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  1. In the well-populated history of Single Man Tears that so many male characters have eked out on so many shows - I have never cared about one less than Barrett "But My Stats!" Cain's. I also really doubt that the only loose end about the true origin of candida auris was the anti fungal bag that was administered to Sophia. Unless there was no paper trail for the services/payment of disinfecting Dawn Long's room (behind the oh-so-concealing plastic sheets) AND Cain/Kim murdered all of those people who cleaned the room. Sure, maybe Kim doctored paperwork/payment trails to make it look like it was for AI retrofitting, but the people performing the services know what they were actually doing and that that isn't standard procedure - it was prompted by something. The Health Dept is totally going to investigate all patient deaths around the time Sophia was admitted to determine if she brought in the superbug or picked it up at Chastain. Red Rock can't manipulate that timeline. After the antagonistic showdown between Kim and Cain, very explicit in how easily they would turn on each other - I hope they are each other's downfall (whenever this storyline gets resolved) and it is glorious.
  2. OMG when they got to that exchange, I was totally expecting Holt to say "Montes" or "Montez" since he had said in the season 6 "Crime Scene" episode that the best detectives he had ever worked with were that person and Dillman. Either the writers forgot that, or what has happened since to change Holt's opinion of Montes??? What a double whammy for Holt if his two best detectives have fallen from grace in his eyes within the span of a year. Maybe Montes used too many exclamation points in an e-mail or likes to watch MTV's "The Challenge." "They were already here when I got here."
  3. All episode descriptions should really read, "Everyone repeats their past mistakes, but no one, except the patients, fears them because it's just another day at Chicago Med." LOL at how Crockett walked away from the argument Natalie was chomping at the bit to have. "We're talking semantics. I know when I'm out of my depth." The only thing he missed was throwing up a peace sign as he left. LOL at Natalie preaching about pragmatism to Crockett. Natalie! Pragmatism! The word came out of her holier-than-thou mouth! Like that's how she lives her life! LOL in a bad way about Halstead saying there are exceptions, like obviously he and Asher can be one. Oh really? Bc your past relationships have been so successful? Speaking of Halstead, every time he assumes his opinion about patient care is the right one, even if it's at odds with the facts at hand, I need a sock puppet to pop out from the corner of the screen and say, "Remember that time you were convinced that Jehovah's Witness had left the church and no longer believed in those teachings, so you violated him by performing medical procedures he wouldn't have consented to and left him in a state of anguish? How are you so sure you're right about this, bro?" Of course Halstead would still think he was, but he needs to be reminded of the things he so selectively forgets.
  4. Spacey Casey and Thimblecock Shimblecock. Stella can hate Seager all she wants to, but she doesn't have Girls on Fire without Seager (or Kylie). After enough ad nauseam complaining, I'm going to need her to figure out how to deal with it or pick not working with Seager over having the program. Would Stella rather be chasing the shitty efforts of Captain Leone??? I don't know if it's been mentioned in previous episode threads, but the actress who plays Seager is really quite stunning with her old hair. I don't know what's real hair and what's not between now and then, but for example - https://eurweb.com/2018/08/13/prince-saved-2011-love-letter-from-singer-andy-allo-i-will-never-forget-these-last-2-nights/ Her current hair is so far in the opposite direction, I don't know why she likes it. I guess Hermann has time to sit around and bitch about the evil internet because he's done with his remedial fire safety training.
  5. Welp, all this 100th episode really had to offer me was Dr. Abrams, to whom I say, "Please never change." The blunt way he talked to Natalie (not critical of her, but adjacent to her, so that's good enough for me) and when he shook Dr. Charles' hand after Dr. Charles bowled a strike - I will take those little nuggets gratefully. I'm so glad Dr. Abrams is not a regular character since they are written so poorly. I just can't with Halstead and Asher. Also, if Halstead had reported Asher without evidence and she denied it, I have to imagine that her hierarchy of bosses would then be paying very close attention to her. And while Asher was attempting to cover up her addiction at work (and seemingly getting away with it around medical professionals - thanks, writers), I think she'd get busted pretty quickly after she was reported. No way was she an addict who could really convince people she was sober during those long shifts, day after day. Or that she could pass random drug tests. (I'm not sure the hospital could require random drug tests based on an allegation, but I'd think so, given the nature of the work?) The only way Asher could dodge the scrutiny is to quit or go on leave. And it's so gross to me that Halstead is still getting personally involved with her. Like he thinks that's a totally appropriate thing for a just-detoxed person to get into. But he's such a compulsively good, ethical guy, right? ... No comment on the eruption of the pointless love triangle and Natalie being Natalie. Except for, when is psycho Philip coming back to take her away to Siberia, never to be heard from again?
  6. I'm not sure if/how Barrett "My Stats!" Cain will cover up that Dawn was patient zero and he was responsible for her. Even if her death was expected after the Mother of All Surgeries and her long stay at the vent farm, I think they will still do an autopsy, and it'll be performed by Pathology, not Cain. I'm not sure if Cain can stop an autopsy, or if he would have to convince the oldest surviving daughter of Dawn's to deny one. I also think Barrett Cain being so so so so insistent with nurse Skyler Day that Dawn's tests be in his name may come back to bite him in the ass, big-time. When it happened in the episode, it seemed like the only purpose was to keep Devon or any other doctors out of the case, so Dawn could make it past six months. There was no reason to think at the time it would fit any other narrative purpose. But maybe he'll try to spin some lies about someone else being responsible, and the paper trail will show otherwise. And if this is a case of "the cover-up being worse than the crime," he may get caught by trying to change the audit trail. But oh well, why would anyone care? Barrett "My Stats!" Cain has amazing stats (in case you didn't know) and has saved the lives of Winston Churchill and Willy Wonka.
  7. Ugh, poor Lucy. She did nothing wrong intentionally and had no idea that she had been roped into anything illegal. Boomer was already a lost moral cause and had hurt other people. Mary Pat wanted a piece of the shadiness in her own way. But Lucy was just enjoying making art in a professional capacity and semi-regretfully talking up her graphicfarts. Similar to others, I was really grossed out that Beth kept Au Jus, too, and referred to him as a "rescue." Lucy's boyfriend has lost his girlfriend in an awful way (just doesn't truly know it yet) and his girlfriend's beloved bird on top of that? Even if the boyfriend didn't have much to do with the bird when Lucy was around (and I doubt that was the case), what a double whammy. Beth, come on. Let him have the bird whether he loved it or not. It's at the very least a living reminder (50 years ...) of his girlfriend, and who knows, maybe he loved Au Jus just as much as Lucy did. What, did Beth think that the boyfriend could grieve over missing-Lucy with the tampons and Midol he bought her instead? And Annie the Disaster continues to force her child to parent her. Annie means well, but intentions don't mean a whole lot when the corresponding actions are so terrible. I'm not sure she's really capable of any real growth. Though I think we're just an episode or two away from her trying to masturbate with her nasty gym locker key. Surely she wouldn't use Ben's gym locker key for that - she was boundaries ...
  8. I deleted the episode from my DVR after watching it just once, and I'm not in the mood to pull up the very end through an on-demand service, but Hermosa apparently found out who Donna "really is" or something, yes? I really hope it's something patently Riverdale-insane, like the Blossom twins really were triplets in the womb, and no, Cheryl never absorbed the third one, but Donna is the third Blossom. She was obviously the odd one out after Penelope gave birth because Jason and Cheryl had wisps of red hair and Donna was a brunette. So either Mr. and Mrs. Blossom gave Donna away to someone else, period, or it was part of some business transaction and Donna was considered the anomaly, so they chose her. (Like if they were trying to secure a deal with another rich couple that couldn't conceive and wanted a baby in return.) As such, Donna grew up in another family, but still in wealthy ranks, where she ended up at Stonewall, always the schemer and the puppet master because it's in her blood. (The blood that Riverdale bathes in!) I haven't gone back to read posts from previous episodes, but yes, it's obvious that Jughead is going to write his Baxter Brothers novel based on this, and it's going to invigorate the franchise and be the best selling installment ever, right? That's one thing I've missed with Jughead allegedly being dead - shaking my head at his writing excerpts. I'm probably repeating what others have said, but besides the fictional versions he's already named out loud (Jarhead (omg, so bad) and Bison), everyone else is totally going to be called things like Fred Jr, Luna, Penny Tale (in lieu of Betty), Bart, Dana, Mr. DuFont, etc.
  9. Sorry if I wasn't clear before. When I said I think he is, too, I meant that I think Jake Johnson is attractive, not that he isn't.
  10. Interesting discussion here and in subsequent replies. The actor who was originally cast as Grey was replaced after the initial pilot was shot last spring, and he publicly spoke about why - namely, that he wasn't deemed attractive enough for the role. Obviously, the viewers didn't witness what actually happened, so it's "alleged," but he certainly wasn't vague about it and didn't mince words. https://deadline.com/2019/05/new-cobie-smulders-abc-series-recast-mark-webber-reaction-calls-treatment-degrading-1202612642/ In my opinion. Mark Webber is attractive. And arguably, Jake Johnson wouldn't be considered handsome by any given executive. (I think he is, too.) Especially if they only know him from his New Girl character. On another note - guys!!! I'm fascinated by all of the posts about Grey's dad's wife / Grey's stepmom. I recognized her immediately, but I'm in the right age range for that. That's Josie Davis, who played Sarah Powell (sister of Nicole Eggert's character) on Charles in Charge! She has quite a history of Lifetime movies and such, plus she's guested on a bunch of other shows. I was simultaneously surprised and not surprised to see her in a network guest part that credits her at the end credits vs. the opening ones. I assume the case of the week plot was pretty unrealistic - I don't think stolen work gets resolved that easily in Hollywood and people just shake on it. But I don't mind flimsier procedural cases when the rest of the time goes towards good character moments. I liked that the emotion from Dex when she cried with her aunt, and that Grey went back and bought that car after all. And then after the end scene, his yellow car transformed into an Autobot to save the world from the evil Decepticons ...
  11. I've seen the semen allergy before on another show, but not a medical one. On "The League," Paul Scheer's character is with Jayma Mays and they find out she's terribly allergic to his semen. Their friends refer to it as "widow-making death jizz," or something like that. They plan to work around it, except Paul uses a sort-of handkerchief (well, it's an embroidered pee bib, but that's a totally different story) when he jerks off, and Jayma doesn't know that, so when she uses it to wipe her eyes later bc she's crying, she has to go to the hospital bc of the death jizz. That couple was so ugh to me. We get it, you love each other, you can't keep your hands off each other, but you are not in your own controlled space, you are there so you can be helped by professionals, and you insist on the intense PDAs and sex. Yes, semen from sexual activity is just a small part of allllll the bodily fluids that hospitals have to clean up after, but that's also a choice. People in hospitals are not usually choosing to bleed and vomit and pee all over. This couple chose to have unprotected sex at the hospital when the professionals whose help they're seeking could walk in at any time and be subjected to that. And then the husband gets all indignant and mortified when Choi asks, "did you finish?" Bc he totally draws the line there, and geez, Choi, have some decency like the rest of us, why don't you. The last few minutes were just awful. I am positive that the writer's room has a whiteboard that says at the top, in big, capital, underlined letters, "how can we make the staff even more unprofessional?" Just like that, Dr. Asher says she'll turn herself in bc she's just so overcome by Halstead caring about her??? And Halstead believes she will do as she says, even after her previous behavior??? She makes eyes at Halstead and invites her back home??? Halstead smiles like this is a normal, desirable hookup with no red flags and complications??? What??? The producers cut Connor's character for more of this BS???
  12. 100% the car accident will come back up as a main focal point. I'm not sure how long they will postpone this, but I think Danny will either see the car randomly on the road OR it'll factor into one of their case investigations. Or maybe he takes it upon himself to dig into it on his own. They made it a point for the woman to tell Danny the half of the license plate number she saw. That's gotta go somewhere. That driver deserves all of the consequences, whether he was just a distracted driver or is actually a criminal in other ways. He caused the accident, knew a car went off the side of the road, and didn't report the accident in any way to get Danny and his lady help. Fuck you, guy. And I can't wait for Danny to tell him that he cost Danny the love of his life, whose name he barely found out. This Adam storyline ... is at least better than last year's Jessie/informant storyline. Sigh. The Yakuza loves Color Me Badd ringtones!
  13. Good callout re: age of consent for sex, which is a factor in the legality of the actions of the sexual partners, but I don't think it applies to pornography, right? Federally, it's 18, black and white, and I don't know if states have their own laws that have dropped the age. And if they do, I can't imagine that their more lax laws can trump federal laws. So two 17-year-olds in New York can legally have sex, but they can't be legally filmed having sex. Anyone who films them having sex has produced child porn. They may be shades of gray/severity in there if all of Bret's tapes only show "broadcast tv" images of sex where girls never take their opaque bras off and the couple pulls the blankets over them, etc. so you don't really see anything. But most people having sex with no one watching really do that.
  14. I haven't commented on Riverdale s4 so far and haven't read any past episode threads, so pardon if this is a retread - but every time Bret shows up onscreen, I always think, "what a fucking chode." Like, wow to zero redeeming qualities and one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen. The actor IRL could be a wonderful person, but I've seen him too much as Bret, so he is forever just a chode to me. I laughed super hard at the start of Round 2 - The Brawl, as Bret and Jughead assumed their fighting stance. Jughead hunched over like Quasimodo and sort of pointed his hands down or something. I'm sure all of the students know about his Serpent history, but if I didn't know it, I would have assumed he was not a good fighter. As others have mentioned, there was a huge disconnect in why Nick St. Clair now and how Toni chose to deal with him, but! I did enjoy the little get-together in Cheryl and Toni's bed afterwards when Fangs was cuddling with a teddy bear. Is it established that Betty and Jughead are 18 now? And that Moose was 18 pre-Halloween? Or that Moose's sexual partner was 18? If not, Bret has basically been producing child pornography. And even if all four of those people are 18, how long has Bret been filming others in sexual situations and were they all 18? Dude is a fucking idiot if he's been filming people 17 or under. It's a terrible, cruel thing to do, period, but he seems to believe the only people who may bear negative consequences are the people he's violated with his hidden camera. I would like to see that smug little shit go down for something as "unsavory" as child porn - a tougher sell to overlook in his privileged circles than a lot of crimes. The writing is still such a mess on this show. Less sensational than s2 and s3, I guess, but still all over the place.
  15. Two days later and I'm kind of surprised at myself and how I'm not really sad the show is over. And I'm the kind of person who will think about "objectively" bad stuff like Sweet Valley High and feel sad there are no more SVH books. I never hate-watched Arrow (even when I found it dragging and not hitting emotionally), but like many others, felt the show kept declining year-over-year, so I'm sure that takes the sting out of it. It's been so long since the high quality of s1 and s2 that I've certainly accepted THAT version of the show is gone. But also, I'd been so prepped for, what, at least a year now, that Oliver was going to die (and presumably stay dead, vs. all of the other deaths and takebacks in the Arrowverse). Seeing it happen is usually different than understanding conceptually it's going to happen, but that was just so much time to adjust to the idea. And then in execution, the last episodes have been so anticlimactic. He died and came back, and then took on the Spectre mantle as not-Oliver in the first three episodes of Crisis. Then there's a month-long break, and the last two Crisis episodes were totally underwhelming in virtually every aspect. Followed by the backdoor pilot which only served that purpose vs. bringing anything valuable to the core closure of Arrow. And frankly, the spinoff proposal stole even more time out of the Arrow finale because I'm convinced they wouldn't have written so much for Dinah and Laurel in the finale if they weren't continuing to tee up those characters for a future show. Then after weeks of a progressive downward shift, there's finally the finale where Oliver's been dead for multiple episodes in the viewer's experience. Felicity's barely shown interacting with characters because they only had Emily on set for two days. Oliver's dead, so he's only seen in flashbacks (mostly with only Diggle) or the afterlife. All of the cameos, though very welcome, are fleeting enough that they can't overcompensate for the fact that the momentum going into the finale and throughout the finale wasn't there (for me). I felt like the only momentum (for me) was a bit clinical - I know this is the last 44 minutes of the show I'll ever see - and hoping that Oliver got some kind of happiness, even though he's clearly going to stay dead. I realize this was the show's aggregate best effort, so I don't want to womp-womp over it so much, but a big part of me doesn't even feel "womp-womp." I'm just kind of ... shrugging that it's over.
  16. Since TK and Owen live together (in addition to working together at the firehouse, which has communal bathrooms and sinks), I would think the biggest tip-off to TK that something isn't right is that Owen is no longer using all of those hair products that are so so so so so important to him. It's possible that TK hasn't noticed it bc he's in his own little world, but I also think Owen was probably historically very visible in his daily usage. I realized in this episode that background-Mateo sounds exactly like Dave Franco. It's not possible to have noticed this earlier since he's only had 3 lines. And they were probably things like "hi" and "bye." Imagine spending all of that taxpayer money to renovate the firehouse to an excessively high level. Of course this is just fiction, but how were those expenses were approved! Or is Owen such a big deal that he can spend whatever he wants with no oversight? It would be somewhat different if the explosion that took out the original 126 squad was actually at the firehouse and it needed to be renovated, period. But wow. The living space is like a commercial showroom for expensive, ethically-sourced furniture hand-crafted by artisan elves. I live in a nice house and I don't think it's close to that.
  17. Lots of scrambled thoughts about the finale, but I'll refrain since many have raised them, too. But I definitely agree the pacing was odd. And while I liked the ending with Felicity and Oliver, I hated the pull-out shot of Star City. It was just an ugly image as the last frame for me. Like we already knew they were in a rendering of Star City since they were in Oliver's office at Queen Consolidated - there was no information being relayed. And as much as the city was a huge part of Oliver's purpose, it was the ugliest representation of Star City I think I've ever seen. Just all CGI skyscrapers and metro buildings. I would have rather ended on a close-up of Felicity and Oliver. I still can't get over the "no crime" overnight transformation of Star City. They keep saying it like there is truly NO crime! Maybe you don't have evil mega-villains like Malcolm and Damian Darhk, but really? No gangs? No alcohol, drug, or poverty-related crimes? Rapists and sexual assaulters are just keeping it in their pants and now believe no means no? No domestic violence? (OK, I'll concede that the show never really broached those last two in the first place.) And no other criminals move in to fill that power vacuum and claim Star City as their territory for TWENTY YEARS, all because of a sacrifice made by someone who isn't around to stop them from committing future crime? And I wish Roy had been able to keep his arm. Sure, he's doing well enough with the robotic ARGUS arm (he's able to tattoo Dinah with it!), but I guess Oliver could bring back entire people, but not "just" limbs. Roy losing his arm was not an event that could not be undone or else it would materially affect Oliver's trajectory. Obviously the decisions they made with bringing characters back are just supposed to be satisfying on the surface and don't hold up at all if you think about it any more, so I guess that's what I'll do. I don't think Thea would have become Speedy, had those scars on her face, gone through the same relationship ups and down with Roy, etc. once Moira didn't die, but sure, fine. But best wishes to the Harper-Queens. Or Queen-Harpers.
  18. I'm fairly sure she's his biological daughter and he and Paula have been married that long (15+ years). It's pretty believable to me that the daughter speaks Spanish, but Bill doesn't. She probably learned as a child when learning languages is so much easier. And with the parents' professions/schedules, if the daughter was often looked after by Paula's parents/relatives growing up, she probably conversed in Spanish with them as well. Bill may have learned some Spanish from Paula, but probably just things he thought would be useful in his line of work. Thank you to Cade's sane wife for explicitly asking Cade whether the kids want to be adopted by the man who killed their father. I don't mind the way they shoot this show and I actually like the lighting, but the huge huge huge thing it's missing for me is nuance. I'd find it far more compelling if Bill was learning that he doesn't have all the answers when it comes to a higher scope of responsibility, and he was making occasional mistakes in combining his maverick ways with the reality of what it takes to keep the department going. His weekly lectures to the ivory tower are probably the most tiresome aspect to me. I don't really care about the godson at all. The perspective of a newbie patrol boot is fine so it's not just the super experienced Bill and Cade, but I just don't care about this particular character. No charisma to me. I won't be surprised if this show is cancelled. Nor will I be surprised if the network talks to Stephen in advance and tells him they want to stay in business with him and hope to find him a different (better) vehicle.
  19. Whenever Rob said anything instructive to his squad about skincare or haircare, I felt like I watching an extension of his Atkins commercials. I have nothing against Atkins and have done it successfully in the past, but that was when he felt least like an actor portraying his character. His diatribes went on for a long time, too. I sort of "appreciated" seeing a man with cancer being worried about his change in appearance due to treatment, in that it's usually portrayed as a female thing to be so sad about hair loss. And obviously it's about more than just the loss of hair itself, which I think they showed decently. That said, Owen's fixation on his "signature look" felt like overkill to me. While I don't think it's fueled by 100% vanity, I also was a little "huh?" about it coming from a firefighter with decades of experience. Are we to believe that Owen has no scars or other physical marks from his profession? Or that he hasn't worked alongside tons of men and women who do, like that could just as easily be him? Or is that part of why he's so obsessed with his hair as something he can control? ... Yikes, when TK made that comment at the Overlords/Resistance apartment complex along the lines of "one spark and this will be the biggest barbecue in Texas history," I rewound to see if Judd was standing near him. I don't think he was, but yikes. That's not something to say in front of someone who lost his entire house to a gigantic blaze. (And then when fire did erupt at the apartment, it was way smaller than the one that took out the previous 126.) With the LA-based 911 show, they can focus on their own shift, but with the whole reason for Owen being drafted to Austin being to rebuild the entire house, it seems kind of weird to me to only focus on the six firefighters on this shift. I get why they would do this for the narrative and screen time, but it undermines the need for someone with Owen's experience immediately after they established it.
  20. I'm pretty sure Haley the character / Tracy the actress said "artesianal wine and cheese" instead of "artisanal." I rewound multiple times in case my ears were playing tricks on me. Where exactly does Jordan see his life going if he keeps doing things the way he wants to? If Al were around as the other six people in the unit all paired off romantically, I hope he'd have some choice words for it. Tbh, I didn't like some of Al's old school ways of thinking, but the current team seems so young and immature - experience-wise and emotionally. Jay has the longest tenure in Intelligence and he was new in season 1. Haley has been on the force longer than he has, I think, but look at how unprofessional she is, constantly questioning and pushing back on Voight. I think it's a mistake for the unit to come off as so young and immature in the SEVENTH season of the show, after getting rid of Antonio and Al.
  21. For anyone who wants to watch Eli Stone - either to see it again or to check it out for the first time - it's available for free streaming through, at a minimum, abc.com and the ABC app on Roku. I can't speak for other app devices since I don't have them. But you can find it listed under All Shows or Throwback, along with plenty of other great past shows, like Reaper and FlashForward. As for Zoey, it's not inherently my kind of show, but I did enjoy this. Its mix of light-heartedness and serious emotional beats has piqued my interest. I love Jane, too. Ugh, if Jeremy Sisto were to guest star in an episode with her, I'd be totally eeeeeeee! over it. Honestly, I'd totally take Parker Young guest starring, too. If they want to make the sort of chauvinist co-worker more tolerable, they need to tone him down or at least give him some redeemable backstory and/or personality traits. I know his chauvinism was done on purpose (not that the writers think it's totally fine), but sheesh. I can't imagine a real-world scenario where two men are seen talking and people automatically assume they're sharing secrets or giving unfair advantages, instead of, you know, just doing work. And that womp-womp line about "now I have two female bosses" - well, sure, that IS notable, especially in tech, because the vast majority of the time, hierarchy is male but no one says anything about that. Boo hoo for you, buddy.
  22. OK, here is what I would like to happen to the Twirling Mustache Bros. For some reason, Logan Kim has some kind of dire neurological problem, either from injury or disorder, I don't care. But he's still cognizant for now and can make his own medical decisions. The only surgery that could save him from a horrible, debilitating decline to death is both super risky - he could die on the table instead - and so novel/emerging that Cain is the only one who could possibly succeed. (So Kim can't just go to some other neurosurgeon.) Kim tells Cain that he'd rather die during surgery than be sent to a vent farm to live on machines indefinitely. Bc they're BROS and Cain should see him as a partner, not just another rando patient, right? Even though Cain is like "But MY STATS!" Kim signs a DNR. But bc Kim knows he can't trust Cain, he secretly gives his lawyer a sealed envelope and/or laptop of all kinds of incriminating documents to publicly release (to police, medical board, the press, etc.) if Cain defies his medical wishes. Kim ends up coding on the operating table and Cain does in fact defy the DNR (or deleted it from hospital records in the first place). Kim goes to the vent farm where his neighbor is the lady from the Mother of All Surgeries; Cain is exposed, his license is revoked, he is sued by tons of old patients / their families and his personal assets are drained, and he goes to prison for a lengthy prison term; Bell takes the throne again with Lady Voss by his side; and Conrad is allowed to return to Chastain as chief resident with back pay. This might be too mean, but maybe also a scene of Marshall Winthrop standing over Kim's bed at the vent farm and saying, "I guess those bodies you know about will stay buried, huh?" and a complementary scene of the Raptor visiting Cain in prison, talking on the phones through the plexiglass screen, saying, "Still proud of the man you are?" I could really go on and on ...
  23. It's been over 25 years since Stephen Dorff was in Aerosmith's "Cryin'" video and he's still pretty attractive to me. As for this show, I'll stick with it via DVR season pass and it's got some things going for it, but I really hope they recognize and address the early kinks. I like the relationship between Stephen and Yara, small doses of family life with small doses of the daughter, and I think Brian Van Holt is good in the role, even if the fostering storyline is ridiculous. Compared to another midseason procedural (Lincoln Rhyme), which presented a lot of threads to pull on in the last few minutes of the premiere, Deputy didn't really do that, so I don't really blame viewers for dropping the show after one episode. I, too, thought the camera work was strange at times. David Ayer directed the pilot - I did not see End of Watch, but I did see Suicide Squad and could barely make it through. Will Beall, the creator, was also behind the Training Day tv show a couple of years ago. Thematically/structurally, I see some similarities between the two shows, but I recall side-eying less in the Training Day pilot.
  24. The only thing I "like" about Cain and his stupid former hedge fund henchman is that I know they will look out for #1 when shit starts hitting the fan and they will turn on each other. Sure, there's a plot avenue where they could stand united for the sake of self-preservation, but they are no Conrad and Nic. I hope they each throw the other person under the ten-decker bus of destruction they've created. Hopefully we don't have to wait until the 18th episode for this to happen. (I assume s3 is 18 episodes, but haven't checked.) And please let them go to prison! It's sort of unbelievable Cain has been able to dodge so many bullets in his career, given how he conducts himself, but I'm happy to assume that's coming to an end. And I hope he's publicly disgraced like Lane Hunter was, so he can't just jump to the next hospital that wants him and crow all over the place about the millions of lives he's saved, including Lord of the Rings elves and Abraham Lincoln. This douche needs some "Good Place" accounting. He's always hyping himself to the heavens, but refuses to see all of his negative points putting him at, like, minus bajillion.
  25. I'll be honest, at first I really thought they were implying the cat had Julia's spirit or something like that. She wouldn't leave David's sweatshirt in the laundry basket - Kristen had to forcibly pull it away and the cat hated that. And it seemed to be hissing a lot at Kristen and possibly Renee, too, like Julia the cat didn't like them (due to their relationships with David) in her right spirit mind or an off-kilter spirit mind. I don't actually think she's the cat, but this show would go there. I can't doubt that after the alien baby snuggles in the corn field. I really hope they do better with the whole Grandma presence/impact on the show in s2. Not just "ugh, you're ultimately a terrible person in seemingly every aspect" - if the show wants to do that, then at least execute it well and commit to the storyline consequences. Andy is back with his icy dynamic with Sheryl well-established last episode, plus he followed through on his deal to not tell Kristen about Sheryl's nasty fuckbuddy (fuckdemon?) time in Kristen's office. All of this information withholding seems like really convenient setup to support writing only one parent at home. Like the parents can keep thinking it's okay for one of them go off separately in the world bc the other one at home has help from Sheryl, but neither of them really know how irresponsible Sheryl is and the danger she regularly places the kids in. If Andy really knew the things that had happened under Sheryl's watch and how her fuckdemon is, well, a fuckdemon who giddily salivates over child rape, uh yeah, I don't think he would wave goodbye and return to the summit. If Kristen really knew what had happened under Sheryl's watch and that she's still with the fuckdemon, uh yeah, she would need more help at home instead of relying on her mom. (And yes, she can have paid help instead, but that makes Andy look like even more of a heel for being gone all the time living the dream.) Figures the writers couldn't resist the tradeoff of minimal child screentime with maximum noise levels. They need to have a Come to Jesus moment about the kids, too. They can personally like the cacophony all they want, but most sane people who rely on viewers would not decide to play an incessant alarm clock or fingernails on chalkboard over and over. They don't seem to realize that the girls' undisciplined screaming and yelling is arguably as annoying. I am really hoping they address Andy's simmering "curiosity" about Ben by having them meet in person and Andy walks away from that encounter, shrugging and saying to himself, "huh, he really is magnificent."
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