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  1. blugirlami21

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I agree with all of this. I don't feel bad for Nora because this is a situation of her own making. She never learns from her bad decisions and she's so, so, selfish. Her upbringing didn't seem that bad to me. Some parents are overprotective, some aren't. Iris had reason to be the way she was and she made some mistakes but nobody is perfect. So your mom didn't tell you you had powers. Am I the only one who feels like that's not a big deal? It sounds like no one used their powers in the family ever again since Godspeed was the first speedster in decades. Everyone made a sacrifice so that you could have a normal childhood without any unnecessary danger. Why are you not grateful? Why did you go straight to a criminal for answers when your Mom who knows all about it was right there? Is still there? Also her relationship with Thawne skives me out. I don't care what his plan is and I feel like her relationship with future Iris is constantly being sacrificed at the altar of this gross manipulator who the show won't part ways with for some reason. As the child of a single mom, I will never understand the level of disrespect that she has for Iris. The way she treated Iris when she came to the future to basically tell her that she loved her and wanted her to be with them was unacceptable. And she should be different. She should be changing all the time if we follow the rules set by the show. I can't imagine a universe where Barry and Iris would still do everything wrong with this child knowing what they know. I just don't understand why any of this was necessary. This storyline has benefitted no one. Everyone looks bad. Nora is such a shoddily written character made up of the worst of Barry and Iris' traits. She's somehow basically the main character on a show called The Flash. If the writers wanted me to care about her, they failed.
  2. blugirlami21

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I'm actually mostly on Barry's side but I think that's mostly because the Iris side was written so poorly. Iris knows better than anyone how Barry feels about Thawne murdering his mother, so for her to say that she didn't care and/or didn't get it was bad bad writing. Barry did do wrong by not letting Nora say goodbye but the future is where she belongs. I almost didn't understand her upset because for all intents and purposes Barry took her home. What is the plan for Nora? Why has she not been affected by the changes she is actively making in the present? The flash has done time travel before with very clear established rules. Why is Nora exempt from these rules? I honestly don't care about Nora anymore. She's been nothing but trouble from jump and she hasn't added anything to the show imo. Don't care about Caitlin's stuff at all. Watching the flash is such a chore now. I'm praying that next season is better.
  3. blugirlami21

    S05.E18: Godspeed

    That was kind of all over the place for me. I simply don't find Nora that interesting or compelling tbh and this backstory didn't really help with that. I was disappointed that they stuck with Iris being the one to give Nora the chip. I think it would have been far more interesting for Barry to suggest it in light of what happened in this episode and I'm over Nora being nasty to Iris for trying to protect her. I hate how naive and kind of stupid she is. Did she think that Thawne hadn't done something major to wind up where he was? That he couldn't just be manipulating her the whole time? Why didn't she go back to Iris for answers? Iris would know better than anyone about the Flash. I think they hit the nail on the head for the true reason for Barry's reaction to Nora. I said this episodes ago. I completely understand Nora going back to Thawne in the beginning, she didn't know any better but going back after finding out what he did to her grandmother was and is unconscionable to me. However Barry taking Nora back to the future without talking to Iris was wild. Like ooc, who wrote that wild. He would never hurt Iris like that. I don't care how upset he is. Has the show explained why the time wraiths are not after Nora? Did I miss an explanation for that?
  4. blugirlami21

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    I thought that was quite good. I was upset initially when Michael returned because I thought that Jane and Rafael were finally falling into place after all these years and they would finally be together but I am finding to my surprise that Michael/Jason being back is not really that upsetting to me. I actually really enjoyed Jason quite a bit. He's so different than Michael was and I thought that he and Jane have a nice comedic chemistry. I like that the show is exploring every uncomfortable aspect of what being in this super unusual situation could be like. For Jane, it's disorienting , and disquieting, and upsetting. Her husband is back but he's not the man that she fell in love with. She doesn't feel the same way about him that she did before. And I'm sure that for someone like Jane getting back to normal is of the utmost importance right now. She can sympathize with Jason to an extent but she doesn't want to lose the new normal she created for herself. I don't think its fair to say that Jane is being cruel or insensitive. Michael didn't die last week or last year even. Its been years and it was a devastating loss for Jane. She had to remake herself and her life without him. Its not so easy to just go back to the way things were. I also think that she has done a lot to help him remember what he forgot. I also thought that in the end she was as caring and loving as she could be when she asked him to go. I think Rafael gets the thankless of role of being the jealous guy here but he's allowed to feel how he feels about the situation. I think it would be even weirder if he was just ok with Jason actively trying to get Jane back. I love the continued growing of Petra and Jane's sisterly bond. They have come so far over the years and its so nice to see them be able to honestly show vulnerability with each other when they hurt each other. I do find the Rogelio stuff very annoying but I love that when we got down to the real meat of the issue I understood why it was so upsetting for him to play second fiddle to River on his own show. No Sin Rostro stuff thank goodness. And Michael got his memories back. I'm glad its not going to be dragged out and I'm excited to see what comes of it. I do think that Jane will have to reopen those wounds and really explore what Michael, the real Michael being alive really means to her.
  5. blugirlami21

    S05.E02: Chapter Eighty-Three

    I liked that more than I was expecting. It's a heavy, complicated situation but I kind of like that the show is able to find the humor in it. I don't know if I agree that Jane and Rafael are being overly selfish, they're just trying to keep some normalcy in a crazy situation. I think Jason was also a jerk because Jane was trying too hard and she wasn't being very open to him as a person in general. In vice versa. I think he was very closed off to her as well. It was nice to see them relax and have fun. I didn't ship them but the friendship part of their relationship was always well done and I like the idea of them getting that back. I'm a huge Jafael fan but I'm not as mad that Michael has returned like I thought I would be. He does seem kind of shifty with the divorce papers but I think he he just wants more time to see what he has forgotten about his relationship with Jane. I also think Jane wanting a divorce so soon is premature. I'm actually excited to see where this goes. As for Rose and Louisa...the less said the better imo.
  6. blugirlami21

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    Its interesting to see people's different pov's on Michael, Jane, and Rafael respectively. For me I never thought that Jane was going to end up with Michael not once. The had a very safe, best friend type energy that was so boring to me compared to the relationship she had with Rafael. The fact that she met Rafael first and the fact that she got pregnant with Rafael's baby seemed to cement that there was something there. Simba and Pinkglove touched on some issues I also had with Michael in the beginning. Everything was about him and his inconvenience instead of Jane and how this was affecting her life. This show does a phenomenal job of growing its characters. I could accept that Jane and Rafael weren't quite ready to be together in the earlier seasons and I grew to appreciate her love for Michael and their relationship. But always with the idea that it wasn't going to last somehow and that turned out to be true. I think Michael's character stuck around a touch longer than he was supposed to because Brett Dier was so loved by the cast and crew on the show and that's to his credit. I wasn't terribly upset when Michael died because it had been foreshadowed and the storytelling that came after it for Jane was so strong that it made the show so much better. It changed the characters for the better. I will say that season one or even season three Rafael was a very different character than he is now. And if you stopped watching the show after Michael "died" it's easy to write him off but his character put in the work to get where he is now. Everything Rafael did for Jane in the finale and in this premiere is a testament to that growth. I still can't see Jane and Michael getting back together or being end game at this point. I think that Jane died with Michael 1.0.
  7. blugirlami21

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    That didn't quite go the way I was expecting. I thought amnesia would probably be the choice because they would have to assassinate Michael's character to have him knowingly let Jane think he was dead for years. Jason really is a blank slate which I find kind of hard to believe four years in. Right now it doesn't seem like he had much of a life in Montana. Did he really make no new connections there? I hope we get to know more about who he is now. I feel bad for what happened to Michael but right now it's ultimately a victimless crime. The Michael we knew isn't there anymore. That may change but that's the reality of it right now. I definitely teared up a couple of times seeing Jane and Rafael struggle. Jane's monologue was really great in a sad way. I can't imagine what it would be like to finally get over your husband's death after years and be finally ready to move on only to find out he was never dead in the first place. Oh and he doesn't remember you or your relationship. I do feel bad for Rafael. He's grown so much. Grown into a man that is worthy of Jane and to see it all kind of slip through his fingers at the finish line is hard to see. I think he's allowed to be devastated about that. It doesn't invalidate what happened to Michael. The end does give me hope for Jafael. I love that in helping Michael find himself it led Jane back to Rafael. On another note, can we be done with Rose and Louisa? It's the last season. That whole side story has been the most unnecessary in my eyes from jump. It's just not interesting. I feel badly for Petra. She's come a long way as well. Hopefully she will be able to win JR back. Hopefully she will continue to do the right thing whether that happens or not.
  8. blugirlami21

    Worst Movie Parents

    I agree. I thought the same when I watched the movie. I do think T'Chaka was dead wrong for just leaving Erik there but I also think that it was totally a situation of his father's making.
  9. blugirlami21

    S05.E14: Cause and XS

    I think Nora could have definitely used that as an excuse when she first got to the past but she's knows better know. Barry himself has told her that Eobard killed her grandma and Cisco just told her that Eobard "killed" him as well. She's also aware that Eobard has lied to her about what he's really done. It just doesn't make any sense for her to trust him in any way unless she's using him but I just don't think Nora is clever enough to pull that off.
  10. blugirlami21

    S05.E13: Goldfaced

    I thought the episode was ok. I fast forwarded a lot through Nora's side plot cause she's an idiot. Every time she goes crying to Reverse Flash for help I just want to smack her. He's a known killer and manipulator. Even he readily admits that if Barry found out he was "helping" Nora that Barry would be the first one to put a hand through his chest. What does that tell you Nora? He's not to be trusted and the longer you go along with his plan the deeper you dig your hole. And you're parents are going to find out about it. You're not that smart and you do stupid things all the time. I actually don't mind Sherloque. At least he is smart enough not to trust everything that comes out of Nora's mouth. I'm hoping that while he was successfully temporarily diverted by meeting his otl Renee on this earth that he gets back to trying to figure out what Nora is up to. Although I'm baffled by the fact that he couldn't figure out who Nora was working with based on who protected her in her mind last week. Also why haven't Barry and Iris questioned her about that? Why hasn't anyone questioned anything this season? I don't know what happened with the Flash this season in the writing room but the writing is bad. Character interaction is terrible. The plot lines are not that great. Cisco is just completely wasted this season. The writing for him is either nonexistent or ooc. He would never be so gung ho about a meta cure let alone using it on someone against their will. Was there even an explanation for his absence this episode? I don't feel that Barry and he are close friends at all. I don't necessarily feel that any of them are great friends tbh. Their interactions with each other are so shallow. Same thing with Barry and Iris and I can't blame the actors if the writing isn't there to support it. The Flash has never been great with love scenes. Ever. No one is getting any love scenes not just Barry and Iris. Its a problem but its not one that they necessarily care to fix. This is season five. I really wish that they would bring in either a new showrunner or new writing staff cause it just gets worse and worse. The Cicada stuff is neither here nor there imo. He's just not an interesting enough villain to be concerned about. The team has had so many chances to defeat him and most of the time they either just stand there or let him go. Why did it take them so long to find out where he lived? Barry works at a police station. They have the smartest computers known to man at star labs. They know what he looks like, what hospital his niece is in a coma in. They even know his first name and its super unusual one so finding him couldn't nearly have been the hardship that they have made it. I used to love The Flash and its still the number one show on the CW but I don't know if that's really saying much, almost half the viewership is gone. I just want it to be as good as it used to be and I feel like we get further and further away from that with every episode.
  11. blugirlami21

    S05.E12: Memorabilia

    I should be surprised that Nora once again making the future worse made her double down on her lie but that would be silly at this point. The Nora character/story line is a hot mess. Which is sad because it had such promise. Her returning to the future was story enough. If she had come back to the future to try and save Barry from disappearing that would have been story enough. But they had to make her a liar. They had to make her turn out to be working with the one villain who basically ruined Barry's life. And they had to make her so bad at it. She's so poorly written for a character of her age. She's too immature and quite frankly too stupid to be believed ninety nine percent of the time. How does she know nothing about who the Reverse Flash is and what he did to Barry? It's not exactly a state secret. I just wish her backstory was better. For all intents and purposes, she had a great Mom, great grandparents, a nice upbringing. Iris was overprotective but lots of parents are. And in the world they live in, missing superhero father or not, who could blame her? Her being so angry because Barry was missing doesnt track for me. This was a pretty good plan and she managed to screw that up as well. Grace seems even more unhinged than Cicada at this point and that's completely Nora's doing. I too don't understand where this meta human cure storyline came from for Cisco. Why were he and Caitlin both doing the same thing separately? And why would Cisco have such a hard on for it? He loves having powers or he used to. He's so low energy and angry this season. He made me feel bad for Ralph of all people. I did enjoy the family stuff and them hanging out outside of star labs is always nice. I do agree that Barry and Iris could use a little more pda but this show has never been great at that with any couple really.
  12. blugirlami21

    Christmas Movies

    Am I the only one who doesn't understand the point of A Dream For Christmas? I really liked the movie but I felt there wasn't enough conflict in her relationship to make her experience a what if you hadn't met your husband type of scenario. In the end I felt like that angel was punishing her for no reason. Sure she appreciated her husband a lot more afterwards but I felt she prob would have done that on her own.
  13. blugirlami21

    Hereditary (2018)

    Annie never allowed her mother to be close to Peter as a baby so she was unable to have the demon possess him like she was able to with Charlie. Annie admitted that she gave her Mother Charlie basically as a consolation prize because she felt guilty about that. I thought the movie up to the end was very scary and jarring and suspenseful. The ending with the cult just took the wind out of the sails. I'm also not sure what they could have done differently.
  14. blugirlami21

    Ocean's Eight (2017)

    I was super excited to hear about this movie because I love the series. I'm sad to say that I didnt really like it all that much. I hated that it started off with Danny's death. I dont think it added anything to the movie or Debbie's character. And it felt kind of petty to me. I also thought that Debbie was a sad character. She felt kind of beaten down and joyless. I never felt like they were having fun nor did I think it was particularly funny tbh. Everything felt so serious. I think it would have worked better as a standalone film rather than a continuation because the comparison to the other movies will always be there and unfortunately I found this one wanting.
  15. blugirlami21

    Caitlin Snow

    Hmmm I liked Caitlin just fine as she was pre KF tbh. I mean she didn't blow my hair back character wise but she's nice, she's a great bff for Cisco and I thought her relationship with Julian last season was very well done. I thought that Caitlin with the ice powers and her learning and struggling to use them was the right choice for her character. The Killer Frost storyline is a misstep that the show refuses to correct. I feel like the more they dig their heels in with the split personality and the more they try to make KF seem like a misguided but really nice deep down villain the worse it is. Killer Frost hasn't been written in a redeemable way. I thought the comparison someone made earlier to Leonard to be spot on. The writers obviously know how to write a lovable villain who can be redeemed and I don't know if it was Wentworth elevating the material compared to DP or what but they pulled that off. I genuinely loved Leonard by the time he was written out of the show. I can't say the same for Killer Frost. I thought she was quite interesting as an anti-hero on earth 2, as that Caitlin Snow but trying to turn our Caitlin into Killer Frost doesn't work and it won't ever work because they are two totally different characters. I didn't understand her attachment to the KF side of herself the way it was written. If they had written KF as a darker side of Caitlin that she would eventually come to accept and temper I think that would have worked a lot better. They had the KF perona go too far when she was bad for it to make sense for Caitlin to want her back so badly or for everyone to just be ok with it. And she hasn't apologized for anything that KF did nor has Killer Frost. Why didn't they just have earth 2 KF join the flash team? Or not to be morbid but she could have killed Caitlin and took her place and in trying to impersonate her she became a better person, that would have been better than this mess of a storyline. Like how does it even work? Is Killer Frost just going to live in Caitlin's brain forever? Do they alternate on what days she's KF? Like how it is going to resolve itself for Caitlin's character? Why can't she just be ice powers Caitlin? Why does Cisco have to be nerfed and be reassured by Caitlin of all people that he's still Cisco powers or not but Caitlin has to both have powers and have an evil split personality? It makes no sense.