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  1. Can somebody please cast Tennille Read in something as Morena Baccarin's little sister? In some scenes the resemblance was uncanny.
  2. I'm LilWharveyGal and I approve this message.
  3. I was hoping for one last scene with Mr. Mehta, but otherwise for being an unplanned series finale that was pretty darn good.
  4. Here's Bonnie's obituary for those interested in reading more about her. Someone named Tony left a nice message. Wonder if it's THE Tony?
  5. Princess Mariah in the hospitality business? The mind boggles.
  6. I did NOT need to know a) that Terrence's mom massages him, and b) that he's clammy.
  7. It's been a while since I've read anything new about this, but I think the rumor was that he's going to live 100% at his fancy new penthouse in Clearwater.
  8. I've only been twice so I'm no expert, but when your snowshoes are so completely buried they're invisible something seems off. Maybe if Savanah had had a proper pair she would have enjoyed it more.
  9. Well yeah, it would be shameful to deprive the horde of phantom children she didn't have.
  10. It comes from the episode where either Maddie or Mykelti was wedding dress shopping and Mariah wandered off to look at bridal rompers. Because this show always needs filler that mundane moment actually became a couch topic. Audge was not yet in the picture.
  11. Stacy is usually so deadpan. I loved her in this ep, and that she had a time to shine (literally, in that gold dress).
  12. No, no, no, n-no, no, no, no, no, no, n-no, NO!
  13. I didn't even think of that, but frankly I'll take all the Daniel Bruhl I can get.
  14. I can't stop laughing. Her filter is now applying eyeliner on the whites of her eyes.
  15. I wonder if Robyn's mansion is one of the ones they looked at...
  16. Ugh. I didn't watch this ep, but this line really resonated with me. (And I can't believe I'm somewhat coming to Robyn's defense, here!) So the wives are expected to line up their own childcare, manage their household moves, resolve all fights between children, procure financing for their own houses. WTF does Kody actually do all day every day? And what does he actually take responsibility for? He clearly wants to be treated like the Head Honcho but in actuality contributes jack sh*t. It's so gross. Fly like the wind, ladies.
  17. Wow, if someone had randomly shown me this picture I would not have recognized it as Mykelti. She really resembles Christine from this angle.
  18. This conversation has made me realize that I don't actually know what Eva Braun looks like. I mean, I know of her and if I saw a photo of Hitler with a woman I'd guess it was Eva Braun, but if she was on her own I wouldn't be able to pick her out of a lineup. Off to read some history so I don't get accused of being a St. Olafian...
  19. Fellowes, Gillies, Clegg, Meyers, et. al. would beg to differ. 😆 I really enjoyed this episode but was kind of upset when Colin Mochrie's name appeared 30 seconds into the credits and gave away the whodunnit.
  20. I haven't been able to watch in almost an entire season but this episode popped up on my DVR and I just had to see for myself if the mask was slipping as much as y'all said it was. Hoooooo, doggies. The ONLY time there was any joy in Kody's voice was when he was in the presence of Caleb his grandbabies. He's even talking back to and/or blowing off Robyn on the couch. I agree with whoever hypothesized that he's done with all the ladies and wishes he could ride off into the sunset with Caleb. Of course Meri had to "work" the whole time Maddie visited. Those tweets to her gay BF
  21. I've always had a hunch that Maddie's real ceremony was redone sans cameras. I just can't imagine Maddie being that chill about Kody forgetting the ring exchange followed by Meri bellowing to Kody that he forgot.
  22. I didn't really care for any of the plotlines this week. But the promo, with... Yes, please!
  23. Dayum, Nyima makes me want to throw away all the carbs in the house and hit the gym.
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