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  1. I have SPectrum too and haven't had problems like that but mine does randomly decide I no longer get Sundance. I always enjoy Kyle Minogue, and she didn't disappoint this time.
  2. We sort of did, in this last year, when Chidi was trying to protect and teach Jason and keep his secret. It was a lot like Eleanor's intro to him as soulmate, but I think we saw how it would make Chidi crazy, and how Jason respects him. And Chidi must respect Jason too, based on some of what we saw in this episode. Jason can give good advice and truth, just in his Jacksonville way.
  3. Chadwick was quick with the salty nuts, though. I enjoyed him and the whole couch. What a pleasant, funny hour.
  4. Everyone is ragging on Stella for the patty-cake game with Brett. Like she spends hours every day practicing her technique or something. It was a quick, walking conversation, and frankly, I can see how the topic could come and go quickly. A lot of girls played variations on those games, and still do. My niece used to ask me to play with her. And taking a minute to break out an old skill that 10 year old you was proud of is both quick and normal, and just a sign of her friendship with Brett, in my opinion, not some sign that she's secretly preparing for the professional patty-cake tour. And yes, I see others calling it "pat-a-cake"; regional differences are another thing that can inspire a quick walk down memory lane.
  5. She's basically the PE teacher, which is why she doesn't supposedly need any training and why she is physically tired, since the chief made it clear he wants her to do all the exercises too (as opposed to being able to see what the students are doing...) and she had two classes with a 30 minute break. WHen she went to the furniture company, she said her legs were dead tired. I'm not justifying the lot, but it's not quite as awful as it could be. (That is not a challenge to the writers.)
  6. Of course they filmed this weeks or months ago when the commercials weren't airing.
  7. I was also surprised that Alex asked for a BMS whenJames answered liquor. Liquor wasn't even a little right, since the answer was volume, so why a BMS? I think that threw off the others too, until he gave the answer and they realized what the category was about.
  8. Can you explain this a little more? What is the safety issue?
  9. There is an Audible book read by William Jackson Harper that I just started and it is awesome!
  10. There's a lot of vitriol in the comments section to that article. I'm a little disappointed but not surprised that any 5th season will be a ways out, since that is how this show has been since the third season cancellation. Lots of things in the air, but taking years to come together. I would be more surprised if they were moving seamlessly into more episodes. There's a lot of anger that the other main original characters, such as Wallace, Weevil, Mac, (and honestly, I'm not sure who else...?) weren't featured more, but the reality is that it has been a lot of years for them too, and they have lives going on outside this particular show. I think it was something of a feat to get as much of them as they did.
  11. I like all three players, so it was hard to know that only one would go on, but Emma certainly earned it. I felt bad for Druv, since I think the college champs are usually at a bit of a disadvantage, not only from not having lived through as many events, but just not having had as many years to learn things as the others. I think he was a class act, though, and handled his defeat very graciously. Emma is definitely showing what she's got in these games so far. For FJ, I had a brief moment of being stuck on "How the West Was Won," but fortunately didn't stay on it so long that I couldn't get the correct answer before time ran out.
  12. This is definitely part of why I am enjoying the fork out of this season. I've watched this episode three times so far--and I've been out of town and had to sign up for the NBC app and then paid for the season on Amazon to watch it in a hotel room on a tablet. I also just noticed that when Brett starts to say "So..." there is a long moment of silence, and the next line is Janet popping in with the margaritas, and she says "Sorry." Was this supposed to be another clue to what Brett was going to say? It's not a complete sentence and it picks up seemingly from where Brett left off. Just something that struck me. On the third rewatch.
  13. I'm pretty sure they don't have editorial control. They could stop helping, but I think there's both money and good pr for the city coming in, so the real mayor's office has probably told them to cooperate (within reason) with the shows, which they do.
  14. Her name is Emma Boettcher.
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