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  1. Josette

    S05.E01: Panic

    It worked for Stanley Praimnath. 😊
  2. Actually, Nektaria Georgys is the designer whose company is carrying Dorit's gowns. We saw her on the call with Dorit. Listening to PK (and Mauricio) talk about Tom's accident made me laugh harder than I have in awhile. I rewound that scene just to laugh some more.
  3. She had silicone injected into her upper lip in 1986. She had some of that removed and her lip reshaped in 2010. It was documented on her short-lived series Harry Loves Lisa. Here's the People magazine article. I don't know if the implant she mentioned is supposed to be the old silicone one or if she actually got a new fuller one.
  4. Amazingly, he survived the shooting.
  5. Actually, date rape and acquaintance rape started being discussed seriously in the mid to late 1980s. I don't think that those really apply to Kate's situation (since she was a victim of grooming). I agree that in the time period of the show, the general public wouldn't be very aware of the concept of sexual grooming.
  6. I agree that it was the director's choice because I have seen Cpl. Farrel Ward and Chief Nick Willick interviewed in other documentary shows. You can listen to Chief Willick talking about DeAngelo here.
  7. She did not get away with it. She took a deal due to the forensic evidence against her. But then she escaped. She winds up killed by a poison dart. The entire story is recounted here: http://17thstreet.net/alienist-books/the-angel-of-darkness/timeline/
  8. On YouTube: The fishing scene from Cocoon that Ron Howard mentioned.
  9. Part of the 2020 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collection: Rose Nylund Ornament with Sound
  10. Actress Linda Cristal, possibly best known for her role as Victoria on The High Chaparral, died June 27 at the age of 89. NY Times obituary The Hollywood Reporter
  11. In the first episode of season 9, Katie Williams appeared as a bride. Sadly, she passed away due to a car accident at the age of 27. She was the daughter of Hank Williams Jr., and she was mother to two young children. You can view part of her episode at the beginning of this video.
  12. Actress Peggy Pope has passed away at the age of 91. She played the office lush who later reformed in the movie 9 to 5. She popped up on a lot of TV shows.
  13. Here it is under Specials, TV Movies & Other One-Offs.
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