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  1. Was Rinna doing Coke in her bathroom? Seriously.
  2. FINALLY! Someone listened to all of us who were shouting "WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE WITH DORINDA!"
  3. I saw a blind that says a second long time NY housewife is also gone, and going to be announced within the next few days. Lu, Sonja or Ramona? If Ramona or Lu, they will move on as they just seem to bounce right back after shit happens. Poor Sonja would starve to death. Too bad they couldn't have sent Dorinda to Beverly Hills. Watching Kyle and Rinna's wide eyed/mouths agape reactions to her would be worth the price of admission, not to mention Teddi trying to force her to be accountable.
  4. I have to wonder whas that before or after she stopped filming and changed hats so that her mother could coach her.
  5. That heart to heart talk between Rinna and Amelia. So natural. So unrehearsed. So real and unscripted. Well, until someone on Reddit pointed out that during that conversation, Amelia wore two different hats.
  6. This is quite telling. She now feels part of "the group". She was desperate to be allowed back in and this entire shitshow is her paying the price of admission. Does she really believe that once she has served her purpose they will continue to welcome her into their events? She'll be dropped like a hot potato by anyone not named Kim.
  7. This show has really jumped the shark in the worst way. It just seems like somebody put a project together all wrong and then tried to fix the wonkiness with chewing gum and duct tape. So amusing to see Teddi on twitter patting herself on the back for getting dragged all over. She seems to think it's a good thing. Someone insults her and she has these stupid comebacks and then she gets attacked all over again. She just doesn't get it.
  8. A condo that is nicely subsidized by her parents. Of course she's going to say whatever makes Mama happy.
  9. I don't believe that it's a surprise baby shower. Didn't we see a scene where Kyle and Teddi were planning the shower? When Brandi suddenly showed up because she happened to be waiting in the car for Kim? Do the producers think that we viewers are stupid? What a coincidence. Hey Producers! We are not as stupid (like Teddi) as you think. Time to go back to the drawing boards.
  10. Hopefully the fire that will burn them next season.
  11. The only thing missing during these dinners is replacing the chandeliers with a 1000 watt lightbulb hanging over Denise. They could also have replaced Erika with a propped up life sized cardboard cutout.
  12. If Ramona was one of the BH housewives she would surely mispronounce it with a hard "O". Like instead of Teddi going ALLIN, she just DOVE IN.
  13. OF COURSE Brandi is invited to Teddi's baby shower. Not to celebrate Teddi or her baby. Just to stir up shit about Denise. How sickening to use a baby shower to bring up this bad shit. I hope that Teddi forever regrets using what should have been a celebration of her new baby for such a horrible storyline. She just tainted Dove's beginnings with Brandi's shitstorm. Bravo Teddi.
  14. Also not a fan of Erika, but the pumpkin pie for breakfast was one moment of "Oh Ya" for me.
  15. Oh they absolutely would have brought it up. What else, besides "where was the craziest place they had sex" could they have possibly talked about? I mean what else would there have possibly been to keep us all interested, (besides the BS with Denise) for them to provide this season with a story? Teddi's baby shower? How fabulous and scintillating that would have been! A baby shower would surely have carried the drama this season without Brandi/Teddi/Kyle/Rinna bringing the contrived Denise story. How we could have gone on and on about the gender reveal! Pink or Blue!? Who brought the chea
  16. It still baffles me that they are taking Brandi's story at face value. It's not as if she would never go that low to stir shit up. They don't know what kind of monster they are helping to create by setting this all up. Kyle just wants Denise to tell the truth, just like she wanted LVP to tell the truth, but when it comes to rumours about Mauricio, Brandi and the rest of the world just need to shut up! From 2013: Brandi Glanville caused a firestorm on Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she bluntly bought up Mauricio Umansky‘s alleged cheating to K
  17. Brandi's face looks like it's already been punched multiple times.
  18. Funny how a mask is meant to disguise a person, but in this case it actually reveals the person behind it.
  19. So she was comparing herself to a woman who was gang raped in a bar? She's a psycho. Imagine how Jason's hometown people felt like after hearing that? His family? I realize that some fans think she's funny, but this type of joke is not funny and actually quite sickening.
  20. Rinna has a lot of nerve with her "Don't put that out there Denise." Does she forget the whole Munchausen thing? Googling it for the cameras? How about Kim Richards being "close to death" and Kyle being her enabler? "Were people doing Coke in your bathroom?"
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