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  1. That was before they got kicked off the beach.
  2. Wouldn't it be obvious for Perry to question Sister Alice on the stand to refute the testimony that Emily confessed?
  3. Same here. I am confused about the land ownership and deeds and why that is relevant to the case. I also don't fully get why the church has anything to do with this unless they wanted the child murdered so he could be resurrected (which clearly isn't the case).
  4. She is, but I still think of her as Martha.
  5. That is only true in the first 2 years. There is a standard clause in life insurance contracts that exclude deaths by suicide but that time period is limited.
  6. I am assuming all those people in the decoupled cars are long frozen. I am not sure where the supply chain come from but it seems like it was from Chicago and the train decoupled well west of that. Of course, this is TV so the Folgers could already be drinking fine wine in first class.
  7. Did anyone notice that towards the end of the scene when Melanie fell off the train and they showed a view of the train from the outside it looked like it went to an animated view? I believe the Blacklist finale morphed into animation since they ran out of time to shoot due to the virus. I wonder if something similar happened with Snowpiercer.
  8. That is a great point. The Tailees were revolting when they thought there was a Mr. Wilford so they don't care. The first class people seem to have it pretty good and they are still alive so why would they care? And since when would all these people be happy that there was effectively a dictator (Mr. W) in charge?
  9. So were the coming attractions, not that what they showed was unexpected.
  10. Did Melanie admit to Josie that Mr. Wilford was dead or not really? Why didn't Josie spray Melanie with the freezing air instead of trying to wrap the hose around her neck? If Mr. Wilford was actually dead, everyone of the train should be grateful that Melanie is trying to keep the train moving and people in line. This could go south really quickly without anyone in charge.
  11. Dminches


    I see. Maybe they didn’t have a warrant yet?
  12. Dminches


    I just finished S5 with the Borders murder story line. I am little confused about the whole pendant aspect of the murder. As the story goes 20 years ago, the police found the murder victim's pendant in Border's apartment which linked him to the murder. The new review claims that the pendant was planted by Bosch. Bosch reviewed the before and after photos (one of which Irving destroyed) and noticed that the pendant wasn't hanging in the before picture. I guess he now knows that Irving removed it from Borders back pack and put it on the wall? But, if it was in the back pack wouldn't that implicate Borders too? I am sure I don't have all of this right. Maybe someone can explain it.
  13. Axe's thought of going inside that house brought back the memories of his mother being abused by his father and it freaked him out. He couldn't do it. It seemed inconsistent with his comfort outside the home while playing basketball with the kid. He spoke fondly of the home during that scene.
  14. I liked seeing Dominique Wilkins but he really had nothing to say.
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