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  1. These days, it's hard for long-running shows to maintain their quality past season 5. The last three seasons of HIMYM were painful and I stuck with that series out of obligation and wanting to see how they would wrap things up (ugh). On a positive note, I like how the writers are slowly, subtly maturing the group. Going to a Wine tasting is nothing you would have seen on this show three years ago. You can really tell that the group is transitioning into their early 30s now. We never saw that kind of growth on similar ensemble shows like Living Single, Friends, or HIMYM.
  2. Given that Raj has been a giant doosh for quite some time, I hope that is precisely what happens to him.
  3. John Byrne (during his Superman run) and Chris Claremont (while on X-Men) both offered interesting versions on characters' ability to fly. IIRC, Byrne posited that Superman flew "by sheer force of will," while over on the X-Men, Claremont offered that Rogue (when she still possessed Ms. Marvel's powers) flew because her body "generated a force greater than gravity." Although neither explanation likely holds up to scientific scrutiny, the second reason sounds more credible to me.
  4. Actually, Kelly behaved exactly as I expected her to, and I wasn't at all surprised to see Ana G. pinch-hitting today. Anyone who has followed Kelly's arc on this show from the beginning knows that, at least on-air, she's not exactly a nice person. Remember how immediately after Regis retired, all she and Gelman could do were make snarky and dis-respectful comments about him? I always attributed Kelly's passive-aggressive behavior towards Philbin as the result of her knowing that she was supposedly Regis's second choice for co-host behind Valerie Bertinelli (who in my opinion would have bee
  5. Note to writers for Season 2 (if it happens): This show, as it stands now, requires far too much fan-wanking. Do better next year guys, or there might not be a Season 3.
  6. Ah Supergirl. So much to love, so much to snark on. The "hope conquers mind control" was so cheesy it belongs on Mystery Science Theater 3000. But I've gotta admit, the subliminal flashing of the "S" was pretty cool, even though I didn't catch it at first. And after spending much of the last two episodes as the "Martian Pin Cushion," nice to see J'onn get a solid win for a change, no matter how contrived. Note to writers: maybe next year we can go an entire season without seeing an opponent hovering over either MM or Kara and about to deliver a kill strike? It kinda loses all suspense af
  7. THIS. For "one of the most powerful beings on the planet," we've seen MM get his ass handed to him every. damn. time. SG has pretty much established that this universe's iteration of J'onn J'onzz has all the powers of the comic book version (i.e., flight, telepathy, shape-shifting, super-strength, intangibility, invisibility and at least partial invulnerability), making him, ostensibly, more formidable than Kal-El or Kara. I almost wish they hadn't introduced the character if he's going to be the town doormat.... The show's writers actually do make SG hard to love sometimes. Another ma
  8. Whoever is doing their business cards and stationary has also moved into a much higher tax bracket, lol. Best line of the entire series (so far): "Peter, you're ALWAYS being indicted." That's good stuff right there.
  9. Thanks secnarf, I missed that.
  10. Let's not forget that Kara never even gets to see Supes' Fortress of Solitude until freaking James takes her there. What's up with that? Yeah, another of the writers' gimmicks that don't make a whole lot of sense. Maybe they were concerned that J'onn's many powers would have upstaged Kara if we saw too much of him? The Smallville writers used MM in a very natural and organic way so that he didn't upstage Clark, SG's writers should be able to do the exact same thing.
  11. I have come to the conclusion that this Universe's Superman is a bit of a dick. He keeps his distance from Cousin Kara (yeah, I know franchise rights, etc.) but how about bi-weekly phone calls or mentions of Skypes? What sealed the deal for me was Jimmy's "He (Superman) knows about Project Cadmus, that's why he refuses to work with the Government" comment. Hey Clark, what ever happened to "truth, justice and the American way?" The Supes I grew up with would actively protest Cadmus, if for no other reason than he, Cousin Kara and friend J'onn are friendly refugees that, clearly, could win u
  12. This show is finally found its' groove. Best episode yet. And with one mention of Chocos - which I guess everyone knew was coming eventually - Berlanti has made me his bitch for life. There was of course, the now obligatory writer's glitch. If in fact Superman told the original Hank Henshaw that J'onn J'onzz was the "most powerful being on the plant," wouldn't he also have disclosed that the Martian Manhunter meant Earth no harm? I don't get it. Kudos to those of you that suspected Jeremiah Danvers was still alive. Straight up Gangster, word. Next week looks like fun!
  13. Totally unnecessary, IMO, and detracted from Melissa's acting tour-de-force in this episode. J'onn J'onzz is both a shapeshifter and a master tactician. Even in the heat of the moment he could have shape-shifted into Kal-El, thrown Kara slightly off-balance and avoided outing himself. Other than that, best episode of the series so far. Can't wait until next week.
  14. All I can think of is the old Blue Magic tune from the 1970s... "So let the Sideshow begin...hurry, hurry, step right on in. Can't afford to pass it by, guaranteed to make you cry..." Very appropriate given this now-nightmare of a show.
  15. That must be a really big horn, because part of it clipped my head as well. Of course, you do know that CBS is going to screw us again with TGW, right? I'm only hanging out in the hopes that they surprise us...and that Cary totally screws them all in the end. Bunch of disloyal, treacherous fucks that they are. And as another poster noted: Jason, you don't answer the door at the Governor's apartment wearing a Pink robe. And by the way..pay close attention to Will Patton's character... THAT'S how you make perma-smirk sexy dude. And that observation's coming from a straight guy.
  16. Louis C.K. is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure his "deadpan" style of humor would translate well to BBT. :o) Jason Alexander would kill, I could also see Andy Kindler being able to convey how beat-down the mysterious Dr. Hofstadter would probably be. Peter Boyle, G-d Bless him, would have been perfect if he were still with us. The snarky goodness would have been legendary. For some strange reason, I think Rob Reiner could work too.
  17. Oddly enough, the mature female characters that are mostly comfortable with their age - Diana and Maggie - are arguably the hottest women on the show (although Hillary Duff has some of the best showbiz legs since Tina Turner). As others have said, it's Diana's air of desperation that make her unattractive. Conversely, Maggie's confidence and self-assuredness make the actress/character's minor flaws (I never noticed Debi Mazur's overbite or lisp until now) irrelevant. The big issue that I'd like to see Younger delve into is how apparently comfortable Liza is living a lie. Yes, there are
  18. I pretty much feel the same way you do P3pp3rb1rd. Except at this stage, the writers show enough occasional flashes of brilliance to keep me coming back for more. This was one of the more mediocre episodes of the recent past. I agree that most of the actors seemed to be making the most of a lame script. Slurring her words, huh? Just a feeling, with nothing to substantiate it, but methinks both Kaley and Penny love partaking of the grape whenever they can, lol. Something else that took me out of this episode is the noticeable, natural aging of some of the characters. I watch Sara
  19. Guess we don't have a lot of folks here familiar with Chris Claremont's work on X-Men. After 15 years of his run, Gaelic damn near became a second language for me. I also liked the Professor. Kindly, gentleman scholar. Loved the off-handed "I never learned how to fly on this world." Think we'll be seeing him again soon.
  20. A kind of "meh" episode for me. Interestingly, Kara's behavior of late is kind of validating Lord's position, at least partly. In her interactions with Jimmy, Winn and others we seen that she's incredibly immature for someone wielding so much power. And of late, she seems to have developed a real temper that we rarely see in Kal-El. Fortunately, at least in this Universe, it doesn't take much to bring her down...shine a Red Sun flashlight at her, slap on a pair of Kryptonite handcuffs and its pretty much end-game. Both Kara and Super Girl need some real mentoring that neither is getting a
  21. Right on! Christopher Reeve will always be the definitive Superman for a lot of us. Sad that he and good buddy Robin Williams are both gone now. The really great ones seem to be dropping like flies lately. :o( Melissa seems to be putting her own personal stamp on SG much as Reeve did with Kal-El. Pretty cool, all things considered.
  22. Co-sign. Melissa is clearly the break-out star here, and its been fun watching her flourish. Just the little nuances she brings to the role, as others have pointed out. Notice her walk as Kara Danvers, halting, poor body language. As Supergirl she has a brisk, powerful stride. I'd like to think these are little things that the actress has brought to the role. Also, much as I love the Martian Manhunter, they can throttle back a bit now unless he's got a definitive victory over an opponent somewhere in the cards.
  23. In an odd twist, the comments on this board are more entertaining than the episode itself. Brilliant casting ideas about Meemaw. Polly Holliday could have killed, Dolly Parton, Doris Roberts, maybe even Rosanne. The late Rue McClanahan would have been a slam-dunk. Might have been interesting to see what Celia Weston could have done with the role. I also think Shirley Knight (As Good as It Gets) could have nailed the part too. There were so many better choices out there... Anyways, ITA, the casting on this show used to be so great, now its hit-or miss. Seems like the best new characte
  24. I'm wondering if NBC has stumbled on to a new sitcom format and doesn't even realize it. I for one, just tune in to see how much fun the actors are having. Half the time, I can't even tell if there's real story line lurking in the hi-jinks. But it might be that in the hands of more experienced actors - I'm thinking casts like Frasier or HIMYM here - we might have a whole new genre of "improv sitcom," just throw a general story line out there and let the actors take it where ever it goes. In the right hands that could be really, really cool.
  25. I know. For anyone who's ever been "friend-zoned" by someone they really care about, it's surely not a happy thing. Given his pre-existing issues, I'd say he's handling it fairly well, all things considered. And keep in mind, these are twenty-somethings we're talking about here. I too hope TPTB don't use this as a rationale for Winn going villainous.
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