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  1. Oscar ratings fall to an all time low. 23.6 million total viewers and a 5.3 rating in the adults 18-49 demo, according to Nielsen's fast national ratings.
  2. One of the reasons it was nice they won. We got some surprises for the night.
  3. It ran long which is usually does and a few skits were cringe. Still it was a good show. The acting awards were locks as we figured. Still I feel many of the awards were spread across different movies tonight. Parasite roared as the movie that could, As someone said in a previous post we saw history tonight. The love for the movie was great. We even had a secret cameo from Eminem. I'll never look at cows the same way again lol. It was a pretty good show.
  4. Wow they did it. Congrats Parasite. What a night the drinks will be flying.
  5. Hahaha. He lost me when he started with that. I dont even like Milk and hardly drink it. So do I get a pass from Joaquin?
  6. I do think Joaquin and his speech became a ramble lol. When he started to talk about River and he chocked up I teared up.
  7. Bong Joon-ho seems like a fun guy. Enjoy the drinks! Congrats to Parasite.
  8. Hahaha well might as well embrace the Cats for what it was lol.
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