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  1. 2/5. They may not fit the theme of our number, but I'm making homemade chocolate chip cookies for my friend's birthday, and I could make some extras to bring to our table.
  2. Are you living in my head? Everything here is exactly my thoughts.
  3. I noticed several people mentioning that this doesn't seem like a "crime", but I understand the show is about the women, not the president and not even really the scandal. What if the " crime" here is really the societal misogyny and the victim blaming? What if it's the crime of not seeing women as persons in their own right, and all the myriad people, attitudes, and narrowness that allows it to flourish?
  4. They say he cancelled it because he might say something they could use against him in court. Naturally, my first thought is that if he's got nothing to hide, what could he say to incriminate himself?
  5. They had some stupid football thing instead of Jeopardy! Not even a middle if the night replay. Sigh.
  6. I thought it was oddly compelling but still a stupid premise. I really expected a Hulk zombie at the end, since he can be scratched, and that's apparently all it takes. And frankly I couldn't believe Bucky got quippy, especially with that line, over killing Steve. I get he said Cap and not Steve, but that moment should have hurt and it didn't. There was no pathos to Bucky killing his best friend after all Steve did to save him.
  7. It's pretty clear in the movie, as he leans forward and watches intently, that he's seeing what happens. And Red Skull was an earlier Erskine formula too, but with some obvious side effects. Watching them essentially back to back made it clear to me that, like Strange being in love, a LOT of things were already different before the "big" choice.
  8. I just think zombies sound stupid. Why would zombies want to save the world? It's an imprinted part of the zombie genre that they lose their individual personhood when they turn, so why would they bother with anything beyond trying to eat the living?
  9. I would hate this, because it would eat up a lot of time. Imagine the host adding that 60 times. For quite a lot of clues, this would be even longer than the clue itself. We already have some games that would not clear the board--I think this would ensure we basically never did.
  10. I'm in. This was fun and also forced me to stay connected, which is good. Plus, the meals designed by everyone were lovely.
  11. Except in the movie, everyone was already up in the viewing area before Erskine asked her if she was going up. It just doesn't match at all. And there is no reason for the Hydra agent to change his plan at all. It doesn't even make sense for him to act, blowing his cover and access, unless he sees that the serum actually does something.
  12. I watched Captain America: The First Avenger last night and then decided to watch this episode again, to compare. Ironically, the changes I think were all in the beginning. The Watcher tried to claim that Peggy's decision to stay on the floor was the change. But ALL the spectators, who were originally upstairs before she went up or down, stay down. The Nazi infiltrator set off his bomb before the experiment was done, though in the movie he waited to see all the steps and what was involved before setting off the bomb. Basically the entire scene was different in set up, and I don't get how her c
  13. I randomly saw part of an old Andy Griffith Show episode where Andy and company sing She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain. Needless to say, it was quite different than this show's version!
  14. It really isn't although the opening minute or two are quite familiar. After that it really is a different story.
  15. That's because rape is not about sex, it's about power. Willing colleagues, also professionals getting paid, are not a power trip.
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