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  1. That was Lorelei, who in the comics is the younger sister of the Enchantress.
  2. "Lord Marshall" - Chronicles of Riddick. The Chewbacca replacement - Abe Sapien from Hellboy. I was pretty sure Clark was the one who would be called back via the big ritual. Too many flashbacks with him to not be showing up in the present.
  3. If Madeleine leaves then I'm out as well. Macy is my favorite sister.
  4. Either Toonami didn't tell anyone about a schedule change or my DVR just didn't get the memo because the only one of the shows I follow that it managed to capture was Naruto, which was in Black Clover's spot. 😒
  5. Per the End Credits thread the credits for this episode mention a "telesphere." Can we assume the ball of light is this telesphere? So Ash had a bunch of Debris chips implanted in him? They must have been implanted without leaving lots of scars or you'd think someone would have investigated better when he was first being processed for incarceration. Maybe George has a Debris based tracking device/bug implanted in him and that's why they know what he's been up to. That is, unless he's been working with Influx willingly all along. If that is the case I do hope we find out next week that Gar
  6. I may be just a country lawyer but my first order of business would have been to get the definition of "chaotic" the Perfecti were using. Apparently, Lady Justicia is one of those people/entities who agrees with whomever she has most recently heard or read.
  7. Awww, chibi Yami is soooo cute. Too bad for Charlotte that the real deal is completely oblivious.
  8. Hey show, pleeeeaaase don't make Ethan a vampire.
  9. Dancer and choreographer Jacques d'Amboise died May 2nd. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/jacques-damboise-charismatic-star-of-city-ballet-is-dead-at-86.html
  10. This justice system is whack. Apparently, the judge had only two choices - agree with the prosecution's request to amputate Frost's power or Frost's request for life imprisonment, nothing else.
  11. One possibility is they were all in solid-state, digitized; computer files of beings to be printed out in the flesh when the colony was set up.
  12. Given that the ship got blowed up real good (and this is a tv show) it's possible that it is doing this because it is broken. It might be a component of the warp drive or some time manipulation system (to keep cargo/passengers in temporal stasis and/or speed up discreet regions of the ship to enable the fast-forwarding of an experiment or computer calculation) that is now completely off-kilter, out of whack, and prone to hiccups - not to mention being subject to undisciplined human minds who haven't read the instructions inputting orders that go beyond its original intent.
  13. Have you ever wondered why the White Clad don't seem to have feet, just peg-legs? 🤔
  14. The smashed style of burgers is what the serve at Steak 'n Shake.
  15. Soma manages to blow the judges' minds with cheese from the green canister and ketchup. Talk about humiliation for Eizen.
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