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  1. The part I hate about the "infidelity" plotline is that the focus-not just from fans but from the show as well -is how terrible Jaime is for not instantly stopping Doug Burkas. He kissed her and I saw surprise slowing her and a very quick moment of temptation. Paul PRIOR to that almost went home with another woman, after clearly thinking about it for a while. He asked her to walk with him, then asked to go home with her. He didn't, but I think what he did is far, far worse. But the show even points out how Paul is let off the hook, in one quick line, while everyone blames Jaime. The previouslies even kept playing the (not exactly true) line, " I kissed Doug Burkas." It drives me crazy and I feel Paul would have been the one given no blame no matter what, but I feel it's an example of a double standard between men and women.
  2. An article on sea shanties and their recent popularity from the NYT. The song Stephen sang was extensively discussed. The songs were to build community and help working, even with multilingual groups. That may be why they are suddenly popular.
  3. DS9 isn't like other shows with bottle episodes of backstory episodes that don't relate to the main story after the first season and a half or so. Almost every episode has the overall arc built into it and includes plot points that affect that arc. I'm not familiar with this wiki you're using but once the war starts basically EVERY episode connects with very few exceptions, and those tend to be the series best in many ways. Reallt, once they first discover there is a Dominion every episode has things that build into the war and a lot of earlier episodes and up with payoffs later during the war. It's just not like other network shows because the level of serialization is very high.
  4. I think it's the champion's total plus $3000 ($2000 for second place and $1000 for third). I liked Ken so far, and think his genuine love of the game shows. I remember in the GOAT tournament he mentioned that he studied Alex's vocal patterns to improve his buzzer time, since you can't ring in until the clue is read in full. I wonder if that has influenced how Ken reads the clues.
  5. Austin is just too distracting. He's too much personality and "look at me" for a Jeopardy! host, since the game should be the focus, not the host.
  6. Except that there are real-life politicians in their 70s with teenage kids. It may be related to having a troubled relationship past which could drive some stories, like if an ex is threatening to tell something to the press. Just off the top of my head.
  7. Why would Daphne, a Recency woman, have any issues drinking any amount of alcohol while pregnant? It's like all the people complaining that the pull out method isn't that effective--in that time, people thought it was.
  8. 2/5 but two of the others I should have gotten. I'm sadly familiar with pyrric victories and knew it was Catcher in the Rye instantly. Any other moment I would also know J.D. Salinger wrote Catcher. If course, when it really counted in FJ I was left grasping at an empty brain. I somehow feel better about getting Lamaze wrong since I never knew that was a person (though even a moment's thought should have told me). It's just that weird hyperventilating that somehow some male somewhere thought seemed like how to have a baby. (Seriously-- if that helped AT ALL, women would have figured it out centuries ago.)
  9. With all respect to Alex, but the Spanish didn't discover any of the Americas since people were already here. But you especially can't say they discovered something when you say in the same breath that a little boy lead them to it! That makes me think "I don't think that word means what you think it means!" Sorry. But that bugged. The game was good but I do hope we get to see people in familiar with, like some of those who made the various ultimate TOC games. I get the theme but I like connecting with the contestants more. Pam Mueller for example would be fun to see.
  10. Although Roz did call Bulldog out for that accent.
  11. Woa!! Thank you saber for the amazing honor of a win shared with toothbrush! I need to check in more often but I keep being late watching so I don't want clues spoiled. So lovely and unexpected!! 3/5 with 1*. I knew it was Cyrano but I couldn't dredge up his name.
  12. 3/5 with 1*. Unicorns. I thought I already posted this but apparently the submit button didn't take. I'm sorry!!
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