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  1. What did he say to Candy that was worse than what he said to anyone else?
  2. He never read Candy any harder than anyone else. Hell, a judge was willing to fight Candy because she was determined to waste everyone's time. Her unearned hubris is not their problem.
  3. The only time Pray read Candy was when Candy walked in a category she wasn't suited for. Pray interrupting a ball to read Elektra for not protesting with ACTUP was uncalled for. Pray reading Candy for being hardheaded and not playing to her strengths is on Candy.
  4. Netflix consistently under-promotes its series featuring actors of color.
  5. Guess which cast Netflix is refusing to pay.....
  6. It's not, but if it's not your strong suit it doesn't make you a bad student to struggle in the class. Could Zoey have managed her time better studying for the class after dropping design lab? Sure. But a C- in a class that isn't her strong suit isn't proof that she's a bad student or not committed to her education. Actually it is a mature decision when the class is primarily based of creating projects. And college students are allowed to change their minds about their classes and majors if they aren't feeling fulfilled. That's the whole point of college. Had Zoey had the opportun
  7. Exactly. Also Pray actually cheered for Candy when she won one of the categories in which she stubbornly kept attempting to participate. Which is on top of Pray complementing Candy, repeatedly, about regularly winning the categories for which she was more suited.
  8. Dee

    S05.E18: The Roughest Day

    I like Serayah, but I really wish Lee's original choice (Ryan Destiny) would've gotten the part.
  9. Bruno can give all the shoutouts he wants, at the end of the day he will achieve more fame and make more money than the artists he admires simply because he is a non-black person of color performing black-specific musical styles. A fact he is well aware of. Gwen Stefani using the harajuku girls as accessories isn't much different than Bruno pimping out his background singers/dancers during this decidedly more 'urban' phase of his career. It's just like Adele winning an album of the year Grammy then immediately engaging in a rambling mea culpa to Beyonce.
  10. Dee

    On My Block

    If they were white this wouldn't be an issue.
  11. One can do all that and still be a culture vulture.
  12. That's the thing, Pray didn't have animosity towards Candy. He never went out of his way to diss her any worse than anyone else. The idea that deep down he was intimidated by her is laughable.
  13. Charley needs to have several seats.
  14. I HATE the manufactured drama between Pray Tell & Candy.
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