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  1. Jezebel gets Bethenny. https://jezebel.com/bethenny-frankel-has-taken-up-her-sword-in-the-cancel-c-1846790207
  2. She's an idiot. Thinking her show is so special. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/bethenny-frankel-the-big-shot-real-housewives-new-york-city-1203509885/ "Against Trump? I mean, not against? Because I’d like him to say something, and he probably will. Everyone thinks he’s going to mention it, because he was part of Mark Burnett too, and all that. But you know, it’s not the same. His brand at that time was not where my brand is." Yeah, he probably will. Everyone thinks he's going to mention it. Because he was part of Mark Burnett, which is his claim to fame, Bethenny. Menti
  3. Those soul less eyes. It's just frightening. What was she thinking before she clicked "send"? It's probably one of the most embarrassing things that anyone could ever post. I don't know what she possibly could have been thinking.
  4. This is the Bethenny who says she hates social media. Sound on. https://twitter.com/i/status/1392114054852841472
  5. What are we doing here without Dorinda? Well, we're not cringing so much. I sure won't miss her completely unintelligible pronouncements. When you need subtitles every time you speak, and even the subtitles can't quite figure out your words, you know you have a problem. I wanted to like Dorinda, I really did. She could have made it nice. But then every time I saw her I said to myself "she's starting" and I died a little bit inside for her. Then there is Leah. I never wanted to like her from the first moment she appeared. No redeeming qualities that I could see. JMO.
  6. https://themuse.jezebel.com/the-big-shot-with-bethenny-frankel-isnt-empowerment-flu-1846813548 Yet another scathing review. I think she was expecting more raves in the press but these recaps all seem to have a similar theme. She's a megalomaniac who enjoys making others feel terrible about themselves. I won't be surprised when Bethenny's story turns out like the ending of The Emperor's New Clothes.
  7. I can. You were right. This review is similar to the Variety one: https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2021/04/big-shot-with-bethenny-hbo-max-review/ And then we have this: https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/14798675/bethenny-frankel-slammed-claiming-big-shot-help-unemployment-rate/ I wonder if she will finally learn.
  8. It’s so weird that she keeps claiming that she is private. I mean most days I know what she eats for breakfast. How do I know this? Instagram.
  9. 'I lucked out that this is a pandemic and a time where people are really struggling for employment opportunities,” What is wrong with her? https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/bethenny-frankel-promises-nothing-is-off-limits-in-new-show/
  10. She just keeps getting better and better. From US Magazine: "This is such an authentic need for me. So why would I not capture this as a great show? I lucked out that this is a pandemic and a time where people are really struggling for employment opportunities,” the businesswoman says in the latest issue of Us Weekly. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/bethenny-frankel-promises-nothing-is-off-limits-in-new-show/ Her show should be boycotted just for that comment alone.
  11. This review of The Big Shot just sums up what we all suspected. She is just a bitch. https://variety.com/2021/tv/reviews/bethenny-frankel-reality-show-big-shot-hbo-max-review-1234955010/
  12. All rolled into one loooooong Skinnygirl commercial.
  13. I was a Carole fan, until she joined and graduated from the Bethenny School of Tweeting. I thought she was better than this. I was wrong.
  14. Poor thing is going to be homeless again in the midst of a pandemic no less. Cry me a river.
  15. More like going on 12. I've seen her tiktok videos posted by people on twitter. Grown woman dancing around to "Who let the dogs out". Ugh.
  16. Let's not forget who to thank for this: PEOPLE has reached out to Bravo for comment. Meanwhile, Frankel appeared to tease her connection to McSweeney earlier this month, tweeting to a fan on Feb. 5: “I’ve payed it forward & put others into the mix for you. Just wait.” Thanks for nothing Beth.
  17. This is how: Zero, zero, zero, done How many fucks do I give? How many fucks do I give? None, not one, zero, zero, zero, done How many fucks do I give? How many fucks do I give? None, not one, zero, zero, zero, done Zero, zero, zero, done Elevator, elevator gettin' me high Tryin' to hit my level but ya can't even try Diamonds & Chardonnay See you next Tuesday Number ones, yeah, number ones Yeah I got eight So everyone, yeah, everyone Can suck on my dick You play Monopoly, I play the real thing Ten, nine, eight, seven Six, five, four,
  18. Excellent observations. Honestly I think it is funny that she thinks she is fooling people. Her divorce and engagement hit the news for one day, and then "poof", she's got nothing else, until her show drops. That will dissipate quickly once it fails as her other TV attempts have. She will have to resort then to posting "controversial" comments on twitter again. Likely she will drop hints about her wedding here and there as teasers. I doubt it will really happen anytime soon and even when and if it does, it will make the news for a minute, then nothin'. She will disappear into former hous
  19. I really can't believe that Erika has the nerve to allow herself to be filmed this season. Even worse, I can't believe that Kyle, Dorit, Rinna are standing by her. This is a shit show.
  20. Anyone who thinks that people want to watch them eat pretzels is delusional, self absorbed and well, just completely moronic.
  21. I wonder if she will finally figure it out when her Big Shot show fails just like her other solo endeavours. Doubt it. Soon she will be crying another river. Actually an ocean.
  22. She is also gearing up for the release of her show The Big Shot with Bethenny. She needed to shake off the dirt from her recent tweets regarding Meghan Markle. Bad press just before Big Shot comes out wouldn't bode well for potential viewers. She needed to do something huge to give people a different reason to talk about her. It's all about the damage control. Her publicist must be hauling in the overtime calling Page Six and every other gossip spreaders all day and all night long. Every single person in Bethenny's life, paid or unpaid must serve a purpose and Paul is, just as the poster
  23. Paul's two children are close in age to Bryn. I believe that his daughter Skylar is the same age as Bryn and his son Tucker around two years older. He is extremely private when it comes to them. I don't know how he is going to balance Bethenny's need to be in the spotlight with his need to protect his own kids. I can't imagine him moving to a different state and have them travel back and forth. His ex wife is a very well known and successful business woman in Boston, so I can't see Bethenny moving there and having to live in Ashley's shadow. I also wonder how Bryn would handle being one of thr
  24. First it will be an 8 year engagement, then an 8 minute marriage, followed by an 8 year divorce.
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