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  1. I feel like I missed something with Vivaldi. I didn’t find her snatch game Nikki very good nor funny. Kita Minaj was fantastic! I thought Tabitha would have won Santch game, but her runway was not good.
  2. I understand Rachel was in the Marines, but I always assumed the reserved Veterans parking spots were for older people who served. I don’t know why of all the things THAT annoyed me.
  3. Was going to comment on Jeremiah bringing his son on his first date w Linda/Monica. Who the heck does that!? You ‘meet’ a liar on the internet and immediately introduce her to your son.
  4. And his face is never strained. Everything is just so beautiful and stunning.
  5. Next season I would love to see a different icon feature the vogue move of the episode. That finale performance of Deshaun’s highlighted all 5 cleanly & perfectly. Let’s see what it should be then how each house interprets it.
  6. Do the judges see a completely different or longer performance than we do? No shade, real question. Semi final episode told me what I already knew - Balenciaga is a bunch of assholes. Dashaun is one of the sexiest men humans ever.
  7. 7. I haaaaate awarding of additional points for the second challenge. Balenciaga’s main challenge was boring and unoriginal - they should have been in the bottom. Simone was completely right - this was bs. Law needs to stfu. 8. Wow Law redeemed himself telling off Honey. How utterly disrespectful! Lol to ChaCha believing scores are based on performance. Maybe wardrobe crew were Tisci fans.
  8. Between Rosé and Danali I have thrown up my hands over my sexuality confusion and just enjoyed the view! Both are just stunning individuals inside and out! And I love that they seem to have a really great friendship. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. Was coming to post this exact thing. What a bummer.
  10. It wasn’t until you made that comment that I realized I was confusing Patrick Starr with Jeffree Star and didn’t understand why Kandy chose Jeffree to impersonate.
  11. Heaven forbid these Christians cancel their plans (while still paying) and spend the day pulling people out of ditches or provide rides to stranded motorists.
  12. I give up. Kandy’s scene & runway were awful. Again. And I see she borrowed Olivia’s wig & made a similar costume for the bag challenge. I do not understand the love. eta: per Kandy’s Twitter they happened to bring the same wig.
  13. Kandy is dumb as a box of rocks. I would feel sorry for her if she weren’t such an a hole. Between Ru asking for her ‘musings’ and her interpretation of arrogant. Get off my screen. Producers need to stop keeping these subpar individuals for drama. And Kade/Gottmik is on here because he is a celebrity make up artist and trans. It actually bothers me on behalf of drag performers/artists who have put in the work & sacrifice for having someone on the show that only has looks with zero performance ability. Hate her after running outside w Kandy also loved watching Kandy run away li
  14. Kandy’s runway was tragic. No way did she deserve top 3. It looked so similar to her mini challenge runway episode 2. And the make up is awful. I know it’s really about who can make Ru laugh. I’m still partial to the ‘losers’ group so I’m just bitter!
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