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  1. Bill1978

    Mulan (2020)

    As gorgeous as that score rendition is of Reflection I kind of wish they had no intention of referencing the songs in the score cause that just makes me want the songs in the movie. And I could also do with them no referencing the song titles as well. Having said all that I am more impressed with this trailer than the teaser and just maybe I'll head to the cinema. The only thing stopping me is the witch, is she a part of the original legend?
  2. Bill1978

    Disney Films

    Sorry for the double post but I missed this reply when I was replying to Aladdin. I personally don't count any DTV plot gospel, so for me this isn't evidence haha. But I do admit that line of 10 years causes so many plot holes expecially with the portrait that Belle relies on to prove that the prince is the beast at the end. And because Beauty is my favourite movie of all time, I just end up sticking my fingers in my ears and saying la la la whenever anyone tries to point out its faults haha.
  3. Bill1978

    Disney Films

    That's so the audience would know it's Jasmine. Just like how toddler/child version of adult cartoon characters wear the same outfit the adult wears. Apparently people who watch animated features aren't smart enough to recognise characters in different outfits or at different ages.
  4. Bill1978

    Disney Films

    It could be 10 years. Chip could pass as a ten year old, so he was a baby when he was cursed. New theory: Chip is actually the Prince's brother. The mum died during child birth, dad had predeceased by fighting the wolves. Allowing the Price to be the ruler of the castle. The curse happens and Mrs Potts decides it is easier to be Chip's mum than nanny. The Prince has no idea that Chip is his brother. My biggest issue with people arguing that the 10 years line is a major major blunder is trying to say the Prince would have been only 11 and that the Enchantress is being harsh on him. There were plenty of ruling 11 year olds back in that era. And really 11 is pretty close to being considered an adult. I understand why people have an issue with the 10 years line, but I personally don't. But then I don't really analyse movies to a great depth cause I'm shallow haha. They did change it in the Broadway musical I think. And they removed the reference to blooming until his 21st year I think. Both lines are just generic references to years.
  5. The only humour I have ever disliked in a Star Wars movie was the opening humour with Poe and the battleship crew at the start of The Last Jedi. It felt more like Spaceballs than Star Wars and unfortunately and it gets the movie off on the wrong foot and the movie does struggle to course direct the tone for the rest of the movie. So far I have enjoyed the humour displayed in all the promos, for me they are standard Star Wars humour. Quick little riffs amongst the 'seriousness'. That Poe humour from Last Jedi was just humour for the sake of being funny.
  6. And thank Odin for that. Every since that theory gained traction on the socials and the greater web I have been annoyed . Why people today think every studio has a Cinematic Universe is beyond me. And what made me angrier about it was that it really all stemmed from the Rapunzel and Flynn cameo and people not understanding that Disney put past characters into movies for decades. Sometimes a cameo is just a cameo. I'm going to pretend the filmmakers deliberately went out of their way to debunk that stupid theory with this movie and that's why this movie needed to exist. I've yet to see anyone try to show the existence of the Disney Cinematic Universe using Hercules and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Why? Cause it's ridiculous. I know the movie has broken box office records, butI feel it's pretty quiet on the web compared to the first one. And that's probably because (for me) the new songs are fairly forgettable as a whole.
  7. Does this mean the writers remembered that the character was an important on from the OT?
  8. Bill1978

    Cats (2019)

    Well that was a little less freaky compared to the tease even if I think when I see it Iwill spend all my time overthinking hwo the cats change sizes. One minute they appear super small compared to objects around them and next minute they seem regular size cats. I also chuckled at how hard that trailer tried in trying to fool the uninitiated that there is a solid plot to the story. I didn't seethe musica, just the filmed dvd version and all I remember is that it was 2 hours of singing and dancing cats who every now and then would remind us that someone was getting chosen for something special later that night, not plot in sight. If the music in the trailer is replicated in the movie then maybe, just maybe it will be worth a trip to the cinema. The score sounded rich and amazing.
  9. Hmmmm, I had moments of boredom in this episode and then there were moments of excitement. I know the movie has problems, but after this episode I feel the sotry is better suited to a 2.5 hour movie rather than 8 television hours. I am resisting re-watching the movie until this season is finished, but I really felt this part of the story dragged on, not really sure why. Wasn't that thrilled with the visit to our world, I feel it's too early to bring that in but I think they have taken this approach as they need to pad the story out to fill the episode count. I'm wondering if I'm surprised that no one has stumbled upon the rip in space, surely Lyra with all her exploring would have stumbled across that at some time. Or is that not in the place she grew up in? Can I accidentally travel to another universe just by casually walking into that rip? I agree, just one character who is bouncy and happy
  10. So is Baby Yoda the big 'spoiler' that was being discussed in news media last week for why there weren't screeners for the series? If so that's quite a disappointing build up for me.
  11. When I travelled overseas I noticed I hardly said G'Day. But when I came back to Australia I said it far more often. I worked out that it's because I'm a parrot. If you say Hello to me I will say Hello back etc. So naturally I would say G'Day more often in Australia, I also find G'Day is said more in the country regions than the city. Simone's accent does my head in. I'm not sure if it's terribly bad on purpose, cause surely there are hundreds of Aussie actresses they could have hired for the part if they wanted a true accent.
  12. Thank you. I always stuff up. I blame my obsession with Henry VIII's wives for never being able to remember how each royal KCatherineyne spells their name.
  13. Technically she was Diana, Princess of Wales. The media were wrong whenever they referred to her as Princess Diana. If Charles ever becomes King, allowing William to become Prince of Wales then Katherine can be referred to as Katherine, Princess of Wales. But she still will not be allowedto be officially referred to as Princess Katherine. The only time she will get to put the royal title before her name is when William becomes King and she becomes the Queen Consort (Queen Katherine), like William's great grandmother Queen Elizabeth, later known as The Queens Mother. In regards to the episode, it was an improvement over last week But I was shocked it was the end of the experiment. I really don't know how they are gonna fill in the rest of the season. I imagined the experiment was going to last longer from a season point of view.
  14. I have read Northern Lights, I've seen the movie and even after the first episode I'm still confused over the concept of Dust and the Magisterium's opinion of it. Is everyone in this Universe aware of the existence of Dust or only academics and the Magisterium? Does the Magisterium know the truth about what Dust really is (what is it really?) and just wants to supress the knowledge from regular people? And why? Is Dust 'falling' everywhere in this world but the Northern Lights just allows us to see it? It's concepts like this that make me feel like I'm not intelligent. Haha.
  15. After a busy week finally got around to watching the first episode. Been eagerly anticipating this series since it was announced. I one of the minority that wanted the film series to continue, so this is my next best thing. Having said that, this episode left me a little bit cold. I think because it covered the part of the movie that the movie had time to focus on. I admit I spent most of the last half of this episode wondering how slow the next 7 episodes are going to be if they've already covered the first 45 minutes of the 2 hour movie. I've read Northern Lights but apart from the removed ending from the movie I can't think of anything major the movie actually skipped over. Although I admit my memory of the book isn't that great. I still think Nicole Kidman made a better Mrs Coulter at this stage. Everyone else is doing a good job. Although I confess I totally forgot that Roger was taken by the Gobblers. Was Billy in the movie?? I vaguely recall they may have merged Billy and Roger for the movie. I did like the new beginning which I assume was borrowed from the prequel book? What this episode really highlighted, is that sometimes a great concept in a book will often be difficult to execute practically when adapted for the screen. It's easy to write everyone has a daemon in a book and the reader can imagine crowds of humans and animals. But putting that on screen, goodness how crowded would all the scenes look. If the concept of the daemon wasn't so critical to the plot, I would recommend ditching it for filming. But as it stands when you make a big deal of the daemon at the start it is a bit jarring to notice a lack of daemon in scenes featuring more than 2 people.
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