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  1. Terrafamilia

    Be the Jidge: Rank the SYTYCD Dancers

    Blake McGrath set the bar for me (and that's in spite of his habitual lumbar hyperextension).
  2. Terrafamilia

    S03.E07: Chapter 26

    David killed the one time-cat then the others fled. Now they've decided to use Farouk as their cat's paw instead of dealing with David directly.
  3. Terrafamilia

    S06.E12 Pt1: The Sign Pt2: New Life

    Yeah, Deke getting a whole design team into a supersecret and secure SHIELD facility is either proof of major incompetence on part of SHIELD or he got the go-ahead from his business partner - Mac.
  4. Terrafamilia

    S02.E10: How to Kill Friends and Influence People

    The answer might be found on this page. Might have to look under the questions at bottom. https://www.tunefind.com/show/killjoys/season-2/32427
  5. Terrafamilia

    S03.E06: Chapter 25

    Now that Melanie and Oliver have made an appearance it seems that only Amy is missing this season. I had been hoping headAmy would show up somewhere along the line but it hasn't happened.
  6. Terrafamilia

    My Hero Academia

    When this was going on I was wondering if it would be possible for Neito Monoma, the kid from class 1B who can temporarily copy other's quirks, to copy the All for One quirk and then use that copy to extract the original (for safety's sake All for One would need to be seriously unconscious). Then he could suck out all the other stolen quirks from All for One and even return them to the original possessors, assuming they were alive and discoverable and not villains. He could then depower the captured Nomu. Nah, would never happen, because, reasons.
  7. Terrafamilia

    Dragon Ball Super

    Purple dude and the mechs combine into a creature that seems to have been brought over from a completely different kind of anime. Even Frieza has to step in to help defeat it. 18 sacrifices herself so her brother can save the day.
  8. Terrafamilia

    Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Soma)

    Back at the True Cross Academy of cooking schools even the dorms have entrance exams. Soma finds out that his dorm-mates are your usual assortment of quirky characters and includes the nearly flunking out gal he met in French class. Right on schedule they manage to see each other naked. Speaking of naked, another dorm-mate turns out to be a nudist. He also lives in the attic where he can peak in on other dorm rooms whenever he likes. He's also the number 7 seat on the dreaded and absurdly powerful Council of Ten. Lest you think that watching sexy hi-jinks of high school students would make you a pervy pedo, worry not, these kids are generally drawn as older than they are just like twenty-something and even thirty-something actors are cast in teen dramas on the CW.
  9. Terrafamilia

    Mobile Suit Gundam

    I do hope Casval wasn't aware of that over the top assassination attempt when he switched places with Char because otherwise, dang, that was cold.
  10. Terrafamilia

    Black Clover

    Finral ends up perforated after Langris has a psychotic break (and there seems to be more going on than just a psychotic break). Captain Yami needs to get more fiber in his diet.
  11. Terrafamilia

    S03.E05: Chapter 24

    Um, that's not how the atmosphere works. (Yes, that's what I'm complaining about with this show!) Anyway, the theme of having temporal do-overs and their effects on those who indulge in them was also a major part of Peter F. Hamilton's Void trilogy. If David was being self-absorbed before, thinking he can always go back and fix/undo things magnifies that tendency. Why not pillage, rape, kill if you can just return to before you did all that and then don't? You can easily end up thinking only your own happiness matters and everyone else's lives serve that happiness. After all, your life might be better/easier but that doesn't necessarily mean the changes you made won't cause who knows how many other people's lives to be worse off?
  12. Terrafamilia

    S05.E02: Blame It On The Rain

    Short skirt, long jacket. That's Dutch.
  13. Terrafamilia

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Just saw The Thing from Another World for the first time since I was a kid. I was pleasantly surprised by the writing. Though there was some tropiness with single-minded scientist doing things for SCIENCE! the love interest wasn't there to just stand around and scream and the dialog was pretty well done.
  14. Terrafamilia

    Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Soma)

    This week, Soma gets ahead with his honey-massaged meat. Wait, what now!?! I would have been looking for a pressure cooker (But hey, this whole school is a pressure cooker! [rim shot])
  15. Terrafamilia

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I guess is it was mandatory to gender-flip some characters in The Eternals, because, Title IX, or something (are we still supposed to believe Makkari was confused with the Greco-Roman Hermes/Mercury?) but what is the point of ethnic-flipping characters when those characters are already, or plausibly already, non-white? Kingo Sunen was a samurai and Japanese film star so why not go with a Japanese or east Asian actor? Gilgamesh could have been cast with an actor of middle eastern descent rather than one from Korea. But this is Hollywood so screw the source material. For the record, I was fine with the Ancient One in Doctor Strange because, hey, Tilda Swinton.