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Morbius (2020)

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14 hours ago, starri said:

Wait, is this officially an MCU story?


I guess you would say unlike Venom with Sony saying yes it is and Disney saying no its not thus Sony saying give us back the Spider-Man that we own we now have an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  like situation coming with  the Sony extended Spiderverse

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My guess it will be like what I thought was the Disney/FOX  Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch gentleman's agreement. and Everything but Tom Holland/Peter Parker from the Spider-Man movies might show up on Sony's extended universe.

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Wow that trailer achieved something amazing. Throughout my whole viewing I went from 'This looks interesting I might watch this' to 'Nope that is turning me off watching it' to 'This looks interesting I might watch this' to 'Nope that is turning me off watching it' Its like there are two movies in one and I am so so conflicted. Maybe some one will need to excise the bits that don't appeal to me from the trailer so I can watch the bits that do appeal to me haha

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Lot of references.  The ship was the Murnau.  A guy bought a copy of the Daily Bugle.  The purple skies that happened in the most recent Spider-Man.  There was a poster with the name Kane on it.  I don't know if that was a Bob Kane or a Solomon Kane reference.

At one point, Morbius growls at a guy that he's Venom.  Is Venom known to exist in this universe?

Jared Harris's character mentions a school for special kids in New York.  I'm assuming it's Doctor Xavier's school.

It was ... okay.  Not objectionable, but not that great.

Lots of non-Sony references for a Sony movie.

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3 hours ago, RedElf said:

Is Venom known to exist in this universe?

Al Madrigal's character references "That thing in San Francisco."

The movie was average. The post-credit scenes were terrible. They looked like they were created in a boardroom.

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Not a good movie. Which disappointed me tbh. The story was bad, motivations didn't make any sense, poorly written characters, etc, etc.

And just some weird things. Everyone just walking by a dead body. No one reacting to the destructive fights.  The cops were stupid. Presumably they knew he was a vampire like creature. Why would you put him in jail with other people?

Feel like I could go on forever with the headscratchers I came away with.

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Box Office: Jared Leto’s ‘Morbius’ Bites Off $39M Domestically, $84M Globally


Jared Leto’s new movie Morbius bit off $39.1 million from 4,268 theaters in its domestic box office debut, in line with expectations after withering reviews. Globally, it took in $84 million.

The movie is Sony’s latest attempt to mine the comic book characters it controls as part of Marvel‘s Spider-Man universe following the smash success of its Spider-Man and Venom movies. However, insiders stress that Morbius isn’t a traditional superhero offering, but more of a dark, genre thriller revolving around a vampire. (This messaging isn’t a surprise, considering Morbius‘ modest opening.)

Morbius Receives Second-Worst Audience Score Ever for a Marvel Movie
By Sam Hargrave   April 2, 2022


Sony Pictures' Morbius officially received a C+ CinemaScore rating upon its recent theatrical release, meaning it ranks tied second-worst of all-time among Marvel movies, above only 2015's Fantastic Four.

The unfortunate rating places Jared Leto's vampire flick on equal footing with the same grade as Batman and Robin, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Spawn.
*  *  *
Other Marvel movie CinemaScore scores include: 

Spider-Man: No Way Home - A+
Avengers: Infinity War - A
Black Widow - A-
Venom: Let There Be Carnage - B+
Eternals - B
X-Men: Dark Phoenix - B-
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - C+
Fantastic Four (2015) - C-


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I feel like the "this movie bites" and "this movie sucked" jokes are inevitable at this point. Not going to lie, I really disliked this one. I went into this really hoping that, even if the reviews were bad, I would still have a fun comicbook-y time, but sadly the movie was way too stupid for much fun. Not even stupid fun, more like stupid boring with a shoddy script, terrible dialogue, and plot holes you can drive a truck through. Also, could someone please tell Jared Leto that there is a difference between method acting and finding pretentious ways to be inconsiderate? 

First of all, these people do not know how bats work. Vampire bats do drink blood, but its more like they nibble on cattle or other larger animals, it doesn't even kill them. They do occasionally bite humans, but its very rare, especially as they only hunt at night and usually only animals that are already sleeping, the biggest danger for humans regarding vampire bats is passing along rabies. But in this movies universe, they're basically flying piranhas, attacking anything they see and devouring them right to the bone, attacking humans in broad daylight. Why are they always flying around? I know that they want the bats to be sufficiently scary, and people might not find bats that fly out of bats to bite goats to be all that threatening, but come on.

I know that splicing bat DNA with human DNA to cure a blood dieses is standard comic book science, but here it felt especially silly, they didn't even try to make this not sound absolutely ridiculous. And I can handle comic book science silliness if it leads to a good story, but as we've established, this was very much not a good story.

It was hilarious how much time the movie spent trying to justify Michael killing those guys on the boat, they just kept telling us over and over that these guys were total scumbags who must have committed tons of crimes offscreen and deserve to be eaten alive by a vampire, even if all we saw was them hanging out on the boat (which they were hired to do), that one guy was a bit of a dick and one guy shoved the doctor lady out of the way to shoot at Michael when he transformed, which turned out to be pretty justified considering he went and mauled all of them. If your going to have your hero kill a bunch of guys in a bloody rampage, your going to have to give your audience a much stronger reason to hate the victims then "that guy was rude" and "they were mercenaries so they probably deserved it", especially that last guy who tried to provide cover for the rest of them and was completely terrified. Of course, the bigger question is, why did Michael hire these guys in the first place? If he and doctor love interest hate them so much, why did they even hire mercenaries with guns in the first place? At first I thought they were way into the ocean and might be worried about their boat being attacked by pirates or something, but no, they're thirteen miles off the coast of Long Island! Why did they hire a bunch of guys with guns for their science experiment? Did they plan to open fire on the coast guard if they came by? Its not like they knew Michael was going to turn into a vampire, especially when they apparently hate them so much. You cant be mad at someone for being a mercenary when you hired them to be mercenaries in the first place! And what happened to those guys in the helicopter? The last we saw of them they were being swarmed by the sky piranhas, are they alright? I assume at least some of them made it, as Michael made it back to New York, but considering how Michael treats his employees, I wouldn't be surprised if he left a few of them to die because they might have been assholes. Why was there no crew actually running the ship? The mercenaries weren't doing any boat stuff, and neither were Michael and doctor love interest. Of course, the real reason why they hired a bunch of slightly sketchy looking guys with guns instead of an actual ships crew is so that we could get an action scene as soon as Michael becomes Morbius but without showing him killing a bunch of innocent people, which would make it harder for the audience to like him, so instead they give him a bunch of random mooks with guns who we're all supposed to hate to kill instead, even if it makes no sense for them to be there, fully armed, instead of people you would actually hire to run a ship.

When the movie was done, all I could think about were the plot threads still left dangling, and not in a sequel hook way, but in a "the writers clearly forgot about this" kind of way. What happened to the little girl in the coma? Or the mouse who got healed? Is he a vampire mouse now? What happened to those guys in the helicopter? Are those bats from South America going to be alright? Will they go on a rampage as soon as Morbius is done with them, driving around in the post credits scene, or did they all die because they aren't made for the climate of New York? 

And after all of this, they dare to threaten us with a sequel? A Sinister Six movie? With Adrian fucking Toomes? Why is he even in this universe? The whole point of the last Spiderman was that bad guys were sucked into the MCU because of Doctor Strange's spell because they knew who Spiderman was, it didn't jettison people who know who Spiderman is to other universes, why would that possibly happen? The whole point of No Way Home was that they needed to send the villains back to where they came from and the ending happened because other villains were coming into the MCU from other universes to wreck havoc, no one said anything about people from the MCU getting sent to other random places. And why is Adrian Toomes, a normal blue collar guy who became a rather small time arms dealer, be so chill about ending up in a totally different universe out of nowhere? I know that people in the MCU are pretty jaded at this point, but I would think he would have a bit more of a reaction, especially considering his wife and daughter are still in the MCU. How did he get his vulture costume? It was built by his engineer buddy with bits of alien tech, but he didn't bring that with him into the Sonyverse, and there was no alien invasion and none of his guys came with him, so how did he get this new costume? How does he know Spiderman is involved in any of this? Why is anything in this movie happening?

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Tennisgurl you wrote everything I was too lazy to write because my god was this movie terrible. I too was hoping that it would be at least decent but it was not.

These are supposed to be geniuses right? If you knew that the bats drank blood why would you not be prepared that Michael would need some before you did the experiment. Him killing those guys on the boat did not sit right with me at all.

Also making his friend the big bad was a reach considering there was zero build it to it. Why would it make him a different person? Michael was still the same after the change.

The last dangling thought I had was about Martine. Like did he not go back for her body?

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Morbius got 5 Razzie Awards nominations...

43rd Razzie® Nominations
Jan 22, 2023


The 43rd Razzie “Winners” will be unveiled on “Oscar Eve” - Saturday, March 11th.
*  *  *
Disney’s Pinocchio
Good Mourning     
The King’s Daughter

Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) Good Mourning
Pete Davidson (Voice Only) Marmaduke
Tom Hanks (As Gepetto) Disney’s Pinocchio
Jared Leto / Morbius 
Sylvester Stallone / Samaritan
*  *  *
Adria Arjona / Morbius 
Lorraine Bracco (Voice Only) Disney’s Pinocchio
Penelope Cruz / The 355 
Bingbing Fan / The 355 & The King’s Daughter
Mira Sorvino / Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend 
*  *  *
Judd Apatow / The Bubble
Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly) & Mod Sun / Good Mourning
Andrew Dominik / Blonde
Daniel Espinosa / Morbius 
Robert Zemeckis / Disney’s Pinocchio 

Blonde  / Written for the Screen by Andrew Dominik,     Adapted from the “Bio-Novel” by Joyce Carol Oates
Disney’s Pinocchio / Screenplay by Robert Zemeckis & Chris Weitz (Not Authorized by the Estate of Carlo Collodi)
Good Mourning  / "Written" by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun
Jurassic World: Dominion / Screenplay by Emily Carmichael  & Colin Treverrow,Story by Treverrow & Derek Connolly
Morbius / Screen Story and Screenplay by Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless

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