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  1. Bill1978

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Well colour me surprised. I honestly didn't think End Game would dethrone Avatar. Especially since I thought the re-release really didn't have anything substantial to draw enough people back into the cinema. Well done Avengers!
  2. Bill1978

    Anticipation For His Dark Materials

    This is looking good. And the great thing is I can only vaguely remember the events as depicted in the movie, bits register but the sequence I have no idea about. Tempted to re-watch the movie but going to resist long and hard so the story remains fresh when I watch the TV show. I'm just excited that we should finally be getting a filmed version of the book trilogy.
  3. Bill1978

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

    I recently caught the original Sleeping Beauty on TV, and for all the talk about how previous princesses were passive and waited for the male to save them, this technically doesn't happen in Sleeping Beauty. Sure the princess just lays around and yes a man saves her BUT without those 3 female fairies Phillip would still be in a dungeon, he wouldn't have any weapons, he wouldn't have been able to slay Maleficient. So in the end it was 3 females who saved the passive princess. And I don't think those 3 females get the credit they deserve when people discuss how progressive Disney movies have become since ye olde days.
  4. Bill1978

    Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)

    I admit I haven't seen the first one cause I have no interest in the trend of humanising cartoon villains but I always assumed that technically the movie still slotted into the original animated feature's story. I'm guessing the fact that Maleficent is alive with Arora and Phillip getting married that my assumption was way way way off track and this technically has nothing to doing with the animated movie except for the stealing of names.
  5. Bill1978

    Mulan (2020)

    I've heard talk that Mushu has been replaced with a phoenix and that Mulan falls in love with one of the troops. This is probably the first re-make I'm intrigued about. It doesn't bother me that they are dropping the songs (although including the melodies in the score could be distracting for my brain which occurred watching that teaser). My main concern at this moment is that the fight scene will involve lots and lots of unnecessary slow motion. I can actually see a reason for this product to exist unlike other remakes from Disney - looking at you Lion King.
  6. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

    According to her Wiki page, her husband's mother was the half sister of Beaufort. Shared the same mother. The whole curse thing in this series is ridiculous. According to Gregory the reason why Henry VIII struggled to produce an heir and why the Tudor line eventually ended is because Elizabeth of York and her mother Jaquetta placed a curse on the Tudor line because why not - nothing says progressive women like having scorned women doing witchcraft. So Elizabeth basically cursed her own daughter. So why not have Maggie curse her own family as well.
  7. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

    According to the previous series that Spanish Princess is a continuation of -The White Queen- Beaufort is the one that made the call to kill the Princes, Richard was totally innocent. So it makes sense in this series universe for Maggie to be pissed at Beaufort. I have no idea historically if Maggie ever lied about Katherine's virginity or whether she hate Beaufort like the series portrays but what the 3 series has taught me is that everybody only has one focus that drives their plot. You are not allowed to deviate from it at all. So Maggie's plot is They killed my brother woe is me. I can only imagine if they ever got to the end of hr story
  8. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

    Yay and let's hope Anne Boleyn is kept to a minimum. Mainly because I would love to be able to watch this series (including White Queen and White Princess here) and have it move straight into The Tudors series with minimal overlap of story. And also in my fantsy world someone decides to do a series covering Edward VI, Jane and Mary I so I have something to link The Tudors with the Cate Blanchett Elizabeth movies.
  9. Bill1978

    The Lion King (2019)

    Well colour me impressed that Beyoncé didn't Beyoncé her way through that snippet. There was one little moment that I heard it, but just maybe just maybe my fears for that song will not come true. I still have not warmed up to the existence of this movie however.
  10. Bill1978

    Muriel's Wedding (1994)

    In Australia this was released the same year as Priscilla. In my mind, it was always a contest between the two while they were in cinemas, just cause they were both Australian comedies killing it at the box office. I preferred Priscilla and found it funnier BUT I am grateful that this movie reminded Australia how awesome ABBA was. When I watched Muriel for the first time I didn't find it as hilarious as Priscilla but given the years I now appreciate this movie as much as Priscilla and I wish Australian cinema would return to this level of comedy and film.
  11. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

    I would literally watch a series dedicated to this lady's story. Well maybe not a series based on Gregory's views but Margaret Pole definitely deserves to be a lead role in a series.
  12. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

  13. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

    Well she did go to her chapel straight after to cleanse her soul, so I'm sure God approved haha. Just caught up on the last two episodes. I must say the previous episode was glorious for me because nearly everyone stuck up to the Almighty Pious Beaufort and called her out for her attitude but then this episode everyone decided to go back into letting her run the place. Is it too much to ask for some bricks to fall on her? I had the exact same thought, if Lina wanted to be discreet she should have set someone else, but I guess since this show has only given Catherine 2 ladies in waiting, it had to be Lina. I;m predicting that Rosa is sadly going to have an accident soon. Her man was far far too accepting and agreeable to the situation he has put her in. I found the 2nd episode not as engaging as it was full of people wandering around complaining about not being able to be with the person they love. I;m still finding myself having Wikipedia open while watching this show just to confirm that the big plot points actually happened.
  14. Bill1978

    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

    I have no idea if there is any CGI involved in this series, but man that teaser is bringing the wonder of the all puppet feel of the movie. Can't believe I have to wait 3 months for it.
  15. Bill1978

    The Spanish Princess

    Firstly am I the only one who had no idea that the actress playing Margaret Tudor is Lucy from The Narnia movies?? I don't tune in for historical accuracy with adaptations of Gregory's work but this episode made my head spin with how quick Catherine moved on from Arthur. I often think series like these would benefit from a slight 3 months later caption or something. Cause the way it was presented I got the impression that Catherine was ready to jump Henry the day after her husband's funeral. I know Arthur and Catherine weren't married for long but I feel this series rushed through the marriage as an inconvenience. I have no idea when in history this series plans to end, but surely we could have gone a little slower with marriage number one. Never a fan when historical dramas make little jokes based upon the future and episode did it with Henry...oops I mean Harry gloating about his inability to put on weight despite eating everything in site. I am though enjoying see this part of Henry's life. Cinema/TV always enjoy jumping straight into The Great Matter so its easy to forget that Harry was a young prince before all that drama. I'm still enjoying it (even with all the melodrama) and I am still enjoying hating Beaufort. I hope she has a rewarding death.