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  1. I wasn't familiar with her before -- or at least I thought I wasn't, but then I looked her up on Wikipedia and read that she was Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies. And she's just fascinating. She was the first person to say "fuck" on British television! It appears that she'll probably be headed back to the Mother House as soon as Nurse Crane's back is better, but I do hope they bring her back.
  2. Wholesome? The last episode had a drugged-out guy choke to death on his own vomit while suspended from the ceiling of a BDSM club! 😄
  3. I don't think Lil Papi's sexual orientation has ever been specified, at least as far as I can remember, and what it seems you're not getting here is that gender identity and sexual orientation are often a little more fluid than that. Queer folks come in a variety of flavors. Edited to add: I didn't see the response from Angelsmom1009 before I posted this. I think they explained it FAR better than I did!
  4. Hagelslag is SO GOOD and I hadn't had it in years. I went out and bought some after seeing this and am eating it right now. YUM.
  5. Can we please stop it with the fatphobic remarks about Tara? It's mean and irrelevant.
  6. Yep, and my friend's wedding dress was very much a corset on top of a cloud of pink tulle: I LOVE THIS. Please do it! Anyway, Garo is reportedly a lovely guy so I'm hoping he does well.
  7. Garo Sparo! He designed a wedding dress for one of my friends, and also does a lot of costumes for drag queens. I'm really interested to see what he does on this show.
  8. "When you feel your own oats so hard, you forget that there are other oats there." What the hell does that even mean? She did well in the challenge, but Scarlet's attitude is even more annoying to me than Silky's unending Silkiness. I was pleasantly surprised by Mercedes's lip sync performance, and I need Vanjie's commentary on EVERY. THING. And Nina West's Untucked facial expressions.
  9. THIS. If they can't figure out a way to air condition the tent, they need to change to an indoor set, as much as I'd hate to lose the tent. I've never had glass explode from heat. How freaking hot does it have to be for that to happen?
  10. UGH after all these seasons someone finally gets a pair of scissors to feral Daryl's head and THAT'S all she does with it?! I don't know why AMC and Norman Reedus are so damn determined to make him look like the physical manifestation of rancid swamp ass.
  11. Oh Rahul. I alternate between wanting to give him a hug and wanting to grab him by the shoulders and shake him. I have sympathy for him and whatever made him such an Eeyore must have been awful, but geez Louise he sucks the air out of the room. I totally spoiled myself this morning (I won't reveal anything here, though!). I usually manage to keep myself free of GBBO spoilers, but didn't realize this season had ended so recently and went to Prue's Twitter to try to find who makes her necklaces. Scrolled down a tad too far and DANG IT. Prue spoiled another winner without even knowing it! :D
  12. She said Gabriel was an A instead of a B after he said he wouldn't leave with her, right before she knocked him out. He didn't forgive her until later, during the zombie-on-a-handtruck nonsense in the next episode. So your initial thinking might still be correct!
  13. So he took a dip in zombie soup with an open gut wound! Nothing to worry about at all.
  14. No, it was mentioned on Talking Dead that it was a wink to the signpost from M*A*S*H. This is super trifling but it really bugged me that Father Gabriel and Anne sat down next to each other with his bad eye on the side next to her. Wouldn't he have had to turn his head all the way to the right to make eye contact while they talked?
  15. The judges this season are starting to work my nerves. These people are as paralyzed by indecision as Chidi on The Good Place. Or maybe they're putting on a big show of being torn so that they don't look like jerks when they don't like a singer. Either way, ugh.
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