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  1. I liked the 90s hip hop. I got 4/5 and could sing them all, which I did as each clue was revealed. (Why yes, I do live alone and my neighbors have thick walls.) I've even been to the Field Museum, but I couldn't place the Wold Columbian Expo, so I was flailing around in the southwestern US for museums named for someone, and obviously nowhere near Chicago.
  2. I think it was a state program, but they were using reading levels to predict which kids would go to prison, or at least profile for that. Not all Principal Shady, but still.
  3. It was the lady's own house. That was in the dialogue. Just back tracking, no aimless roaming required.
  4. Ailianna

    Fantasy literature

    I recently discovered Jo Spurrier, who has one completed trilogy (Children of the Black Sun) which is really something original, with real stakes, complex characters, and no easy answers. The world building is fantastic too. There's Juliet Marillier too, whom I've loved for a long time, but her books are very Celtic inspired. Her Seven waters series is her first and most popular, but she's done a lot of things other than those that I highly recommend. Her Caller series is a trilogy and finished, and while Celtic isn't romantic Celtic. One thing I've noticed us how many fantasy novel
  5. 3/5, 1A* Beignets and a range of coffee and cocoa products for all. Though I love gumbo and hot cider. I'm not sure why that specific combo is so good, but it is.
  6. I also enjoy feeling like a TOC is really high quality players with good game skills. I'd rather wait longer to have more really good players available.
  7. Every 3 months is only about 12 weeks, so even if every single champion qualified, you wouldn't have the 15 for a TOC. That's part of the reason they are so spread out and not regular, is waiting for enough qualifying players.
  8. The only reason I'm even looking at this is Ms. Bell, so mmv.
  9. You can put it on as background noise while doing chores or reading the news. That's what I'm doing.
  10. Yay Amy!! For FJ, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't accept "that one in Turkey where they think Noah's Ark is". But I did get that far.
  11. The screw actually was planted, so that didn't even have to be lied about. After they knew it was arson, and Dexter found Kurt's playground and disappeared. It all points to Kurt. Matt because he found something out. Kurt lied about him being in NYC, recall. And then Molly, who Kurt actually killed, Dexter already had reason to blame Kurt for. So it would fit fit Kurt to set Dexter's home on fire, and plant evidence in the ashes. Kurt could have been reasonably blamed for everything.
  12. Did you feel that way when James was steam rolling through his competitors?
  13. I think this is very much a case of mileage varying. I think she is still gracious and polite, though sometimes overwhelmed. I've never seen anything from her I felt was even slightly smug, though I can occasionally tell if she got FJ before it's revealed. But that seems more relief and the joy of figuring something out, or trying not to show disappointment if she didn't. I thought today's FJ could only be frontier, though I tried to think of anything else it could be.
  14. I really loved Barbara's speech about teaching her kids that they were just as good without all the material supplies, because that was something to carry with them. She embodies the sort of person who could teach in a poor district for so long without truly becoming cynical or burnt out. She respects her kids and herself and what each has to offer.
  15. Every time one of the chasers doesn't catch the players people bring up that the chaser must have taken a dive. Versus--Jonas brothers and American Idol not being things Ken knows about. Add in five pushbacks and this is what happens. The chasers are human, not infallible trivia gods.
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