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  1. They wouldn't be able to handle Chrissy. She just doesn't give any fucks. Plus, well, John Legend!
  2. Is that a crop top or is it a Skinnygirl Brand Shapewear Bra? Wouldn't surprise me if Bethenny is turning her 10 year old into a walking billboard to promote her brand.
  3. How dare you accuse the creative genious Bethenny of copying Chrissy's show! Next you'll be saying that her Big Shot with Bethenny is a rip off of The Apprentice! Are you then going to try to tell us that Bethenny is not the first former housewife to come up with the idea of a podcast????? You gotta lotta nerve Ms. Lucinda! Bethenny would never try to con us into thinking she ain't the original thinker upper of these incredible ideas! No Ma'am. (If you're gonna take a shot at the B you better not miss LOL) I didn't watch, because her voice is migraine inducing and I would have to take to
  4. Denise left on her terms for the same reason, and then Teddi was fired. Teddi: "It’s about showing the truth as an ensemble and it doesn’t end well.” There are not enough LOLs in this world to respond to this. People all over Twitter, Instagram and Reddit are begging for Rinna and Kyle to be gone next. Go figure.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised. She is reading the room for once in her life and this stupid show is her back up plan to remain 'relevant.' #FireLisaRinna has become a thing. Masked Singer should be retitled "Has Beens Singer", and the theme song should be "Don't you forget about me."
  6. "I may be the sharpest dagger in the drawer, and I'm also pretty." Vyle Richards
  7. Andy is full of shit. Bravo takes a cut of the HW businesses. It would have been a problem going forward. He can't admit that. Also on Reddit the person who called herself the "housewives whisperer" with inside scoops commented that it wasn't just Teddi's questionable business practices, but Edwin's actions (outing a private phone number) that would lead to her being fired.
  8. I like LVP, but it seems like podcasts are a dime a dozen now. Heather Dubrow, Heather Thompson, Meghan King, Teddi Mellancamp, Bethenny Frankel, Brandi Glanville. I'm sure next in line will be Dorinda. They just like to hear themselves talk. JMO. I'm sure there are many fans that miss them on the RH shows and will follow. Having a podcast just doesn't seem to me to be any great accomplishment. To me it reeks of "I tried TV and failed, so now this is the best I can do." Hey, folks! I have a podcast! Definitely not a sign of success.
  9. The Masked Singer. Thoughts? Rinna? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay5nhgcaCN0&ab_channel=MJSBigBlog
  10. If Teddi is truly being fired, then this is especially humourous. “Not surprised,” Mellencamp replied to a fan during an Instagram Q&A about Richards’s departure. “I don’t know when and why the decision was made but anytime one person wants to be the ‘star’ of a show and control how they are portrayed when it’s about showing the truth as an ensemble it doesn’t end well.” At least Denise was part of the decision making upon her departure.
  11. HI! I'm Teddi! Can I interject even though this has nothing to do with me?
  12. Rinna not owning it. Throwing Bravo under the bus. She thinks we want to see her belly laughing to her own self, and dancing, more dancing. What possible glamour would Rinna bring? Rats in the kitchen? Spoiled brats and eating disorders? Animal print fashion? Glamour is the very last thing that comes to mind when I think of Rinna. If we truly want glamour, she would certainly have nothing to contribute. Wrong Rinna. What we most people want to see (and I'm basing this on social media in general, not just this board, although here we seem to be in agreement with most viewers) is this
  13. Funny how Teddi calls Aaron an asshole for sticking up for Denise, and then her Edwin (who seems creepy to me, I mean that haircut!) goes ahead and publicly shares a private phone number. That takes asshole to a whole new level. This should be a big red flag for production. If anyone goes up against Teddi the way that they went up against Denise, and this is the way Edwin handles people, well, he could potentially get them ALLIN an ugly legal situation. They should be dropping Teddi like a hot potato. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but does Bravo benefit financially from Teddi's
  14. Let's talk about the husband. Keep in mind, this guy's business is providing people with "Security." What a complete asshole!
  15. Gotta love Amy Phillips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p3oioNYMfw&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel= meetamyphillips
  16. You can bet that friend is a former NY housewive, name begins with B.
  17. I am seeing that as well and Teddi's instagram comments are loaded. They are coming for her non stop. Alot of people are questioning her credentials. It's obvious that she is deleting more recent comments to show only positive ones. If you're going to flaunt your business for the cameras, questions will be asked. People just want the truth, Teddi.
  18. Originally I meant Sonja going on the show but now that you mention it...well both.
  19. Still fishing for applicants. I can hardly think of a worse idea for a TV show. The only good explanation for this is someone has hacked into her Twitter account.
  20. What John does with his money is his business. Just like what Scott does with his money is his and not Tinsley's. Neither of them needs to be "in on it".
  21. Maybe she could apply as a candidate for Bethenny's new show. TheBigShotWithBethenny. Naw, don't see that happening.
  22. When we see her wearing her white bathrobe again, we will know the time has come for it to be over for the new man.
  23. You are right! Poor Teddi, sitting there at the table, checking the time, waiting, waiting, waiting. Dorit refusing to be accountable. I'm surprised Teddi survived that level of torture.
  24. Sonja with the Sexy J is now toast, burnt by her own toaster oven. Failed bankrupt movie producer. Failed TipsyGirl. Failed townhome owner. And now this. I am now torn between disgust and fear for her future.
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