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  1. When the comment was made that Ro and Sally hadn't changed since high school I could believe it in Sally's case at least. Lexa Doig doesn't seem to have changed much since the first time I saw her in Andromeda, which began in 2000.
  2. Ravioli lasagna made with pumpkin & sage ravioli, pumpkin chipolte pasta sauce, Transylvanian cave cheese (it's a thing) all thanks to Aldi, some mozzarella and Parmesan to fill out the cheese needs, and a light dusting on top with ground sage for a little extra color. Yum!
  3. Gosh, this was such an annoying episode. One Yota is bad enough but we've got three of him which just makes things three times as annoying.
  4. One might assume they get to their classroom through a separate entrance than going through the main school first.
  5. Egad, there are people commenting on this article about how they just love her designs. 🙄
  6. The recipe calls for 1 large egg (both white and yolk). Today the saltiness has mellowed a bit but it is still noticeable.
  7. Not major but I'm following Assassination Classroom and for some reason it is showing up as "Assassination Nation" on the list of my shows. It is also being listed as that under the list of Recently Added TV Shows.
  8. Suddenly, now the streets of Rome are full of traffic and pedestrians?
  9. I just made some mayonnaise using Cook's Country's recipe. It was fairly quick and easy but turned out rather saltier than I would have preferred. The recipe stated 3/4 tsp table salt and 1/4 tsp sugar and I'm wondering if either that it ought to have been the other way around or I wasn't exact enough in my measuring..
  10. It went by so fast but let's see if I have this right. The kid who was acting the suicide bomber was protected from the blast by Korosensei's shed skin. But the grenade was filled with the anti-Koro BB's which were shown a little earlier in the episode to be quite effective in damaging Korosensei. Obvious question: Then how was that skin able to protect anything from the anti-Koro BB's? Now the skin would presumably be able to protect against the shrapnel of the casing and maybe diffuse the kinetic impact of the blast itself but the BB's should still have shredded it.
  11. Even though I could see it coming as soon as he cornered Libby without backup, I was unexpectedly saddened by Doyle's death. This show has certainly shown exactly why a madwoman with a knife is a lot scarier than a hoodlum with a gun.
  12. My enjoyment was marred by too many what the... moments. Not the least of which was Kora's Swiss army knife power. From being a danger to herself and others it only took a "you only need to lose control" pep-talk and some of that proverbial shoot the tin cans off the fence post practice and she can not only burn a man's face nearly off or shoot a hole through someone but she can trip all the breakers in the Lighthouse by aiming a blast at the wall and then boost a radio signal (not drown out or disrupt it but boost it) by blasting the walls of a spaceship this time and then go on to resuscitate someone who's been killed by being at ground zero of an explosion that blew up an entire spaceship then undergoing flash-freezing and explosive decompression. Sure, show, why not? (maybe I should just accept that she's a reality-warper who doesn't quite yet realize it). Then that same exploding spaceship somehow caused a chain-reaction of ship-destroying explosions in all the other Chronicom ships. Sure, show, why stop now? And all they needed to do to call off the invasion was to give the Chronicoms some feels. Sure, show, resistance is futile. On the plus side, I got the biggest chuckle out of Deke's impression of Fitz.
  13. Hey, Lazlo, you know what they say, "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder." 😜
  14. If Sybil could call the Chronicoms why not tell them how to avoid the destruction of Chronyca 2?
  15. I love it when Gauche winds up being the only sane man..
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