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  1. Told you they are jealous of Kristin. They are in “relationships” with men who are bored with them. K gets it on the regular, without a single qualm. You go, girl!
  2. Kristin gets laid. Constantly. With her freak on in parking lots. Could be why they hate her. Envy.
  3. So much this! she had a real good time decorating that nursery, but now she’s done. she needs her mom to tell her that that baby is so finite, and you will miss the sweet smallness one day. but YMMV
  4. Poor Scheana. But her face after showing Brett’s current squeeze stills of the “music” (there’s no music) video she shot with Brett should be a gif. she’s in on the joke i mean, they are all vulgar and rude —I am so with Ariana on the easy insults and pointless put downs — so Scheana’s nails, hair and accent are no more laughable than the rest. (Sheet cake? How did these people work in an upscale LA restaurant and know nothing about food?) and Kristin — you go, girl. Knew I was right about you!
  5. The call that Issa didn’t answer was from Trina, the pain the ass tenant with the mouthy kid. The reveal of Simone was a great visual gag. No planning at all.
  6. I am truly curious about what Scheana is doing with the eggs and all. I assume that she hopes to find a host to bear this child. Is that wrong of me? She possesses sufficient funds to pay for these elaborate surgeries, with their attendant risks. In that case, she undoubtedly possesses the resources to bear and care for a child. Why not have a child? Spare you all the lecture. Just seems absurd to this viewer. Some idiot status symbol that is ill-thought out, like emerald lawns.
  7. Raquel told the truth when she said sober sex was better. She implied that James was often impotent. I said before that everyone drinks too much to be having much sex. IIRC, last time it was mentioned as going on it was Jax and Brittany. Trying to win her back, he was wooing her for morning and afternoon sex. That was a year ago. maybe Stassi is getting it (but he drinks as well). Kristin is always getting it. Her men have no choice. Woman’s a tiger. IMHO, of course.
  8. Why did Brittany go unhazed by Weho witches? For me, it is simple. She is Jax’s girl and Jax is the alpha. I recall (YMMV) that Stassi stayed with Jax because it assured that she was alpha female. Her power in the group flowed from him. When they split, she left the group. In any event, Brittany is the woman to whom they all defer now. As Jax’ mate, she is number one. She handles it differently, but she can snap a whip. Recall that Jax slept with Kristen, in the most casual way, neither of them really even liking the other. She liked having that over Stassi and it soiled Jax for Stassi. I don’t think it would cross the either of the Toms’ mind to go after Jax’ girl. As king, he has his pick. But it was a conquest for Kristin, I am sure. Wasn’t she the one that told? Jax hardly remembered it. anyway, what I think.
  9. These men do so much drinking that I doubt if any of them, in their late thirties, can perform in bed. odds are they just pass out most nights
  10. Not a huge fan of VV, but his line about Joey needing time to handle his penis and “a couple of watches might get ruined.” (Shrug) was inspired and very funny.
  11. Jax seemed unhappy throughout the entire affair. All he would say is “$100,000.” Vulgar. I wonder if his anger toward FI was displaced, because he cannot admit he hates Brittany for forcing this on him: expense, ceremony, marriage. all his touting “change and growth” is so much trying to convince himself. I wish I understood the necessity of excluding his mother and then feeling betrayed that she didn’t reach out. Hard to imagine a set of circumstances where both things would be true. Luckily, his bride is as self-centered and delusional as he, so maybe they’ll make it work. Every argument will begin with “$100,000,” tho.
  12. All those hillbillies reacting to “weed” as though it isn’t KY’s top cash crop.
  13. Except didn’t she throw him out? He was staying at Larry’s. When did they reconcile? couple things: coatracks are good for purses, even in LA this ep not as funny as last, which was crazy funny. When that red sauce landed on that beautiful white linen upholstered chair, I felt a physical pain.
  14. Swear to God, this was a plot point on VEEP.
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