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  1. Team Kimchee. Shannon and Jung were pretty terrible.
  2. That's rich. The only reason anyone even knows of Mariah Brown is because of the sexual preferences of her very straight parents.
  3. Unless she's going off on her hairstylist I have zero interest.
  4. "This is going to be a lot of paperwork." 🤣
  5. I'm just spitballing here, but if Goldie becomes a victim of Dorothy/NotDorothy's inevitable descent into madness I will not be sorry.
  6. OMG, at first I thought you meant Nolan and we were going to have to have words. Then I realized my brain has been protecting me by banishing all memories of Declan.
  7. Hey, good point! This one had way too much Shannon for me.
  8. Only one kid, eh? And nary a whisper of her husband.
  9. I'm right there with ya. It's you and me, honeybunch.
  10. THIS! George has had a series of really lame love interests.
  11. Buster Keaton and his falling house gag? I'm in love with this episode. It's a shame they couldn't work in a young American stunt man named Harold Lloyd. Can someone remind me who Carmichael Sr. was?
  12. Well, it's the end of an era and it's getting a little misty in here... I too was hoping for a Rollo cameo or namedrop, but that's my only real disappointment. Despite sticking with our lovable scamps all these years I was rooting for the Brits and the Native Americans, so the ending sat well with me. Now to go learn about this spinoff...
  13. Torvi was originally married to King Donal Logue's son, yes? And did they have kids too? I'm not sure which looked worse - spending a night in a tiny ship in a North Atlantic storm, or spending it with the corpse of Bjorn.
  14. Um...is it just me or does that statement sound like he's saying he's married to 4 of his kids?
  15. Down 2.4 lbs so far. Feels like a slow start, but hey, it's progress.
  16. I'm sure the producers will work in some amusing b-plot tidbits as they have in the past. Perhaps... Kody decides they need a Flagstaff Time Capsule. He runs around 4 houses and the vacant lots looking for a shovel while everyone else interviews about their interest (or lack thereof). Meri made personalized rice krispy treats for every family member for Christmas, but left them under a pile of LLN at the B&B. Can she drive there and back in time to save Christmas? And can she persuade Kody to ride with her? Janelle's mom passed away, sadly. Maybe the entire family mu
  17. I guess I'm seeing things from a different angle, especially this year. There are so many big things that we cannot control - the pandemic of course, the economy, politics - that it feels empowering to focus on the things that I can impact for the better. And yes, failure sucks, but it's almost like all the bad stuff is extra motivation. We all have to do what's emotionally healthy for us and to each their own, of course. Just expressing a different point of view.
  18. You're putting us all to shame, @Gramto6. 😉 It's that time again. Does anyone have any resolutions, weight-related or otherwise, that they would like to share? I personally will be continuing to work on my weight, in the hopes of better overall health that will benefit my energy and immune system in particular. My goal is 25 lbs and I'm committing to checking in here. Happy NYE, everyone!
  19. I vaguely remember that she had a twitter meltdown after her super unimportant and meaningless *cough cough* legal marriage. Cynical Jinx has some of the deets. Maybe that scared her off social media.
  20. Can someone please send this to Janelle? 😆
  21. Can I whine for a minute? At Halloween, bizarrely, I was not in the mood for Christmas music. Today, Dec. 28, I still felt like decking some halls so I checked out the local radio stations that started playing carols on Oct. 30. It's all back to normal! What the eff, people?! Can I vote that we play Christmas tunes from Thanksgiving to New Year's rather than blowing our wad pre-Halloween? Thank you. 😁
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