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  1. My. IvySpice said, and I quote, "What's wrong with him?" I said, "Apparently nothing; I guess he wants to be on TV."
  2. Agreed! @Pepper Mostly, this is your finest work.
  3. The Korea and Jordan plotlines are driving me nuts. You DON'T LIKE EACH OTHER. BREAK UP!!
  4. It makes sense that Quaylon would be better off making a fresh start in Houston with his mother and sister. That said, they were pretty ridiculous talking like Kansas City is one giant episode of "The Wire" while Houston is Shangri-La. There are gangs and criminals in Houston, and the Quays don't look like they live in River Oaks. Besides, sharing Shavel's middle-class-adjacent home and family is not exactly crashing at a drug den.
  5. I have worked with a young man on the autism spectrum who was bullied like that in COLLEGE. He ended up expelled from college because of what they tricked him into doing. It was like some middle school nightmare from an after-school special. So...I can believe some real dark shit happened to Shandon.
  6. LOL! Jeez, Kalani and Asuelu, BREAK UP ALREADY. You are obviously miserable together. Therapy is not going to fix it. I remain concerned that Oliver, while adorable, is behind developmentally. Walking is the only behavior we see from him and not from his baby brother. They are more than a year apart. I don't attribute this to the extended breastfeeding, but I just don't see the differences between the kids that should be there.
  7. Her eyebrows, too. It looked good. Until I noticed the roots, I thought it was natural, and it enhanced her beauty. Shandon and Alana were both so pretty. I wonder why newlywed Alana's wife wasn't at the intervention? It seemed like Alana was doing pretty well (nice house, marriage, smart aesthetic choices). When Alana said she wanted Shandon to care about herself, Shandon said something like, "Just don't worry about it. I don't." Yeah, Shandon, Alana isn't on enough fentanyl to kill an elephant! She has to feel her feelings.
  8. God, what a tragedy! I didn’t think the dad would stick to the bottom line, so I’m at least glad that he’s not enabling Shandon, but that was a daisy chain of pain if I’ve ever seen one. The mom would have been all of 36 when she died? And lung cancer is not a pleasant way to go or for loved ones to watch. What kind of denial does it take to watch your daughter’s tricks come and go at all hours and just “guess” what she’s doing to make money? Damn straight, life is not fair. None of that was fair to anyone.
  9. This show is 95% train wreck, but the hair scene between mother and daughters felt authentic and was valuable for a wider audience to see. Good for Karen for teaching her daughters ownership of their hair and bodies. I don't want children to stay "innocent" if innocent means they are wondering whether they have a right to say no or not.
  10. Yeah, the Yang/Pete segment was good. They are both terrific guests. I had to fast-forward the Covid segment. Planes don't have recycled air, but more importantly, their importance to the overall functioning of the economy is not comparable to pro sports (or live comedy). Utter apples and oranges in terms of which operations are actually essential. If we want places 3000 miles apart to function as one country, we need planes. Jackass.
  11. Right? When he was conceiving the SIXTH child with her he was just getting laid? I read that stylistic choice as still trying to look like Michael Jordan in 1992:
  12. To me, the kids seemed very coached in their THs. We'll see how that develops. I took the outfits to be school uniforms. Nil. Mom kept saying "Not one round of IVF!" as though that's the only reproductive technology in the world. If you're using Clomid, you're not conceiving "natually." These multiple pregnancies are risky to mom AND babies; they've already lost one baby, and the previews make clear that she's in for another preterm birth. This is really irresponsible when you're already mom to 11. I really wish reality TV would show us a family with kids with severe disabilities. That's the reality of triplets-plus for most families.
  13. I was just relieved that the two of them were on the same page about something. They have two babies together and don't even show the minimal affection I'd expect between friends. At least they both believe in ghosts. I was waiting for Kalani to give an eyeroll about his beliefs. I don't care what your beliefs are, but you shouldn't expect a marriage to last when you don't share them.
  14. I love Ethiopian food, including the raw minced beef, but I don't order it due to food safety concerns...in AMERICA. I would not want to eat it in Ethiopia whatsoever. So I give Janice a lot of credit for gracefully eating it from a total stranger's hand. I don't think we've ever seen a family member eat something that "scary" (from a sheltered U.S. perspective) with such a good attitude. The only place I eat raw meat and fish at any random restaurant is Japan. They have way higher safety standards than we do. Since I have no life, I looked up expat apartments in Addis Ababa, and they are not nearly as cheap as I imagined. Obviously I'm looking at listings in English, so I'm going to be seeing the top end. But at least in the cosmopolitan neighborhoods, it's not like you can live in luxury with servants for the price of a modest apartment in the U.S. I am hoping against hope that we will finally see Parents Sumit. Wife Sumit, on the other hand, has suffered enough. I'm crossing my fingers that she's not so desperate for money that she'd be humiliated on TV for our entertainment.
  15. These men probably want someone who, like them, has some education and class, so Deavan's out of luck there. In Utah, a lot of them want a religious woman. In their eyes, Deavan's a tramp.
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