by the Darabont seasons.

So I'll probably be back next week, but at this point I am not actively invested in doing so.

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So this is basically about two teenage sisters who like to drink and have PTSD. They and the two boys  (The Scooby gang)  are going on a journey to rescue their father from some place in New York. They think they are all going to die young. 
maybe I’ll give this one more try next week. It might be interesting to see what happens on their journey. maybe they will run into the Walking Dead gang and Judith can teach them how to kill the empties. 

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3 minutes ago, Superclam said:

Anybody here? 


Kelly, Donna, Brenda, and ONDREA are here . . . still waiting on Brandon, Dylan, Steve Sanders, and David Silver . . . 

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4 minutes ago, CletusMusashi said:

I should be more worried about the gay kid's feelings, but I'm too busy saying "They have internet?"


2 minutes ago, gutbuster said:

Wait , who was that? was that a flashback of someone we're supposed to know?

Yeah, I have confusion. I'm thinking want ads aren't a ZA thing so was the kid a fb of the dude walking with Nina? *

ETA - I don't know the name of the chick with the bangs who likes chicory. 

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