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  1. If Mariah is caring for the recipients the same way she cares for her own cute li'l uterus (and why wouldn't she?), the kit must also include a letter excusing said recipient from work, an emotional support animal, and a week's supply of vegan lattes and brunches.
  2. Interesting that both Sludge and Pudge hacked off their hair. And what a shame that Meri wasn't persuaded to join them and lose a few inches of straw.
  3. Nothing against any of you ladies, but I think Meri's infamous walls would go up at the first whiff of constructive criticism. You wouldn't make it through the front door(s).
  4. I think it was William Shakespeare who originally said, "Rosemary is for remembrance, pansies are for thoughts, and cheap knockoff Altoids are for giving spirits."
  5. Based on her rants, is it cynical of me to assume that recipients must be BIPOC, LGBTQ+, non-bra-wearers who voted a certain way? (And that when Mariah can't find a ton of these folx in Utah she'll pocket the money?)
  6. I'm with you, @VedaPierce, in really wanting to get out of the city right now. I hope it works out for you!
  7. LilWharveyGal


    ^ This sounds a lot like what Endeavour was to Inspector Morse.
  8. Holy cow. She's morphing into Fat Tony, she just needs more feminine glasses.
  9. As a very little kid, I thought that those turquoise dresses with the feather fans were the most elegant outfits I'd ever seen. I've still never worn anything that fabulous, sadly. Now that I'm more mature (ha ha), I'd love this more casual outfit of Vera Ellen's. The black and white with red accessories is sharp!
  10. I totally forgot about this feature! I could really use some kind of longer-term goal visual like this. Time to dust off the app. Thank you all for the discussion!
  11. @laurakaye and @Absolom, your success with the app is inspiring! I'm really struggling with my eating right now so this tip is helpful!
  12. Plus that hilarious phone call on their road trip that went something like this: Caller: Hello, I'm a reporter with... Kody: The press? Awesome! This is Kody, and Meri's right here with me, and we don't sleep together!
  13. Totally agree, and I think she uses him to tease her fans with the male attention.
  14. "Discovering" YouTube has been one of the bright spots of the pandemic for me. There are so many awesome workout and nutrition videos at your fingertips. Janelle could learn a thing or 10.
  15. And now I've got Beauty School Dropout stuck in my head. 😄 And some of the lyrics kinda sorta apply to Mykelti. See, topic!
  16. According to the interwebs, he was already on The Crown as Jock Colville. I have no memory of who that was. (Hiya AZ!)
  17. He's a jerk to come over and do that to her rolls. But, I admit I'm impressed that he managed to pick the lock of his cell and get past the guards. 😆
  18. Probably because it's too much trouble to move a dusty weight bench, peeling pleather ottoman, and pile of slobbery dog toys out of the way.
  19. I don't know what's more comical. The idea that Janelle hosts parties (even pre-pandemic) or the idea that she does any meaningful work on that bike.
  20. Hey, at least you started. It's been pouring the past 2 days and I haven't had the motivation to take my walks. Must do better tomorrow. With the holidays coming up, does anyone have tips for coping (either health/weight-wise or otherwise) to share? Just speaking for myself, having fewer events and gatherings certainly means I have fewer opportunities for overindulging, which is a plus, but the isolation and inability to participate in the usual traditions are severely getting me down. And, like the title says, I want to thrive!
  21. Does QE2 really know (and use!) the phrase, "friend of Dorothy?!" Inquiring minds want to know.
  22. And how! Very extra, as the kids say.
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