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  1. ShadowHunter

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Sorry to hear about Denise Nickerson. I remember her from the soap Dark Shadows. Even met her a few times at some of the DS Conventions. May she rest in peace. Well wishes to her family and friends.
  2. ShadowHunter

    AHS In The Media

    Fine with me lol. Sarah will probably guest star for a few episodes. That is what the new articles seem to be saying. Evan Peters may be back for season 10. That is not 100% confirmed but that is what he said in a few interviews as well.
  3. ShadowHunter

    AHS In The Media

    Yes I feel the same about Emma. I was getting tired of Sarah though because she does the same thing every season. Still she is a main player. The new cast this season does not sound great.
  4. ShadowHunter

    The Lost Boys

    Wow only 2 actors sticking around. This sounds like a mess. Still the CW seems to want this show since this is the 3rd attempt to get this going.
  5. ShadowHunter

    Pennyworth Anticipation

    I have Epix so this is good and the trailer peaked my interest.
  6. ShadowHunter

    AHS In The Media

    Sarah can ski and cry at the same time lol.
  7. ShadowHunter

    X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

    Sophie Turner was alright. She is good in a supporting role maybe she should do a rom com. I just dont feel yet she is someone a whole movie should be built around. Do not care that Jlaw showed a drop more life to her. She was still a drag to watch. Honestly I have not liked her last batch of movies anyway. I did not like the line "The Woman are always saving the Man around here" lol. It did not feel earned it felt like an agenda. I assume Evan Peters had a busy schedule so he was just written out. At least he had a reason for being gone as the rest if the X-Men felt wasted to me. Hilarious how Michael Fassbender kept calling Evan/Quicksilver his son all through the press tour and not even a mention in the movie. I thought the last film set up that he might find out in this one. Fassbender was alright but I feel Magneto does the same thing in every movie now. Not enough love for Charles and Erik together. This was not the film they should have ended on. It was mostly boring and it felt like nothing happened. A bland end. Still Last Stand was worse but that is not really saying much.
  8. ShadowHunter

    Swamp Thing

    Damn canceled already on a streaming service that is not a huge hit. I hope one of the ones I already have picks it up.
  9. ShadowHunter

    Season 1 Discussion

    I am not surprised either by Harry and Allie being poplar. I do not ship them but Harry had a nice moment with her. When Allie said to him that maybe in another universe or world they were friends. He had a nice moment where he said that would be nice. I wish we saw more of that from him then the bad rich boy act we got.
  10. ShadowHunter

    The OA

    Brit said they have a 5 year plan. Part of me would like if they actually get to do all the season's. Yes this is a bizarre watch at times.
  11. ShadowHunter

    Westworld In The Media

    The teaser looks interesting. They have my interest for now anyway.
  12. ShadowHunter

    Dead To Me

    It was nice watching James Marsden do something a bit different. He was great at being a jerk. On Westworld he is so boring it is his character not him. Minus the movie Gossip I always seem him play a nice guy. Happy to see Christina Applegate she was great as well. I know she did not become a major star after Married with Children but she still shows up and it is always nice to see her. Ted telling the girl he was having an affair with that Jen died of Cancer was messed up. Plus that happened to Jane's mom so double messed up. Wow. Loved Jen and Judy watching The Facts of Life. The friendship between them was wonderful even though lies were thrown in it.
  13. ShadowHunter

    Mindhunter Season 1 Discussion

    Happy about Season 2 it feels like this show has been gone for awhile now. I am doing a re watch. I still cant stand Debbie. I FF through her and Holden. Life is too short lol.
  14. ShadowHunter

    Swamp Thing

    I can't invest in another streaming site. Too may already. We have more still to arrive. The trailer did not wow me but I would have checked it. Hopefully they make the episodes free like You Tube will do with Cobra Kai. Only 10 episodes that could be better but it does not sound good. I do have fondness for Swamp Thing. Hell me and me brother use to watch Return of Swamp Thing a lot as a kid. We thought it was good lol.
  15. ShadowHunter

    Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

    Then you watched the best ones.