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  1. That little crawling eyeball sure gets around. And it's doing the bidding of the Necromancer. Or rather, The Necromancer! He was a bit of a hoot in his first appearance so I am cautiously optimistic. I am wondering where he got ahold of his big red robe. Is there a shop in Mystic Falls that caters to cultists and associated folk for all their sartorial needs?
  2. If only there were, somewhere in the multiverse, a green-skinned alien computer man with a penchant for shrinking whole populations and stowing them away in space-saving bottles.
  3. Grammar Police to Saitama - it's fewer monsters, not less monsters.
  4. Sure, but I don't think there were any who were clamoring for what was basically a rerun (TFA). And it doesn't help when the filmmakers use the existence of disgruntled fans to try and deflect any and all criticism (TLJ). One of the big takaways from the article is that no one has had any idea where this present trilogy was supposed to go when they were being made.
  5. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-dark-side-of-disneys-star-wars-bet-11575663914 Disney Disturbs the Force: Pleasing Star Wars Fans Complicates Saga ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ looms as a big hit and everyone loves Baby Yoda. But there’s also a disgruntled contingent of fans, a string of fired directors and a decline in ticket sales. ‘We’re gonna hit pause.’
  6. Has anyone been watching Beast Morphers? The 1st season is over save for the Christmas Special. Evox has been defeated - or has he? The evil Roxie and Blaze avatars have been destroyed so the originals are out of their comas. I suspect they'll be full-fledged rangers next season as there are still plenty of colors as yet unused. Grid Battleforce will be working overtime to replace all the zords that were destroyed. I do like Ben and Betty as the comic relief who know all about the ranger, and being at least half-way competent and useful in their myriad jobs.
  7. I had been thinking about old movies that I hadn't seen in a long, long time and I wondered whether TCM had ever aired them or whether they were even available to them. These would include such films as The List of Adrian Messenger, Cold Turkey, and Smile (1975 comedy). Does anyone know the status of these and what movies might others have on their wish-lists that haven't been on TCM, at least not for a long time?
  8. I found it interesting that Chris finally discovered the sheet pan dinner but he did so via Nigella Lawson rather than perusing the magazine stand or online cooking blogs.
  9. I just can't work up much enthusiasm for this. Not even the prequels managed to get me into this state. I only wish we could treat TLJ like Highlander II. That said, I'll likely go see it in the theater just because I'm a completist. Not the first week, probably not even the second, and even then at the extra early, extra cheap, pre-noon, pre-matinee. I do hope Finn gets treated better.
  10. Fridge logic moment: How were Malivore agents able to get the Keeper so as to shove her down the memory hole in the first place? There must have been rules we weren't told about like how did prospective replacements find their way into the labyrinth if the Keeper couldn't leave in order to entice or grab one?
  11. The diary was from last season. Penelope had made spy pens and gave them out to other students. They transmitted whatever they were used to write back to that diary. She gave it to Josie when she left. I suspect the Hope stuff was from back before everyone forgot about her not anything Landon did recently. Josie's reaction makes me sort of wonder whether she too now remembers Hope but hasn't said anything.
  12. Not a big matter, I just found it interesting, but instead of doing a cut à la Janet they explicitly showed Gen popping out of the scene when she went into the void(s) in search of her button.
  13. The Wizard King is Dead! Long Live the Wizard King! Though the coronation/installation of a new one may have to wait a while. Unanswered question: Where do all those grimoires originally come from (and keep coming from), anyway? Even the elves from ages past had them.
  14. In this episode Choji turns into a butterfly. Really! It seems like with all the usual incessant flashbacks and occasional filler this latest, greatest Ninja War is going to drag on for 120 more episodes.
  15. This episode got me scratching my head again about the whole "it's illegal to use your quirks in public unless you are a certified hero" thing. If someone caught freelancer taking a palm picture at a public event could they turn him in?
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