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  1. For the 20th time NO! I do not want a breath mint. -Xebug67's date with bad breath-
  2. I dropped Tom off, he doddered his way into the firm. That’s the last time I saw him. 😢
  3. This Beverly Hills bunch are masters at beating a dead horse. 🐴
  4. And I can't imagine, you know, how awful it is down there.
  5. Next week Karl questions Joe's parenting again. Fat Fucking Cow!
  6. I'm just curious of what kind of low budget charter couldn't spare a lame deckhand for one night to film the reunion. If that's what actually happened?
  7. Lurch turned out to be every bit of the POS I thought he was. 👏🏻
  8. Why does Sydney owe Alli an apology? Someone needs to tell Alli she looks like a fucking carp!
  9. Anyone would break if you had a 250 lb. stink bomb screaming at you at 2:00 am. I bet he doesn't call her at 2:00 am?
  10. That phone store probably had to call a restoration company to get the Angela stench out of the store. 🤮
  11. I didn’t know an abscess could get an abscess. Ab-scess A swollen area within body tissue, with an accumulation of pus.
  12. Destiny is lame AF! Fits right in with the rest of the cast. Is Nema gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that!
  13. Again, how did Dale get this judging gig? He finished 6th both times he was on TC.
  14. When Rinna was introducing Sutton to us, she said Sutton had pro sports team owner money.
  15. Maybe the stick she has up her ass weighs 5 pounds.
  16. Don’t be so proud Lisa. Like guys like to say “the worst BJ I ever had, was wonderful”.
  17. Don’t let the door hit you in your dog dumping ass! 🖕🏻
  18. I’ve hated Dorit since her first season. I remember when PK was compared to a boiled ham on this forum. 😀
  19. It's called deflection. Karl says what gets on TV and what doesn't and she should be fired for it.
  20. Still way better than that crap the OC put out.
  21. Pretty funny when they showed it yawning with everyone else. It was getting late!
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