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  1. In the first episode of season 9, Katie Williams appeared as a bride. Sadly, she passed away due to a car accident at the age of 27. She was the daughter of Hank Williams Jr., and she was mother to two young children. You can view part of her episode at the beginning of this video.
  2. Actress Peggy Pope has passed away at the age of 91. She played the office lush who later reformed in the movie 9 to 5. She popped up on a lot of TV shows.
  3. Here it is under Specials, TV Movies & Other One-Offs.
  4. Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme, perhaps. Here he is playing Old King Cole.
  5. Amy and her uniformed officers moved to the same floor last season. It was part of a punishment against Holt. I'm not sure if they ever moved back to their previous floor.
  6. Virgil was a Roman poet. He is also a character in Dante's Divine Comedy in which he guides Dante through Hell and Purgatory.
  7. Captain von Trapp's name is Georg (pronounced gay-org), not Gaylord. I really didn't understand that skit since there is no real age difference between the film's actors.
  8. Taking this to Miscellaneous Celebrity News
  9. Carried over from In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths: It's been out there for years. Natalie Wood told people. Suzanne Finstad, her biographer, said she would reveal the name after the person died. So, probably it'll be coming out after a suitable period of time has elapsed. Scene from the TV movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood.
  10. That might have been a figment of Blanche's imagination. It was part of her dream.
  11. This was on a few shows, including 20/20. Lisa Stasi was a victim of John Edward Robinson. He gave her baby daughter to his brother.
  12. Well, as they said in the episode, the killer was similar to Ed Gein. And Ed Gein is an inspiration for Harris' Buffalo Bill.
  13. But she didn't die. It is definitely a weird case. She has no memory of what happened. The GBI concluded she tried to kill herself, but she doesn't believe she would do that. Her DNA was on the gun, but there is so much wrong with the scene and there's contradictory evidence. I do lean towards the husband being the shooter. If she did shoot herself, I think her husband must have put her in the closet to let her die rather than get help. That might explain the pillow under her head and the fact that there were no bullet holes in the closet.
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