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    I think Stottlemeyer being the drive behind reconnecting with Monk's dad makes sense, since not only is he a dad, but one who has had some rough patches with his own son. I think he was looking at it from the perspective of not only what Monk was losing, but what his dad was losing too.
  2. I am obsessed with the sweatshirts, and I think that they look adorable. But I think the answer may go back to Trevor having grown up in Africa. When I was in Italy, with high and hot temperatures, I met a number of immigrants from Ethiopia (not the same as South Africa, but not entirely dissimilar), and they were wearing sweatshirts and feeling cold in 90+ degree weather because it's cooler than what they were used to. Maybe Trevor still has his body set on African temperature, and he is actually cool/cold in NY. He does go back relatively often, so it's not like he's turned into a snowperson since moving to the US.
  3. Regarding multi-guest versus single guest: One at a time and we never see Will-I-Am with Miriam Margolyes.
  4. I'm very sorry. My condolences and prayers.
  5. Tatiana is staring alongside Matthew Rhys in the new Perry Mason remake. First episode is this Sunday, June 21, on HBO.
  6. I was interested before, but then I saw that Tatiana Maslany is going to have a big role (I think she's Della? but not sure from what I saw). I would watch her read the phone book to herself, so I'm in for her, although I would probably at least check it out anyway.
  7. I'm not quite sure how to break this to you, but Supernatural lied to you. There are 4 archangels, but Lucifer isn't one of them. The fourth is Uriel, who is the Angel of Death. He gets left out a lot, since people have a weird prejudice... But I would take the win and leave the Winchesters to their confusion. 🙂
  8. Even if they have no intention of charging him with anything, they still need that pressure to give him a reason to talk once he is in the room. But I think you're right--his handers will never allow him to be in the room.
  9. You really should go back to it. He made a number of good points, and maybe Trevor brought out the good in him, but he was not Obama level compelling, but still a good interview. Also, the bit where Trevor suggests himself as running mate was good.
  10. I am genuinely asking, because I have watched and read a bunch of things from people who want to abolish the police, and I still don't have any idea what their answer is to the question of who will respond to/investigate crimes if there are no police. Trevor asked the question, and was basically told that since the police can't prevent murder, they aren't any good at solving crime anyway. Trevor made a bit of a joke about people investigating their own crimes, but the question is a good one, and I haven't seen anyone answer it. It's always a deflection of some kind. And I don't even mean just murders or rapes (which are always referenced). What about domestic violence? Bar fights? DWIs? Theft? A lot of crimes which affect a lot of people, and which no one has managed to say (anywhere I have found) how the abolish police folks plan to deal with those issues, which are part of human nature, and frankly, are universal among all the races and socio-economic classes. If anyone has seen something where this question is seriously addressed, I would really appreciate being directed toward it.
  11. At least we actually got to see them catch the Bone Collector.
  12. Even his camp admits that all they have said they will do is answer submitted questions in writing. That is no way to do an investigation. No proof, first of all, that he is even the one answering the questions. No way to evaluate body language or tone of voice. No way to catch him off guard and get an honest reaction or to ask follow up questions. It's a joke of a "cooperation."
  13. Terry was also on Monday's (6/8/20) episode of the Late Late Show. It was a really great interview.
  14. Is it wrong that I said (mentally) "Who is [yum] Idris Elba?" It's because they had a lot of Henry's, but mixed in some others, unlike the French king who got stuck on Louis. People forget how many Henrys it takes to get to Henry VIII. (Not literally, but in thinking about just how much of English history is under guys called Henry.) And a lot of the non-Henry's actually had older siblings called Henry who died before ascending the throne (like Richard I and John, whose older brother Henry "the Young King" died before their father). I also take exception with Alex saying that Richard III is the most well known--among Shakespeare fans, maybe, but I'd guess a LOT more people remember Richard Lionheart (even if they aren't sure exactly who he was or what he did; he's in Robin Hood! He has a cool nickname!).
  15. Trevor isn't the first person to make the comparison of police to gangs. I thought that his personal history also gave weight to the observation, based on his memoir. And he explained it in clear, unemotional terms which I thought made the comparison stronger.
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