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  1. Or was she already there? What if it turns out that Cinda's podcasts are all about murders she committed herself?
  2. I really thought after Zack walked off and we saw Jo watching from the control room that when she joined Zack on the elevator she'd pull out her phone and show him she'd recorded the whole thing.
  3. I'm reading all these old threads because I am watching The Crown for the first time. 2020 would like to have a word.
  4. I thought the Barton Arms had to be a reference to Barton Fink, so I did some Googling and it turns out it was also the name of an apartment building in Miller's Crossing. And while it looked completely different and was from a different time period, the creepy atmosphere and weird guests reminded me of the hotel in Barton Fink for sure. This episode was a baffling slog, but that tornado scene! Wow.
  5. I'll fully admit to being a Sasha stan but even if I weren't I think I'd be annoyed at this whole narrative Shea seems to be pushing implying that if it just weren't for those rose petals Shea would have won her season. Sasha was a solid competitor throughout the season and everyone slept on her because nobody on the show had seen her lip sync -- because she'd never been in the bottom. That finale has never been deleted from my DVR and I watch the lip syncs often. Aaaaand I just stopped myself from writing a lengthy dissertation making a detailed argument about the many other aspects of that p
  6. Mariah was poking fun at herself and how uptight and humorless she was on season 5 (Correction: Season 3! Sorry.). The fanny pack thing was playing on the moment during her season when she stormed off over Manila's pineapple dress.
  7. Argh!! My DVR cut off at the end, when the camera person resumes filming after being knocked down and/or out and Guillermo is standing in the middle of a theatre full of dead vampires (aside from Nandor, Nadja, and Laszlo). Was there any more dialogue after that?
  8. I think she might be the best guest judge they've ever had! Really well thought out, insightful critiques -- plus her unabashed glee at just being there was completely disarming. Nicki is obviously a genuine fan of the show. I went back and re-watched her facial expressions as Ru announced the lip sync several times because she was just hilarious. I made a couple of Boomerangs of her because she was just so cute. I had to agree with Nicki on Heidi's makeup. It looked like she'd put on her eyeliner with her thumbs.
  9. DAMIEN. RUN, dude. You know what bugs me most about this delicious trainwreck? The lighting. I know it's for the filming but the harsh overhead lighting in every damn scene is horrible. And when someone lights candles under their 100-watt bulbs? UGH.
  10. I did! This show is such a delight and always reminds me that I love living in NYC, which is sometimes something I forget. I love that The Guy has a dog now, love seeing a cute fat couple getting it on, and lovelovelove the singing telegram guy!
  11. I wasn't familiar with her before -- or at least I thought I wasn't, but then I looked her up on Wikipedia and read that she was Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies. And she's just fascinating. She was the first person to say "fuck" on British television! It appears that she'll probably be headed back to the Mother House as soon as Nurse Crane's back is better, but I do hope they bring her back.
  12. Wholesome? The last episode had a drugged-out guy choke to death on his own vomit while suspended from the ceiling of a BDSM club! 😄
  13. I don't think Lil Papi's sexual orientation has ever been specified, at least as far as I can remember, and what it seems you're not getting here is that gender identity and sexual orientation are often a little more fluid than that. Queer folks come in a variety of flavors. Edited to add: I didn't see the response from Angelsmom1009 before I posted this. I think they explained it FAR better than I did!
  14. Hagelslag is SO GOOD and I hadn't had it in years. I went out and bought some after seeing this and am eating it right now. YUM.
  15. Can we please stop it with the fatphobic remarks about Tara? It's mean and irrelevant.
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