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  1. Rest in Peace Jerry Stiller. He was wonderful on Seinfeld but for me it was The King of Queens. The show was underrated compared to Seinfeld but he just shined on it. Thanks for the laughs Jerry. God Bless.
  2. I agree. This is a kick to the gut. May he Rest in Peace and I am sure he will put on a classic at the Pearly Gates. Yesterday was Roy Horn which was sad and now this. Terrible.
  3. Bernard dusty in a room really sums up the season.
  4. William, Stubbs, and Bernard did feel like a waste this season. The end scene after the credits could have just played out in the episode they did not need do a Superhero movie ending. I don't really know what to say. The season ended.
  5. Ryan Murphy posted a photo of the Rubber Man on his Instagram with the caption coming soon.
  6. Yes I remember people asking that when it happened. Dell sucked that was about it. You are right though.
  7. My god Francis I'm so upset about a character we barely saw. You really got me in the feels Westworld. Bravo. It was so great of you to get rid of characters we liked or had been watching since the first 2 seasons for Caleb and Francis.
  8. That may be but still it was his house. He worked for that house and he had his belongings in it. The whole coversation right about they only mentioned Elena.
  9. Elena and Mia feel like daytime soap opera characters. They keep doing wrong and messing up. One character always gets forgiven no matter what they do. Blackmail, secrets, and plotting. A few unanswered questions so I wonder if Hulu wants a S2. The acting was great especially from Reese. Bill I am glad he finally showed some backbone. I'm not giving Elena a pass but he had to know deep down back then she didn't want a fourth child. Many characters living in denial here. I see why the kids burned down the house because of Elena and not wanting to be her but wow they did not give a crap about Dad lol. They didn't stop to think. I'm not into Pearl and Tripp as a couple so not upset about how they ended up. No sympathy for Bebe. Stealing the child now just ridiculous. The baby cant stay in the car forever. Yes they probably won't but still who is going to watch her while she works?? Elena really did make everything worse. She didn't even know it. Damn she needs therapy.
  10. What will it take for Tessa Thompson to be off this show? All the characters and actors from previous seasons and I'm stuck with her. Hello Hector good to see you again. Sorry bye Hector. Nice to see young William again. I enjoyed seeing Jimmi and Eddie together. I could deal with 2 Maeve's
  11. I'm sorry but I do not care for Carole much. I think she probably killed her husband and I also feel the police botched the investigation. Her place is better then Joe's but that is not saying much. I think all these people would feed me to a Lion in a heartbeat if it meant protecting themselves. Everyone who supports and worked with Carole, Joe, and Doc did feel or act like they were in a Cult. Joe is just plain crazy. I am glad it was brought up in this insane documentary that he became more obsessed with fame and Carol that he stopped paying attention to the animals. Which he didn't help or treat right in the first place. He is where he deserves to be. He probably set fire to the studio. Doc Antle and the way he treated the woman was so bad. Seems you only rise the top if you sleep with him. Classy. Disgusting. None of the animals should be with any of them. They should all be free in the wild. Lowe I heard he is also building a brand new zoo.
  12. I have seen this article making the rounds. No singular vision or direction was the main complaint I heard from many people. It does feel like each director did his own movie. I can't say or imagine what would have happened with George Lucas. Have his ideas but someone else write and direct it. I feel one person doing all 3 would have helped but I could be wrong. After TFA I joked that since JJ copied A New Hope that Kylo would be redeemed and die in the last movie because that is what happened in ROTJ and JJ would copy that as well. A few people have me looks after Rise of Skywalker lol. Abrams relied on nostalgia and repetition too much. Johnson tried something different but in doing that he screwed up Luke and sidelined characters.
  13. I did not say that at all. Still this is a fact that has happened with the last bunch of movies and truth this will happen again. Do people take things too far in the SW fandom yes!! Plenty of rational people didn't like this film or saga so it's a bit unfair of you to say all of them are idiots. Plenty of people on this site did not care for it but the conversation stayed civil.
  14. I had seen the articles with Daisy asking where had the love gone? She mentioned people didn't like the Rise of Skywalker now. I think Boyega is definitely over it. It happens with each saga the creators should hand out a memo to all future SW actors telling them to be prepared. I am sure all the backlash got to them. Poor Jack Lloyd definitely was bullied after The Phantom Menace.
  15. I am glad we only have 3 episodes left. The real problem with this season is that I don't care. Maeve aside I don't care about the characters. I hope Caleb turns on Delores.
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