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  1. callmebetty

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    See I didn't satisfaction on Theo's face at the end when she walked into that bar. I thought she looked sad and resigned like she didn't want to do it, but what the hell. I think she did enjoy being hit on the first time, but I didn't see her wanting to have an affair or open marriage. It was a very interesting episode and does bring up a lot of questions.
  2. callmebetty

    Good Girls

    I thought that was the case. That even if you accidentally dial 911 they will still send someone out. I also thought we found out Mary Pat's husband was dead. When she started blackmailing the girls I thought it was specified she was a widow.
  3. callmebetty

    Good Girls

    Thank you. Was that right at the beginning because I did miss the first few minutes?
  4. callmebetty

    Good Girls

    Obviously Stan and Ruby should have gone with Rio's lawyer, she probably knows how to launder money that is used as a payment. Also what do Annie and Ruby call Rio? All it sounds like to me is Gang Fred. I'm confused to why Mary Pat killed her husband. I really want Noah to have fallen in love with Annie, because he doesn't seem like he's a good liar and is very much heart on his sleeve like Annie.
  5. callmebetty

    Good Girls

    Which why Rio has one one retainer that he plays tennis with occasionally.
  6. callmebetty

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    I really thought the twist to that skit with Emma and Leslie was that it was going to be a Get Out parody with the singing and stirring the tea. But I guess that movie is old by now, but not for me I just finally got to see it. The beautiful Miss Emma can really do anything. I thought it was a fantastic episode
  7. callmebetty


    Now I want a Paddy Chayevsky biopic. All the stories you are writing about make him sound like a fascinating person.
  8. callmebetty

    S44.E19: Adam Sandler / Shawn Mendes

    Then that makes it even better that Pete who came put and said he couldn't believe he wasnt fired, also made out with Kate Beckinsale without creating a role to make her do so.
  9. callmebetty

    S44.E17: Kit Harington / Sara Bareilles

    I love that Melissa always plays the enthusiastic commentator to the crazy that is happening. The Bachelorette striptease and the Adam Driver sketch where he was the old land baron. She really has a that down. I loved the fact that the MJ performer still kept the MJ wig and then put a white Frank Sinatra wig over it! I was dying. I loved that Kit was all in for everything. I just missed that Keenan wasn't in many sketches.
  10. callmebetty

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    I don't want to get off topic. But I wasn't questioning Kate's ability to be a mom. And yes men have been applauded for getting younger women. And yes I do side eye non celebrities who date people close to their children's age when they are in their teens and early 20's. That being said, what it comes down to is I really don't care who Pete Davidson dates and really don't need for that to be his thing on SNL. Good for Kate Beckinsale she can date whoever she wants.
  11. callmebetty

    S44.E15: Idris Elba / Khalid

    My problem with Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale's age difference isn't the same as what Pete thinks. It's that her kid is only 5 years younger than he is. I have problems dealing with that with other people too. Paul Walker was one of them too. Plus I think Kate wouldn't have given him the time of day or known who he was if not for his relationship with Ariana Grande. That being said Idris Elba did a good job. I liked most of the skits.
  12. callmebetty

    S44.E14: John Mulaney / Thomas Rhett

    I love this is the second time John has created a character and sketch about a former bullied person getting revenge on someone. First it was the waitress in the diner and now with Chad, but that didn't work out for the bullied character in that one.
  13. callmebetty

    SNL in the Media

    Could it be they don't have a host yet? I remember a few years back they announced who would be hosting (no I can't remember who it was but let's just say Matthew McConaughey) but no musical guest. And I thought to myself hmmm does Matthew McConaughey sing now? And then the week of the show a musical guest was named. So maybe it's the same thing? Or maybe not.
  14. callmebetty

    SNL Season 44: And Now It's Over!

    Could they possibly do a co host, co musical guest with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper? That would be a first right? Wait, didn't Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co host an episode?
  15. callmebetty

    S03.E09: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

    Except that, and someone posted it here, there was a Deadline article confirming that it was Griffin Dunne, we saw and who would be playing future Nicky.