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  1. Ailianna

    S07.E12: Reichenbach Falls

    ou could see the gunman and the gun in the background behind Moreland. It was the same shot.
  2. Ailianna


    And when it was revealed that she was from a toothpaste fortune family, it was also revealed that she had had an estrangement from them, and took no money or other support from them. So not a ret con, but more fleshing out.
  3. Ailianna

    Law & Order

    There was a rumor at the time Elizabeth Rohm was hired that the network wanted a blonde and that's the reason she was hired. Only for her hair, essentially. I don't think they look much alike, different skin, different styles of hair (Jaime's is so short, for instance), and different face shapes. But I also watched them more in real time, so I didn't see a CLaire episode followed by Abbie followed by Alex followed by Jaime (mixed up order on purpose). So I don't find them confusing to tell apart.
  4. Ailianna

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    I think you were meant to understand that it doesn't matter if Sherlock is her father or not. What matters is what she makes of herself in the future, not what she was or might have been in the past.
  5. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    The one I learned can work, but I don't agree with randomly promoting and demoting, so I don't regard Pluto's status as changed (in the privacy of home--if I were ever to be in pubic, I would try to remember where Pluto stands this year). Maude Visits Each Monday, Just Stays Until Noon, Period. I know there's one about Pizzas, but I can never remember it!
  6. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

    I'm watching Gilbert's run again in reruns on Saturdays, and still love him, but I couldn't remember how many games he won, so every week I've been so stressed hoping he would win (for 15 minutes while watching J! reruns, so it's a relative stress...). I'm so happy to see him on this list. I like Josh too, but I really really love Gilbert.
  7. Ailianna

    S07.E06: Command: Delete

    I'm glad SHerlock and Joan were smart enough not to even waste time discussing Everyone, since they are an online/internet community, and Odin basically owns the internet, so anything they did he would instantly know about.
  8. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Eesha and Ryan were my two favorites from last week, so I was sad to see them up against each other. I was hoping they would be in different semifinals and I would see them both in the finals. I think Eesha realized that Canada doesn't have a president, which was why she crossed it out. And picked a not-unreasonable guess. Mexico in its own way was as bad a guess, given the long history of that country and the contentious relationship with the US in the 1800s. I'm wondering if they teach anything about the founding of Liberia anymore. I learned about it in school, but also just read a historical novel in whcih some (white) characters were trying to get that project off the ground. The former slave character kept thinking that he never hears a slave or a free person of color thinking how much they wanted to go to Africa--just how much they didn't want to be slaves.
  9. Does she realize that wearing an eyepatch when she doesn't need to can cause damage to the eye not covered by the patch, if she does it too much?
  10. I couldn't believe she never sat in the outfit before wearing it on INTERNATIONAL TV. Seriously. I didn't think it looked that good standing u, but it was ridiculous sitting down. I think she was intimidated a bit by Sir Ian, once she started to realize how awesome he is. But she clearly had no idea who any of the other guests were and didn't care. Her discussion about not having an OBE--she's not a British citizen! Ian McKellan is always a joy. I loved how he was celebrating being 80, especially in contrast to Madonna's desperation not to be "old". I do think the movie sounds good, although I was disappointed to have the young Mr. Patel say he had to learn the songs--I'm not of the age to have listened to them "live" but my parents played them, and I know almost all their songs--I wish he could have said he learned none, since he already knew them. Oh well.
  11. Same here. He's just so charming and adorable. I just finished Good Omens last week, and people commented that he was too Jack Whitehall and they thought he was too good looking for the part, but I thought that he did a great job there too, although a hidden 12 year old part of me did keep squeeing the whole time he was on screen.
  12. Ailianna


    David Hyde Pierce
  13. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    I predict that the next Teen Tournament will have the same betting we see now. And by that time, I'm sure that they will only vaguely recall "that James guy" if they do at all. While he's a big deal to J! fans, and will be remembered a long time, he's going to be a quick flash on the average person's life and I truly don't think he's going to change the game fundamentally. There have always been people who don't start at the top (not a majority, but some) and who go big on DD (again, not the majority, but some) and there have always been games where one person is just quicker with the buzzer than the other players. While James had a great run and should be proud of his accomplishment, he had a combination of all three that worked for a long time, but nothing he did hadn't been seen before. It was his combination that helped him win, not a revolutionary playing style.
  14. Ailianna

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    My exact thought! (I searched high and low for an old set of the books so I could give my girl a set in the right order--they are getting harder and harder to find!) I was wondering though, if someone had said The Magician's Nephew, if they would have had to give it to them, since kids that age may only have seen them in that order. I can't remember now if there was something else that made only LWW the right answer, besides being first in the series.
  15. Ailianna

    Law & Order

    This show isn't particularly good about suppression issues, often inventing issues that don't exist in the real world, or throwing out evidence that would be admitted in the real world because it ups the stakes and drama. Just because the plot says the cops screwed up doesn't mean they did, or that the defense attorneys are some sort of star hot shot lawyers because they got something thrown out.