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  1. hilaryvm

    Masterchef (US)

    The team meetings at the beginning were so infuriating to me. After repeatedly talking over Renee in the team meeting, when she starts to talk, Sam then comes in with "let's talk one at a time." I don't blame Renee for her reaction. That was just total asshole right there. Plus, I'm sure he thought he was being reasonable and calm to the hysterical woman. I couldn't figure out why Bri kept deferring to Sam and Nick, since it didn't seem like Sam has done so hot in recent challenges.
  2. hilaryvm

    The Aquarium

    I'm a bit sad there isn't more action on this forum. I love this show. I'm glad they were able to take the rescued baby sea otters but I wondered about the boy - he was separated in a storm from his mom and the water was too rough to get him back to her. I wondered why they couldn't just wait until the storm was over? It's also nice to see people who have such affection for the non- "cute and fluffy" variety of animals.
  3. hilaryvm

    Are You The One?

    I have to say that this cast is far more attractive than the last season's cast. Nary a funny-looking person in the bunch. It was a fairly exhausting episode, but I feel most first episodes are that way because there's so many people to try and learn names and such. It's going to be much harder this way to figure out all the matches. It will be amazing if they somehow figure it all out
  4. hilaryvm


    Isn't it Rachel and not Vanessa? Vanessa is the hairdresser hung up on Max, and Rachel is the blonde who hooked up with Barrett, I believe. I'm sad that this was the fall out of the "cheating scandal." I was expecting them to hook up on the trip (which is probably what the previews wanted me to think) and instead it was something that happened before they started dating.
  5. hilaryvm


    I find a show like this highly entertaining for no reason I can explain. Maybe watching these people makes me feel better about my life? I don't know. The scenery is pretty, these people are idiots but so far no one is so bad that you feel bad for watching the trainwreck happen. I can't wait for next week when apparently the cheating scandal happens. I have to say that I really don't like Rachel. I can't put my finger on it, but she doesn't seem as tied in with the rest of the group, and it seems a bit maybe like she thinks she's better than the others? I don't know, but I've found her super annoying so far.
  6. hilaryvm

    S05.E08: What Da Fuskie?

    I'm still catching up on this show (clearly) but I couldn't believe when TRAV offered Kathryn a drink when they got to the house. He, more than anyone, knows she can't be drinking and I was surprised by how well she handled it. That was a seriously messed up thing for him to do, and if she had gotten mad about it, he probably would have used it as one more piece of evidence of how unfit Kathryn is. I mean, who offers a drink to someone they know is a recovering alcoholic?
  7. hilaryvm

    Season Five Episode Talk

    It always annoys me that Lorraine takes such tiny bites of the desserts that you can barely see any on the fork (much like Giada on Food Network Star). I love that Duff takes big bites and his looking up at the ceiling expression while he's tasting it. At least on this one, even the home bakers seem somewhat competent, and the outrageous characters weren't quite as outrageous as the Halloween baking championship. At the very least, no one instantly annoyed me like a few contestants on Halloween.
  8. hilaryvm

    Veterinary and Animal Rescue Shows

    So she is based in Haines Junction, which is in Canada. It's partway between Haines, AK, and Whitehorse, YT. There is no vet in Haines. Also, because the nearest city to Haines (Juneau) is only accessibly by boat or plane, there are times (especially in winter) where it is not feasible to get to Juneau and so driving from Haines Junction is more reliable. I know in general that the Yukon Territory is sparsely populated, but I wonder when she goes to places in Alaska like Anchorage or Fairbanks why she's there and not a local Alaska vet. There probably aren't that many wildlife vet specialists out there, but I would imagine there are some in Alaska (I live in Alaska and feel like I should know this but have never had a reason to wonder if there are wildlife vets around here).
  9. Didn't Victoria say something like "I'm uncomfortable with the situation I've been put in". I mean, no one forced you to gain weight at training camp, and she more than anyone should know that weight is a huge issue for the DCC. I'm sure she's normal person skinny, but this isn't a normal person job. There are weight standards, and she had to know she was very heavy for a DCC. Gaining weight seems even worse than starting heavy and just not losing any. Plus, can someone please fix her makeup? It seems so heavy and her lashes are so thick that it ages her terribly. She's 18, and Kashara looked more fresh-faced than Victoria!
  10. hilaryvm

    Halloween Baking Championship

    Henson was on fire last episode. I loved how he decided he was scared of Lyndsy, complete with "if I'm murdered Lyndsy did it." Also liked him saying Cicely had "resting chef face." I have to say, the scarecrows in the second challenge were basically all underwhelming and downright bad. Most creative is Lyndsy for deciding her zombie pumpkins ate the scarecrow.
  11. hilaryvm

    S32.E08: Shaneless

    I just loved when Shane was trashing Jozea's single and then said "it's probably actually a good single but I hate him so I can't be nice to him" or something like that. That made me laugh more than I should have. Shane is certainly playing a part to some degree, but when it's not clever, it's just him being a dick and whether it's for show or for real, he's still being a dick and not an entertaining one.
  12. Man, the best actress in a drama category was stacked, and since The Americans had won a couple other big ones, I thought maybe Keri Russell had a chance. But, I basically thought there was a chance anyone could win, except for whatever reason, I thought "Claire Foy is the only one who is not going to win" and then she won! I don't have anything against her (I just haven't watched The Crown), I just thought it was funny that the one nominee I thought was the one without a chance was the one that won. I love award shows, so I thought this one was fine. I think it's a fact of tv today that awards shows just aren't going to garner the viewers they used to. Also, with teh rise of streaming services producing original content, I wonder when the "movie made for tv" will get hard. I mean, at what point is a netflix movie a regular movie or a made for tv movie?
  13. hilaryvm

    S08.E01: The End

    Finally got around to watching this. I tend to start every season, and give up somewhere in the 4 - 6 episode range. Only season I watched all the way through was Coven. That said, I did think the opening scenes of the apocalypse were very well done. Also, Joan Collins! I hadn't heard she would be in this, so I quite liked that. I wondered whether at the beginning, the food cubes was just another way to torture the people (like, they had plenty of "real" food but only gave the guests food cubes) but with the appearance of the guy at the end stating that other bunkers had failed, this seemed less likely. If, however, they didn't have stores of other food, that seems like some poor apocalypse planning.
  14. hilaryvm

    Model Squad

    I like that we're getting to see models in all stages of their career, which is interesting. I couldn't believe the one girl (moved from LA to NY) showed up at a casting without her book or a card, and her agency let her do that. That basically just closed the door on that client and made her seem unprofessional. I've seen Yu Tsai on America's Next Top Model and I was never a fan. I'm surprised he's considered such a big deal photographer, given the ANTM connection.
  15. I swear there were at least 5 - 6 rookie candidates who had interviews this week that I had never seen before, let alone heard their names. I just kept thinking "who is this girl and why have I never seen her before?" It seemed like someone might have given Victoria a makeup consult during makeovers because I thought it looked less caked-on and the fake eyelashes looked less like spider legs (at least to me). I always thought Dayton looked a little soft or round...like, not fat because she's clearly skinny, but just not super toned compared to some of the other girls. Then, she put on the uniform, and I was like holy cow! She really did look amazing in the uniform.