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  1. I attended a baptist college and was made to sign a moral contract to attend. Violation of it was grounds for dismissal. I remember a section disallowing opposite sex individuals from living together if they weren’t related. Being openly gay or trans was not tolerated. I’m sure that college had a similar code. If you can’t follow the rules regardless of how archaic, dont attend.
  2. Did she walk in singing herself down the aisle? That’s different.
  3. I think that was a reference in JuJu’s read in the first episode
  4. Just saw a post on the family Instagram. Anna received a ‘special’ diploma. I’m in Ohio and upon graduation I think you either get a diploma or a certificate of attendance. Anyone know about this is GA?
  5. What exactly makes someone a ‘chef’ and worthy of the title?
  6. Oh Darcy. You are beyond embarrassing.
  7. He should date Steph. I would watch that.
  8. In all seriousness what illness does/did stephanie have? I actually do wantto google it.
  9. I’m shocked she didn’t directly plug her site.
  10. Wow what an embarrassing Bitch. that applies to everyone on the show now
  11. I actually think that is doing everything right!
  12. I swear I had it in January. Had every symptom they list. It was horrific. Oh noooo! I am so sorry.
  13. Shiiiiiiiiit I might need to watch the full 10 hours of the tell all
  14. Can anyone on this show cry with tears?
  15. Can’t wait til next season & Darcy has a new guy
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