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  1. I still don't think they will be able to have a proper show on February 28. Will it be presented the way The Emmy Awards show was? Weird not watching the Globes this month.
  2. Woof this was bad lol. I knew going in it would be trash but I thought it would be good fun trash lol. The acting was bad and most of the relationships were lacking chemistry. Bette and Matteo were the only couple I liked. It was nice he stood by her and she lived with his family for a bit. If I was Bette I would have told my family to rot. Screw your parents lol. Cassie well I honestly thought she was dead when the show started so I was surprised when we saw she was still in a coma. One week so and so loved this person ect ect lol. I know teens fall in and out of love every week but for a show that is hard to watch. Relationships just showed up and started lol. So Roman is now dead okay lol. Course he was June's Father.
  3. I watched this last night. All I did today was watch his old SNL clips. Some of the stories I knew already. The rivalry between him and Chevy and other issues working on SNL. The clips of him and Judy was beautiful and sad. The letters he wrote her as well hit me hard. I wish they could have had a happy ending. Judy is at peace with things which is great. Hearing what Carrie Fisher had to say was hard. She understood about addiction as well. I wish he could have beaten it. Smokey could not live with John the rest of his life so it seems things would have probably still ended up the way they did. Dan Aykroyd has said some odd things as the years have gone on but I am glad he made sure he was the one to tell Judy what happened. I'm sorry he and Judy both felt such regret over it. You can't save or help some people. Sad. I echo a few others about liking Continental Divide. It deserved a better reception from fans. Neighbors though I do think is a messy movie. I tried but never took to it. R.I.P to John Belushi, Carrie Fisher, Harold Ramis, and Gilda Radner. Seeing pics and clips of everyone was tough. Still they all did great work and left a mark.
  4. I just found out about this. I liked the show and was happy we were getting a Season 2. I'm not surprised though but it still sucks. I don't think anyone else would pick it up though ut would be cool. To be fair they did wrap things up in S1 for the most part. Still I hate seeing it won't be back.
  5. I agree on Quint and Rebecca and wish they done a bit more of that as well. I understand they wanted to change the story some but still making it more twisted would have been better. Some are wondering why Becca stayed with him so it would have made more sense to go that route.
  6. I didn't like Pedretti in S2 of You either and I feel like that carried over. I liked her on Hill House but hear not so much. The child actor who played Miles was great especially when he was possessed by Peter. I do think this season needed an extra episode though. 10 would have been fine Quint would just show up saying I learned this and this lol. I would have liked to have seen some of that. Yea it would have been good to show more of his relationship with Becca before he got jealous. Still he was smart in telling her how smart she was. He didn't think it was funny she was cleaning up vomit and she deserved better. I said this in another post but I think Oliver Jackson-Cohen would have been a better choice to play Maxim in Rebecca. If we get another season I hope he returns. Hannah was a great and heartbreaking character. She was so elegant in the way she spoke. The ghosts being stuck in memories was fascinating. Walking into other people's memories. I didn't like them so I guess we are the few. I tried but I couldn't care. Owen and Hannah were more heartbreaking to me. That was a relationship I cared about. The scene where Peter possessed Rebecca and led her into the lake to die so he wouldn't be alone was sad, creepy, Gothic, and disturbing. When she was crying over seeing her dead body that was rough. I liked the actress and hope we see her in S3 if we get another haunting. I would be surprised if we don't. I didn't mind this was more of a Gothic love story cause we never really see that much anymore. It reminded me of Dark Shadows. Hill House had more scares but still a lot of family drama as well. I loved the music and especially the creepy music box version of O Willow Waly. The scenery was beautiful and very haunted house. It did have some flaws though I was not surprised Hannah was dead and I knew Becca would not possess Flora. It was obvious Henry was one of the kids biological Father. Some things you can see coming a mile away. Still it was a good watch.
  7. I had issues with this movie and one of them was Armie Hammer. I think Oliver Jackson-Cohen from The Haunting series on Netflix would have been a better choice.
  8. I have said a few times that is all she cares about as well. I hear we are getting a new documentary focusing on her missing husband.
  9. Fingers crossed they can start filming on Halloween. That sounds like an appropriate date for the show to get going again lol.
  10. Thrilled we are getting a Season 4. Can't wait for S3. I see Robby is probably in Juvie and while he should be I think most of the kids during that fight should be in trouble. Community service or something. Since the school did not care enough to stop the fight sooner I guess none of them get expelled from school? Lol.
  11. This show wasn't bad. Most of the bits were bad though. It was nice they had a few essential workers on. We had some nice speeches. It was good to talk with everyone. I hope we can have a regular Emmy show again next year.
  12. Congratulations to Julia Garner. Ozark is a good show.
  13. I don't watch Succession. It seems good but it looks like all the characters don't like each other.
  14. I don't blame Reese or Kerry for rushing into the new year.
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