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    S12.E05: Shots

    I enjoyed this one. I was thinking last week that I don’t really enjoy the show anymore; everything seemed like a retread. However, this one really made me laugh. The absurdity of it all hit the right level for me.
  2. “Every day the mosquitos wake up and choose violence.” I laughed so hard and I’m not really an Aaron fan.
  3. I am not a Jenn fan, but I cut her some slack on not knowing her son’s age. She clearly knew the year he was born off the top of her head. My mom forgets m6 age sometimes and I always have to do the math when people ask me how old she is. I am not a Brooks fan with his identical tracksuits, but the stuff Jenn said on social media was way out of bounds, especially for the son of her supposed friend.
  4. I don’t know why but the exchange about the car killed me. ”they only made 4, they gave one to Henry Ford who gave it to his hero Mussolini.” ”that…sounds about right.” Before we learned about Gail being a werewolf I was thinking we hadn’t seen the werewolves in awhile and wondering if we would ever see them again.
  5. I don’t mind Demi. She makes for good tv, which is a lot more than I can say for some of the people on this show (e.g. Abigail and Noah - do they have a personality between them?) Last season was my first BIP season, and it seemed more to have couples who got together and didn’t switch. I’m liking all the drama of people mixing it up.
  6. I think the Nicholas Cage story was funny - I think the joke was that some dude said he looked like Nicholas Cage, and he doesn't at all, so they made a big thing of it with the t-shirt and everything. Aside from Captain Sandy and Malia, rest of the crew seems promising, in a "I won't hate them before the season is over" kind of way. Of course, I often feel that way at the start of a new season...
  7. I honestly have no idea what Lindsay was so upset about. Was it because he didn’t propose? And he made a nice dinner and ...that wasn’t a big enough gesture?
  8. Coming from a small family (4 of us) and now living with just one other person, I have no idea what I would do with a second dishwasher. A second oven on the other hand... I surprisingly didn't mind Alison, but we'll see as the show goes on. She and Mike will be an interesting pair. I've seen a lot of his shows and got the impression that he was just barely keeping his huge ego from coming out. The clash of the two egos will hopefully make for good tv.
  9. The whole lead-up to the launch of Discovery+, I kept wondering who would want to subscribe to it at all. Then my mom got it (to watch Naked and Afraid) and I love it. I'm watching this show, and am working my way through the original series. I'm right at the end of season 4. I like the new show, but it seems like they won't ever design people's actual homes due to COVID which I'll miss. Also, will we never get a kitchen challenge where a team fails horribly?
  10. I'm not a Jen apologist, but her show broke when she was on the bar. You can see it in the slow motion replay - her strap on her shoe breaks and she goes forward. Not to discount that she might have also been drunk, and that made the fall worse.
  11. Best part of the Devin/Josh forgot to me was “Josh, what’s 8 times 9”. I laughed so hard at that. Some of these “strong” competitors don’t have a good long term strategy. Like Fessy, he had two chances to go in and didn’t choose to, the others would be idiots to put him in the crater, so unless he wins again it doesn’t look like he will even get the chance to earn a skull. I mean, these people aren’t Mensa members, so maybe none of this think that way. But who wants to go against Fessy in an elimination? I don’t see why you wouldn’t go in early if you trust your alliance to vote in who you
  12. Funny that I didn't remember that at all, but now that you say it, I remember that part of it. I did think she came across as rather unlikeable, but I think she made for entertaining tv. She also considers herself a strategic mastermind, too...so that will be interesting.
  13. I didn't realize this wasn't the actual series premiere until at least halfway in. I kept wondering why they weren't explaining the game or starting a challenge. Oh well, it was nice to have a bit more introduction, especially with the newbies. I think Lolo probably will make for good tv. I remember when she was on starts vs. pros (or whatever it was called) and she was playing hardcore cutthroat for her charity, when everyone else was treating it as a bit of a lark. I thought all of that was fairly entertaining. At least there's no Bananas. My enjoyment of this season is alrea
  14. I think one was meant to be male because the team mentioned their names were "Skip" and something else. Not that it matters if it's two females or not, but if they intended one to be male, I think they failed in that respect.
  15. I have to say, I’m not a country fan so I haven’t paid much attention to the country singers, but Bailey Rae has really impressed me the last few weeks. I thought it was a bit odd for the guy to dedicate Angel to his fiancé when I always thought the song was about suicide (google says it’s about drug addiction) either way, not a romantic song. I hated everything about Carter and Rainbow Connection. It’s a simple song and he made it into something it just isn’t. I’m not a carter fan to start with, so that may also color my opinion... I’m team Desz or Tamara
  16. I feel compelled to point out that there are no penguins in the arctic. If this indeed were supposed to be a north pole wedding, there should not have been penguins. The northern lights wedding, with the two people, they both looked female to me. Also, their faces were creepy. What is the point of keeping all the teams until the end if you're not going to factor in prior work? Otherwise they just should have eliminated a team each week.
  17. Jen clearly thinks she's the main star of the show and the queen bee. Problem is, there is nothing interesting about her. There's no "there" there. She has horrible plastic surgery, a "glam squad" that she takes everywhere...and tries to be risque? That's really all I've got. The rest at least have something going on, beyond just being on a tv show. I also thought it was ridiculous that Jen thought it was ok that Whitney went to Mary's church, but Meredith can't, and you can only be friends with one or the other if you're Meredith but not Whitney? I'm sorry, being friends with two p
  18. When they said Carter was singing "Hero" I just thought "of course he is." He has a good voice but man is he bland. Madeleine (? Country singer on Kelly's team) has now twice in a row sang a "I can't live without you " type song. I'm not a country fan, but those two songs were almost indistinguishable to me. I think there are also some bad song choices. I can't comment on country, since I know none of those songs, but a lot of the other people I have no idea what they're singing and it doesn't compel me to vote for them (although, I don't vote at all, so I suppose it doesn't matt
  19. One thing I just now started to notice - any time Tarek/Christina makes seem to cost them more. For example, in the walk through of the Spanish house, the talked about enlarging the master bathroom by taking space from the hallway bathroom. Then, when everything is torn down, the discuss doing the same thing and it costs $8000 (or whatever number it was) and the show adds the entire amount as "overage." If it was already planned, why is it not in the original budget? Or, they'll pick a tile for the bathroom, and Christina says the cost and it is all added to the overage, but shouldn't tile
  20. I only got election results too. Sad that it appears they won't be airing the one about the Sheik.
  21. Did anyone else notice that the odd eyeballs had a monster with four eyes? It was the one on the right, and I kept looking at it thinking it was missing an eyeball, but I just kept seeing 4. The other teams were so far ahead of theirs, it was almost sad.
  22. Why in the world would you buy gorgeous antiques just to paint over them? The pier mirror you could at least see some of the detail, but the fireplace mantle literally lost everything that made it special. By painting it that color, it looked like it was new build, not an antique. The black looked so terrible when you saw the street view with the other houses. Ok, so you don't like the look of traditional brick. Does the only other option have to be black? Those gold fixtures are also going to be out of style pretty quickly, too.
  23. Holy cow was Drew's reno not to my taste. That black fireplace completely overwhelmed the room, and purple wallpaper (I assume it's wallpaper) was ugly. It was very sad they couldn't save all the hand painting. Aside from the space, it was the most interesting part of Drew's house before.
  24. I actually disliked Brian more than Sarah. He often seemed to completely dismiss whatever it was she was asking about and just wanted to throw up something subpar to open and then in a couple of years redo everything again. I also have to think that a lot of it was for TV Drama - you know it will take weeks/months to get anything to the island when you order it, and I doubt so many things were left with no planning. He also seemed, to me, rather dismissive of her and seemed to enjoy making her angry and laughing at her. He also seemed to never talk to her about anything. He would be movin
  25. Instead of having these "buyers" walk through that then requires Mina to say they didn't end up buying the house, why don't they just follow the Bargain Mansions model and have Mina show the finished house to her family/friends. The Malm (sp?) fireplace was really was beautiful in the room. My favorite part of the reno.
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