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  1. I think they were going for people reverting to a feral animalistic state, hunting like animals. But I agree, the aesthetic is very reminiscent of that movie.
  2. Does no one ever learn? He needed to stab that guy a few more times to be sure.
  3. Gollum must be some kind of feral hunting demon, for him to be in that tiny room with Virgil and he can't even tell.
  4. "Carver" seems to have one setting, lady, and that's 'pissed off'. How do you suggest avoiding it? Kelly's hair is even more on point than Connie's. The jealousy burns.
  5. I said the same thing! It reminded me of the scene when Gandalf is getting chased by Thrain when the latter was in rabid dwarf mode. Seriously, it's been a long time since an episode felt this effective sucking me in and eliciting an emotional response other than apathy, frustration, or anger.
  6. lol, throwback to the orange backpack?
  7. It was! I actually winced when he actually went through with the chop. :(
  8. I don't know what Connie is thinking. Her hair looks amazing, fluffy curls still popping everywhere.
  9. It might be tobacco, or more likely the scenery.
  10. They got like ten people but multiple torture rooms.
  11. I love how they always have these houses and mailboxes in the middle of the woods with no roads anywhere nearby.
  12. Ready to finally see what happened to Connie!
  13. When Yumiko asked to speak to the manager a couple episodes ago, didn't she loudly proclaimed that she suspected her "thoracic surgeon" brother was living there? I thought I saw it in the previouslies. Tommy clearly had managed to keep that a secret he doesn't want revealed. As an early settler, maybe he didn't have to go through the bowel-movement-what's-your-degree-in interrogation. So I think Yumiko may have already gotten him in trouble.
  14. If Carol convinces them to let that guy go and then he kills someone I will be livid. I feel certain this will happen.
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