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  1. Now I'm wondering if the funeral is for Kyle's mom. She left town, but I imagine she would come back if Kyle is seriously injured, recovering in the hospital (or dead, with his funeral happening at another time). She would have gone after the people who did that to Kyle, and the only one of the regular characters who seem really, really upset is Max, who used to work for Kyle's mom and had more of a relationship with her than anyone else they've shown at the funeral. I'm still really mehhhh about the Wyatt redemption thing. Hopefully it's over. It's so easy and unearned and frankly, I
  2. Apparently, Bellamy has been dealing with hair loss for almost two decades. I just saw an article with her talking about it (and promoting a product line) - https://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/bellamy-young-gets-real-about-hair-loss-mental-health/. What we've been seeing for a long time is usually not 100% her real hair. It's been supplemented by extensions or a full-on wig. So her wig on this show may not have been great, but that's why she wears one.
  3. I just want Darnell to be happy. I would absolutely watch a spinoff of him and Trey starting over somewhere else. The gang sure got lucky that Gene was fired. Otherwise, he could look up the phone number Murphy dialed from the station and track that phone.
  4. Nothing on this show ever resonates for me. Yes, I think it's a very silly show that takes itself incredibly seriously, but I've felt emotional about things that have happened on bad shows before. Here - nothing. It took me way too long to watch the two-parter because my mind just kept wandering. Then I'd rewind 1-2 minutes to catch what I hadn't the first time, only for my mind to immediately wander again. Sucks to play a mostly hated character, so too bad for Holly Taylor. (I say mostly instead of universal since Angelina probably has some fans? Somewhere?) Speaking of aw
  5. I'm pretty sure that Jonathan Horton did make the cutoff? I'm a gymnastics fan so I looked for him specifically - I even paused on every screen of the top 30 list. I thought he came in around #26, ahead of the NASCAR guy who also made the cut (just barely). Wikipedia hasn't been updated with the results yet and I already erased the episode, so maybe I'm wrong? Tiny quasi-surprise for me is that Jody Avila did not make it up the regular Warped Wall the first time. I love watching Barclay compete and I'm bummed she didn't move on. I was happy to see her on the sidelines, cheering f
  6. My happiness at Latham and Abrams being in this episode really eclipses my usual disappointment with this show. And I say "usual" because, although this was a season finale, it really just felt like a regular episode to me. To the point where it seemed like they had to stop filming early like last year, and cobbled together enough of "suspense" based on the scenes that were finished. The pacing was weird for a finale, too. Truly. Abrams is a wonder. I don't know how much I'd like a coworker like Abrams, but as a viewer of him as a neurosurgeon, I'm all in. Whenever I'm feeling unsure
  7. Omg, more of Natalie spinning out and frantically trying to hide what she done was really great to watch. And then the writers spoiled the party by having Will ultimately "support" Natalie and give her access to the drugs and a pledge to cover for her. UGH! Though that was completely in character for both of them, so the one and only fail I can't stamp this storyline with is "out of character." And watching Maggie scamper around after her daughter was super cringeworthy. Vanessa is fine, but I don't enjoy watching Maggie and Vanessa together at all. At all. At this point, I don't wa
  8. https://deadline.com/2021/05/chicago-med-yaya-dacosta-torrey-devitto-exit-nbc-drama-april-sexton-natalie-manning-original-cast-members-s-epatha-merkerson-return-1234753741/ So the storylines involving April and Natalie aren't fake-outs, like "of course they stay at Med" - I hope any new characters brought on are better!
  9. Episode 6.13, I shall know you from now on as pure deliciousness. Watching Natalie squirm multiple times about potentially getting caught was magical. I feel very sorry for her mother having to deal with the consequences of a medication that Natalie is not qualified to oversee. I just don't see how Natalie can keep her job if what she's done is generally exposed. So that means either Will or Crockett, or both, will find out what she did, but not bust her. Of course it will ruin her relationships with both of them, but that's just a sign from the universe that it's time for psycho Phil
  10. Well, if you think Jubal really had a hard time managing his emotions and behavior with this case criss-crossing with his personal life, wait until the next episode focused on him, in which someone goes on a murder spree and it all goes back to their life being ruined years ago when some drunk driver killed someone extremely important to them (possibly a child) and kept on going as though nothing had happened. As they dig into the details at the JOC, lo and behold, that hit-and-run happened on the same day and in the same area Jubal vaguely remembers being wasted behind the wheel. But oh
  11. Guys, I'm not sure - does Caitlin think of Frost as her sister? The writers don't make it clear - she only says it non-stop. What was that musical montage at the end? I wasn't listening to the lyrics so maybe the lyrics were very fitting (???) but the whole vibe was really off. Caitlin's gonna start sleeping with Frost's macaroni wall art under her pillow. Even with the earlier tedious Mirror storyline, I had some hope that the show could get back on the train tracks once they recharged and moved on to other stories. But s7 is here to say, nope, that isn't happening. I really do
  12. Star of the episode - Madeleine, Ace's pocketknife!
  13. All storylines are not created equal fundamentally, and Kevin's family history is 1000x better developed and portrayed than Upton's, but every time Kevin talks about his family, it works. Like in this episode. And when Upton does, it's like moving chess pieces around where the writers decided they want them. I hear the words and register "this is information," but Upton's story does nothing for me. You guys have covered it all with the nonsense of Burgess the immediate foster mom. A lot of parents learn by doing, but Burgess doesn't know anything, has no ramp-up time, and the authorit
  14. Ay yi yi. I just. Noah with all of his BS and April with all of her BS and then their turning it back around on Choi like he's actually the one with all of the BS. Maybe Noah would have done what he had done if the ER chief was someone he had a more arms-length relationship, or even an outright unfamiliar or negative relationship, with. But he did it working under Ethan and expected to be treated differently. And even if he didn't expect it, April sure did. Will cuts his hair and wears a white coat to be more professional. Buddy, I don't think that makes even a tiny dent in how unpr
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