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  1. While I will admit that this is a stellar episode, what's the point? Barry looks fine during the crisis episodes so clearly this possession story is not gonna last very long. I do appreciate that Barry got to voice some of the unfairness of being the Flash that he feels deep down inside. I too am disappointed with the writing this season. I think the problem I have with the new showrunner and the old one is that they don't write these characters as real, connected people. They all act like work friends. Iris and Barry still have very little pda or interaction with each other. Also shut up Allegra. We just met you, why do you think you should be entitled to any secrets so soon? We barely know Kamila at this point and she's been shoved down our throats for awhile now. I hate that the flash is always telling and not showing relationships. It's such an inefficient way of storytelling.
  2. I too forgot Harry existed. I actually don't mind the character I just think he's often poorly used. I think a lot of that had to do with the old showrunner though. Everyone is being used equally and properly this season. Except for Caitlin. Why are they insisting on this Killer Frost nonsense? What is the point? Does anyone care if she exists? Or if she has a life? It just feels like time better used elsewhere. Same with the new big bad. I feel like he's in a totally different episode when they cut to him. Loved Barry and Iris being a team. Joe giving Barry a much needed pep talk. I too wish that he had seemed a bit more interested in Barry's actual problem though. I love Joe as Captain but I miss Captain Singh. I too peeped that Cisco was back to being Vibe in Barry's vision. Im hoping that maybe the cure doesn't work as well as they hoped. Kamilla's fine I guess. I still feel like we just met her and all of a sudden she's everywhere. I don't see anything special about her or her relationship with Cisco. Not like I did when he was with Gypsy.
  3. Good premiere. I'm still upset with last seasons decision to depower Cisco but I do feel like he is more present this season which was seriously lacking before. I just don't understand why they couldn't just have him decide to stop using his powers? Taking the serum is too permanent for someone who loved having them and who's power was really useful but alas. So happy we are getting more group activities outside of Star Labs. I thought the meta was really cool and interesting. Hope we see more of him. Really excited to see Barry and Iris have real conversations. I thought Iris describing wanting to the black hole to suck her up as well when it took Nora's jacket to be really well done. I hope we drove more into Barry's feelings about Nora as the season goes. He's being a bit of a stepford smiler lately. I genuinely just can't with the Caitlin/Killer frost stuff. Please just make her merge with herself so we can be done with this split personality stuff. And Mohinder is on the flash now lol. The was literally nothing different about this character. Like at all.
  4. I really think that each season builds up so awesomely that when it inevitably resets we're all a little lost and reluctant to dive back into the show wholeheartedly. That's been my experience at least. I skipped two episodes after the premiere because I wasn't "feeling" it. Glad I came to my senses. I really love this show. Some interesting theories here. I don't think it's weird that Chidi is more relaxed than he was in season one. He still experienced everything that happened in the last three seasons, he just doesn't remember it. If Eleanor lost her memory tomorrow she wouldn't revert back to season one Eleanor, that's kind of the point. I think Janet was upset that she had to break up with Jason and was trying to resolve it through Tahani. Good on Tahani for showing so much growth and insight into her own psyche. I'm excited to see her befriend John. I never felt like she ever had her own person so to speak. Eleanor broke my heart when she started crying. It can't be easy seeing Chidi be with someone else and also be really at ease and happy about it knowing that you facilitated it.
  5. Hmmm. I don't enjoy Civil War because everyone acts ooc. Neither Tony or Steve would do or say the things they did in that movie based on what we know about them from other films. The whole point of that movie is so we could have that big cinematic clash at the end and it shows. The buildup is sloppy and Tony being incapable of coherent thought surrounding what Bucky did while he was brainwashed is poorly executed. And Steve, Spartan Girl, you nailed every issue I have with Steve's "happy ending" in Endgame. Steve would never choose to abandon Bucky, the avengers, and his responsibility to go play house with Peggy knowing full well that she lived a happy, full life without him. Knowing that Bucky was being tortured by Hydra, knowing that Shield was really Hydra. They ruined his character, I would have preferred that he had died in the fight than what we were given. I too have to pretend that the last ten minutes of Endgame were a fever dream. Thank God for fanfiction.
  6. I would say the same about Peggy. In regards to Steve their interactions while sweet have been understandably minimal. No one is saying that Peggy isn't important to Steve, I just don't know that she should still be so important when we get to Steve in endgame. He regressed so much in that movie in my eyes and that had very little to do with what he did at the end of the movie. I feel like so much of Peggy's agency is lost in the minutia of Steve deciding to change their past. I never once thought that Bucky and Steve were going to have an epic romance on screen. I doubt anyone does. I did think that we would get at least one proper scene of them reuniting. In a movie full of time travel, there was no time for that? Steve has what I consider to be three vital relationships, Bucky, Peggy, and Sam. Endgame managed to venerate two out of three. For me as a goodbye to Captain America Endgame failed to carry through the stories and relationships told in the other Captain America movies. As a goodbye to Tony Stark, it was perfect. I couldn't ask for a better ending for Tony and I'll always love Endgame for that at least.
  7. I completely agree. I just feel like they give him too much attention. Nothing he has revealed has been interesting or profound. Aliens are coming to earth to destroy it? So it's Tuesday then? Is he up to date on Earth? Just imagine how dumb he would sound if they were a part of the snap timeline. I do find it interesting that biologically he has the same dna as Coulson. I really just thought it was a skin he picked. I wonder where they will go with that.
  8. I'm so over Sarge. He's like quippy, mysterious Coulson on crack. Just tell us what we need to know to save the planet. We have been through probably worse things. The shrike just aren't that scary tbh. Was everyone on that quinjet braindead? Why would you ever put two potentially murderous species in a room together? When weird stuff started happening, why would you let them continue to stay in the same room? You didn't need Sarge to tell you how to fix that situation. It's common sense. I'm glad FitzSimmons are finally coming back home. I'm really gonna miss Enoch, I was hoping that Fitz would offer him a home on Earth, alas. Also can the Deke/Daisy crush thing die? It's so awkward and time wasting.
  9. That scene almost took me completely out of the movie lol. I couldn't believe that she would do such a thing and just expect Jane to be ok with that. That's something that can never be replaced.
  10. Its's actually really expensive to buy here as well. Not sure why that is considering how old it is
  11. I must be a huge Brendan Fraser stan because I love both Blast From the Past and Mrs Winterbourne lol
  12. I agree lol. Anna Faris blew through marvel before it was even a thing 😉 I watched Sliding Doors the other night after watching the Mummy. Needed more John Hannah. Wish he had done more romance. Also The Mummy is a great romantic comedy under all the action. Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz have amazing chemistry 😍
  13. I mean its about as old as I am. Not sure if that dates you or not lol. Yeah. I've seen a lot if not most of Chris Evans' non superhero work and the two romances I remember were pretty bad. I would recommend What's Your Number? if you've never seen it. I like his nonromantic roles far better. Gifted is a good one.
  14. I never really understood the Notting Hill love but maybe I need to really watch it again. I love The Truth About Cats and Dogs. I was thinking of trying to find another older one, Til There Was You. I used to love that one when I was younger. They never play it on tv anymore.
  15. I just saw When Harry Met Sally this year and I loved it. I thought it was super cute. It holds up really well considering how old it is.
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