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  1. It's very hard to care one bit about this season with all the long breaks between episodes. There's no continuity, every time it comes back from a two or three week gap I have to remember what was going on the last episode. And question why Trev is still there.
  2. Yeah, bubble wrap should give the same experience without the pus.
  3. While I'm okay with Roe leaving I was hoping that Ramsay would tell her to also get back in line and send Trevor home. Because Trevor can't leave soon enough.
  4. I would agree with you on how to describe the final vote, but to me (if I was on the jury) I would switch the order. First I'm giving someone the title of Sole Survivor and, btw, that includes a check for a million dollars. Because I watch the show for the game, not for how much prize money is handed out. That doesn't mean I'm right. The rules don't seem to be very precise, you vote for the person you think deserves the title. You can have any criteria you want to determine worthiness. I would agree - I have a tough time envisioning a FTC where I would think Mike should get my vote. Not because he (presumably) has a lot of money but because he hasn't impressed me this game.
  5. That's one of the worst reasons to vote for/against someone, IMO. The Survivor vote should be about how you play Survivor, not whether you need the money.
  6. They sell three models on their web site. One for taller bottles, one for bottles that are more squat and one for 22 ounce ("bomber") bottles. Most 12 ounce beer bottles fit into one of the two standard models. Of course, they completely ignore the big trend in craft beer being sold in cans.
  7. Right - keep your beers in a cooler, take one out, drink it in less than six hours (which is what they rate the Bottle Keeper for) and take out another which will be cold. A Koozie costs a whole lot less if you're that worried about the beer you removed from your cooler to drink getting warm.
  8. Maybe it's me, but I don't get the Bottle Keeper. $35 for a thing to keep one beer cold? That seems like an awful lot of money to spend.
  9. Agreed. Someone had to leave the kitchen. If they all insisted on staying nothing would have been finished. Just a bad excuse to set up the ridiculous dreaded pressure test.
  10. During the first dinner service Chris was writing stuff down because he has short-term memory issues due to his accident and was chewed out for it. I think he was in a tough spot - he was clearly still suffering from his accident but wanted to give the show a go, he realized he couldn't cut it. He made the right choice to leave. I think Gordon was sincere. It would be interesting to see any follow-up on this.
  11. The group that claims school shooting victims are crisis actors are a minority. However, there's a very large percentage of so-called 2nd Amendment people who feel that the answer is armed guards in schools, metal detectors everywhere, having to show ID to walk into a school, etc. Apparently to them the freedom to own and carry a ton of guns is more important than any other freedom.
  12. I have "friends" on Facebook who say exactly that. And that it's the parents fault children have gotten lost in the system. Racists are far too empowered these days.
  13. He was definitely quoting the movie. My 15 year old son knows the line and would recognize it, so I remain shocked that so many people here had no idea where it came from. Trevor remains horrible, though.
  14. The horse cracked me up. Flipped out when Rick was riding it and uninjured when the walkers approached, flipping Rick onto some conveniently placed rebar. After that the horse seemed to have no problems with the walkers, calmly standing by while Rick hallucinated and walkers were all over the place. I was trying to watch the Knicks and the Houston Rockets in the NBA finals. NBC cut away to the "chase" simply because they didn't want to be the one network that wasn't broadcasting live if OJ got out of the Bronco and killed himself. I would have rather watched the game.
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