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  1. I have been technically lost in this world since the start. I have honestly felt like the writers of the show decided the only people who would watch it are those who read the book and decied they don't need to explain anything. But finally this episode was an absolute delight and now I want to finish the season. It probably helped that nearly all the separate storylines finally caught up. And The Fold has now been satisfactorily explained to me. Although I am utterly lost with where everything is taking place in relation to each other. Was it meant to be a massive shock The Darkling is e
  2. This is the only issue I had with Penanace's plan. I totally got on board the concept of the importance of making sure The Touhed weren't targeted but saving a mass murdering Touched from execution is the wrong way to prove your point.
  3. When Effie was talking about the coat I thought to myself, her voice sounds like the actress who plays Maladie but then I quickly dismissed it as having ears not exposed to British accents all day every day and thought nothing more of it. I should have listened to my ears. I honestly thought the guy was dead, was it meant to be shocking a reveal that he lived (and it was explained in the 'missing' episode) or did I miss something from the actual previous episode that indicated he was alive?
  4. I think the dots he connected were based on the conversation he had with Maladie as Effie over the photos of the body in the office and Maladie as Effie's detailed knowledge about the victim's coat and how that could help work out who the victim was.
  5. I had to pop in here half way through watching the episode to confirm that I didn't miss an episode cause the whole thing with the Galanthi was so damn confusing. I know Prudence told True about Auggie being touched last episode but suddenly he has been recruited for this Galanthi drill and everyone knows in the orphange is aware of him being one of them. I'm half expecting HBO to come out and say they screwed up and showed the wrong episode. How I know this is a Whedon show? The one character I wish would die as they have overstayed their welcome for me refuses to die AND I'm meant to be
  6. For a show that is really all about the big picture, I really am not that invested in working out what is going to happen. I'm more invested in watching the relationships between the various characters (especially the side characters). And this is probably the first episode where I really felt the dialogue was Whedoneque. Lots of little random quips peppered throughout conversations that made me smile or chuckle. I should have seen Mary's death coming when I felt at peace and happy with the conversation she had with Mundi at the orphanage. It was really touching so of course she had to be
  7. I come into this show knowing nothing about it's origin source. And man did I find most of this episode confusing. Which if I'm honest is usually how I feel when watching the pilot episode of a fantasy or sci-fi show. Am I not meant to understand what The Fold actually is? And why do people want to cross it, if it is so dangerous? They talked about it pretty much being a death sentence but then a character comes out as says he has passed through it 3 times. The Wall in Game of Thrones I understood, The Fold not so much. Even though I enjoyed the tenseness of travelling through. And I got
  8. After sleeping on the finale, I to am hoping the Sharon we saw is a Skrull. I would actually find it quite interesting if it turns out we had two Sharons on the show. We initially had Real Sharon and the later parts are Skrull Sharon. Not sure where Real Sharon is... And as much as the show wanted me to feel sad over Karli dying (so young, misguided blah blah blah), after what they had her do this episode I was happy to finally be rid of her.
  9. Definitely a lot to process but Sharon being bad going forward into Phase 4 has left a very sour taste in my mouth.
  10. I'm really enjoying this show at the moment however I am not a fan of Maladie's 'insane speak'. I hated it with Drusilla on Buffy and I'm hating it here. Only because I'm not a fan of the way the speech is meant to provide as clues for the story. I get that she is insane (as was Drusilla) but I just hate when riddles are used as speech. And it's amazing how after just one scene I was heartbroken when Auggie was forced to 'dump' Penance. I am definitely hoping for them to be reunited. The scenes in the orphanage with all the Touched in the background etc really reminded me of the 'Pec
  11. My first thought with that moment was Sarah has just become enemy #1 with the Stucky shippers 😄
  12. I was so caught up in that opening fight, that when Sam's Falcon wings were ripped off I let out a gasp and an ouch. Before I remembered that the wings aren't physically part of Sam's body. What is in the box? Initially I thought it was a repaired falcon suit until I remembered that Sam didn't keep the broken one. Then I decided it was some new tech Captain Suit. But now I'm back onto it just being a brand new Falcon suit. I think I would prefer it to be a Capt. America suit and that Torres (is that his name) becomes the new Falcon. I was pleasantly surprised with the cameo. I had he
  13. Before reading all the discussion about Steve and the alternate timeline, when I watched End Game I just assumed that Steve went back in time and waited to ctch up with 'the movie'. Obviously he kept all his memories and so when it got close to the date where he went back in time he hopped on the bus and got himself to the location (Avengers compound?) and sat on the bench waiting for Sam to see Steve go back in time and then boom! surprise Sam. After the scene, Steve hopped on a bus and went back to his retirement village. So there was no need for Steve to jump into our universe as he was st
  14. My main issue with the plotting of the film was the double prologue exposition at the start that then got repeated during the movie. There was so much repeating of the opening prologues within the main story that in the end something should have been removed - either we got the opening expositions OR we got flashbacks not both. And I feel maybe we should have lost the prologues and just been thrown into this unknown world and learn about it as we went along. BUT I do understand from a young kids point of view why they wanted the prologues, so therefore we should have lost the flashbacks - main
  15. Quick question that the Falcon and Winter Soldier series has raised for me. Is Steve dead in the MCU present? Every one keeps talking about Steve in the past tense, especially when discussing Sam and the decision he made with the shield. I know that Chris Evans isn't available for the show but there are some plot points that could be solved/answered if one of the characters just rang Steve and asked him. No one has even just thrown out a 'Let's call Steve and ask him!' making me think Steve passed away between End Game and the start of this series.
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