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  1. This is a thread to discuss the cast in their endeavors post or outside OLTL. Roger Howarth has landed a recurring gig on CW hit "The Flash". Finally! Hopefully he can make it to primetime. He also had a recurring gig as a yoga instuctor in the last season of Showtime's "Californication". Kassie and Melissa are on Days.
  2. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E12: Shift & Save Yourself

    Tbh I low key would watch a spin off of Thirsty's random adventures around town being the lawyer for shady ass celebrities and rich people. Like he just sits there telling these crazy stories every week like Greys Anatomy
  3. Chairperson Meow

    While You Were Out

    I actually don't hate all the designs that Aubrey does on FoF. I know she goes a little over the top with color, but if she reigned it in a bit, she actually has a good eye.
  4. Chairperson Meow

    The Quartermaines: Like, 85% Dead

    Since we have a thread for our Sonny hatred, it's only fair that the man he bullied and killed got a love thread.
  5. Chairperson Meow

    While You Were Out

    The commercials teased Hillary and David from HGTV's Love it or List it. I literally need those two going against Hildi because I need the contrast of a beautiful Hillary design next to a weird Hildi mess, plus the combo of Hillary and David sass. I don't care how nerdy I sound. I literally squeed. If only we could get Allison Victoria to put brass everything.
  6. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E08: I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die

    No, for me, it's the bone structure, the way they hold their faces, and that the guy obviously seems to be directed to act like Wes. There's a resemblance. Hell, some sites call him Knock Off Wes.
  7. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E08: I Want to Love You Until the Day I Die

    I think its clear that Gabriel is Sam's son with a mistress. The flashbacks showed Annelise telling Sam "you like em weak", in reference to Lila, the student he cheated with in season one that kicked off the show. That also leads me to believe that the adoption has to be Annelise trying to bully young Vivian Maddox into letting her and Sam adopt her child. Gabriel has to be a year or two younger than Wes, who is 13 or 12 years older than Sam and Annelise's dead son. After their son died, they said Sam and Annelise's marriage started to fail. Knowing that Sam had a son out there alive while hers died probably was the proverbial nail in the coffin for their marriage, is my guess. I'm guessing that they cast a Wes look alike to play on Wes being AK's surrogate son. It is weird because Sam's son is a Wes clone and AK's two surrogate sons are Connor and Wes. Connor looks similar to Sam and Wes looks like Gabriel. Good job by casting. Also that last shot was creepy as hell.
  8. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E07: Treasons, Stratagems & Spoils

    How old is Kingsley? In the pic of Young Lucious and Kingsley's mom, it looked like they were together pre-Cookie and Lucious- which makes him older than Andre. But Kingsley looks younger than Jamal, but older than Hakeem.
  9. Chairperson Meow

    How To Speculate w/o Spoilers: Hiding the Ball

    I think Annelise's speech about the stereotype of violent black men and white people was foreshadowing and it will be Nate who kills Miller, but it will be either and accident or misunderstanding. I think she and Teagan will learn that the governor did indeed kill Nate Sr, but before they can, he thinks Miller (whom he considers a friend) did it. So, in a rage, he kills him or accidentally does. Frank is supposed to prevent this but does not. He tells Annelise this and this is why she slaps him or maybe Frank and Bonnie have trouble preventing Nate from not turning himself in. Hence why Annelise would break down in her home. Not only has she lost her face case, but she's also lost Nate, whom she actually does care for deeply. He is kind of her "heart" on this show. That would mean she's lost, in a short period of time, her husband, her home, Wes (her surrogate son), her practice, and her I guess lover? or idk maybe Oliver snaps and she's shocked because he's nice.
  10. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E07: I Got Played

    Excuse me, I'm headed to IG. I need to follow both of them stat. Also, I think that Gabriel has to be connected to Wes in some way. Gabriel and Wes look too much alike, plus he's trying way too hard to fit in with everyone in the group. He seems to be one step ahead of everyone in the group. Eager to go to the wedding, clearly seducing Mikayla, trying to be supportive guy friend to Laurel, trying to fill teacher's pet to Annelise, trying to be Asher's bro, flirting lowkey with Oliver, basketball with Frank while lowkey dropping clues? Yeah he's stringing them along for some reason. There's no way casting just happened to cast a dude who looks almost exactly like Wes and then directed him to act like suave Wes. He's like Cool Guy Wes.
  11. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E05: It Was the Worst Day of My Life

    Idk why but I don't think Gabriel is Bonnie's son. I think that's a red herring. I think Gabriel is actually somehow connected to the governor, like he's secretly related to her or something. It's too obvious that he'd be Bonnie's son. But it's also really in our faces that he freaking looks like Wes and is kind of a better Wes than Wes was.
  12. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E04: Love All, Trust A Few

    Omg that's where I know him from. It was driving me crazy all day. He kinda looks like Chris Rock, who played Frank in season 2, which weirded me out. I kept expecting Frieda to show up or something. Lol but now ya'll got me thinking about that poor boy's nose. I do have to say Post Lockup Andre is pretty hot. He seems to get better every season.
  13. Chairperson Meow

    S05.E01: Your Funeral

    Christopher was born on a murder night and probably conceived on a murder night as well. He has murder literally in his genes. It's a good thing that his surrogate family is a bunch of lawyers and computer hackers because he might need them.
  14. Chairperson Meow

    Other Foster Homes Along The Way: The Cast in Other Roles

    I think Noah is actually the "breakout star" of the show ,which is fine by me. I actually liked him better than the first Jesus. Good for him.
  15. Here is a topic for Jason, Jasus, Borg, NuBorg because a NuBorg....he is a coming. Discuss your Jason love hate, theories, and pain in this box.
  16. Chairperson Meow

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Monica is forced to always side with Jason since her other son was killed by Sonny. She regrets that Jason thinks the family pushed too hard, making him take up with Sonny and therefore inflicting Sonny on the town. Micheal likes whatever everyone else likes because he lost his free will a dead girlfriend or so ago. Diane just wants money. Criminal Jason is probably her salary.
  17. Chairperson Meow

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Jason 's brothers are better fathers than he is? Well yeah. It should be no surprise that Sam would choose Drew. Literally the only people who wanted old Jason back is Carly and Sonny.
  18. Chairperson Meow

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    Are they though?
  19. Chairperson Meow

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I think all the DNA tests in the Port Charles area detect if the person is a Corinthios or not. If not then it lists the other families in Port Charles. That's about three families left with substantial members. So I buy Carly #2 seeing that Tater Tot has family in Port Charles. And why would she not move? There's so much there like the invasive 4 star hotel Metro Court, the 4 star restaurant that's so great the patrons dive through the sky line. Don't forget Corinthos Coffee. Is the sky blue?
  20. Chairperson Meow

    S04.E08: Cupid Painted Blind

    I think Pound Cake's daughter will or has shown up. Im wondering if it's Teyona. Since she and Hakeem are done, it'd be a way to attach her to the Lyons
  21. Chairperson Meow

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    So..... I haven't watched in a bit. I'm going to try to get through an episode. Who is this stoned kid hanging out with Joss? So.... BM is Drew, SBu is Jason and Sam has chosen Drew. I'm okay with that. SBu has more chemistry with Ava and Brit or I'm bored of Sam/Jason/Liz. So Micheal got the scheming blonde girl pregnant? Oh I hope Morgan returns and gets Julian to hang him on a meat hook to relinquish his parental rights, and that his spawn is a red haired murderer.
  22. Chairperson Meow

    S04.E08: Cupid Painted Blind

    Omg. Yes. I thought she was Warren's twin sister. Then as they showed Pound Cake give birth to a girl that was taken away from her, I was like maybe thats her. I do think Pound Cake's daughter will turn up. She was born after Cookie was in prison, so she is 15 years younger than Andre, a girl, biracial, and adopted.
  23. Chairperson Meow

    S04.E08: Cupid Painted Blind

    Yes. I can't even. This was the first time I've been shocked by a show in forever. I thought Pamela was a DuBois because last season they had Angelo, Warren, and Warren's sister meet with Clair Huxtable. Never guessed she was imaginary. I'm all for a spin off of Shine 's family life in place of Star.
  24. Chairperson Meow

    Spoilers and Speculation: Clink Boom and Cheese Fondue

    Idk. The only thing more threatening to the men of PC than two Jasons is two Sonnys. And we all know one Jason magic peen enchanted the ladies, but two?
  25. Chairperson Meow

    GH In The News: The PC Press Club

    I blame the writing.