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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is completely confused. I really don't understand how that wrapped anything up, even as a season finale.
  2. Maybe it becomes a 5 day week in SF. That would really cause a strain. Maybe Toby finds another Crossfit buddy while out there. In the stress of it Kate relies and leans on the British music teacher.
  3. Now that was a twist of an ending reminiscent of the first episode when you learn you are watching 30 year different time lines. I'm really looking forward to next season.
  4. I ended up being a SAHM for 10 years. Wasn't planning on it. There were parts I loved and other times I was ripping my hair out. I always felt guilty like Toby but then realized not every one is cut put for it. It's like any other job some people really like it and are good at it and some aren't. I love my kids but found I was a much better parent when I go to a job and then be with them afterwards. I hate that you have to fell guilty and that it seems like your a bad parent. Otherwise, I love Miguel and Nicky and I'm glad both worked it out. Nicky realizing and apologiz
  5. I think ,like Cassidy said, wanted Jack's approval. But in each other they got just that. Each provides the other an unconditional love and I am all for it.
  6. And to think Kevin didn’t even need to skinny dip with his not dead Uncle, to achieve peace.
  7. I get that it was playing into sort of a theme for the episode. Creating a new normal for the familiar, but not the same. Luna coming home, not really recognizing Max as part of her every day life. Reynolds coming back to the hospital (familiar), but in a different role. Even Bloom and the cops story. How the cops are perceived and seen in different ways.
  8. How do you not tell that mother that she has this condition? It seemed like they told the son, but not her? It makes no sense. Tell her what's wrong with her instead of creating some fantasy and shipping the kid off to where I can't remember. Tell her this is your son, but we found you have a condition that makes you not recognize his face. Start to build a new relationship.
  9. I like Nicky more than Jack. Griffin Dunne is killing it. I guess Jack followed his own dream girl to California, even though Nicky didn't.
  10. I hate Casey and Sylvie and their relationship. I feel no chemistry. So either put them together or finally end this. Either way I could care less.
  11. I so want Grogu to regale Luke with tales of how cool his Dad is and how his dad does this and that. And Luke getting slowly more frustrated, cause he has to hear about Cool dad Din. I have to make myself laugh to stop from being so sad they are apart right now.
  12. Me too. Grogu held onto Din's leg and looked at him. R2D2 rolls in, Grogu is interested, then Grogu says something back to R2 and R2 does a little happy dance and the Grogu puts his arms up to be carried by Luke. I imagine R2 was telling him it was OK and all the cool things he will learn. I want Grogu to get fed up with training and tell Luke, You're not my father, I'm leaving. 🙂
  13. Groguis going to be with Luke for a few weeks and then be all Yeah, I want to go home. At least that's my fan fiction. I loved Din saying He doesn't want to go with you. To learn he wanted Din's permission. I'm glad Grogu got to see his dad's face and see how much he loves him. Din didn't hesitate for a moment to remove his helmet. That is love. It makes it easier to wait the year before Season 3. But I hope we don't go the whole season to only have them reunite in the last episode. I'll allow a couple of episodes apart, but I need them back together.
  14. Once Brown Eyes gets Grogu back, I would like him to work on his BS fast talking skills. He's use to his strength getting him out of situations, but he needs to work on cover stories and deflection banter.
  15. I rewatched the episode already. I think not having Grogu on really made it made it more emotional and when you get to the last scene you can just feel that threat, that promise. It held more weight because we have no idea what is happening with Grogu. Moff Gideon's face showed that this man underestimated what the bond was between those two. I really really hope the last episode is almost an hour and that Din and Grogu are reunited. I don't think I could handle a whole year of them apart.
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