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  1. I'm trying this after watching everyone else for two years. I read all the posts, but usually someone has already said anything I was thinking, so I don't post that often. 1/5 this week. (Ugh--also had to catch two episodes on the archive--for Monday, my DVR decided that it wasn't going to record at all, for some reason.)
  2. Some day, when we can travel for pleasure again, this is actually really amazing to stand inside. It's a beautiful building, but during the day, when the sun is high and showers down through the oculus--it's absolutely mind-blowing. Or was for me, when I spent a (very) long weekend exploring some of the great Roman sights.
  3. But I don't WANT Disney Plus. I have enough things wanting my money (and that I want money for) already. And yet, it's Tatiana Maslany.... (I paid almost $400 to be on the stage at Network. I didn't get to talk to her, but she was acting on stage about 8 feet away from me--worth every penny. And she was a delight after Mary Page Marlow. (Why, yes, I DO try to see her live whenever I can!)
  4. That cheese in particular looks way too undisciplined for Kevin and Holt.
  5. Since it was definitely her, and not the writers, producers, and Whedon who controlled the character and storyline. I've never understood blaming an actor for the writing direction a show takes, since the actor has no control over that. Yes, she's the visible "face" of the thing you don't like, but she has no personal responsibility for it. It's like blaming the Gerber Baby if you don't like the stewed carrots. And to tie in to the show, it's like blaming Liz Tyler if you hate that her sister was in the homeless camp the whole time. Very different than disliking the way she plays the character (which she does have input and a lot of control over), which is an entirely distinct situation.
  6. I would like to see a category of "Broadway Physics" (after the mid-category change from the re-airing tonight (Friday)). That seems like it could be a lot of fun, and a good DJ round. But they would probably only make it a FJ, instead of coming up with 6 clues. And I don't know why tonight that seems like such an important thing to say, when I don't think I gave it a moment's thought the first time I heard it. It's been a long time since new J!
  7. No Trevor until next Wednesday? Is that right?
  8. Ailianna


    From a commissioned officer to a grunt, especially in those days--he WAS being kind.
  9. I was so happy to see a fifth episode this week. I hope that lasts. I thought at first my DVR just recorded the replay (it's done that a few times) but then I watched a lavender hoodie followed by an orange sherbert hoodie, and I was so excited! (P.S. I also just love all the hoodies, and I'm feeling like he doesn't repeat them much. Whereas I think Seth Myers had like six shirts total while in the attic.) I also thought his interview with Bernie was very good (his always are) and the Drag Out the Vote was awesome!
  10. Ailianna


    I read that more as him (and yes, it was Potter) giving the young GI permission to BE scared, and not be thought a coward for it. The voice of wisdom (this was his third war) trying to keep the young man alive. And frankly, in the military, as in so many other areas of life, a lot of stupidity gets done in the name of not looking like a coward, when, in fact, anyone with brains would actually be scared.
  11. She didn't just give them a ride though. She actually ARMED them with BASEBALL BATS to go take back a basketball that was worth probably $15. No one was entirely innocent here, except the little girl who died, and that was part of it. But she definitely took it up several notches when she told them they had to GO BACK with WEAPONS to "defend" their "rights." The dad who shot was sitting on the stoop seeing kids chasing his son with bats. The race issues are real and were real, and definitely colored the entire issue on BOTH sides. And both parents contributed to the death of the uninvolved little girl with their actions and attitudes. TV Tropes has a good quick deconstruction of the episode. And McCoy didn't treat them equally--he charged the shooter with murder and the mom with manslaughter--which is what each of them did, in my opinion.
  12. Sadly, there's a very important face missing. I will never not miss Jerry Orbach. Although it drives me crazy to see Connie, in her seasons, always wearing a sweater set instead of a suit like a real grownup. Yes, she's cute and all, but NOT professional in that environment. She just wears her sweater set to jury trials!
  13. Hannity would certainly know about selective coverage.
  14. I knew about this already, and have been angry about it and our POTUS saying it was such a great thing to do (!)!)!)!), but I agree, if we can't stop it (and I try hard not to buy things in those supply chains if I can figure out that they came from--though that is REALLY hard to do--at the very very least, we can stand witness.
  15. It was horrific. And I am so glad that Trevor had her on the show, and that he aired that clip. I hadn't seen it at all before, and it was amazing. He tried to blow her off, and she gently persisted. I'm so tempted to show this to some of my work associates who like Trump and think he's so smart. He doesn't even know what he is signing, or who is there for it. UGH.
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