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  1. I thought I was the only one. Even in this episode I was getting that impression, especially when he was talking about wanting the same chips as the guy he was fishing with. But I know there have been other comments within the show where it's clear he is all about the ladies.
  2. I confess I gave up on this show about Episode 3 or Season2, it got too complicated for my little mind, plus I didn't like the Dolores demands revenge storyline. I just couldn't connect with it. In Season 1 I had sympathy for her, but that went all out the window in Season 2. When I heard this episode was a Maeve episode I tuned in, sure some things I didn't get from a plot point of view but wow that was a very enjoyable episode. It felt like Westworld Season 1. Willing to check out the next episode because if Maeve signs up to stop Dolores I will finally have a reason to watch Dolores plot. Although there is a good chance with it being set in the real world, I actually wont care. And I loved the GoT cameo, part of the plot but didn't take away from plot. It felt seamless and purposeful. I liked that they reference Jurassic Park at the same time.
  3. I hope there isn't a Frozen III. I felt they struggled to find a decent story to tell and through as many plots as possible hoping something would stick. But then I am a person who had no interest in wondering where Elsa's powers came from in the first place, so I guess the movie wasn't made for me.
  4. Is it wrong that I'm hoping Karen wakes up again and the past 3 seasons have all been a dream. Like she was having a major Inception moment and dreamt she had dreamt her 'first 8 years' were a dream. Is that how Inception works never seen it. It would be cool to have the original finale back with slight tweaks like removing the Beverly Leslie silly plot, and Karen not marrying Rosie. As soon as Will was having a girl, I knew Grace was having a boy.
  5. Is it weird that I found Ray saying goodbye to Gideon and her tear to be quite moving. I am glad they put that scene in because Gideon is part of the team and it would be easy to forget that AI (or whatever she is) have feelings too. Is there a way to have the Loom of Fate plot without Astra, cause seriously I don't care about that plot even though it is driving this season. Always seems to be the way I don't care about the big overarching arc of the season. I'm just hear for the fun.
  6. If Max was called Bob Barnard and if this show was Insatiable they definitely would have had that moment.
  7. Bill1978

    Mulan (2020)

    I'm not really buying Disney's reasoning for dropping Li Shang. To me is sounds like they are trying to shift the criticism into self proclaimed congratulations. https://www.msn.com/en-au/entertainment/movies/disney-drop-mulan-character-following-supernumbermetoo/ar-BB10EhZ1?ocid=spartanntp&pfr=1
  8. Thank you. I had read he had appeared previously as a different character. You've saved me having to watch the episode to discover who he actually was. Overall a weak episode, but most time Part 1's are. It was nice to see Grace and Karen interacting again, even if at one stage I thought they had stand ins (during the kitchen chat) I did enjoy Will & Grace looking down at the To Be Continued at the end. I chuckled a little at that. And I'm guessing I really should know Coco Peru, for them to keep bringing them back like they are someone important. I like them on the show but I really am clueless about the drag scene and confess I really only know RuPaul. Glad to see the show knows the limitations of Gu Kenworthy's acting unlike American Horror Story.
  9. I think Grace may be part kangaroo and has paused her pregnancy, to allow Will's child to catch up with hers. Once they are at the same stage, Grave will resume her pregnancy so that she and Demi can go into labour at the same time.
  10. As long as they have one big major choregraphed number every episode I'm sticking with this show. Maybe it will fill the void left by Insatiable's cancellation
  11. I think Grace has one of those TV pregnancy where time has no correlation to her progress. She is only pregnant when necessary. This was an OK episode, I do prefer the show when the episode has everybody in the same story instead of clear distinct separate ones like what was shown in this episode. I enjoyed it, but it just felt like a series of skits, instead of a plot. And I really don't miss Karen when she is absent. Even though I have bagged out this piosde, I feel this season is stronger when her character isn't present. I would still love to know what caused the issue amongst the staff, cause honestly these people are paid to act, so they should be forced to act like they like each other. That's what they are getting paid for.
  12. At this stage I feel like they should just jettison Karen from the series. I know it probably happened in the original run, but I don't recall Karen (and to a lesser extent Jack) having so many solo adventures. I know Jack was on the plane with Karen but it easily could have been a different plane. I prefer this show to be the 4 characters in a location together (although I know why that can't be now), if it's such a hassle just make it literally about Will & Grace and pop in appearances by Jack (minus the annoying husband). re: Jacki O joke, I felt they didn't need to explain the O. I already chuckled before Karen explained the joke. I thought it was clever at first, but when Karen outright stated it, it felt like the writers didn't trust the audience to get it. It's so funny, whenever I see Billie Lourde I automatically think Carrie Fisher. And I know Carrie Fisher is Debbie Reynold's daughter but until this episode I never consciously connected Billie to Debbie. Weird. Is Grace going to have a magical baby growth before the series ends? Or are we not ending with the babies being born?
  13. At least the team said a collective goodbye to the Hawks. This episode implies that Mona walks off the Waverider and it is up to Rory to tell the others that Mona has left. But then this is the episode that had Charlie appear for 5 seconds and then disappear never to be seen again, not even at the press junket.
  14. So great to have the team back...and the show. I try so hard to get into the other CW DC shows but I can't because they are ridiculously serious with their execution. I love my comic book shows to be less serious. I don't care how ridiculous the storylines can be, the fact they embrace the stupidity makes me love the show even more. I was so impressed the show went the Antman/Thanos route to destroy Rasputin. Bravo for having the guts to do that. After one episode I'm hoping when they find Zari that thy don't just boot her brother from the team. Is it possible both can stay? As much as I don't enjoy the character of Mona and her wearwolf (I think mostly cause the werewolf effect was terrible and werewolves aren't comic characters in my book), I hope that wasn't the end of her time on the show, cause honestly that is a terrible terrible farewell for a team member.
  15. Technically how old is Hannah?
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