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  1. On mine it's the same purple as her saggy shirt, so totally matchy-matchy. How do I get your screen? 😄
  2. My most sincere prayers are with you and your care team, @toodles. ...but I think you're missing out by ignoring Janelle's Rock Star turmeric, molasses, bacon bits, and two-week-old-slimy-kale smoothie recipe. 😉
  3. Originally I misread this as massage. 😳 I can't imagine her having the energy to deliver a worthwhile message, let alone a massage.
  4. Awesome idea! Watching on the 4th of July is a yearly tradition for me.
  5. You read my mind, @deirdra, but I didn't want to say it. Handbasket, party of two...
  6. Why am I not surprised that Janelle is too lazy to hang her art straight?
  7. Can I jump back to the Ebay/Poshmark topic for a sec? Is there a site (Ebay, Poshmark, or other) where any of you would recommend selling like-new clothing? My husband bought some new clothes, cut off the tags, washed them...and only then decided to try them on and discovered they didn't fit. 🤦‍♀️ ETA: Thanks @Kyanight and @Scarlett45!
  8. I'm with you, @Meowwww. I love travel, everything from international jaunts to day trips, and London is my favorite place so far. It feels so abnormal to not have any trips to look forward to on the calendar.
  9. I'm dead. These should be the original 3's nicknames.
  10. Thank you, Meri, I needed a good laugh today! Confident "style" must mean taking overhead photos and filtering until half of your body mass disappears. And...if she doesn't need help with her eyebrows, then why is the left one in line with the center of her nose?
  11. If this is inappropriate to post here I apologize and will delete it, but yesterday I listened to this podcast and was reminded of Mariah (and stydentz like her) the entire time. If you have two hours to kill I highly recommend it. Three scholars essentially trolled academia by writing the most outrageously woke (false) papers they could, and the papers were not only published but celebrated. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad. One of the professors described such academic woke folx as "angry" and "underaccomplished." If that's not Mariah to a T I don't know what is. Plus, they g
  12. LilWharveyGal

    The NBA

    We were wondering that, too. And if everyone present thought that the delivery guys were shady, why on earth did Jordan eat the pizza?
  13. Poor third-place Christine, settling for a date night drive. I wonder if she still felt sexy when Kody slowed down just enough for her to step out of the car before gunning back to Robyn's for the night.
  14. LilWharveyGal

    The NBA

    At the opposite end of the sartorial spectrum I have to say I hope to be as regal as Mrs. Gus and Steve Kerr's mom someday. The latter was reminding me of a Kennedy.
  15. "Stop traveling to small towns" ... um, like Parowan, Utah?? If these bishes don't like the vibe in Utah they're welcome to go back to Chicago, you know, where they were supposed to be sheltering in place this entire time. Hypocrites. I just can't.
  16. Enjoy! I'm not the biggest Chaplin fan but his face in the very last shot gets me every time.
  17. "The clients want to live too, Ted!" Sign me up as Team Betty.
  18. I'm only in my 30's but I really enjoy her stuff too!
  19. So agree! I would love it if one result of the pandemic was the return of fabulous elegant turbans/hats and gloves. You kids get off my lawn. *cranks up the Hoagy Carmichael*
  20. Credit where credit is due - that color is very flattering on what remains of her skinny-filtered self.
  21. LilWharveyGal

    The NBA

    Are you me? 🙂 We're probably about the same age. I didn't really love basketball per se but I was crazy about MJ and the Dream Team, so this show has been really eye-opening. And seeing the Sonics in Episode 8 really gave me flashbacks to childhood. Growing up as a sports fan in Seattle was rough. Nice to know that I owe some of my youthful heartbreak to George Karl snubbing MJ in a restaurant.
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