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  1. I do love Matt LeBlanc, but from Episodes, not Friends. This is no Episodes, but then not much is.
  2. I literally thought this show was cancelled and I just didn't hear about it. I like the show, even while recognizing that it's a long way from classic or great. But it's comfortable.
  3. I don't think he left his family. I think he had to step out to consider how to re-prioritize his job. Ask for another assignment,for example. No indication he was leaving them. And he was there when the boy started to wake up, so it's clear it's not the person who was the problem, just the fear.
  4. How did they destroy that family? By finding out what was actually wrong with a 10 year old boy, giving his family hope for his recovery, and a guide to what went wrong in the first place? Letting them know that when the father-figure's life was threatened by criminals, the boy wasn't oblivious, and perhaps some re-evaluation was in order? I think they saved that family. They definitely saved the boy.
  5. I watched the episode again (about the fourth time or maybe fifth) and it still made me cry, even though I was also doing something else at the same time. After so much dislike being discussed, I wanted to put out there that I loved it, and I'm still not ready, but if it has to go, I feel like Eleanor with Chidi--I'll let you go for you, but I will still miss you!
  6. I thought of a L&U episode too, but not the one you're thinking of. That was Killerz and is a classic. There's another one, the title of which I don't immediately know, where this couple has adopted a child, then another child after, both who had suffered horrible abuse and neglect prior to the adoption. The older child (about 4 or 5) killed the younger, smaller child, and was found to have something like that, although they called it something different then, I think. Same outcome--though the adoptive parents did everything they could to help the child, they couldn't care for him. Of course, the other child was already gone, so... (Being L&O there were twists after that, but the early plot matched this episode of CM.)
  7. I think they are going to have to abandon the train in the stories where all Bridgertons look alike (to the point of the brothers sometimes being confused one for another), as finding 8 appropriately aged and gendered actors who can act and also look all alike would be impossible. So breaking that tangent off, I'm already predisposed to ignore some of the superficial things. Like, if half the sibs are white, and two are black, one is South East Asian and one has an Australian accent, I'm prepared to completely ignore that they don't seem related and move on with the story.
  8. Lewis Capaldi was great, but Jim Carey did become a bit of a dick at the very end (Red Chair). If you can either skip or overlook that, you should be fine with this episode.
  9. I'm just going off memory, but I'm pretty sure Trudy got married on Chicago Fire, where she is more of a presence than her new husband is on Chicago PD.
  10. He doesn't come on until halfway through, and he's actually pretty quiet. The whole couch was a bit low key, but Jim Carey definitely didn't do too much.
  11. The year, the space designated (long and thin), and Asia made me instantly say DMZ. I argued with myself through the think music, but I couldn't come up with anything that fit better, so I stuck with it. And it was right. I like when I get something through thinking, even if I'm not sure until the reveal if I'm right.
  12. I thought it was pretty clearly the station hangout, which was why Liv Tyler made the Rob Lowe guy (I don't know ANY names!) go there, and then that's why the PTSD FF and his "wise" wife (totally different than "smart" btw, imo), were also there. It was just a regular hang out for that group, not all of Austin.
  13. Mike Schur has been very open about the fact that he planned the FIRST season in great detail ahead of the pitch, but that all seasons after that have been done like all the other shows on tv--one season at a time.
  14. I couldn't believe Chichen Itza was a TS with a photo and a clue basically reminding us it's in MesoAmerica, not Egypt. I wasn't impressed with any of the players in this game, what with so many TS and how slow they were in answering. Michelle got in her DD because Alex likes her, I think, not because she actually got it in time.
  15. I think there were still a lot of good episodes after that point. I don't really like Daphne's family, and there are more of them in the last years, but there are a lot of good episodes in that time.
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