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  1. Back when B. was trying to hype her podcast she (thanks to her assistants) made the top 10. Now she has disappeared from the charts altogether. No one gives a shit. Go To Sleep, Bethenny. She is the day before yesterday news, except here, where we continue to make fun at her expense. She's just so easy to drag.
  2. I for one am going to insist on all the details and more importantly, the Truth! Just Be Honest, Erika! What really happened? Rumour is that you had an affair.
  3. Likely Paul has a good friend that she will be dating now. After all why waste that perfectly good condo that she and Paul bought in Boston.
  4. Poor Meghan with her sub zero fridge and noise cancelling headphones so she doesn't have to hear the twins in their locked bedroom and the cleaning lady who hasn't been there in 5 weeks. Is this what actually happens when the nanny has her day off? Oh, the horrible life of a "single mom."
  5. But she is friends with Dorinda, the nice, normal one.
  6. One of the wolves that raised Bethenny: https://www.lynn.edu/news/2019/park-your-skateboard-then-change-the-world
  7. It's on her Instagram page. Click on the pic of Bethenny and Ellen and scroll through the comments. I think she thought she was a big shot being interviewed by Ellen and announcing that Hilary Clinton would be on her podcast on Tuesday. She did not expect the negativity that she would receive. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGshHQulTUK/ and this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGs1fV4hD6u/ It looks like she deleted her comment but someone on twitter shared the screenshot.
  8. I do believe that she did get one of these. But using her BethennyThink she thought that this would be an achievement. Instead she has lost quite a number of Twitter and Instagram followers. Dumbass. She is so caught up in her own BiGHeadWithBethenny that she doesn't realize that people who are hating on her will unfollow her and her podcast will be tanking. Anything BwithBethenny is now ByeBWithBethenny.
  9. Bethenny's taking a shitload of heat on her Insta for going on the Ellen Show and for discussing Hilary Clinton. Lots of people are unfollowing her. Also she's talking about having either Elon Musk, Kevin Hart or Hilary C. on her podcast. Fans are mad as hell. This is her double down response to feedback on her Instagram: "Let me tell you all something. I am polarizing. I interview polarizing people. If we only live in our own opinions and bubbles, we won’t learn and grow. You can disagree with me and my guests and my choices. You are free to stay or go. If you want me to be some wat
  10. I wonder if Dennis will hang around long enough to come back for Bethenny at the end like the Captain came back for Gene Tierney in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir?
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4mBxF-2V6g&ab_channel=redthnapper Thanks to Ramona.
  12. Smart girl. I have family members who got engaged in 2020 and are holding off setting a date to wait and see how the Covid situation pans out. Our family loves to celebrate important events like weddings. These celebrations are very special to us and we love these opportunities to get together. It's not about the big fat ____________whatever wedding. It's about celebrating family and new beginnings. Hats off to Tinsley.
  13. I read a post on Deuxmoi that someone says she heard the name of Gigi's baby. The poster said she won't say the name, but it's one of her favorite scents. If true, than could it be Lavender? That's my best guess as I know that Yolanda grows Lavender on her farm and actually makes her own essential oils out of it. Of course keeping in mind that anyone could say anything on Deuxmoi.
  14. She does, which is all fine and dandy if it's just you as a single woman, but she never stops to think that this all affects her daughter. Shame.
  15. Her ex Larry Butler who just happened to be best friends with her first husband, Peter Sussman. Larry was an usher at their wedding. https://starcasm.net/who-is-bethenny-frankels-first-husband-peter-sussman/ "In Bethenny’s memoir: A Place of Yes she explains that she married Peter Sussman at 26 to escape the instability of being a fledging actress, and because she felt like her time was running out to get married. She writes: I felt like if I didn’t marry Peter, who loved me so much and was such a good friend, who had such a wonderful welcoming family, that I was never going to
  16. Is anyone surprised? She'll be fine. She'll always have Dorinda.
  17. Great synopsis of this episode. Kadooz! Especially reflections on Sonja and Leah. Pathetic. I think that Sonja remaining on the show is a pity thing. She is so broke that her paycheck from RHONY is what keeps her alive. I don't know how much longer we will have to be subjected to her humiliating displays. I woudn't be surprised if she is gone next year and Bethenny's new best friend. Bethenny will be the Welcome Wagon for fired housewives. She has a love hate relationship with Bravo. She hates Ramona and Lu because they saw through her BS and chose not to kiss her SkinnyGirl ass like Dorinda a
  18. Yup, and next season she only has Sonja to influence. Wonder how that will work out for Sonja?
  19. According to Deuxmoi, there are 2 separate reports (by insiders) that Crystal Kung Minkoff will be joining the cast. One of the "insiders" claims to be in her friend group. We shall see. http://www.irealhousewives.com/2020/10/crystal-kung-minkoff-is-reportedly.html
  20. I only listened to Heather Thompson's podcast with Carole and enjoyed it because it seemed really honest while at the same time spilled actual tea about RHONY cast. Can't listen to Brandi, Teddi, Heather, Bethenny or Meghan because they I find them irritating. Maybe someone who has listened to them can respond on the media thread. I plan to check out Lisa Vanderpump's. I can say that my favorite tea about housewives is Sharrell's World on Youtube.
  21. According to Bethenny's definition of "humble bragging" (which is incorrect) Isn't this "humble bragging?"
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