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  1. This is already better than The Undoing lol. Kate Winslet was good but I knew she would be. Those characters are trash. All I could think when the assault was happening was you all suck! While this seemed slow I was not bothered. I felt like we got some good character development.
  2. John Karlen. Dark Shadows was actually trending on Twitter yesterday. It was nice seeing that and talking about that crazy soap lol.
  3. Yuh-Jung Youn was very surprised and nervous. That was nice. Sweet speech.
  4. I'm not getting another streaming service. This show seems funny but I can't anymore with all these services.
  5. I figured Mark Ruffalo and Anya Taylor-Joy were winning. This show already feels like it's running long lol.
  6. I completely forgot this was on tonight. Though it will only be an hour show I'll watch it.
  7. Evan Peters will play Jeffrey Dahmer in the upcoming Netflix miniseries from Ryan Murphy. As far as AHS S10 being 2 stories in one season that just gives Ryan 2 chances to have the end go off the rails lol.
  8. The whole thing is disturbing.
  9. She didn't name the person who assaulted her. After she brings up the assault the screen said 6 months later and that was when Charlie Sheen entered the picture. Yes Sheen was the one who took her to the baseball game she even called Sheen her "Mr.Big" I guess she was a Sex in the City fan. So I don't believe Sheen was the one who assaulted her. Based off the stuff she wrote in her diary her relationship with Sheen is something she doesn't seem to be upset about. While bringing up the assault you could see how upset she was. Horrible thing to have to go through. It's great she filmed so m
  10. Another Round is on Hulu so glad I'll be able to watch it. I'm glad many of the movies were available to stream. I didn't bother to pay extra for the movies that weren't. I'm not surprised to hear Mads Mikkelsen was good been a fan since Hannibal. Not surprised he wasn't nominated though. I think Chadwick Boseman is winning Best Actor. Chloé Zhao seems to be a lock for Best Director. Best Actress still feels up in the air. For Supporting Actress I would have replaced Jodie Foster with Glenn Close. That award feels up in the air as well. I think Daniel Kaluuya is winning S
  11. It's interesting Agatha was able to give Ralph Speed Powers. Why didn't she give herself Speed as well? That would have come in handy lol.
  12. Don't worry many agree with you. Evan Peters is more popular on other sites. I've seen all that you said brought up by many others. They wanted to be done with the X-Men movies that is fine. I understand and completely get why they are going to. Still this reveal takes me back to Iron Man 3. Honestly I'd rather Peters been the bad guy or something. Chris Evans was both Captain American and Johnny Storm. So I have no issue with someone playing different roles. Peters just being a nobody in town who like in Iron Man 3 was an actor based on the headshot Monica found. Really this again??
  13. You don't have to be sorry people are mad about Evan Peters being nobody on Twitter, Reddit, etc. I had a feeling he was not going to be around much when I saw they were filming Doctor Strange 2 and he is filming American Horror Story. I agree about the show being a bit overhyped lol. I know people prefer to watch TV differently but with future marvel shows I'll just binge them. No more week to week for me lol. This show had great moments and fun ones. I think the first 2 episodes could have been combined into one. The acting was good. This is just me personally but I feel a bit
  14. Thankfully both Nomandland and The United States vs Billie Holiday are both on Hulu so I'll watch them this week.
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