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  1. While this show is entertaining, it completely void of any substance. It has become just a soap opera. With so many of these people they seem to treat 2 week relationships like they are long and stable. Not surprised Tina and Bette will have another go at it.
  2. Their relationship is so complicated because each of them has very different issues. I don’t have the patience to wade through them and type them but, in simple terms, Mira is manipulative and will do whatever she can to get what she wants. Jonathan is weaker but, through time and therapy, has learned to live with the pain of Mira ending their marriage and is now all about moving on. He knows that another turn with Mira is not in his best interest. More importantly, Isaac’s and Chastain’s performances are amazing. They are Jonathan and Mira.
  3. Did Rupert’s wife sell her share or just give it to Rebecca? If she just gave the shares to Rebecca I don’t see how that qualifies as “he got his money out before the shit hit the fan.” I don’t see how exposing Ted’s panic attack devalues the franchise. They are 1 win away from moving back up. That in itself will add value if they win.
  4. I see. This is different than having an accent tied to a foreign language which is your situation, but I have retained about 20% of my NY accent after 30+ years away. I can definitely see losing a lot of it in your case.
  5. I am not defending her nor agreeing with her explanation but having an altered accent is not the same as speaking a language fluently. I grew up in NY but have lived outside of NY for the past 35 years. My accent has changed as a result. I believe that's what she was saying. You seem to be mixing up the accent and the ability to speak the language. In fact, your situation seems to mimic what she is saying regarding the changed accent.
  6. Kidman explained that the accent reflected that the was born in Russia but lived a lot of her life in the US and also spoke 7 languages. So, to have a straight Russian accent wouldn’t make sense.
  7. That episode was just awful. I guess the Delaware AG has nothing to do so he can just take meetings from billionaires and other AGs who are just looking to screw other people. There used to be some depth to the characters and dialog. The is no evidence of that anymore. Now that Chuck and Wendy are done as a couple they have nothing left for Wendy to do or say. What she does say is just a repeat of the same lines she has been delivering for 5 seasons now.
  8. Couldn't she confirm her identity by having a DNA test? That would be more accurate than knowing your parents.
  9. Angie's biological Dad is sick and needs a kidney. I thought that was made pretty clear. Regarding Carrie, I don't understand how the fact that she was adopted affects her ethnicity I would assume she did a DNA test which said she was 100% Irish. Plus, didn't she say she met her birth mother which would further support her ancestry?
  10. That wasn’t the original theme. Ted may have had that reputation from American football but the theme was Rebecca wanted the team to crash and burn to get back at her cheating husband. It was only after she learned to like Ted and try to eliminate negativity from her life that she became interested in winning. I also don’t think Ted has changed. He has always hidden behind his goofiness. It worked well when he was married but now that he is on his own in a foreign country away from his kid he can’t keep those feelings bottled up.
  11. People shouldn't be discussing the book in the thread. Someone always slips or gives away information which ruins it for those who have not read it.
  12. Unless they were drugged. I thought the conversations during the time that the men and women were separate were great. Several of them really spoke truthfully about themselves. Napoleon's "grace" speech was very sad. He is trying to convince himself that he is fine but he clearly isn't. Maybe he has been spending all his energy helping Heather, not realizing he needs to take care of himself too.
  13. My understanding is that the transitioning daughter already tried to kill herself. Edie is starting to evolve away from death. She has made a “pros” and “cons” list and the “pros” side has been growing. But, there are some people whose physical illnesses will result in death and they desire to end their life on their own terms.
  14. I don't think that will happen since season 2 is covering a different cast and story line.
  15. It looks like they are applying the “True Detective” approach to “The White Lotus.” I hope they come up with some better stories. Season 1 was ok at best.
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