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  1. I didn't know that Canada had a second amendment. Hah, I kid. All the Canadian actors made me geographically confused. I know I shouldn't ask such questions of a show like this but why, when searching darkened rooms, does nobody turn on the light? And why do long desiccated corpses provide loads of liquid blood when being sent through the mower? If we are to believe that disturbing the cave of the ur-zombie (an ancient pre-Columbian Viking explorer/colonist?) is what caused the outbreak back in town then those from the graveyard really wasted no time given that not only did they have
  2. Shoutout to Heroes for the Helix Institute's symbol.
  3. So, I'm left wondering what happened to Asta's dad. Did he have one night of pleasure only to then expire due to Licita's life sucking power or did he manage to get away before that happened?
  4. How do they even know that the aliens aren't also in cahoots with the commies? I mean, if the future of their species is in the balance why put all your eggs in one country?
  5. What I really want to know is why Pat keeps his band-aids way down in the basement instead of the kitchen or bathroom medicine cabinet.
  6. Hmm, from being a Power Ranger saving the world to getting Giardia from the quarterback. Not sure if that is a step up. But, hey, that's show business. 🤔 ETA: I guess it is technically conceivable (see what I did there) the guys could have ectopic pregnancies (via alien tentacle sex!) and if the aliens give them proper, superscientific, alien prenatal care the pregnancies could proceed to term to deliver by cesarean.
  7. Um, Alma, those talentless folks are not useless. They're the ones who fork over the dinero that allows you to live in the style to which you have become accustomed.
  8. Gee, Kid Eclipso was working that sucker for a good long time, wasn't he? I'm thinking Brainwave put the whammy on Yolanda out of spite as he lay dying just to torment her. No mention of the totally trashed lunchroom at school. Maybe they chalked it up to a Tik-Tok challenge.
  9. I'm sure the pill-poppers could find people willing to be living blood donors. I mean, there seems to be plenty of people willing to endure being personal assistants to the rich and famous so what's a little blood?
  10. Did Luke have some scruff when in the house during the supernatural confab (he certainly did while recuperating at home)? I ask because he looked clean-shaven when he came out at the end. So Luke could see, and speak to, dead people because he was psychically linked with his stillborn twin and now that she's been sucked into the great beyond he's been brought down to normal. Chin up, Luke, you're still heads and shoulders above your arch-nemesis, Rita. Do you think they'll manage to fix next-door neighbor's basement wall before he makes it back home?
  11. There are much less legally challenging ways to replenish one's electrolytes. Just sayin'. Doesn't Provincetown have a Walgreen's or CVS? To add to the questions, why did Austin become bloodthirsty right away before he ever engaged in any creative output? I did love the transformation of pre to post-pill Belle. It really showed off Conroy's talent.
  12. The Chemist looked like she was leading an exceedingly comfortable life, materially speaking. So, unless she had loads of her own money apart from cooking up and distributing the pills she's making pretty good bank off of them.
  13. The explanation given for why they are now bloodthirsty was all kinds of hinky. I wouldn't be surprised if it was revealed to be a lie promulgated by the Chemist or whoever is dealing the drug.
  14. Todoroki's sister invites the guys over for dinner where Midoriya thinks he's walked into a completely different anime and very nearly has a foodgasm. 😜
  15. I know that the writers of this show aren't on the pill because of the grammatical errors. 🤓
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