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  1. Hasn’t it been established that Andrea knew Lamar since/in high school? If he grew up in LA, I assume she did too. So why is she acting like she isn’t from California? I also thought she lived in LA when she was on another reality show.
  2. Where does each couple live? And how far from the farm & Amy?
  3. Hey Audrey, know who needs to breathe? Covid patients on ventilators. Wear a frigging mask!!!!!
  4. Don’t let trouble find you, you beautiful people.
  5. And break the cycle. I have a feeling Lindsey’s mom is a garbage human too.
  6. Michael of the thruple was paroled from MI to NY I think.
  7. Quaylon is definitely moving to Houston.
  8. I would love a spin off of limo driver picking up & commenting on every jail pick up.
  9. Whoa. A woman of strong character!? What is Shondra locked up for?
  10. Man I’m really pulling for Quaylon.
  11. Those damn kids hanging off the back of the boat are scary! That rope almost got one of them. Also I guess auj posting about how expensive/difficult getting a boat was worked & she was probably able to get a follower/‘friend’ to mooch from. I grew up boating & have lots of friends now who are ‘boat parents’. I have never seen anything as irresponsible as this.
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