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  1. Well... duh? They needed a study to know that for sure? Is it to motivate announcers to advertise more on those shows maybe? [EDIT] part out of topic For the Bachelorette, @lightbeam posted a really interesting article in its forum: http://www.npr.org/sections/monkeysee/2017/02/14/515168800/the-purely-accidental-lessons-of-the-first-black-bachelorette
  2. I don't know about how he's sounding but I appreciate he's saying "women" and not "girls". It drove me crazy for years. For reference I hate when Chris or the Bachelorette says "the boys" too. And what the beeeeeeeeeeeeeep [selfcensored] ABC for spoiling a big part of the season with their announcement!
  3. Both of them seem really lovely. They were in an old episode of Top Chef, when he was "just" Andy from Parks & Rec with all his baby fat and Anna was the most famous of them and they were really funny and in love. It was super cute.
  4. Regarding that spectific part, I've decided it's because he speaks German and it's a language use to tame animals in circuses and, I'm my country anyway, used to train difficult dogs. And well, technically, Parrish is a dog of some sorts so voilà, I've decided randomly that it was the reason and I stand by it! To explain the fact that the team is remembering people: wasn't there a moment during the attack in the lacrosse field, when Invisible Boy (I never remember the name of the newbies) touched all of them and after that, they could see the riders too? Isn't that linked with the moment in
  5. It's not just you! Just the fact that he puts himself in this situation, being confronted (again) by his victims, speaks volume about him, in a really good way. He's not Marty Rathbun with his hero complex who couldn't handle psychologically being put in the same situation (and must be fuming Mike's front and center role in Leah's series) and finally cracked again and (probably) returned to Miscavige's fold. It's never about him, it's always about the person to whom they're talking at that point, because it's not his story, it's theirs. I personally really appreciate he's not front and cent
  6. I have to intubate! (everything medical, from a broken finger to a brain injury. I make sure I have a pen now, to do just that in case someone drops in front of me) - On three! - Wait... on three or one two three go? (the hot head goes on one anyway)
  7. Well, he didn't because he didn't find any and we all know Trump is the biggest donor ever and a great guy, fantastic guy. Bad journalism. Fake News. Sad!
  8. The episode wouldn't have worked that well (for me) if the caricatural traits of their characters were front and center in my opinion. It's too easy to paint Trump's voters with the brush of their most crazy factions. I liked the fact that the Boss voted for Hillary for the reasons exposed: Trump's not a republican, he's not what you want your president to be when he represents you outside your country... and he wants to deport the people working for less! Two good reasons and a shitty one. Seems legit for him! I loved that episode, preachy and all. Even if you're not ready to talk to the
  9. Pollock


    Same here! This show sucks, really really sucks, three episodes in and it's not getting any better, it's even comically bad at times but the music is really catchy.
  10. He was awesome. What's most impressive to me it's that he never loses track of her bullshit. I mean, I get lost at time, trying to remember what was the question that brought the pile of garbage coming out of her mouth and all the shifts of conversation to get back to her talking points and catch phrases but Seth never lost it and kept his facts straights and checked hers, reminded us of the (unanswered) questions. Damn, that was really a thing of beauty and he putted to shame every real politic interviewer out there. I have to say, I hate that woman, with all my heart and I truly hope tha
  11. http://www.mikerindersblog.org/fbi-wtf-are-you-thinking/ http://tonyortega.org/2017/01/08/talking-to-the-fbi-agent-who-cancelled-her-talk-at-scientologys-mecca/
  12. I was asking myself the same thing, I wikipedied and found that it's indeed difficult, even with a confession and there isn't a lot of case convicted with a missing body. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_conviction_without_a_body and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_murder_convictions_without_a_body#United_States Turns out, even with a confession, there could still be mistakes. In spite of advances in forensic technology, the possibility of the supposed victim turning up alive remains. In 2003, Leonard Fraser, having allegedly confessed to the murder of teenager Natasha Ryan,
  13. Caramba, I'm gutted! I really can't watch or read everything about US politics (I have enough to do within my own country) so this forum was where I was seeking infos and critiques about said infos. I can't with comments on the NYT or WaPo because well... trolls! so it was a reliable way to take the pulse of your country in some ways and cutting through the noise. I really don't get either why this has to go, I didn't read anything really that bad but what do I know... Thanks for the time it lasted. I'm sad because if it was a good way to vent and commiserate after the election, it would
  14. Not only that but it's near impossible to teach Scientology outside the main branch: all the material is copyrighted and its use restricted. They will sue your ass if you're doing that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Zone_(Scientology)
  15. Damn, I really like Nick and for the first time ever, I'm watching for the right reasons.
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