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  1. Mare already had custody so the fact that there was no hearing meant nothing changed.
  2. Why do you think she transformed overnight? It seems as though she had been going to therapy for months. Also, when she spoke to Mr. Carroll she said that pain will never go away. She hadn't exactly become a happy go lucky kind of gall. She always seemed capable of being around Frank (remember, the marriage likely ended as a result of the son's death) and now she was able to attend his wedding but she did say to her b/f that she need 3 bloody marys to make it happen. I don't see that as an overnight change or even a big change. Yes, she has moved in the right direction.
  3. I missed that one. I guess Billy was charged with covering up the crime. Makes sense.
  4. I don’t know what he was charged with and how it played out but wasn’t John going to be paroled after a year? Why would Ryan be incarcerated for a longer period of time?
  5. I understand why most of the discussion is about "whodunit" (murder, kidnapping, impregnating Erin), but this show was about Mare, a 40-something cop in a small community who lost her son and is now trying to live with that grief. People who have not experienced this just do not understand how it consumes you and spreads through every aspect of your life. It is no uncommon for marital relationships to end after losing a child. After all, the child is s product of 2 people. Then there is the difficulty of trying to start another one. For Mare, it was not surprising that she did not even
  6. The show is about Mare so the death of her son affected who she had become and what she is dealing with. It is completely relevant. All the particulars of the son are not.
  7. I liked the finale nit continued to highlight Mare’s ups and downs. I could be wrong but I thought Mare deleted all the videos from the Carroll household camera in order to cover for Beth’s brother. That would have been after the night of Erin’s murder. edit: it looks like she just deleted that one day although the list of videos looks different.
  8. John is the father so handing the baby over to his biological father’s family (Lori) is not “no biological claim.”
  9. Definitely. It is much more likely that Lori initiated this possibility which could point to her knowing that John (or Billy) is the father.
  10. I am not condoning any form of violence but she isn’t just a mother whose son can do not wrong; she is a mother whose son is now dead, at the hand of someone else.
  11. Plus, to a teenager Frank and John look alike. Adult male with a salt and pepper beard. Good points. People don’t really expect Zabel’s mom to act rationally days after her son was killed? Maybe in 5 or 10 years. Plus, she already viewed Mare as someone who wasn’t good for her son.
  12. I have found the therapy sessions to not only be so well done but also authentic. The therapist knows that Mare keeps everything bottled in and until she starts to release some of her pain she will not be able to move forward. Losing a child is the ultimate loss but not talking about it is like sealing the top of a pot of boiling water. Mare wants to shed some of her agony but doesn’t really know how to. The therapist is trying to show her the way.
  13. I agree for the most part but wasn’t the tip of her finger shot off? Wasn’t that the bullet that Mare found in the tree? The murder could still be personal in nature but I am not sure it could be accidental.
  14. She didn’t turn them into drug dealers. That’s why they got killed. That community owes her a ton for all she does for them. Holding a rally to support her and her family is what communities do. No one said she was perfect. But she was in survival mode and she is on her own. Plus, there is no dad in the picture.
  15. I guess I am in the minority of people who haven’t lost any sleep over Zabel getting killed. It is sad and all but a good guy always gets killed and he wasn’t a key person in Mare’s life and this show is about her.
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