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  1. I may be stating the obvious but Kevin is by far the most interesting character on this show. I really don't have any need to see one more second of adult Kate (post HS Kate is ok) and a touch of Randall and family is more than enough. No more Jack at any age. The Rebecca decline isn't going to be enjoyable to watch.
  2. People are using the term "doppelganger" but for some reason I thought this "monster" is able to take on the life form of someone else so it can pretend to be that person. Doppelganger infers that there is another real person who looks just like someone else.
  3. Tina noticed that right away but the editor did not. When they showed Bette from Tina’s perspective Bette’s wine glass was back to being solid red!
  4. What Randall doesn't realize that despite the fact that he loves his mommy, Rebecca's decline will have a much more significant effect on Miguel, both in terms of caring for her and losing his partner. That may be the reason why Miguel was "willing" to overlook some of the changes since the reality of the situation is very painful for him.
  5. I really like this show but the filler story lines are horrible. Midge's parents and in-laws are so annoying to watch and listen. The Sophie Lenon part may be worse. Too bad they can't just fill the hour with Midge, Susie and the supporting people in their stories. When they showed the set of Miami After Dark I turned to my wife and said "it looks like Playboy After Dark." The host was a fake Hugh Hefner.
  6. After the scene with Hannah and Bradley in her apartment I turned to my wife and said “she deserves an award just for that scene.” She was that good.
  7. How did it not fit the character? Frankly, we don’t know enough about the character to really make that assessment. Based on how Hannah reacted to the questions asked by Bradley which clearly brought all her emotions up the surface, it was clear she had been completely overtaken by the moment. At that point anything was possible. Hannah seemed fragile even when she met the British woman for a drink and told her no to date the weatherman.
  8. Why did the mayor want to frame Sullivan? I can’t remember.
  9. I think the show's story lines are very interesting and are being explored in a meaningful way. Eve is trying to figure out the rest of her life and she is doing it through sexual exploration. I do think it is more than that since opening up herself to different things has deeper meaning for her. Maybe she can be more than she has been her whole life. Brendan is learning that being the tall, thin, good looking dude no longer has much value among his peers. I am impressed that he figured that out pretty quickly. He is also getting a sense of what it is like to be on the outside. These are all great lessons for an 18 year-old. The question is what he does with this new reality. I think they have done a great job with his character in the past 2 episodes.
  10. He doesn’t really resent his half brother. He resents the fact that his father is a moron and doesn’t give him the attention he deserves. The dad drags his wife and the kid along to parents weekend for no reason. This was a great opportunity for the dad to show Brendan some well-deserved attention. Not surprising, the dad blew it. This episode made me dislike Brendan a lot less. He has had to deal with an ass hole father which is complicated for any kid. This is no way that an 18 year-old can figure out how this is about the dad and not him. His other behavior is likely a reflection of this.
  11. If you have believed enough of what transpired in seasons 1-6 then the truck crash is small potatoes. Ray has survived almost a decade without eating or sleep. He has been shot and thrown out of 2nd story windows. He has tried to commit suicide. Terry, with Parkinson's, has had the living crap beaten out of him and is still alive. Bunchy hit (or killed) a cop with a hammer and isn't in jail. I could go on and on. I think we have all learned to look past stuff which is obviously not believable. At least I have...
  12. Why do you think the half-, not step-brother isn’t autistic? The father talked about his autism so I assumed he isn’t lying about it. In episode 2 Eve was completely naked before entering the pool, while swimming and then after she got out. That’s more nudity for one character than on most shows.
  13. What makes you think Brendan has depth? The lax players didn't think so and the support group coordinator didn't appreciate him hitting on her. Plus, I think he is looking for excuses as to why his father constantly disappoints him so he decides it is because the father has to deal with the son with autism.
  14. When Noah is driving Margaret's car and the reporter calls he picks the call up via the car's blue tooth connection. I seriously doubt he had the time and inclination to pair his phone with the car. Really shoddy writing, if you can call it that. I do think that Julia Telles' acting was terrific in this episode and has been good the whole season. That may be the only positive for season 5. Anna Paquin was pretty good on True Blood. She is awful on The Affair. I can't tell how much of it is the writing and directing.
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