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  1. Coming soon, Erika on 90 Day Fiance. Finance without the "n".
  2. Does anyone else see the foreshadowing in the title of Erika's thread?
  3. Great News Folks! If you get thirsty while eating Skinnygirl floppy pizza, just $50.00 for a 12 pack of Skinnygirl cherry juice! https://www.hsn.com/products/skinnygirl-12-pack-12-oz-cherry-juice-multi-flavor-set/20153738 Now we are just missing dessert. I'm hoping for Skinnygirl cheesecake. All my Skinnygirl dreams come true.
  4. Same as what happened to her Big Shot Show, talk show, radio show, Fredrik show. Big bowl of nothing.
  5. How the heck am I supposed to cook my Skinnygirl Pizza without a hybrid toaster type thing?
  6. Well, now you can munch on SkinnyGirl Pizza. She's sticking her label on yet another bullshit product. "a quick, better for you, tasty meal." It's just getting comical at this point. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQRaP3ujt3L/
  7. You can listen to Edelson on the podcast here. The first 30 minutes. https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9yc3MuYXJ0MTkuY29tL3JlYWxpdHktbGlmZS13aXRoLWthdGUtY2FzZXk/episode/MTNlOWFkNDUtOGZkMi00ZDk2LWJhODktYWMxZjA2NDU4Yjgy?hl=en-CA&ved=2ahUKEwiS8-mun6HxAhVKXc0KHctfDPIQieUEegQIDBAF&ep=6
  8. Hoping that Garcelle is the one to question why "the others" were so very concerned about a sex scandal but not questioning a very serious situation about ethics and real victims. It just puts last season in perspective. I want her to ask the real question: Who the fuck cares if Denise and Brandi had a thing when Erika is so deeply involved in real shit. If this had been Denise or LVP they would have been clutching pearls galore.
  9. From what I see on Reddit and Twitter, many fans will stop watching because Erika is getting a pass when the Fox Force Five made an entire season being shocked about the Denise/Brandi BS situation. If this isn't about choosing your battles I don't know what is. FFF can F Off.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJ5s_PMY1Z/ The 2nd and 3rd pages of this post are very telling. Good luck to her new lawyers when she is able to find replacements. She's been awfully quiet on twitter and instagram. Likely she will take a page from the book of Chrissy Teigen and lay low for some time.
  11. Erika needs to eat her own words. "Being broke sucks, and being rich is a lot better". Smug bitch.
  12. Gotta admit I couldn't bring myself to watch it because, well, Bethenny. I did read the scathing reviews online, in social media and the threads in the Big Shot forum. They all seemed to align. Thanks for watching @Ms Blue Jay and others who were willing to take it for the team so that we could all continue to observe the downfall of Frankel knowing what a shit show this would be from the start. We appreciate you. ❤️👍😇
  13. Therein lays the problem with Erika. Her social media displays are a big F.U. to not only the victims and their families, but to those who feel sympathy for them. Either she has her head in the sand with her fingers stuck in her ears (I can't hear you) and her hands covered over her eyes just like a 2 year old who thinks that means no one can see them, or she just doesn't give a shit, maybe all of the above. I think the strategy with the dementia claim is so that Tom doesn't have to deal with the consequences of his actions, which clearly are going to be extremely serious. It was a
  14. Okay, I have to confess. Throughout this entire pandemic the only thing that has had me worried is "when will someone finally come up with a hybrid toaster type thing"!? I lost many nights sleep over it. I feel so much better now.
  15. I'm perfectly fine with Teddi and Chrystal being friends as long as Teddi doesn't pop up on my screen this season.
  16. I loved Bethenny at the very beginning when she was selling her cupcakes, and was really rooting for her. When she returned after her talk show was cancelled she just morphed into some sort of egotistical beast.
  17. I had posted this in the Big Shot forum, but of course it's become defunct. Yesterday on her Instastory Bethenny was saying "Don't worry I'm developing one of these sort of hybrid toaster type things for you too. I just gotta perfect it" It's a toaster oven, Bethenny. https://twitter.com/soberkravitz/status/1403425827220385802
  18. Yesterday on her Instastory she was saying "Don't worry I'm developing one of these sort of hybrid toaster type things for you too. I just gotta perfect it" It's a toaster oven, Bethenny. https://twitter.com/soberkravitz/status/1403425827220385802
  19. Maybe this is the beginning of Bethenny Frankel being canceled. I noticed that people on Milokksy's instagram are asking her about the new "job". Her response: "Apologies, not trying to avoid your questions. We are under strict contracts and aren’t allowed to speak about the job or anything other than what’s on the show." Everything about BF is just so sketchy. Now she is coming out with a swimsuit line and some kind of cherry beverage. Haven't heard another word about her Forever Young wine since it was revealed that it's not even her product. She throws shit out there and then
  20. "Before the debut of HBO Max’s The Big Shot, which offered contestants a chance to be Vice President of Operations for the lucrative Skinnygirl brand and more, Bethenny Frankel exclaimed to Us Weekly: “This is the biggest show with the biggest budget, with the biggest partners and the greatest streamer, so stakes are very high, but it’s too good a show. It’s too big to fail.” https://jezebel.com/im-not-buying-what-the-big-shot-with-bethenny-frankel-w-1846955876 Her self-aggrandizement and ego are quite astonishing.
  21. I am shocked. https://radaronline.com/p/bethenny-frankel-mark-burnett-hbo-reality-show-bombed/ This just after announcing the launch of her "new" wine that has been around since at least 2013. https://www.foreveryoungwine.com/ I suspect her podcast will be next to go. She will of course claim that iheartradio was trying to shackle her. (perhaps by suggesting that letting the guests speak may keep listeners tuned in) Is there a single bridge that she hasn't burned? Who can believe anything that comes out of her mouth? Happily, her fans will continue to admire her
  22. On IMDB Milokssy Resto is listed as a production designer and production manager. It appears that she was producer of some sort on a very bad film back in 2006. I doubt that we will see much of her and Bethenny together. Bethenny should be called out for this bullshit show.
  23. The best part: When she was on The Real Housewives of New York, she could blame the bad behavior which tarnished that “authenticity” on her castmates, producer machinations, or the stress of being the world’s most successful businesswoman. But The Big Shot was entirely her design. There’s no perfume strong enough to mask the smell of this steaming load of shit she sold everyone on as part of a multi-year deal to produce this and more shows like it.
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