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  1. I just watched it for the first time and thought it was an apparently not-so-dead Meg. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. littlewonder

    Unpopular Opinions about Music

    This one hard to admit... deep breath... I love this hip-hop cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  3. littlewonder

    S02.E03 Go Pirates!: Is There Such A Thing As TOO Cool?

    I love The Dandy Warhols and have seen them live but... Courtney Taylor-Taylor really couldn't hit those notes. I really thought this was supposed to be a joke like "Hey, look at this rock star whose voice you love in our opening credits. Now see him bomb at kareoke. Oh the hilarity." But then in went on. And on.
  4. littlewonder

    Songs That Make You Laugh; Songs That Make You Cry

    A lot of Amanda Palmer songs get to me but espcially The Bed Song:
  5. littlewonder

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Just finished This Is Day One by Drew Dudley. I very rarely delve into self-help/motivationbal books but Drew is an aquaintance of mine and he sure knows how to tell an anecdote so I gave it a shot and liked it. Started Watch Me by Jody Gehrman yesterday. I knew nothing about ti but it caught my eye at the library. I was hooked from the first page. So rare that the suspence is there for the very beginning. (What is it about late fall / early winter that makes us want to curl up with a mystery?)
  6. My people! I'm a massive BSC fan. I started reading them as a pre-teen and am now in my mid-30s with an almost complete collection (including California Diaries, Mysteries, Super Specials and that weird BSC Encyclopedia that has an absurdly detailed map of Stoneybrook.) My favorite baby-sitter was Abby. She only joined in book 90(ish) but was funny, athletic and the only person to stand up to Kristy. When reading the aforementionned encyclopedia, I noticed that Jessi never really had a personality. She is a ballerina, she's Black, and she likes the same stuff as Mallory. Her section had no information. Sad.
  7. littlewonder

    Comfort TV

    My go-to is reality tv. If I'm home sick, I'll just put on a playlist of America's Next top Model and Project Runway and leave it on random. I see Christian Siriano making a prom dress for a difficult client, then I wake up from a nap and Melrose and Eugena are fighting. It all melds together. Last night, I couldn't sleep so I put on Full House. The stakes are unbelievably low so I knew I wouldn't care what I missed when I finally managed to sleep.
  8. Squee! I'm watching this for the first time and managed to stay unspoiled. That Logan kiss was a total surprise to me and I squealed. I'm in my mid-30s and an otherwise reasonable adult but those two have crazy chemistry.
  9. littlewonder

    What Concerts Have You Seen?

    Two more to add to the list since my last post: At The Drive-In Grandmaster Flash
  10. littlewonder

    The Music Videos Topic: Remember Those?

    I'm super into Silverchair (yes, still!) and this video is so pretty. The colours, the clothes, Daniel's hair. Swoon.
  11. littlewonder

    Movie Star Crushes

    Erika Linder in Below Her Mouth. Probably unfair to call her a movie star crush since she's mostly a model but in that movie... Damn. She's the one on the right in this poster. I aknowledge that her costar is also lovely but my eye always goes to the androgynous one. :)
  12. littlewonder

    Jewelry: Style, Collections, Raves, Rants & Advice!

    I never take off my wedding ring. The other two pieces I put on daily is a chunky men's watch and one ring that my grandpa made out of the handle of an old fork that he thought had a cool design.
  13. littlewonder

    What Would Your Drag Name Be?

    I'm pretty fluid with gender so if I were a Queen, it would be Lauren Order. As a king, I'd represent Canada with Queefer Sutherland.
  14. littlewonder

    S03.E16: Zendaya vs. Tom Holland

    I rewatch the TH Umbrella clip every few weeks. Dude does multiple dance styles and slays them all. That last flip kills me.
  15. littlewonder

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Just fund this place! Voting against 26.