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  1. Terrafamilia

    Sword Art Online

    While Administrator acts like the Black Knight (It's just a flesh wound) Kirito adopts his SAO outfit and dual blade fighting style. And Eugeo takes his own sweet time dying after being cut in two. Administrator has her remaining arm hacked off at the same time she takes one of Kirito's and gets fatally skewered with Kirito's other blade before she can try to wield a sword with her feet. It also turns out she had been working on some sort of Hail Mary exit strategy by possibly transferring her file out of the Underworld. Kirito manages to use her console to contact the real world only to find the fecal material had hit the atmospheric impeller back at the Ocean Turtle. Aaaannnndddd...cut till next season
  2. Terrafamilia

    S16.E06: Academy 1

    After they told Smac to prepare for her solo they didn't come back to show what happened to her partner. I was trying to make him out in the crowd during the next round without any luck.
  3. Terrafamilia

    My Hero Academia

    We have a short break in the License Exam to insert a previously unseen test which took place prior to the forest training camp. Is All Might a large ham or what? It also acts as a plug for the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie. This makes me wonder if Toonami will air the movie the way it has shown Bleach and Naruto movies in the past, though it has been quite some time since they've done that.
  4. Terrafamilia

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Am I to conclude that Orochimaru actually has something somewhat resembling a heart?
  5. Terrafamilia

    Food Wars! (Shokugeki no Soma)

    It's food porn and fanservice. I'm assuming they had some sort of culinary advisor on call for the manga to supply credible awesome dishes for the series.
  6. Terrafamilia

    Black Clover

    Watch out, not!Xerx, Asta has started using his friendship magic on you! Better run away now before you start feeling inspired to better yourself.
  7. Terrafamilia

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Yes, that is Asuma and Kurenai's daughter, Mirai. She has her mother's eyes.
  8. Terrafamilia

    S03.E03: Chapter 22

    When Switch finally looses all her teeth will she still be able to use her power?
  9. Terrafamilia

    Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

    Food Wars looks like it's going to be wall to wall foodgasms interspersed with bites of disgusting food pairings. just for fun
  10. Terrafamilia

    Dragon Ball Super

    Someone notices that Krillin doesn't have a nose! Vegeta tries his hand at autonomous ultra instinct by emptying his mind while being pummeled by some mook. After about 5 seconds he's all, "screw this." I suspect he came to the realization that Kakarot had an easier time because his mind was already pretty empty.
  11. Terrafamilia

    Sword Art Online

    Administrator has been watching Yu-Gi-Oh! so she special summons Golden Snicker-Snak of the Gleaming Blades, or Sword Golem, or whatever (my name sounds better). To counter, Eugeo special summons Cardinal who delivers a curb-stomp. Unfortunately, Charlotte the spider had sacrificed herself to make the Cardinal's summoning possible (the spider's name was Charlotte, get it?). However, Administrator is clearly not finished.
  12. Terrafamilia

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    Since cold affects the shrike I wonder if any of them will think of trying to scrounge up whatever might remain of Donnie Gill's old freezing tech.
  13. Terrafamilia

    S06.E07: Toldja 

    Mac really doesn't know how to deal with terrorists, does he? Sarge and company are all going to be stuck on Earth when it gets destroyed so if they don't get a little more cooperative they'll die along with everyone else. As soon as Sarge started spouting his "answers" that don't really tell them anything Mac should have said "I'm done" and stuffed him in a tiny little cell and told him that unless he gets serious with the disclosures this'll turn out to be the last planet he'll ever visit.
  14. Terrafamilia

    S16.E04: Auditions 4

    Is the move where the dancer stands with feet apart and bends over back till their head almost touches the ground like they were auditioning for So You Think You Can Limbo this year's version of the HMV?
  15. Terrafamilia

    S03.E01: Chapter 20

    The most disturbing thing this episode was the giant sow from which some of the hippie-dippies were suckling.