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  1. That was my biggest question from the book. On the show, of course Amma says "Don't tell Mama" which leads me to believe Adora didn't know Amma was the killer.
  2. I make an exception for royal weddings. I was glued to the tv for Wlls and Kate and Meghan and Harry. Unless one is marrying someone in the royal line of succesion, I have no interest in watching their televised wedding. I make an exception for royal weddings. I was glued to the tv for Wlls and Kate and Meghan and Harry. Unless one is marrying someone in the royal line of succession, I have no interest in watching their televised wedding.
  3. Yes, they are. One of my unspoiled friends has correctly surmised that Amma and the roller girls killed Ann and Natalie. However, I don't believe she or anyone who hasn't read the book will guess the reason for the murders because it's too insane.
  4. We had to wait 5 episodes for the ivory floor and are still waiting for the Munchausen's by proxy. I read the book when it first came out in one day. The series is dragging the plot out and could have been done with fewer episodes. I am enjoying the performances of Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson. Patricia's depiction of a toxic narcissistic mother is spot on. My mother enjoys having an audience when she tells me I'm "unlovable" as she did in front of my boyfriend after a family funeral 14 days ago. Since my mother believes my conception ruined her life, I was raised by my grandmoth
  5. The real Teletubbies and that baby in the sun freaked me out when my son was a toddler. This episode is the stuff of nightmares for me.
  6. I laughed when all those Alexa devices went crazy this week. Maybe they watched this episode.
  7. Just give up on this crap and watch UnReal. I love that show.
  8. How can you not swim down 4 feet? Just empty your lungs and sink 4 feet. I've seen some bad swimming/diving attempts on this show but that was the worst. I'm glad Jacob left. He was truly annoying. Had he returned and said Ghost Island was scary and a horrible experience he might've lasted longer. At least the pretty guys are still around for the eye candy.
  9. I could not watch these last 2 episodes and I cried just reading the recap. Carl has long been my favorite character. Killing him was a major mistake. The ratings will continue to decline because they will have lost their teen audience and many parents of teens. The show's name should be changed to "Dead Series Walking". With Lauren probably leaving and with Danai's many projects, I predict a short lifespan for Maggie and Michonne. Everyone who's still watching can tune in for Daryl riding his motorcycle around, Rambo Carol and the master of bad decisions, Rick. I won't be watching anymo
  10. For me, Sean and Megan stole this episode with their physical comedy. They've always been my MVPs.
  11. Sheryl Lee is still a great screamer and I loved seeing her again in the finale. There were just so many loose ends - typical David Lynch.
  12. S3 was definitely better than s2 although much more depressing for me. What I love most about this show is that they cast actors and actresses who look like real people. Coleman and Tennant are what detectives should look like, not the glamorized American versions of detectives. I hope this show is never remade for U.S. audiences. {shudder} I went to Dorset 2 years ago and it is gorgeous. It looks exactly the same as on Broadchurch. If you ever get the chance to visit, go. I even laid down in the same spot where Dan Latimer's body was discovered.
  13. If Twin Peaks does not garner a huge amount of Emmy noms next year and Kyle Mac doesn't win one, I may riot. Nobody deserves one more than Kyle, playing triple roles so well. It will as big a miscarriage of justice as Michael Kenneth Williams not yet winning an Emmy. He's nominated this year for "The Night Of" this year so I have some hope. (IMO and OT he should've been nominated for Hap and Leonard but I don't think many people are aware of that Sundance show. Somebody, other than me, must be watching since it's been renewed for a 3rd season. If you like darkly comic noir, check
  14. This was the best episode yet. It's like "Dougie" heard me screaming "WAKE UP COOPER" all these weeks. It's so great to have FBI Agent Dale Cooper back. Then we get Diane dissolving, Eddie Vedder and Audrey waking up probably in a some kind of hospital. I'm not sure what is up with Aubrey and we may never know. R.I.P. Chantal. I still adore Jennifer Jason Leigh. She has always been an underrated actress in underrated films, like Delores Claiborne co-starring Kathy Bates. That movie should've garnered them both awards. I firmly believe it's the best adaptation of a King novel. In
  15. If that's the case, they may need to get Frank Black involved again since zombification was a Millennium Group project.. I'd so love another Frank Black X-Files appearance. Damn, I miss Millennium.
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