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Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two Live Thread

Lady Calypso
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1 minute ago, Lady Calypso said:

Earth 167!!!! Wooohooooo!

As someone who has never seen Smallville, even I'M excited for this.

You might be better off. Trust me.

1 minute ago, quarks said:

So, Lex became president after Smallville?

I guess that Lex is 35 years old or over. Biggest question is whether he’s “open” or not.

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Just now, tennisgurl said:

Tom Welling!!!!!!!! Somebody Saaaaaaave Me! My teen self is losing it!!!

honestly. when Lex showed up, i was half expecting the Smallville Lex, and the Clark/Lex look. that would have been something else. 

(that song will be in my head for the rest of the episode).

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3 minutes ago, statsgirl said:

Did they just leave Oliver's body in the bunker ready for a Lazarus pit?

At least no one is digging him up, and I'm not having to try to figure out how they are smuggling a very dead body to Nanda Parbat. Let us rejoice over these small crumbs.

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