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  1. I liked seeing Dominique Wilkins but he really had nothing to say.
  2. Dminches

    The Great

    Just finished it. I thought it was so well done. The actors did a great job creating "real" characters. From Catherine to Peter to Velementov to Marial to the rest of them. What a performance by 22 year-old Elle Fanning. I hope this propels her to other great roles. I don't know why people are bothered by the historical inaccuracies when the show clearly states it is mostly fiction. Just enjoy it!
  3. Axe probably bought the motel while they were on the plane. Wendy's line may have been the best line of the entire series. Sara wanted them to buy up the fossil fuel position that the university was selling. Taylor said no. Axe Capital did it instead and that pissed off Sara since it would have made a lot of money for Mason Cap. I am not sure why the CEOs of the fossil fuel companies had to get involved.
  4. And now there is another version of Axe, Prince, with his sidekick. Now the 2 sidekicks can go toe to toe with their billionaire insults. They have run out of ideas. Now that Taylor is losing left and right I wonder how that will change her. This may be the only interesting storyline left.
  5. This show is just too full of itself. I feel like they are trying to see how bizarre they can make it and still have people interested. That never ends well.
  6. Secret to whom? Judy knows that Steve has a twin brother. Or do you mean to the audience?
  7. Dminches

    Normal People

    We just finished this and thought it was excellent. It did a great job of showing how complex people and relationships are. There were times when both of them failed to say things the viewer felt should be said, which is realistic. People normally don't communicate well. Both characters have demons which both drive them and inhibit them.
  8. Axe’s beard was pretty long. It would take 2-3 weeks minimum to grow that. No way he would stay away that long. He can’t go 10 minutes without looking at his phone.
  9. I really like this show but it has morphed into just entertainment as opposed to having believable story lines and characters. For example, why wasn’t Wendy on top of the discourse in the work place. Isn’t that her job? Instead she asks Jade for guidance? If Axe knew that Taylor was there as Chuck’s spy he would not have allowed it to go on for 4 months before confronting her. I could go on and on.
  10. This may have been the worst episode of the season. The only good scene was between the 2 women discussing their husbands’ deaths. The other scenes were either poorly done or just not necessary. They just need to end the “battle” between 2 floors of the same company. The bake off was a complete waste of resources. Plus, why would Max be fired outright given it was Leif who was supplying Joan’s team with the code? He should be the one fired. This show acts like none of the viewers have ever had a job or been involved in personnel or business decisions. How did Joan go from being a hard ass boss to a friend to everyone now? All of a sudden she is understanding? Mo’s character adds nothing to the show other than giving Zoey someone to talk to. Branching off into Mo’s own storylines is a mistake. Plus, his boyfriend didn’t even get the job. Jeez. This show was great for the first half of the season. Now it has become just another random dramedy.
  11. This episode ended it to for me. Too many things happened which make no sense. Among them: Mia can barely afford to put food on the table or rent a hotel room (they slept in the car) but she is willing to sell her most valuable artwork and give $30,000 to someone else? Also, if Mia is that poor how is she associated with an art dealer? Did smoke alarms go off when she burned the art work? Mia is depending on Elena for the bulk of her salary but she has no issue crossing her and basically asking to be fired. How clever for one brother to like Pearl but Pearl wants to sleep with the other one. How is it that the couple couldn't find another baby to adopt? The one left in Cleveland was the only baby available? I really like the actors they picked for this but the writing and storyline are embarrassingly bad.
  12. Are we to assume that Peter Gallagher only wanted to do 1 season since it seems like he won’t last past the last episode? If so, it is a shame since his singing has been excellent.
  13. This show is starting to morph into a typical network show. Most of the singing and dancing is well done but the story lines and character interactions are becoming way too cliche-ish. Bummer.
  14. Why didn't Linda and her husband just go out and adopt a baby after it became clear she shouldn't get pregnant? Why was May Ling the only baby they could adopt? Makes no sense to me other than to create drama.
  15. This was my least favorite episode. Up to this point I didn't feel like the show was using cliche-ish bits and non-believable happenings (other than Zoey being able to hear people's minds). Last night, that changed. Having Jessica overhear the conversation between Zoey and her mom was a bit too much. Not only did it have to be a "right place, right time" situation, but the place was loud with music. I can barely hear the person with whom I am speaking in those situations. Second, I don't buy that Jessica would announce to everyone the shame she feels at her own engagement party. Finally, burning up the rose display was just too dramatic. Before this episode the show was covering real problems in real ways. Last night they jumped the shark. I hope this isn't a sign of what's to come.
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