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  1. blugirlami21

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Hmmm I've thought about that too but I would imagine wishing that anyone or anything directly or indirectly affected by the snap be safely fixed would do it. Thinking more about Steve's ending. It would have been cooler if he was a little late coming back and his response was I had a date. A nice callback without ruining his or Peggy's characters. I still kind of hate that Natasha was killed because she was the least explored avenger. I would be fine with them maybe bringing a Natasha from an earlier timeline or universe forward but if it was something they wanted to do they would have with Tony as well.
  2. blugirlami21

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one rubbed wrong by Steve's ending. I felt so let down by the ending that they gave him because that wasn't Steve. Steve would never be so selfish. Whether he created an alternate timeline or not, he took it upon himself to decide Peggy's life. To usurp her future. How could he do that knowing that she had a great life? Kids? How could he stand by and live through time knowing what he knew? Knowing about Hydra and Bucky? I was jarred by the constant Steggy reminders throughout the film because what they ultimately had was a moment. That's it. They hadn't even had a first date when he died. Who's to say it would have even worked out had he not crashed the plane? And he looked like a total hypocrite because he never once took his own advice. Move on. He wasted Tony and Natasha's sacrifices and totally regressed as a character. And it was lazy. They could have had him actually retire. Still pass the shield to Sam and I don't know spend some time with the people he was so desperate to bring back. I would have been fine with him getting that dance with Peggy and then coming back to the future because that's where he belonged. Or they could have just killed him, that would have been preferable to me. I legit am going to pretend that it didn't happen. The movie ended with Steve returning the stones off screen and then getting on with his life like he was supposed to.
  3. blugirlami21

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    I don't find it so weird. People talk about dead relatives with their kids all the time. They also showed us in flashback that they visited Michael's grave every year. I can't imagine that she wouldn't explain who Michael was or why they were there. Most Jafael fans are fine with what is going on with Jane and Rafael from what I see. I include myself in that. I don't really see it as him being cold to Jane. He is friendly and helpful when they are co-parenting. He doesn't hesitate to text or meet up with her to make it easier for them to parent Mateo together. He just wants Jane to respect his boundaries. Which she had to be told over and over by multiple people in this episode before she got on board. Rafael doesn't owe Jane anything in vice versa. Actions have consequences. Hey to each their own. I've just never been a fan of his at all.
  4. blugirlami21

    S05.E08: Chapter Eighty-Nine

    I really enjoyed the episode. It was nice to see Jane having to work at something in her romantic life. She's never had to pursue anyone before and its definitely hit and miss with her somewhat overbearing personality. Thought male Jane was comedy gold. I'm not sure where either Jane or Rafael were petulant jerks. They seemed to coparent for Mateo just fine with some progress in the end. Rafael justifiably got angry at Jane when she almost got him fired with her romantic gesture after he was very clear about where he stood in regards to their relationship right now. I'm not sure why everyone thinks that Rafael doesn't spend anytime with the twins? He coparents with Petra on a regular basis and he made sure that that he would have room for them in his house. The show is from Jane's pov, so of course Mateo is the focus. I'm so glad Alba and Jorge finally were able to get together. Thought their interviews were very sweet. So happy Rogelio called Jane out on being self-centered. I think this is all stuff she needs to hear to grow a little. I don't miss Michael or the triangle. Never did really. It was nice to refocus on other parts of the show.
  5. blugirlami21

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    And I would counter that to say the show grew so much more after Michael's death. Perspective is everything. I never saw Michael as endgame, nothing he did on the show spoke of permanence. His death was the catalyst for Jane to grow as a character through that loss but she grew beyond him and that relationship in the end. Regardless of who she ends up with, the show is ultimately about more than the love triangle.
  6. blugirlami21

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    I thought the episode was interesting. I knew the triangle would be resolved in Rafael's favor but I didn't know how it would be done. I thought the episode spent way too much time on growing pains. I do wish that Jane and Michael had an in depth conversation about their feelings but we got what we got. I appreciated Jane's daydreams about the future. I noticed that in almost all of them Rafael was fine. They we're still able to successfully coparent despite Jane being with Michael. What I found interesting was Jane was never completely satisfied with any of those scenarios. Now that I think about it the most interesting thing about those scenarios is the fact that Rafael was in them at all. She literally couldn't imagine a future without Rafael in it. I've rewatched this series a couple of times and it's always painfully obvious to me that Jane and Rafael are the stars of the show. They are the main couple. There are legit periods of the earlier seasons of the show where Michael does not appear. They killed Michael off the show. Jane's relationship with Rafael is the longest one she has ever had, he's the father of her child and he's her best friend. In the earlier seasons of the show Michael was her safe, well thought out plan. Being with him was easy. She told Xo in season one that being with Rafael was much more dangerous and scary because she had to follow her heart and not her head. I'm glad the triangle has finally been put to rest. Obviously not to everyone's satisfaction but there were always gonna be an upset fanbase regardless. I'm excited to see the rest of the season. Sad to see it end.
  7. blugirlami21

    S05.E20: Gone Rogue

    I loved everything about your post SweetTooth! Preach it. Like I just don't understand anything that is happening on the Flash this season. The character writing and decision making. What Nora did to Cisco was horrible. Cisco isn't some stranger on the street, he is a close family friend and you decide to retraumatize him by threatening to kill him like his father figure did once before? Someone you have professed to working with and have someone convinced everyone else that he has changed and can be forgiven? Are they for real with apologizing to Nora for treating a bad guy like he's a really bad guy? The Reverse Flash aka Eobard Thawne aka the guy that went back in time solely to kill the Flash as a child and killed his mom instead because he was angry, that guy? And that's just on this show. So the writers aka Nora expect me to believe that he has all of a sudden seen the light and the error his ways and is now the side of good? Sure. I wish I could say that Barry and Iris are playing the long con and are only going along with this to figure out what he's really up to but I have very little faith that this will happen. And all this talk about Nora being home in the year of 2019 is total nonsense. She doesn't belong in this time, Barry was right to send her back home and she has done nothing but repeatedly make things worse by sticking around and trying to "fix" it. Send her back home where she lives. Is she going to stick around for her own birth? I love JPK but I will be so happy when this season is over and I can forget that Nora West-Allen exists and will possibly exist in the future for awhile.
  8. blugirlami21

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I agree with all of this. I don't feel bad for Nora because this is a situation of her own making. She never learns from her bad decisions and she's so, so, selfish. Her upbringing didn't seem that bad to me. Some parents are overprotective, some aren't. Iris had reason to be the way she was and she made some mistakes but nobody is perfect. So your mom didn't tell you you had powers. Am I the only one who feels like that's not a big deal? It sounds like no one used their powers in the family ever again since Godspeed was the first speedster in decades. Everyone made a sacrifice so that you could have a normal childhood without any unnecessary danger. Why are you not grateful? Why did you go straight to a criminal for answers when your Mom who knows all about it was right there? Is still there? Also her relationship with Thawne skives me out. I don't care what his plan is and I feel like her relationship with future Iris is constantly being sacrificed at the altar of this gross manipulator who the show won't part ways with for some reason. As the child of a single mom, I will never understand the level of disrespect that she has for Iris. The way she treated Iris when she came to the future to basically tell her that she loved her and wanted her to be with them was unacceptable. And she should be different. She should be changing all the time if we follow the rules set by the show. I can't imagine a universe where Barry and Iris would still do everything wrong with this child knowing what they know. I just don't understand why any of this was necessary. This storyline has benefitted no one. Everyone looks bad. Nora is such a shoddily written character made up of the worst of Barry and Iris' traits. She's somehow basically the main character on a show called The Flash. If the writers wanted me to care about her, they failed.
  9. blugirlami21

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I'm actually mostly on Barry's side but I think that's mostly because the Iris side was written so poorly. Iris knows better than anyone how Barry feels about Thawne murdering his mother, so for her to say that she didn't care and/or didn't get it was bad bad writing. Barry did do wrong by not letting Nora say goodbye but the future is where she belongs. I almost didn't understand her upset because for all intents and purposes Barry took her home. What is the plan for Nora? Why has she not been affected by the changes she is actively making in the present? The flash has done time travel before with very clear established rules. Why is Nora exempt from these rules? I honestly don't care about Nora anymore. She's been nothing but trouble from jump and she hasn't added anything to the show imo. Don't care about Caitlin's stuff at all. Watching the flash is such a chore now. I'm praying that next season is better.
  10. blugirlami21

    S05.E18: Godspeed

    That was kind of all over the place for me. I simply don't find Nora that interesting or compelling tbh and this backstory didn't really help with that. I was disappointed that they stuck with Iris being the one to give Nora the chip. I think it would have been far more interesting for Barry to suggest it in light of what happened in this episode and I'm over Nora being nasty to Iris for trying to protect her. I hate how naive and kind of stupid she is. Did she think that Thawne hadn't done something major to wind up where he was? That he couldn't just be manipulating her the whole time? Why didn't she go back to Iris for answers? Iris would know better than anyone about the Flash. I think they hit the nail on the head for the true reason for Barry's reaction to Nora. I said this episodes ago. I completely understand Nora going back to Thawne in the beginning, she didn't know any better but going back after finding out what he did to her grandmother was and is unconscionable to me. However Barry taking Nora back to the future without talking to Iris was wild. Like ooc, who wrote that wild. He would never hurt Iris like that. I don't care how upset he is. Has the show explained why the time wraiths are not after Nora? Did I miss an explanation for that?
  11. blugirlami21

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    I thought that was quite good. I was upset initially when Michael returned because I thought that Jane and Rafael were finally falling into place after all these years and they would finally be together but I am finding to my surprise that Michael/Jason being back is not really that upsetting to me. I actually really enjoyed Jason quite a bit. He's so different than Michael was and I thought that he and Jane have a nice comedic chemistry. I like that the show is exploring every uncomfortable aspect of what being in this super unusual situation could be like. For Jane, it's disorienting , and disquieting, and upsetting. Her husband is back but he's not the man that she fell in love with. She doesn't feel the same way about him that she did before. And I'm sure that for someone like Jane getting back to normal is of the utmost importance right now. She can sympathize with Jason to an extent but she doesn't want to lose the new normal she created for herself. I don't think its fair to say that Jane is being cruel or insensitive. Michael didn't die last week or last year even. Its been years and it was a devastating loss for Jane. She had to remake herself and her life without him. Its not so easy to just go back to the way things were. I also think that she has done a lot to help him remember what he forgot. I also thought that in the end she was as caring and loving as she could be when she asked him to go. I think Rafael gets the thankless of role of being the jealous guy here but he's allowed to feel how he feels about the situation. I think it would be even weirder if he was just ok with Jason actively trying to get Jane back. I love the continued growing of Petra and Jane's sisterly bond. They have come so far over the years and its so nice to see them be able to honestly show vulnerability with each other when they hurt each other. I do find the Rogelio stuff very annoying but I love that when we got down to the real meat of the issue I understood why it was so upsetting for him to play second fiddle to River on his own show. No Sin Rostro stuff thank goodness. And Michael got his memories back. I'm glad its not going to be dragged out and I'm excited to see what comes of it. I do think that Jane will have to reopen those wounds and really explore what Michael, the real Michael being alive really means to her.
  12. blugirlami21

    S05.E02: Chapter Eighty-Three

    I liked that more than I was expecting. It's a heavy, complicated situation but I kind of like that the show is able to find the humor in it. I don't know if I agree that Jane and Rafael are being overly selfish, they're just trying to keep some normalcy in a crazy situation. I think Jason was also a jerk because Jane was trying too hard and she wasn't being very open to him as a person in general. In vice versa. I think he was very closed off to her as well. It was nice to see them relax and have fun. I didn't ship them but the friendship part of their relationship was always well done and I like the idea of them getting that back. I'm a huge Jafael fan but I'm not as mad that Michael has returned like I thought I would be. He does seem kind of shifty with the divorce papers but I think he he just wants more time to see what he has forgotten about his relationship with Jane. I also think Jane wanting a divorce so soon is premature. I'm actually excited to see where this goes. As for Rose and Louisa...the less said the better imo.
  13. blugirlami21

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    Its interesting to see people's different pov's on Michael, Jane, and Rafael respectively. For me I never thought that Jane was going to end up with Michael not once. The had a very safe, best friend type energy that was so boring to me compared to the relationship she had with Rafael. The fact that she met Rafael first and the fact that she got pregnant with Rafael's baby seemed to cement that there was something there. Simba and Pinkglove touched on some issues I also had with Michael in the beginning. Everything was about him and his inconvenience instead of Jane and how this was affecting her life. This show does a phenomenal job of growing its characters. I could accept that Jane and Rafael weren't quite ready to be together in the earlier seasons and I grew to appreciate her love for Michael and their relationship. But always with the idea that it wasn't going to last somehow and that turned out to be true. I think Michael's character stuck around a touch longer than he was supposed to because Brett Dier was so loved by the cast and crew on the show and that's to his credit. I wasn't terribly upset when Michael died because it had been foreshadowed and the storytelling that came after it for Jane was so strong that it made the show so much better. It changed the characters for the better. I will say that season one or even season three Rafael was a very different character than he is now. And if you stopped watching the show after Michael "died" it's easy to write him off but his character put in the work to get where he is now. Everything Rafael did for Jane in the finale and in this premiere is a testament to that growth. I still can't see Jane and Michael getting back together or being end game at this point. I think that Jane died with Michael 1.0.
  14. blugirlami21

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    That didn't quite go the way I was expecting. I thought amnesia would probably be the choice because they would have to assassinate Michael's character to have him knowingly let Jane think he was dead for years. Jason really is a blank slate which I find kind of hard to believe four years in. Right now it doesn't seem like he had much of a life in Montana. Did he really make no new connections there? I hope we get to know more about who he is now. I feel bad for what happened to Michael but right now it's ultimately a victimless crime. The Michael we knew isn't there anymore. That may change but that's the reality of it right now. I definitely teared up a couple of times seeing Jane and Rafael struggle. Jane's monologue was really great in a sad way. I can't imagine what it would be like to finally get over your husband's death after years and be finally ready to move on only to find out he was never dead in the first place. Oh and he doesn't remember you or your relationship. I do feel bad for Rafael. He's grown so much. Grown into a man that is worthy of Jane and to see it all kind of slip through his fingers at the finish line is hard to see. I think he's allowed to be devastated about that. It doesn't invalidate what happened to Michael. The end does give me hope for Jafael. I love that in helping Michael find himself it led Jane back to Rafael. On another note, can we be done with Rose and Louisa? It's the last season. That whole side story has been the most unnecessary in my eyes from jump. It's just not interesting. I feel badly for Petra. She's come a long way as well. Hopefully she will be able to win JR back. Hopefully she will continue to do the right thing whether that happens or not.
  15. blugirlami21

    Worst Movie Parents

    I agree. I thought the same when I watched the movie. I do think T'Chaka was dead wrong for just leaving Erik there but I also think that it was totally a situation of his father's making.