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  1. What Pat should have said: "Congratulations, Courtney, you've just defeated a bucket. I'm so proud of you."
  2. Good episode but I was confused about one thing - where was the Gambler doing his hacking from? The computer setup and his cat just outside in the hallway made it seem like it was his place. But then, why have the sporty duo standing by and why the murder of the security guard? Then I thought they must be at the company whose codes and stuff they were stealing but then why wasn't the Gambler doing this from offsite? If it had to be done onsite, how were the nightgoggles aware of the inside hacking attempt (unless Chuck has already installed backdoors into computers all over town and constantly monitoring usage and so would be on top of even that sort of access)? Yes, I'm overanalyzing this.
  3. That AI/databank is amazing. How exactly did it figure out it was Solomon Grundy who killed the Tylers? The Machine from Person of Interest is seriously jealous.
  4. I liked how the Mizukage was fed up with all the not even third-stringers. If Kabuto wasn't otherwise occupied they'd all be dead.
  5. Yeh, hospitals leave the windows in the patients' room open all night. Apparently, if you have the super-gear, you too can be a super-hero.
  6. Any chance of them bringing back Boruto?
  7. Does Yo-Yo even need super-strength for that? Her power isn't just that she has super-speed, she also automatically returns to her starting point regardless. If Enoch is within heartbeat range just rush to him, grab hold tight, then let nature take its course.
  8. Note to Koenig: A speakeasy without an alternative exit isn't worthy of the name speakeasy. What really felt off was them trying to explain their walkies as telephones you don't have to plug in. Just call them two-way radios. Radios were definitely an established thing by 1931. Simmons needs to track down a gang of thieving dwarves and steal their map so as not to be caught off-guard by the next time hole.
  9. My first thought was that it could be some early version of that Kree juice created from that corpse which HYDRA got a hold of and the SSR recovered in WWII.
  10. Z Living has been showing the Conan the Adventurer series (w/ Ralf Moeller as Conan) on Sunday afternoons. They've cropped the top and bottom off so it'll fit into the HD aspect ratio (boo!), the video quality isn't great, and show itself has obvious budget constraints. At least some of the wizards or warlords of the week don't take themselves too awfully seriously and have fun with their roles. I think The Skull That Talks is my favorite character. Z Living has also been showing Silk Stalkings.
  11. If the mirror-verse has a copy of everything in the regular universe except the people shouldn't there be a copy of that mirror gun Siri swiped and used to send Kamilla over? Find it and see if it'll send stuff from the mirror-verse over to the regular one.
  12. This show makes even comic-book science sad. I was expecting Cecile to clue Barry in on how his mood was affecting his speedforce meter but nooooooo. That crucial info which will lead to a solution to his problem is put off for later.
  13. I only started watching this season so I have to ask, has the magic tree existed under Seattle since time immemorial? They should use their Chosen Charmed Ones power of three thing and just move it all to some new undisclosed location. Note to retired Elder lady: If you want to reduce the likelihood of someone accidentally or hastily stepping out of the magic circle - be sure to make it bigger.
  14. Demon Slayer has 26 episodes so there are only 3 left.
  15. I suspected they'd get a body for Charlton but I had been leaning towards it being Seb/Ruperts's (though didn't know how they'd arrange it). Given that Plum exists we can assume that somewhen down the line Jane is able to leave her time bubble, get back to Earth (in the past?), start up a relationship and have a child. Otherwise, the only male available will be Rupert (eww - that might be a step too far for even this show).
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