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  1. Thanks, I might go back and re-watch Clay's speech. Guess I was concentrating too hard looking for everyone and blinked at the wrong moment. :)
  2. Random question - I thought Winston was a Senior but he wasn't in a graduation gown OR shown at all during the graduation ceremony speeches. Did I mishear in the first Episode 1 when he was talking to his mum about moving schools and he wasn't a senior? And if he wasn't a senior why was he on the senior camping trip - they explained Charlie going (which I felt was forced and absurd) so if Winston wasn't a Senior why not throw a lame excuse like he has to takes photos for the yearbook.
  3. Ah that's why he was so familiar. I do like to chuckle when yu have reunion of characters from one show occurring on another show, especially when it relies on the audience making the connection and not the writers haha.
  4. My memory could be wrong but I thought it was just Walker Field. I may have missed the Bryce part. And I think it got named that during Season 2 (or maybe Season 3) because the dad gave the school a bajillion dollars for it. And I believe Clay had one of his trademark rants about it being wrong but no one cared because bajillion dollars. I admit I could be wrong, I've only ever watched each season once
  5. While I didn't recognise her, the voice sounded really familiar. Now I know why. Thank you.
  6. I understand that completely and knew what the writers were going for. My original comment was met to come across as a tad sarcastic after spending far too much time on the net and seeing people claiming to find something deep in an old show etc and trying to claim that the show was groundbreaking etc or even psychic. When in fact people who watched the original airing knew what was happening during that time etc. I've been experiencing it a lot around Glee lately, from viewers who were kids at the time suddenly discovering the adult content and commentary that was being delivered that initially went over their head but presenting it as if no one has ever thought of it before.
  7. Episode 9 was lovely. And I don't care how many teen drama tropes it used. Sometimes it's nice just to have a basically happy episode in a teen drama. All of Charlie's promposal made me smile and the fact that Alex ignored them all. Especially after I had tears of laughter with Ani referencing 10 Things I Hate About You with her promposal to Jess. No joke, my school is currently experimenting with no bells so I have to take a microphone with me on lunch duty to let them know break time is over. The whole time I had the urge to sing that song and when I mentioned that to the students they all had no idea what movie I was talking about. There loss when this pop reference appears during their watching. And I know it is becoming a trope of it's own but I was really happy that Charlie and Alex got Prom Kings (even if I don't understand the concept TBH). And I was even happier to know that the whole school was accepting of it and it wasn't a joke. It was so nice that it was treated as normal and not an after school special. I also liked how Charlie and Alex's family were supportive of their news. It's so nice to see Hollywood moving away from using someone's sexuality as a simple plot device for drama. It's why I adore the movie Love, Simon but am hesitant about the series Love, Victor. Justin has to have AIDS. Initially I thought the bruise on the neck was from when Jess through things at him during the lockdown, but the bruise is still there and I noticed a similar marking on his hand in this episode. And it's been a while since I've seen an AIDS related story but the marks remind me of Tom Hank's character in Philadelphia. And if I'm right, I guess it's Justin's funeral the series started with. Which will be sad. I'm glad Hallucination Monty was able to tell Winston to let go of this ideal Monty Winston as in his head. Cause Monty is right, he wouldn't have been the boyfriend Monty thought he would be. And god I hope Monty was just Winston's thought processes presented as a hallucination for our benefit as opposed to Winston thinking Monty was there cause that would have looked bizarre to every else at Prom. This really felt like it would have been a great finale because it was so happy until Justin collapsed and I remembered that Zach had disappeared from the plot while everyone else got happy shots.
  8. No we didn't but I admit I enjoyed it. Especially since it seems the writer was having some fun with mocking the teen dystopian genre. Random terms thrown about like the audience knows what it all means when regular everyday terms would be fine, some lame way to justify why teens have to save the world and not adults. I kind of wish it was a real movie, even if it did feel very much like the movie The 5th Wave. I thought the exact same thing. I thought Jess had the last tape. Maybe Clay made a copy during one of his blackout moments. I cannot wait for the 'deep thinkers' of the socials to start posting in about a years time how 13 Reasons Why predicted the protests or knew about police targeting people of colour over white people. My Episode 8 thoughts are that I am a bit surprised that it took the students of the school to do something about the drill etc. The parents (except for Clay's da) seemed to think it was perfectly OK for the school to terrorize the students and the staff. My only issue with the protest is that the crowd didn't look big enough. I understand costs associated with extras but the show presented the protest as being the entire school (especially when Alex and Zach were inside the school), but the numbers out side looked like about 2 classes worth of seniors. It totally sucks that Justin is back on the drugs. I guess seeing Jess kissing Diego was the straw that pushed him over the edge with his mother's death. I was so hoping he would last a season without the drugs. He has just moved up the ranks for being in the coffin. And I see the show is now trying to make me think Diego isn't a total douche by having him save Justin from that guard. I think my favourite part of the episode was Zach's casual rioting in the principal's office. I've never seen such calm breaking of stuff on TV before. It was like he was thinking I don't really want to break things but the police will be expecting it so I better break some glass etc. And I finally get the answers to who A is. It's Clay, and I'm assuming that it is genuine and he doesn't remember doing all that stuff at all. And as ridiculous as some of the stuff has gotten on this show, it's still far more enjoyable and believable than whatever it is Riverdale has become.
  9. Is it standard practice to write a essay to get into college though? Because in Australia kids normally just sit exams and get a magic number (that no one truly understands how it is obtained) and wait to see if they meet the magic cut off mark. They don't need to talk themselves up in an essay unless its for early admission. And obviously talent based courses require an audition.
  10. Episode 7: Every season of a TV show has that one episode where I get bored and don't really care about what's happening. This appears to be that episode. Sure there were little moments like Justin dealing with his mum's death but all those college interviews bored me. Maybe cause that's not the standard way Aussie kids get into university. Did Clay actually clean himself before escaping the facility? He did actually shit himself right? Oh was that scene at the Walker house? I thought it was just at some random café/restaurant. Still doesn't explain the creeping though. Diego has officially been placed on the list of 'Characters I Won't Be Mourning If They Die '. Right underneath Bryce and Monty. And this Tyler gun plot better be going somewhere because it's boring me. Or maybe it's Tony who is boring. I don't know. All I know is I'm not falling for the shocking cliffhanger in this episode like I did with the car crash. Episode 8 is probably set 1 month later
  11. Episode 6 was intense, especially as an Australian teacher it is something I never have to thing about. Sure we have lockdown drills but a lot of students don't take it seriously because in their mind that stuff doesn't happen in Australia. But I found it quite confronting and emotional when all the kids were ringing there parents and saying goodbye. Even as a student when I experienced a bomb scare, I never felt this is the end. I thought it was a very good episode until it was revealed the Principal had orchestrated it all as a drill. As a staff member I would be furious, especially since fake gunshots and door rattling was involved. I've had plenty of surprise drills in my career, but they've never been that involved. I am glad they had Clay freak out at the end, as I imagine many students would have been feeling like that especially when revealed it was all fake. I thought it was bad enough when Clay was tackled by an officer it was shocking when he got batoned. Dear Show: No matter how hard you try I will never find true sympathy for Bryce and Monty. Sure you can have Monty say he was scared when he was shanked etc but don't expect me to forgive him for what he put Tyler through. It's not like Monty was killed because he was framed for Bryce's murder. Monty was killed because of his own actions, not the framing by the group. I know the two are all in Clay's head but I still want Clay to point out to Monty that he was killed BECAUSE of Monty's action towards Tyler, not because he was framed. I am enjoying the greyness to Monty's character, but I struggle to really reconcile his need for justice for Monty. Apart from the football team it doesn't really seem like anyone else cares that Monty is a 'murderer', so why should he. For a guy who has just discovered (or admitted) his attraction to males, Alex is getting a lot of action. Lucky him. I think Charlie is a better fit for him though unless there is something more to the cookies. I was a bit disappointed there was a time jump from the car crash, I'm always disappointed when a show has a cliffhanger and then jumps ahead and explains it in a couple of sentences and we are meant to be 'All right thats solved thank you' I too wonder if this is a show thing or real life thing. All the CPR I've done has been on torsos and no blood. And I was thinking 'Wow, this is what American kids have to go through, that's crazy' I think you are onto something. I did have to look up the disorder and I feel there are 2 Clays. It's the only thing that makes sense at this stage. The Clay at the party last episode was very much not the Clay we have had the past 3 seasons, so it would make sense. The Clay we know wouldn't have been that cruel to Justin or even that violent. They seemed to be suggesting it's an option with the way the dialogue was when Justin got back from somewhere at midnight. Clay was speaking to Justin and when Justin said the time was midnight, you see Clay almost reawaken and wonder why he was awake. Would the disorder also explain his hallucinations of Bryce, Monty and even Hannah in Season 2? On a different note, anybody else disappointed with the basic opening credits for this season? I use to enjoy seeing the new little image that appeared giving us a hint about what the episode was about.
  12. Episode 5 finally ditches the 'horror' tropes and returns the ridiculous 'teen drama' tope of a party being in a massive mansion. I swear if I watched this episode from the middle I would have assumed they were partying in a hotel. I liked the parties in the previous season where they were held in a realistic house. I also get taken ut of a TV show or movie when teens have a party in a massive house. I'm not loving the destruction of the Clay/Justin relationship but I feel it is still in a salvageable stage so I'm not totally crushed they are destroying the dynamics at the moment. Although if they decide to destroy the Zach/Alex friendship they have another thing coming. Really don't understand how Jessica can still be with Diego, because he is clearly a douche and goes against everything Jessica has fought for the previous 3 seasons, even if she is claiming she is playing him. I didn't even realise Ani wasn't in the episode until Zach mentioned her..oops! There has to be something with Charlie (good or bad) otherwise what was the point of those scenes with Alex. Perhaps @ElectricBoogaloo is correct and the cookies are Chekov's Gun. That ending had me exclaiming Holy shit! I did not expect them to go rolling off the cliff, I expected a crash but not a cliff crash. And thank you @ElectricBoogaloo for explaining the seasons and the links to the school year. I admit that whenever I see a school dance on a TV show I automatically assume it's the end of year prom.
  13. Well didn't I jinx myself thinking the 'horror' tropes were over. Because I'm a sook, so much of that camping trip was freaking me out. Especially the moment with the person running the axe outside the cabin - that's truly messed up. We better get answers about who was terrorising the seniors. I was so worried about Alex drowning, so glad that Zach wasn't so wasted to not notice his bestie was drowning. With 3 people now having hallucinations, I feel everyone in the gang needs therapy - especially Jess after seeing Bryce spewing bugs while conscious. I feel there were a number of scenes cut for time from the screenplay as lots of people why jumping from place to place with no explanation i.e. Jess suddenly being at the cabin after seeing Bryce. I am back on the Winston hate train, I really don't understand how someone can still think Monty deserves justice when you know what he did to Tyler. Proving he isn't a murderer doesn't make his rape more acceptable. Plus I think I can hate WInston, now that I think perhaps Charlie will be Alex's joy. Even if Zach thinks happiness only makes you unhappy. Now that I've typed that it's probably Alex that dies. I'm still holding out hope that the dead student is not one of the originals.
  14. You know the writing and the acting on a show is solid when you get teary over a character leaving but the actress is staying and playing a slightly different version of the departing character, so technically there is nothing to be sad about.
  15. I have never seen a single episode of Pretty Little Liar so this episode reminded me a lot of the Karen McManus books One Of Us Is Lying/Is Next with the anonymous person forcing our protagonist to do dares or else suffer the consequences. I'm hoping with the reveal that it was the football team behind the calls that the 'horror' element of the show will stop. I'm not a fan of wondering what's lying in the shadows. And with Clay entering the dance covered in fake blood I guess I am being forced to assume a bloody body is going to be discovered otherwise why have Clay enter the way he did. And please let Clay tell Jess that Diego is a douchebag. I'm not sure what it says about this show that I kept expecting an explosion to occur during the dance. I'm also not sure how I'm meant to feel about Winston. Is he a true bad guy, or just a misunderstood eventual good guy. I remember liking him in Season 3 (and feeling sorry for the way Monty treated him at the party) until that final moment with Ani, and I initially didn't like him in Episode 1 of this season. I don't know if I'm projecting because I want a happy gay ending for Alex, but the past 2 episodes I've felt that Winston is learning that Monty wasn't the dreamboat guy the sex led him to believe he was. But as I've typed this up I've realised with the reveal it was the football team behind the 'prank', that technically means the 'Monty was framed' vandalism has been solved? Or are those two different storylines? Diego - or the mysterious voice - mentioned that Monty was charged with murder and then killed. Is that correct? I thought he was only in prison for the assault. The gang didn't plant the murder until after he was dead. I know the team could have the wrong info, but I guess I just need clarification that my memory is correct. I mean I am the person who totally forgot that Zach got his leg busted last season. But the biggest question is do I keep watching and avoid the reports I have to write. Or just do my damn reports and then binge in peace?
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