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  1. 2/5 again. I almost knew two others, but couldn't quite pull them out in time.
  2. Anthony Mackie was on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday April 26. They also debuted the new full Captain America action figure wings and all. Mackie said he hadn't seen it before and Colbert said he's in tv so they just give him stuff, so no clue you have to buy seven figures to get all of that one. But the wings looked pretty cool and move up and down.
  3. Atonement is a person who has done wrong attempting to make the wrong right FOR THE PERSON WHO WAS WRONGED. But that person has no obligation to forgive the wrong-doer or to grant any absolution. I can't get rid of the spoiler box from the original post but there's nothing in it anymore.
  4. I just watched this again and noticed something. During the choking scene, several people said that Mrs. Hart's "stop that" seemed to almost break character and become a plea to Wanda. But before he started choking, Mr. Hart kept looking right at Wanda and repeatedly--and heatedly--asking her "Why did you come here?" That, on this rewatch, seemed even more like he was asking Wanda why she came to Westview and did this to them (although the second part is unsaid). It really struck me that he was trying to break control and ask her, and made me think, for the first time, that Wanda may have caus
  5. And if Monica had been left to get through to Wanda, the townspeople would have been freed much sooner.
  6. Can I change one if my right answers to join you at the table for one? I love jambalaya! I'll mix up some beignets!
  7. And who is to say that the upcoming movie won't deal with the backlash against Sam being Captain America? This was about Sam accepting the role; the movie may be about if the world can accept him in the role.
  8. If you've never worn them, combat bots are ridiculously comfortable. Plus, if you never know when you're suddenly going to be involved in a drag out fight, they are super practical too.
  9. Not that I'm aware of. I mean, there are ten million little cable shows but that's not a topic for a show I've ever heard of. It would be ridiculously boring here too.
  10. 3/5 no *. But I did see Aaron Rogers five times. Points for that?
  11. I said Lakota for the Sitting Bull question. Would they have accepted it or could they start a BLS (Be Less Specific)?
  12. I would have hated the idea of Sharon playing mommy to Sam and Bucky. Part of this is about both of them growing into themselves, and a parental figure removes some of the need to grow. Plus they need to learn to interact with each other on their own terms, without a mediator, be that person Steve, the therapist, or Sharon.
  13. I think we are finally starting to see the Bucky Barnes Steve always saw. This quality of caring for someone else more than himself is part of what Steve always loved. This series makes it really easy, even more than the movies, to understand why Bucky was so important to Steve. If Bucky has Steve on a pedestal, I think Steve also had Bucky on one. This is my thought. It's a lot easier to subdue someone if you don't care if they get hurt. And Walker finally pushed them to where they didn't care if they hurt him, in a non fatal way.
  14. I think he had already taken it. There's really no obvious break in action either before or after, and we don't know how long the "fire in the veins" lasts, but something in his body language and how he didn't quite meet Lamar's eyes made me think he'd already done it and was looking for validation.
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