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    And it's not like white supremacist domestic terrorists tried to overthrow the government last month, or that the (real life) FBI says that white supremacist extremists are the biggest threat to the country or anything, no, of course not...
  2. I disagree; I think it's why there are so many popular slash ships to begin with, because there are so many super close, emotionally deep friendships between guys. Honestly, I think it's the "bros who like the same beer and sports teams" types of friendships that are rare in media. It's way more common that you see "bromances" (and, I'd argue, why that's even a term in the first place) where they're incredibly close and going through all this dramatic, emotional stuff together, at least that I've seen. Maybe we're watching different things, though, and interpretations vary. I do agree that
  3. Yeah, I also thought it was a different woman. Just like how "Random Lab Tech" was some random actress, and then once Zapata realized who she was, in the next scene she was in, it was Patterson. I thought the original lady was Asian as well (or at least had some Asian ancestry), just a different Asian lady than the one she turned into later. I'm not sure what the deal with the credits is, but she definitely looked like a different actress to me.
  4. I'm not sure how/how long a Will and McCoy relationship could work, so I kind of didn't see the point of his return. The reason things didn't work between them to begin with was that he didn't want kids, and that's enough of a dealbreaker when having a kid is some nebulous thing that exists in a hypothetical future. A kid that more or less already exists is an even bigger deal, and unless I missed something, McCoy hasn't changed his mind. (Not that he should, I don't want kids either, but I feel like it does make you incompatible with someone who wants/has them.) There's a Deadline interv
  5. Definitely. Like I said, on one hand I wanted him with Danny, but I also don't think he ever really came across as being interested in romance. Danny was almost constantly in a relationship and Steve never seemed to particularly care that much (it surprised me that in the end it was Steve with a love interest and Danny single since it was the opposite of how it was for most of the show). Some people are just not the relationship type, and there's nothing wrong with that...I wish shows didn't feel the need to always pair off every character.
  6. (Replying separately here because I just realized these paragraphs somehow got left out of my reply above and it wouldn't let me go back and put them in.) I think a large part of it was due to the actress. I really disliked Catherine, although I had no issues with Quinn. I definitely thought at one point she was going to be Steve's love interest because (although they weren't carbon copies of each other or anything) I thought she was fairly similar to Catherine, but without all the baggage/bad history. Yeah. That's one of the reasons I usually am not a fan of romance in shows,
  7. Yeah, there were so many times family members should've been there. I get that they probably couldn't get the actors, or didn't want to, but I feel like there should've at least been comments about where they were/why they weren't there. Oh, that's an interesting idea! I didn't even think of her (I was thinking about women that had been love interests in the past, or that I thought the show was hinting were maybe going to be) but I think I would've liked that more than any of them.
  8. Well...I'm not sure if The Good Place had my least favorite series finale anymore. Anyone who saw my posts on that thread knows I really, really hated that finale, so even though I'm not as...super passsionately angry about this one, we had 5 times as much time with these characters so I was more invested in them, and I was just...really sad about this one (and I was not in a great mood when I watched it because of everything going on right now, so that probably influenced how I felt about it at least to some degree). First of all, I'm annoyed at Peter Lenkov's "you have to be married and h
  9. Same. There were two things that bothered me last season (Jake changing his mind about wanting kids, and the way the storyline with Nikolaj's biological father was handled) so I was close to being done, anyway, but now that a baby storyline is actually happening, it sealed it. I also just didn't think the first episode was funny at all. So I ended up deleting the second episode without watching it and removed the show from my DVR schedule. It's also possible I'm letting my utter hatred of the Good Place finale affect my opinion here, but...I'm just over this show.
  10. What's craziest to me is how much anger I've seen on other sites. Luckily everyone here, at least that I've seen, is pretty nice and respectful of differing opinions, but I've seen some pretty intense arguments with all kinds of name calling and insults elsewhere online, which is bizarre to me. I've watched some other shows that had divisive endings that led to lots of drama, but nothing quite like this. Yeah, you're right. Religion is such a personal thing, and a lot of people are really...I want to say protective of their beliefs, but I feel like that's not quite the right word (like I
  11. Haha, yeah. It doesn't make sense to me, but I'm definitely in the minority when it comes to my interpretation of this episode. I kind of had the thought last night about it not being real but can't remember where that thought went...I think my thought was that even though it's not real, it's still better than just nothingness. (I've been out sick and am just returning to work so my schedule is all screwed up right now and I'm sleep deprived...normally I'm more coherent than I am right now!) It's crazy how much thought I've put into this finale...as much as I didn't like it, I will say
  12. Ah, that makes way more sense. I've read elsewhere (and there are people on other sites still continuing to repeat it) that he had the entire show planned out all along, which doesn't make sense to me.
  13. So I keep thinking about this and trying to further analyze my thoughts, and I think for me it's actually not all that complicated. I don't know if it's because I'm not religious or what, but none of the "it's not suicide because they're not alive", "it's about enlightenment/peace/nirvana/whatever tenet of whatever religion" arguments ultimately work for me. I just can't see it as anything other than a group of people deciding that they're bored with life and killing themselves. No matter how many different interpretations I read, none of them resonate with or ring true to me. To me it's about
  14. The more I think about it, the more annoyed I am that there wasn't more. I know the showrunners say it was all planned out all along, but I don't know that I believe that. Spending so much time on the "human experiment" that ended up basically leading nowhere was a bad choice in my opinion, and throwing the eternal door in so close to the end made it seem rushed to me. I felt like it could've been more balanced. Also, I'm not sure that keeping the show so short was their decision, because I feel like there's just so much more they could've done. For one example, I wish the soulmate concept
  15. I don't know how or why I got it into my head that it was a metaphor, but that was the way I interpreted it, for whatever reason. Obviously I was wrong. It's not the show itself that I found pointless, it's the subject of the show. I mean, you could say all fiction is pointless, I suppose, it depends on your perspective. If fiction entertains someone, or teaches them something new, or gives them a new way of thinking about something, I think it serves a purpose. Religion/theology, for me, doesn't serve a purpose, and given that that's what this show was about, I ultimately felt like it was
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