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  1. I guess Stephan is an apple that never even left the tree. It's a measure of my low opinion of him that I'm impressed that he acted like a human being for three minutes. His mom is going to sit down and give Kayla a lesson on manners? "You didn't send a thank-you...that's rude!" So is punching people. Once again we see Rachel starting a relationship without ever discussing birth control. What's the over-under on how many months it will take before she's pregnant a third time? I need to start fast-forwarding through Brianna's segments again. Her inappropriate rage and screaming at her
  2. I don't care how fancy your coach is, you still have to train your tuchus off to get good at this. These kids earned their progress. All I care about is that _I_ didn't have to pay for the ninja coach, while I am forced as a taxpayer to pay for tons of football and basketball coaches (in high school, not just college). The highest paid public employee in 40 of the 50 states is an athletic coach. Screw that. So spend millions if you want to, Lebsack's Mom! It doesn't take a nickel out of my pocket, and I get to be entertained watching your kid to boot.
  3. Oh, show. How I have missed you. There are not many places on TV to see a living, breathing stereotype like Rachel. She’s like the hillbilly in the collective imaginations of Beverly Hills, the Upper East Side, and Aspen. I keep waiting for someone with a banjo to walk into the frame. I guess the cast members sold theirs for meth. Stephan remains pure garbage and as ugly as ever. How he can imagine himself to be a “dad,” I’ll never know. Father, ok, but dad? You have to know how old your kid is to be a dad.
  4. If we're getting into a castle being a defensive stronghold, putting your structure way out on a narrow cantilever extended from a cliff face totally qualifies. No enemy could launch a surprise attack on Zack & Wayne's structure. You put two guys at the cliff end of the bridge and you're good. It's basically the Eyrie. The winning brothers' castle took my breath away. The use of color, the varied and unexpected asymmetry of the towers, the surprising degree of action and storyline in a stationary piece (catching the bridge in the moment of collapse)...just superb overall. It looked li
  5. blackwing, you're right -- I'll edit my post.
  6. I thought the ranking of teams this week was exactly right. I disagree that they just stuck the giraffe head on top of the jellyfish; it was clever to have a million giraffe-leg tentacles flowing from the jellyfish. I also loved the transparent kelp. That was some of the most beautiful scene creation this season. They even achieved an impressively sturdy creature given that it was supported above the surface in contrast to everyone else's grounded characters. The judges put them in the middle where they belonged. The coral was a goddamn embarrassment. I could absolutely have built somethi
  7. This!! They're toys, for Pete's sake. This ought to be fun. Let's see what's possible with Legos. I loved the parade floats -- why not more challenges like that? For me, like Great British Baking Show, last season was a great pandemic watch. I don't find Zach and Wayne arrogant because they have backed up every boast with excellence. To quote Will Smith, "Not conceited, I'm as good as I say I am." Between the fencing puppet, the archery hat, and the dragon in the first challenge (which was maybe my favorite build ever), they have earned my respect. If they drive their build off a cliff ne
  8. Yes, yes, we do. That will never not be funny. It's the best moment of the entire series IMHO.
  9. Maybe I'm older than some other commentators, but jokes about how losing athletes will be sent to the glue factory (or that horrible fates will befall their families) are familiar to me as a dig on Communism. The Olympics of my childhood were all about the Cold War: "10, 10, 9...oh, only a 6 from the East German judge!" Athletes really got sent to Siberia. Parents didn't have a choice about sending their kid to be chewed up by the gymnastics machine. In the Olympics, American spectators lumped all the Eastern Bloc countries together as the enemies, and we didn't much distinguish the Soviets fr
  10. Wow, Roger’s outcome looked amazing! Honestly, even without the plastic surgeon, when his nose was just raw edges with the tumors chopped off, that was still a huge improvement over where he was. He didn’t even have a human face before. Now he has a kind of ugly, asymmetrical nose that I wouldn’t give a second glance. Unbelievable improvement. It wasn’t clear what made the bleeding issue in this surgery so difficult. I mean, doctors regularly amputate arms and legs, which have to have greater blood supply than a rhinophyma. The removal steps we saw looked well controlled and almost routin
  11. I agree that Dr. Lee could do a much better job communicating with people whose conditions have a psychiatric component. Problems "in your head" are REAL. Psychosomatic stomach cramps or heart palpitations or hives are real. Minimizing or dismissing these problems is a very common issue across medical specialties. That said, I don't think Dr. Lee is doing this because she doesn't care. It looks to me like a failure of understanding rather than a failure of caring. IMHO, letting an open lipoma fester on your shoulder for decades is a much worse psychiatric symptom than psychogenic pruritus,
  12. I've gotten used to some pretty gross stuff on this show, but I was watching Roger through my fingers like it was Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm having all this psychosomatic scalp itching just writing about it. I desperately need to see those things come off his face before I can have peace. He needed his own Very Special Episode. I think there's something else going on besides a lack of insurance. Maybe he had a bad experience with a doctor 10 years ago and was scared to go back. Maybe he's undocumented and feared arrest. Maybe he's just been too ashamed to leave his house since his face
  13. I’m not down with cutting off family members when they transition, even in small towns in the 90s. Clayton was pretty hateful misgendering Lisa in 2018, when even heroin addicts have access to a clue — looks like he learned that at home. That said, Lisa was Ms. Drama and Ms. Victim, and I’m not down with that either. Is it possible anybody else in the family matters at all, Lisa? Poor Nicole trying to love everyone.
  14. I know an addiction is never as simple as the sum of all pains. But this was one of those stories where I just had pity for Elann. To lose your dad to suicide (which has to feel like abandonment) and then face the sudden death of your young, healthy brother? I'd want to numb all that out, too. Utter tragedy all around. Poor, poor Tracy.
  15. Funny, that's a classic Jewish mother approach, too...😄
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