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  1. I watched One Winter Weekend and One Winter Proposal (Taylor Cole looked really good in the little green dress in the first and Jack Turner is just as pretty). Rather formulaic, duh, but diverting. I see from IMDB that a One Winter Wedding is slated for this year. Since she's a mystery writer maybe they can jump the tracks and follow that one up with a One Winter Murder. He's a hotshot CEO so it would be just like Hart to Hart. 😜
  2. So Kirito wakes up from his coma and is basically Neo now, only more so?
  3. Um, Korosensei, you, or your translators, might want to brush up on English grammar. Since your tentacles can be numbered, rather than less tentacles it should be fewer tentacles.
  4. Yaz really irritated me with her acting like a spurned lover, totally brushing past the Doctor's, "I was in space jail," and making it all about herself. I know I was supposed to be somewhat sympathetic with the idiot tech guy given he had a family and all, but seriously, he was way too stupid to live. Not only did he clone an alien life-form (did he have one of those doctorates in multidisciplinary Science! that comic-book geniuses tend to have?) in secret but he hooked it up to the company's computer network. For. Reasons. He got everything he had coming to him.
  5. I've noticed that they seem to have stopped giving the precise quantities of all the ingredients. I guess they want to drive viewers to the website to get the recipes instead of taking them straight off the show.
  6. Did anyone else see Letters to Satan Claus on SyFy? It was super dumb and cheezy (on purpose), like a cross between Krampus and all the Hallmark Christmas movie tropes you could stuff into a stocking.
  7. So I happened to be flipping through the channels this morning during breakfast and while I had landed on Charmed I thought to myself, "Hey, I know that voice." Sure enough, the person who then appeared on my screen was a younger, and hairier, Joel Stoffer (Enoch) playing a demon. 😀
  8. I had to look up the idol and the knight who was taking on Vasaggo. They are from an SAO movie.
  9. Having grown up not liking turkey (the horror that is school cafeteria turkey roll didn't help matters) my family started the tradition have having lasagna for Thanksgiving. The recipe is based on an old Betty Crocker version that called for Swiss and cottage cheeses since they were much more available at the time it was written than were mozzarella and ricotta. We use mozzarella now but still stick with the cottage cheese. It qualifies as comfort food.
  10. Aha! I was pretty sure there was going to be an inside man.
  11. Steel and Nate have their minds/bodies switched allowing Steel, in Nate's body, to finally experience what it's like the be 100% human. This turned out to be my favorite episode of the season if only for the fact that Steel/Nate and company get a full-bore musical number - "It's Great to be Human!".
  12. Gee, I wish I had expository biceps. 😁
  13. The last episode was pretty much an unnecessary coda to what could have been made a decent ending in the previous episode (which I missed because my DVR decided it would only record Assassination Classroom that night - I had to go to a JoJo wiki to get caught up) So, is Giorno going to give us a kinder, gentler Mafia with street hoodlums helping little old ladies cross the street, opening halfway houses for wayward girls, and bribing police and politicians to actually do their jobs? Are we getting an Italian version of Sanctuary, only with highly idiosyncratic psychic powers? Overall, I thought this series was a bit of a letdown from the wild goofiness of Diamond is Unbreakable but some of that may be due to my dislike of the glamorization/romanticization of organized crime.
  14. When the comment was made that Ro and Sally hadn't changed since high school I could believe it in Sally's case at least. Lexa Doig doesn't seem to have changed much since the first time I saw her in Andromeda, which began in 2000.
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