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  1. Probably my favourite episode so far. Nothing creates drama like a group beginning to turn on one another and not trust each other. Great to finally see the police doing their job in a police station. Stakes always feel higher when being interrogated in an interrogation room as opposed to the principal's office. Simon is proving to be quite unlikeable, to the point that I'm happy he died cause as the show is presenting him there isn't really much to sympathise with him as he comes across as a spoilt kid. Again a few things I had forgotten from my read like Maeve sexting Simon and Coo
  2. While the secrets were reasonably easy to work out, it was still nice to have to wait to see if your theory of what they are is correct. I feel some of the suspense has been lost with the show because we weren't really given any time to guess ourselves. When I reads the book I always felt that, even though there are 4 POV characters, Bronwyn was the lead and Nate second. Having watched 4 episodes, I feel like Addy at the moment has been pushed to main character even though we spend a lot of time with Bronwyn and Nate. Maybe it's just because Addy has the most growth to achieve as a charac
  3. Finally the media is getting involved. I remember that being a large part of the book especially early on in the story. Only took them 4 episodes. Did I miss a reference in the first 3 episodes or is this the first time the term Bayview Four has been used within the show? I feel the show is improving evry episode and I think once the series concludes I'll need a re-watch, cause truthfully I had so high an expectations based on the book and in my head that I have had to readjust with what the adaptation is doing. I still think they should have kept Cooper's reveal about being gay unti
  4. I agree. I felt Season 6 was more akin to something like Stargate than my beloved Legends of Tomorrow. It was to Sci-Fi for my liking and not enough actual we need to time travel to save history like earlier seasons. I had the same thought, but decided that because they said Gideon?? They aren't confident it is her but perhaps recognise the facial features of AI Gideon when she appears as a floating head, so are wondering if it is her. I did not miss Constantine at all and I assume because PortalMansion was a means for John to escape the world he didn't put in power points
  5. I am really discovering how many little side plots I had forgotten existed in the book with each episode. I like how the accused 4 are starting to see each other as potential allies and not suspects. I still think though the episodes would be bette at being 30 minutes than over 40 minutes as they are definitely doing some padding with extra moments that don't really advance the plot of the book. I confess I did get the book out after seeing this epiosde jsut to confirm that the reader did not find out about Cooper's sexuality unti abouit 2/3 of the book and while looking I discovered
  6. I found this episode to be much better than the first one. I guess looking back the first oen suffered a lot from Pilot-itis with trying to cram in so much 'character development' and plot points. The fact this episode focused more on one character than trying to spread the attention around also helped bring focus to the plot. I still think the show was wrong to play its hand with the characters secrets though and this episode showed that. I'm wondering if this show would have been better with 30 minute episodes as they seem to have a lot of padding which takes away from the mystery behin
  7. Anybody else disappointed that the show decided to reveal the individual secrets (except for Bronwyn's) so early. I felt part of the appeal of rwading the book was trying to work out what Simon actually had on them all. Or have I forgotten the book and the secrets were revealed immediately - like within the each character's first 2 POV chapters?
  8. Cannot believe how excited I was for this to finally drop and how disappointed I was that I had to go to work before I could catch the first episode. It has been about 2 years since I read the source material so my memory could be wrong, but I was surprised with how quickly they revealed the secrets of 3 of the 4 main characters. I felt the book kept us guessing for a little bit longer than this show - especially with Coop's secret - so I was surprised that they just decided to clue in the audience from the get go instead of letting us guess and learn as the characters do. I still th
  9. I remember when I watched Captain Marvel for the first time and seeing them introduce the battle between the Kree and Skrull thinking well that's just helped set up Hulkling's background for non comic book readers. Honestly, Young Avengers is the one IP of Marvel that I have been hoping would enter the MCU since I stumbled across one of their comic series years ago (the Mother sotry). It would make my day to see these characters on the screen and I admit I got excited each time one of them appeared in the Disney+ series. I confess that most of my knowledge of the
  10. So I finally decided to check the show out and I binged all 4 available episodes in one sitting. I am hooked. This is my kinda show, a mystery that needs to be solved, characters with secrets that aren't kept hidden just for the sake of the plot, the humour. I am going to assume that the death of Zoe and Tim are connected otherwise why even introduce The Hardy Boys as a major backstory for Mabel. I assumed that Cinda's podcast about Murderers in the Building is linked to the beginning of the series where we saw Mabel over a dead body, and the podcast is about revealing how the 3 of them were f
  11. I'm surprised NBC didn't do what the broadcasting network did here in Australia. In Australia, we had the main station that did the traditional broadcast (what I call swimming, sob stories and fluff pieces), they used one of their digital stations to air other events (what I call team sports involving Australia). And then they had their app which had 42 'channels'. It was a one stop shop for the Olympics. Basically every sport was given it's own channel (and from what I can tell each channel was basically using the official Olympic feed), some of the channels had commentary provided (that
  12. I'm excited that the Swimming is airing in Primetime here in Australia.
  13. Finally catching up on this hot mess after neglecting it while the Olympics were on. I cannot believe I praised the writers for not taking the lazy approach of a teacher/student hookup. And the worse part of it was the teacher was still doing the right thing being professional (for a TV teacher) until the moment when you can tell the writers decided to be lazy and they literally wrote in their own thoughts of laziness and had the teacher say 'F*** it' And they began making out. What is the obsession with TV writers with teachers hooking up with students? And just cause it involves a M/M attrac
  14. With the huge gap between 1A and 1B I feel like 1A really should be season 1 and 1B should be season 2. It's not like they filmed A and B together.
  15. Pretty certain there is still one spot open for the '5 local sports' unique to each Olympics. Paris has dropped Baseball/Softball and Karate but has only adding Breaking so I guess anything is possible between now and then.
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